Sock Panda Review – A Fun Way To Liven Up Your Wardrobe

Sock Panda makes finding the perfect pair of socks a breeze. It offers a wide variety of unique designs so you can easily find pairs that suit your personality best. Ranging from stylish and colorful designs to crazy and funky ones - Sock Panda really does have it all! Who says you only need to wear black and white socks? If you want people to notice you, wearing these high-quality, fun socks will definitely get people talking.

Sock Panda Review

You can either choose to become a member or make one-time purchases. If you click on Sock Shop on the website, you will see that Sock Panda sells socks for every age group. There are exciting pairs for adults (both men and women), teenagers, and even kids. Sock Panda also sells t-shirts and face masks. The face masks are reusable and washable and have adjustable 

ear loops so you do not have to worry about the mask being too loose or too tight on your face!

Although there aren’t many options for t-shirts, Sock Panda does offer a lot of options for face masks. Sock Panda usually sells plain white t-shirts with its logo printed on the front. The t-shirts are $10 each. On the other hand, the face masks have cute patterns printed on them and each face mask costs $3.50. You can always mix and match with your pair of socks.

Sock Panda Review 1

Sock Panda Review

What I Love About Sock Panda

  • Sock Panda sends you unique designs every month. You will never receive the same pairs of socks twice. 
  • The socks are very comfortable. Almost 85% of the fabric is made using Peruvian cotton, which is considered to be a premium material that will not tear or fade away with frequent use. 
  • If you do not like the design of the socks, you can always request Sock Panda to send you a replacement. Sock Panda does not charge extra for replacements!
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you wish to cancel your subscription for the next month, you will need to do it 24 hours prior to the renewal date.
  • Sock Panda donates pairs of socks to hospitals, homeless shelters, and underprivileged classrooms in the USA every time you make a purchase. 
  • Sock Panda offers free shipping to all US regions. For international shipping, you may incur a shipping fee of $3.
  • Sock Panda offers gift sets that include four pairs of socks. The gift sets for men and women cost $38 each whereas the gift sets for kids cost $20 each. You can also include handwritten notes with the gift sets.
  • Sock Panda has a store in LA where you will find all sorts of unique, fun, and bright socks. 
  • Sock Panda gives you a detailed sock size guide so there is no room for mistakes.

Subscription Packs

One thing I really liked about Sock Panda is that it has different subscription packs for different age groups. There are specific designs for adults and for children, too. The Panda Pals Kids Sock Subscription is for children aged between 3 and 7 years old whereas the Tween Sock Subscription is specifically designed for children aged between 8 and 11 years old. 

I love the fact that Sock Panda lets you choose between different styles for men and women. If you opt for the men’s sock subscription, you will be offered to choose between two different styles that are “Daring & Bold” and “Stylish & Suave”. You can also choose to have one of each style. On the other hand, the options for women’s sock subscription are “Wild & Crazy”, “Patterns & Prints”, or you can choose to have one of either style. 

If you are buying socks for kids, you will not be given any style options. You will just need to pick the correct size and choose the gender. The kids’ socks are pretty colorful with doodles and cartoons printed on them. The Panda Pals Kids Sock Subscription may contain some theme-based activities and mystery prizes that make unpackaging the subscription boxes super exciting for the kids. 

Sock Panda also offers Seasonal Quarterly Subscriptions. This means that Sock Panda will send you pairs of socks every three months. The designs are based on seasonal themes such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Spring, and lots more. So, you are likely to have a pair of socks for every holiday event. 

Another type of subscription Sock Panda offers is Bulk Subscriptions. This means that you will be able to place many orders at once. All you need to do is fill out the form and wait for Sock Panda to contact you within the next 24 hours. The minimum number of subscriptions that you can place is 6. Sock Panda offers bulk subscriptions at a discounted price!
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  • For the Adult (men & women) Sock Subscription, one pair of socks costs $14 whereas two pairs of socks cost $21. 
  • For the Tween Sock Subscription, two pairs of socks cost $17. 
  • For the Panda Pals Kids Sock Subscription, two pairs of socks cost $16.
  • The Seasonal Quarterly Subscriptions start from $20.

Billing Options

You can choose to be billed monthly, every three months, every six months, or every twelve months. Sock Panda offers subscription plans at discounted prices if you choose the 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month billing options. 

How To Start Your Sock Panda Subscription

  • For the Adult (men & women) Sock Subscription, you will first need to select your desired style. Then, choose how many pairs you want to receive monthly and select your billing duration from the four options. 
  • For the Tween Sock Subscription and the Panda Pals Kids Sock Subscription, you will just need to select the size and specify if you are getting the pairs of socks for a girl or for a boy. Then, select your billing duration and proceed to checkout. 

Style Guide

The Daring & Bold and the Wild & Crazy styles are pretty much the same. They are both suited to individuals who prefer bright, colorful, and bold patterns over dull and solid ones. So, if you opt for these style options, you can expect your socks to look lively and fun. Sock Panda may also include doodles of animals and cartoons. These socks are very eye-catching which makes them perfect for social gatherings or small parties. 

The Stylish & Suave style option for men’s socks does not include any doodles of animals or cartoons. They are usually made using bold colors such as red, black, green, blue, and yellow among others. The prints and patterns are not too intriguing so you can wear the socks to your workplace without worrying about them looking too funny. The prints and patterns are usually geometric shapes. 

As the name suggests, the Patterns & Prints style option for women’s socks contains a wide range of unique and fun shapes, patterns, and prints. These socks are also colorful and look fun so you can expect a lot of people to be wowed by your stylish pair of socks. 

Make Your Own Pair Of Socks

Get creative! You can also customize the design of your socks. You can create your unique personal design style of socks for both adults, teens, and children. You can include your company logo, special messages, doodles, and lots more. You can also request the in-house designers to show you samples of past orders for inspiration. 

These custom orders usually take 6-8 weeks to complete but quick delivery options are also available at a fee. The minimum order is 150 pairs for each design and each size. You can place an order for custom socks from anywhere in the world! The shipping fees vary between different regions. 

You can easily make custom orders for your company, colleagues, or employees. You can also make custom orders for special events such as birthdays, gender reveal parties, or even for the 4th of July. Take a look at the pricing:

Make Your Own Pair Of Socks

Inside the Sock Panda Subscription Package

If you are curious to know more about the Sock Panda Subscription Box, have a look at mine!


My pairs of socks came in this adorable Sock Panda packaging! I liked that the packaging was quite small so it did not take up much room. Plus, it was easy to open!


I received four things from my Sock Panda subscription. I got two pairs of socks and two cards. I did not really know what type of socks Sock Panda would send me but I can truly say that I am impressed. Starting from the vivid colors to the fun, adorable doodles, the socks were definitely my type. I would totally style these with my “going-out” outfits.


Just by the looks, I could tell that these socks were of premium quality. I liked how colorful and unique the designs were. These socks are something that I can pair up with almost any outfit! 

My Final Thoughts On Sock Panda

I really liked how comfortable and soft these pairs of socks were. The socks were made of breathable fabric and the color did not fade away with frequent washes! I could wear the socks in the summer without worrying about any sweaty feet.

The packaging was super cute and the socks had unique designs that I don’t usually see in the malls or local stores. I also liked that the packaging arrived just on time. The sign-up process was also pretty easy. I would totally recommend Sock Panda for all the sock lovers out there!


How do I wash the socks?

You can wash the socks by hand or you can put them in the washing machine. It is recommended to use cold water while washing the socks.

Can I take more than two pairs of socks in one subscription?

Yes, you definitely can! Just select your desired quantity while signing up for the subscription plan. 

Sock Panda Is For You If:

  • You love wearing socks uniquely designed socks.
  • You are looking for fun ways to liven up your outfits.
  • You want to show off your true personality.
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