Creepy Crate Subscription Box Review : Solve mysterious and horror crimes at your leisure

Are you a fan of crime series? I have always been a fan of Dexter. Though he works with the Miami police, at night he is a murderer. I was astounded at how he used to cover up the crime scenes. Creepy Crate delivers mysterious boxes that contain creepy items.


The items that are included in the box can be used in my daily life. The baseball and slasher cards can be played with friends. As they create unique designs, people will find these things interesting. Different boxes include different collectibles like t-shirts, travel mugs, keyrings, etc. As for the saw pin which I sometimes stick on my bag that gains the attention of people. People even asked me where I bought this pin from.

Unboxing Creepy Crate Subscription Box

What was waiting in my Creepy Crate Mystery box?

  • A hardcopy of  The case of the MURDEROUS Dr. Cream by Dean Jobb.
  • A set of slasher playing cards.
  • A Good Guy Chucky beachball.
  • Pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.
  • A saw pin.
  • A camp Arawak Drawstring bag.


Where do you go to buy horror or gothic stuff? I love to go to stores to buy any horror-themed products but I liked the subscription plan of the Creepy crate. for every subscription box, they design unique products. The box will come to me with horrifying objects as a surprise as they do not disclose the products.

The products come in a nice hard box and have prints of worrying things like a skull, jigsaw, spade, animals, etc. As 1 opened the box, I saw a manual where a story related to each product was given. All the things were related to a story.


The set of slasher cards came in good condition. The cards have prints of a man standing in the dark with a spade.


The beachball was not inflated. It had a picture of Good Guy Chucky. I find the beachball very entertaining as I can take it for playing on any beach picnic.


The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are small. They come in a glass jar. I assembled the puzzle and it came out as a picture of a woman.


The camp bag is in blue with a picture of seaside scenery. I used this bag when I went hiking with my friends. It can easily accommodate a water bottle, towels, power bank, and some snacks.


The saw pin comes in a colour of black, white, and red. I cannot easily describe the shape but it looks like it is based on a puppet or clown theme.


Lastly, the book is a novel about solving a case of a serial killer in the Victorian era. I haven't started to read it yet but it looks very interesting. The book and all other things came in good condition. My favorite thing of all was the jigsaw puzzle as it was fun to put the pieces together to find the image.



Their subscription box includes lots of items to satisfy the inner detective. Their subscription plan costs $39.99. You can prepay for their 3 months or 6 months subscription boxes. 3 month prepay plan can be subscribed for $119.97 and 6 months prepay plan for $239.94.


Shipping info

Creepy crate ships their product all over the USA territories without any shipping charges. They also ship their subscription box internationally. For international shipment, they charge $10 additional with $39.99. So, if you are living outside the USA  the price for you will be $49.99 for each subscription box.

Frequency of subscription

Their subscription boxes are usually sent every other month. so, you get 2 months to solve their criminal cases. The subscription plan is auto-renewable.

They also have pre-pay subscription plans. You can prepay for 3 months or 6 together if you like their mystery boxes. Your credit card will be charged for the 3 or 6 months prepay plan as soon you subscribe to your plans.  

Creepy Crate and their horror items

In normal stores, there is less variation of horror objects. The stores restock the same product again and again. Creepy crate developed the idea of creating a subscription with limited edition objects. These exclusive collectibles cannot be found in stores. 

For every delivery, they think of new objects to fill the mystery box. A thriller hardcopy of a book is always given with the package. Sometimes, an e-book is also given. 

you can find previous horror or crime-themed accessories in their online shop. The shop includes zombie keychains, voodoo socks, travel mugs, skeleton gloves, etc. On their website, they give a preview of the contents of their next month's subscription box.

Creepy Crate and their horror items

To subscribe to their mystery box, click " subscribe now" and then select the length of your subscription. After selecting the option, you will be taken to the checkout page where you need to add your destination details.

Returns and Refunds

There is no specific mention of returns or refunds. You cannot return their products if you don't like the contents of the subscription box. On the other hand, if the products are damaged during shipment you can contact them for exchange. After verifying your information they will send you a replacement. 


Can I buy the subscription boxes for the previous month?

Yes, you can buy the previous boxes from their online store.

What is the last date for canceling the next order?

If you want to make any changes for your next order you need to do that by the 10th of every month. 

What is the contact address of Creepy Crate For any help?

You can send them an email at for any queries.
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