Tea Runners Subscription Box Review : Get refreshed with each cup of tea collected from the latest harvest

Do you belong to a family where each member has different preferences in tea? Getting the tea according to the taste of everyone can be hard and super shops do not usually sell freshly made tea leaves. Shops sell tea bags where old tea leaves are packed in them. Tea Runners collect the latest harvested tea and pack the leaves without further processing.


The loose tea leaves give the authentic liquor of the tea. You can strengthen the liquor by adding more leaves for steeping. To order from them, go to their website, choose the type of package you want, set the frequency of your delivery. The monthly plans are elaborately designed with details and pictures which helped to choose my monthly pack. You can send the tea boxes as gifts to your friends but the gift plans are not auto-renewal.

Tea Runners

Unboxing Tea Runners Subscription Box 

Tea leaves I received for July:



How many cups of tea do you have every day? My morning does not start if I don't drink a perfect cup of strong tea. For mornings, I prefer strong black tea to prevent dozing off at work. I ordered the 'Original Box' which includes4 different blends of tea.


I am very impressed by the packaging. The package looks like an envelope. I unsealed the package and opened the cover. There was a parchment paper mentioning the name of the monthly box I have subscribed to. A thank you card is given with a beautiful picture of tea mugs and sunset. On the note, they have mentioned the sites where we can get help when required.

of the 4 tea leaves packet, ZHENG SHAN XIAO ZHONG is pure black tea. The tea is collected from Fujian China and was harvested in the Spring of 2021. I drink this tea in the morning as it is medium-high caffeinated and gives notes of dark chocolate. I drink this tea without any milk and sugar. It has a strong flavor and sweet aftertaste that energizes you. I steep the tea leaves for 4 to 5 minutes in hot water that gives the perfect liquor.


MYSTIC MINT tea can be considered herbal spice tea. It contains no caffeine and is purely made of herbal spices. This tea contains a perfect blend of peppermint, cardamom, licorice roots, Baril, and clove leaf oils. This tea is great when you have a cold as the basil and cloves release the blocked nose easily and calm your sore throat.


The third packet is of PEACH GINGER DETOX GOLD tea leaves. This tea has won first place as a Flavored Green Tea. The key ingredients of this tea are green tea, white tea, oolong tea, yellow marigold flowers, dried peach bits, ginger roots, and natural flavors. As you can tell from the name, it is detox tea and helps to develop immunity. As it contains low amounts of caffeine, I find it very soothing before going to bed. For those who travel a lot, this team will be helpful to fight jet lag.


The next tea is CUCUMBER LIME OOLONG TEA which is made by adding cucumber, oolong tea, and natural flavor. The caffeine content of the tea is medium and the cucumber gives a refreshing flavor. I enjoy the tea with ice. You can drink it hot as well but it tastes better when cold. I steep the leaves in hot water for 3 to 4 minutes and then refrigerate them so that I can drink them anytime.


The steeping time of the teas is mentioned in the packets. The tea leaves come in a foil zipper bag that keeps the tea leaves fresh and aways from the air. I store my tea in those bags in a cold place where no sunlight can reach. Moreover, the expiration dates of each of the tea leaves are mentioned on the packet and all of them need 10 to 12 months to expire.


Tea Runners arranged different subscription boxes with different flavors of tea. All types of subscription boxes cost $25 each. For each month, the customers will be charged $25. 

If you want to subscribe to their plans for a longer period like 3months,6months or 12months, you can avail of some discount. Currently, they are offering10 %discount for a 3 months subscription plan and 15% off for a 6 and 12 months subscription plan. A total of $67.50 is billed for 3months prepay, $127.50 billed for every 6 months, and 12 months subscription plan costs $255.00.

Shipping info

Tea Runners offers free shipping in the USA and Canada. The USA customers will receive a tracking link via email as soon as their parcels are dispatched but Canada orders will not get a tracking link.

If you are living outside the USA and Canada, you can still order their subscription tea boxes. For international shipping, an additional $8 is added to the price of subscription plans. They ship internationally to Australia, some parts of Europe like Germany, France, etc. Some Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia can also get delivery of their products. You can find if they deliver to your country here https://tearunners.com/pages/faq.

Frequency of Subscription

The subscription plans of Tea Runners can be availed monthly,bi-monthly and tri-monthly. For bi-monthly, you can save 10% and 15% of the total expenses by subscribing for 6 months and 12 months respectively.

Tea Runners and their tea collections

How do you decide which brand has the best tea? In this world, where there are many tea brands producing tea, it is hard to determine the best without trying each one. But most of the brands do not use freshly harvested tea leaves. As a result, people do not know the fresh and original taste of tea. The Tea Runners collect the small batches of original tea leaves and deliver them to their tea addict customers.

I love both tea and coffee but I am more inclined towards tea as it gives a soothing flavor. Caffeine without coffee is not real coffee for me but I would gladly drink non-caffeinated tea. TeaRunner tries the tea before sending it to the customers so that you can get the premium quality often at your doorstep. They have won awards as the best loose tea leaves for their various tea blends.

For monthly subscription plans, they have made boxes with assorted tea leaves. The 4 tea boxes are Tea Runners original box, Pure tea box, All black tea box, and Herbal tea box. Each of the boxes focuses on a particular flavor and blend of tea which helps the customer to choose their desired flavor of the tea. All the boxes come with 4 pouches of loose tea leaves.

Tea Runners and their tea collections

Tea Runners original box includes pure tea, blended or flavored tea, and herbal tea. As this box contains a mix of various kinds of tea, you get to taste the tea depending on your mood. The tea leaves of this box contain high as well as low caffeinated leaves.

Pure tea boxes contain only pure loose tea leaves.No flavors or blended tea leaves are packed on this box. As this box contains premium and original quality tea leaves, the price of this box is comparatively higher than other ones. Organic and unblended black, green, oolong, yellow, and white teas come in this box.

All black tea boxes are boxes for those who love high caffeinated and strong flavored tea. It consists of pure, blended, and flavored black tea leaves. 

Lastly, an herbal tea box is a non-caffeinated tea box. Herbal spices and other organic ingredients like peppermints, chamomile, etc are added to give floral notes to the tea. This box of tea is a good option for those who want to cut their caffeine intake. Moreover, this box contains calming tea which acts as a sleep inducer. 

As you opt for the box, the website proceeds towards checkout. The best thing about this team is that they let you know what and which kind of tea they will send in the next month. If you don't like any of their determined teas, you can customize your box from 15 other tea options. One thing, to keep in mind, for the first-timers they give 24hrs after subscription to customize your box. And for the regular customers, they send an email notifying which teas are included for the next monthly box and give the customers a week to change any of the leas from 15 options mentioned on their website.

Tea Runners and their tea collections1

They usually don't send the same type of tea within a short period but you might receive the same tea after 8 to 10 months. So, it is better to check beforehand what tea they kept for the next month. They repeat the teas because they want the new subscribers to get the taste of every kind of tea.

If you do not like a tea box you can switch with another tea box. However, you can not switch to or from the Pure tea box until you reach your next renewal date. You can subscribe to more than one monthly tea box plan. 

They also have a shop where they sell tea leaves without any subscription. You can select any tea you want at https://shop.tearunners.com/. A wide collection of teas are available in their shop and the teas are allocated to groups according to flavors. 

Returns and Refunds

The refund policy of Tea runners is very simple. If you have subscribed to prepay plans and want to discontinue after some time then you will be refunded. 

However, the refund amount might not be the same as you paid. The prepay plans have discounts. As a result, the price of each pouch decreases from $3 to $4.But for refund, they consider the actual price of the tea pouches which is $25and deducts this amount from the total amount paid for the subscription. For more details, check their refund section here https://tearunners.com/pages/terms-conditions


Can I make my own blend of tea leaves?

No, they sell pre-made tea blends. The blend changes from month to month.

Can I customize my monthly package?

Yes, you can. After confirming the order, Tea Runners gives 24 hours to change the tea blends with the mentioned tea blends of the current month.

Is it possible to customize the gift boxes?

Yes, you can customize the gift boxes with the tea allotted for the current month.

What is the weight of each pouch of tea leaves?

Each pouch weighs 0.75 ounces to 1.2ounces of tea leaves which can serve 30 to 40 cups of tea easily.

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