The Chaptr Subscription Box Review: Read And Enjoy A Book Of Different Genres Every Month

Do you like to discuss the plot of the current reading with people? I love sharing the good and bad parts of the books with friends. But my friends are not readers. With The Chaptr, I can share my thoughts in real-time with people.

Their subscription box contains a book and some gifts for the subscriber. They hand-select every book for their monthly subscription box. Also, you can access their app to connect with fellow readers. Their mission is to bring the book lovers together, provide them access to millions of books, and build a community with the readers.

The Chaptr Review

What was included in the box?

  • Hanna Khan Carries on by Uzma Jalaluddin
  • A pocket a latte
  • A bag made of cloth
  • A card for a reading list


All the items came in a paper box. They were nicely wrapped with white paper. As I opened the warp, I could see the books and bags given on the box.


Along with other items, I found a recipe card. It includes a recipe for chai and mocktails. You will find the ingredients and the process for preparing the chai and mocktail. Moreover, the recipe of the drink contains halal ingredients.


Hanna Khan Carries on by Uzma Jalaluddin

This book is about Hana Khan, a young woman born and bred in Toronto. She works as a waitress in her immigrant parent's halal restaurant. This is a romance novel based on domestic fiction with humor. When I started reading the book, I did not think I would like it. But by the middle, I was very engaged with the story.


A pocket a latte

I enjoy coffee while reading a book. But this is a bar of chocolate with coffee flavor. This pocket coffee is 96 grams and comes in hazelnut flavor.


A bag made of cloth

Apart from the book, I loved the bag that came with the subscription box. The best thing about this bag is that it is reusable and can be washed easily. Moreover, I can use this bag for various purposes.


A card for a reading list

This card has been very helpful for me to keep track of my reading list. The list has columns for the book's title, date, and rating. Using this list, I can recommend a book to my friends.


The Chaptr app

They also have an app where you can log in and be a part of the reading community. Their convenient mobile app allows you to start a conversation anytime, anywhere. You can share and discuss the best part of the book in real-time through the app. Moreover, you do not have to carry a physical book to read the book. 

Shipping info

The Chaptr ships their subscription boxes within the US. All the boxes are shipped within the 24th and 29th of the month. Moreover, they offer free shipping for all orders.


The Chaptr offers two subscription boxes, Basic Book Subscription Box and Deluxe Book Subscription Box. The Basic book subscription box costs $18.99 per month, and the Deluxe book subscription box is $37.99 per month. 

Frequency of subscription

If you love reading a book, you can receive a new book by subscribing to their monthly plans at your doorstep. They only offer monthly plans, which means you will receive a package every month. You can cancel their subscription program anytime. 

Returns and Refunds

In case you do not like the books, you can cancel their subscription plan. They do not offer returns or refunds on any packages.

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  1. This is one of the most appreciated Book clubs that I have been in! We have so much fun gathering and answering questions about the books, sharing our ideas, collaborating, etc. Everyone gets the opportunity to chime in on answers to questions asked if they prefer. We sometimes get the opportunity to meet the Author and ask the Author questions around the book. It’s so much fun! Oh! There is also an opportunity for everyone to get a chance to Vote on the book of choice for the next month. Oh there’s also Buddy reading if you so choose. Just a fresh atmosphere all around. We get an invite to meet once a month to chat it up about the book of the Month. 😊


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