The 10 Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes to Enjoy Bar-Like Cocktails At Home

Are you bored with having regular beers and vodkas at home? You can make bar-like cocktails at home with the best cocktail subscription box. The subscription box contains all the elements to make the cocktails. You get the syrups, spirits, blends all help you to make the drinks. Some packages contain alcohol as well.

Moreover, the subscription boxes are designed with seasonal ingredients. As a result, you won't be bored of having the same cocktail every month. The recipe that comes with the ingredients is the core item that guides the method of preparing the drink at home.

Quick Comparison Between The 10 Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes

ProductsPrice per monthGrade
Shaker & Spoon$50.00A
American Cocktail Club$54.99A-
Box on the Rocks$48.50A-
Raising the Bar$53.00A-
The Jolly Hour$49.99B+
Curious Elixirs$33.00B+
Crafted Taste$100.00A-

1. Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

Want to make delicious cocktails at home? Shaker & Spoon provides cocktail recipes by the top bartenders. You can make 12 drinks, four from each recipe. Every monthly box is different from others. Also, every month they send a box of a new theme so that you can enjoy different drinks. You will get around 11 items to make the cocktails inside the box. The items are packed well to prevent them from breaking. 

Highlighted Features

  • The box includes syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and liquor to make a new drink. 
  • Three unique recipes are given in the box. 
  • You can make 12 drinks with the ingredients given to the box.

Rate:  $50.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the 50 US states.

Additional offers: N/A

2. American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club brings you world-class cocktails by curating items from around the USA. The box includes the recipes which expert Mixologists make. You can mix each of the flavors of the box that will stand alone or mix with other liquors. You will get a recipe card, carbonated mixer, juice blend, garnish or bar tool, and spirit bottles on the box. You will have one piece of each item but four bottles of 50ml spirit. 

Highlighted Features

  • Carbonated mixer, juice blend, garnish, spirit, etc., are included in the box. 
  • The items are fresh and contain low calories. 
  • Four servings can be made with the items in each box.

Rate:  $54.99 per month 

Delivering: Ships to all the states in the US except AK, KS, KY, MS, UT.

Additional offers: N/A

3. Box on the Rocks

Box on the Rocks

On their cocktail kits, Box On The Rocks focuses on providing throwback experiences. Cosmo, Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Blue Hawaii, Paloma, Mai Tai, and more cocktails are among the cocktail kits available. Every month, you'll get a variety of flavors to taste. The monthly boxes also contain a mug or pitcher compatible with the theme.  

Highlighted Features

  • Each box contains ingredients to make more than ten drinks. 
  • The box contains 7 to 8 items to make the drinks. 
  • Every month comes with new themed cocktail items.

Rate:  $48.50 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the United States. 

Additional offers: N/A

4. Missologist


Get the high-quality ingredients from Missologist to enjoy the drinks. The box contains all the items except alcohol to optimize the taste of the drink. Other than ingredients, you will also get gifts, video tutorials, books, etc. They also have one-time order cocktail kits designed based on classic movies like Bridget Jones's Diary Cocktail and Snack Box, When Harry Met Sally New Year's Box, etc. 

Highlighted Features

  • The box includes ingredients for 12 drinks. 
  • A new theme is determined for each monthly box.

Rate:  $64.99 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US

Additional offers: N/A

5. Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Take your at-home drinks to the next level with the ingredients from Raising the Bar. With the ingredients, you can make four servings. Their goal is to deliver alcohol-free craft cocktail ingredients to make zero-proof drinks at home. You will receive a recipe card and a bar tool or garnish with the ingredients. This cocktail kit is great for pregnant or nursing moms as the ingredients are free of alcohol. 

Highlighted Features

  • Curate non-alcoholic ingredients to make an innovative drink at home. 
  • Each box comes with unique recipes and flavors. 
  • The box contains 4 to 8 products every month.

Rate:  $53.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

6. The Jolly Hour

The Jolly Hour

The Jolly Hour offers five types of cocktail kits: Rum box, Tequila box, Vodka box, Whiskey box, and Gin box. You can select your favorite spirit to get that item in your monthly box. The cocktails can be made with or without alcohol. Also, they add local and seasonal ingredients to make the drink to the next level. 

Highlighted Features

  • Allows making 12 cocktails with the ingredients of each monthly box. 
  • The box contains three unique seasonal reductions, bitters, and garnishes. 
  • The package can be customized with your favorite spirits.

Rate:  $49.99 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US

Additional offers: N/A

7. SaloonBox


Make your unique craft cocktails at home from the ingredients from SaloonBox. They provide seasonal cocktails that will suit the mood of the day. The items like sprites, alcohol, syrups, etc., are added to make a nice drink. They also provide free shipping across the US.  

Highlighted Features

  • You will get ingredients to make more than four drinks. 
  • Alcohol is included along with other ingredients. 
  • The boxes are designed with items based on seasonal themes.

Rate:  $57.66 per month 

Delivering: Ships within the United States

Additional offers: N/A

8. 1pt


1pt offers infusion to make crafty cocktails at home. The blends are made of premium quality herbs, spices, botanicals, and florals. You need to keep the blends infused for 2 to 6 hours to enjoy the taste of the cocktails. These cocktails will be refreshing after a busy day at work. 

Highlighted Features

  • Twenty-four cocktails can be made from each monthly box.
  • The boxes are built with the items based on the seasons.
  • All-natural infusion blends are given to flavor the spirit.
  • The blends contain no sugar.

Rate:  $24.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships within the United States

Additional offers: N/A

9. Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs produce elixirs that a unique flavor to your drink. They have two quantities to choose from. You can either choose four bottles that make eight cocktails or 12 bottles for 24 cocktails. The elixir is made of organic ingredients that contain no sugar or preservatives. The elixir comes in nice glass bottles that keep the drinks flavorful for long.

Highlighted Features

  • A variety pack of the different flavors of booze-free craft cocktails is sent every month. 
  • The elixir contains no alcohol or refined sugar. 
  • The elixir is made of gluten-free and caffeine-free ingredients.

Rate:  $33.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US

Additional offers: N/A

10. Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste

You can explore your taste in drinks with the monthly box from Crafted Taste. They have monthly subscription boxes like Mixers Only Kit, Full Kits with Alcohol, and Premium. All the boxes contain premium elements that aren't replete in the monthly box. Moreover, they send the alcohol separately from the ingredients to enjoy the taste of the bar-made cocktails at home. 

Highlighted Features

  • Offers three types of cocktail kits for the customers. 
  • Alcohol is shipped each month separately. 
  • Mixers, ingredients, and spirits are given on the monthly box.

Rate:  $100.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships within the US

Additional offers: N/A


Alcohol is always a part of a small gathering or when you are back at home after a long day. You can set the mood by providing delicious cocktails to the guest. You can subscribe to one of the best cocktail subscription boxes, including all the items to make a cocktail. In some boxes, you can choose your favorite spirit so that you can enjoy your drink. 

The boxes include ingredients that can make 4 to 12 drinks. The number of drinks varies from monthly box to monthly. Also, if you want to taste cocktails of different flavors, you can easily have it through the subscription. Moreover, some boxes send alcohol-free items suitable for pregnant or nursing moms.

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