Reveal Book Box Reviews

Reveal Book Box is a book subscription service that offers a unique and personalized reading experience to its subscribers. This subscription box is perfect for contemporary romance readers. The main goal of Reveal Book Box is to introduce readers to a diverse range of authors and writing styles, encouraging them to explore beyond their usual reading choices.

Reveal Book Box Reviews

Before you start your subscription, you are asked to pick out your favorite romance tropes and sub-genres. You can select more than one or all romance tropes and sub-genres. Reveal Book Box has a team of over 40 avid readers and bloggers who work hard to choose books you will love, based on your preference.

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With every delivery, you will receive a bunch of bookish swag such as bookmarks, pens, notebooks, gift cards, notes from the author, and lots more. You may also receive women-geared product samples such as makeup, jewelry, perfume samples, chocolate samples, and scented candles among others. 

The authors that are being featured each month are not revealed beforehand. You will know for sure when you open your subscription box. This adds an element of excitement and delight to the reading experience. 


  • $13.95 per box
  • personalized book subscription box
  • signed romance books
  • nationwide delivery within the United States

What’s Inside The Box?

What’s Inside The Box

Each box comes with one, two, four, or six romance books, depending on your membership,  that are signed by the author. The books are selected based on your preferences. Reveal Book Box lets you choose from over 20 genres, starting from love triangles and romantic comedy to dark romance and mafia or mob romance.

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The tropes and sub-genres include:

Alpha Hero, Billionaire or Millionaire, Dark, Enemies to Lovers, Erotic or BDSM, Fake Relationship or Marriage of Convenience, Forbidden, Friends to Lovers, Historical, Love Triangle, Love Over 40, M/M, Mafia, Military or First Responders, MC, NA, PNR, Rockstar, Rom-Com, Romantic Suspense, Second Chance, Sibling's Best Friend, Single Parent, Small Town, Sports, Surprise or Secret Baby, and YA.

Subscription Packages & Pricing

Reveal Book Box offers four types of subscription packages. All four subscription packages renew automatically unless canceled.

Subscription Packages & Pricing

The Individual Signed Romance Book Box includes one signed romance book and is priced at $13.95 per box. This subscription box does not include any of the bookish swag or other goodies. You will receive just the book.

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The Romance Reveal Book Box includes two signed romance books and comes with a handful of bookish swag, candy, and products that are designed for women. This subscription box is priced at $26.95 per box. It contains books and goodies that are worth at least $40.

Subscription Packages & Pricing 2

The Romance Reveal Big Book Box includes four signed romance books. This box, too, comes with additional gift items. The Romance Reveal Big Book Box is priced at $43.95 per box. The average value of this box is $70 or more.

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The Romance Reveal Bigger Book Box includes six signed romance books and lots of awesome swag, women-geared products, and candy. This one is priced at $65.95 per box but you will receive products that have a combined value of at least $90.

Shipping, Cancellation, & Refund Policy

Shipping, Cancellation, & Refund Policy

Reveal Book Box takes 10 business days to ship your box via USPS. For instance, if you place your order on the 1st of August, your box will be shipped by the 10th of August. 

The Individual Signed Romance Book Box has a shipping fee of $3.95, the Romance Reveal Book Box has a shipping fee of $6.95, the Romance Reveal Big Book Box has a shipping fee of $9.95, and the Romance Reveal Bigger Book Box has a shipping fee of $13.95.

Shipping, Cancellation, & Refund Policy 1

You can skip or cancel your subscription. All you have to do is log into your account, click “edit” under subscription, and select the “skip” or “cancel” option. You are allowed to skip one month at a time. If you wish to skip subscription boxes for a longer time period, you will need to cancel your subscription and reactivate your account when you are ready again. 

To avoid receiving a box for the following month, please ensure you skip or cancel your subscription before it renews automatically. For example, if your subscription is set to renew on September 1st, make sure to skip or cancel your subscription by August 31st. If you do it on or after September 1st, you will still receive a box in the month of September. Reveal Book Book does not give any refunds on canceled orders.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy reading romance novels and want to discover new authors and titles within the genre, a Reveal Book Box Subscription might be perfect for you. This subscription box is tailored to your preferences. You can explore different sub-genres like contemporary romance, YA, fantasy, erotic, and lots more. Reveal Book Box surprises you with a curated selection of books each month, which can be a thrilling and delightful experience for romance bookworms.

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