UnboxBoardom Game Subscription Box Review : Enjoy New Board Games With Friends And Family During Holidays (Coupon Inside)

Are you tired of playing the same board game with family at every get-together? You can subscribe to the monthly plan of UnboxBoardom. Their goal is to give the opportunity to interact with friends and family more by playing board games.

They provide a new board game every month with all the components and instructions manual. You can be a member of their monthly subscription club or order a board game from their website.


What was included in the box?

  • Game rule book
  • 1 game board
  • 6 mountain dice
  • 1 risk die
  • 54 equipment and mission cards

I have received seven summits games in the monthly box from UnboxBoardom. This is a board game about climbing mountains. Also, it has beautiful artwork that makes the playing more realistic. Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu designed the game. It can be played with 3 to 5 members and is suitable for children above 14years.


Game rule book

I absolutely love the rule book. At first sight, I thought it was a comic book. The book has great illustrations. It is a book of 10 to 12 pages where the process of playing the whole game is described. You will easily understand the rules to start the game. In addition, they have described the symbols which are easy to use in the game.


One game board

The box contains the main board game on which the game will be played. It has the name of the mountains, the steps to climb the mountains to help you reach the peak.


Six mountain dice

You have to play the game using six dice. The dices are triangular in shape and come in 6 different colours. Players need to go through the dice to play the game. 

One risk die

After rolling all the six dice, you have to roll the dice along with one triangular dice for the second round. According to the dice, you will make progress in climbing the mountain.


54 equipment and mission cards

While climbing the mountains, players are given certain tasks, which you get through equipment and mission cards. You can keep the mission secret from other players to reach the peak and win the game.


How I played the game with my friends?

In this game, my friends and I climbed the peaks of the given mountains, which are Vinson, Denali, Aconcagua, Everest, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, and Puncak Jaya. The first three persons reaching the peak of the mountain get the points.

You get a mission card to follow throughout the game to start the game. Also, while climbing, you will get points if you land on tokens. Tokens give you different instructions that can give you an equipment card or let you climb another mountain. 

To start playing the game, a player needs to roll all the six dice and then place the four-sided dice at the bottom of each mountain. After placing the dice, you can go clockwise or anti-clockwise to start the game for every player.

The first player can pick any dice. According to the number of dice, they have to climb the mountain and put the die on the steps. As you have placed the die, you need to put your dice at the peak of the mountain so that other members cannot choose that dice.

For the second rolling, you need to take your dice, and the danger dice together for rolling. The danger dice have symbols that can add steps, lower one or two steps or take you to the bottom of the mountain. If you are climbing Mount Everest, you roll two dangerous dice, which can result in getting the worst situation. 

While climbing up the mountain, you might climb on another player. Both of you need to move up a teamwork track. There is another separate board where expertise, preparation, and teamwork tasks are given. You need to put a ring on when you move up the tracks. 

However, the game can be confusing to play for the first and second time. I had to read the instruction multiple times after each rolling. It can be a boring game for some people, but I liked the game when I played with my five friends. So try to play the game with a big group of people. 

Moreover, I also found it hard to roll the triangle-shaped dice. They do not roll smoothly on any surface because of their shape. As a result, I got the same result again and again.  

Shipping info

UnboxBoardom ships their boxes inside the US except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. They charge a  flat rate of $5 per shipment. Moreover, they are not able to ship to military addresses. 

Use "NEXTSUBSCRIPTION" Coupon code for free shipping of your first box.


UnboxBoardom offers three subscription plans. The price varies according to your chosen plan. You have to pay $29.99 for the monthly box. The price for bi-monthly and quarterly are $30.99 and $31.99, respectively. An extra shipping charge will be added for shipping the parcel.

Frequency of subscription

You can subscribe to their monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly plans. If you enjoy board games a lot, you can subscribe to their monthly plan, where you will get a new board game every month.

Those who are busy with work but also love to play board games can also choose to get a box every two or three months. 

Returns and Refunds

You can unsubscribe to their subscription plan if you don't want more board games. However, if you receive a board in the monthly box that you already own, you can let them know within a week of their delivery.

You have to ship back that game in unused condition in its original packaging. They will either replace or refund you for the game.

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