LookFantastic August 2021 Subscription Box – ‘Togetherness’ Beauty Box

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of my favorite beauty subscription box brands LookFantastic and their offering for August 2021. I am very excited to review it but before that, I want to let you know about the brand a bit.

Bringing 6 unique beauty items in a box, the LookFantastic beauty box can, without a doubt, be called a luxurious box subscription. The box will offer you goods that are over a retail value of $60 that is dropped to your doorstep each month. Being available in four different subscription plans, these themed boxes are a convenient and effective way of enhancing and smoothening your beauty journey that you do not want to miss out on.

LookFantastic Subscription Box

That being said, now let’s look into what I have received in the LookFantastic subscription box for August 2021.

The products came in a nice and solid box that had a nice fun wavy color palette printed on top. What I like about them is that they come in a different box each month according to their theme for the month.

Their theme for August 2021 was “Togetherness: Let’s get together again…” and I could not be more excited about it.

This nifty little thing gives me good vibes every time I unbox their beauty boxes. Moreover, the box is very high quality and sturdy that can be used afterward as well.

Unboxing LookFantastic ‘Togetherness’ Beauty Box


Opening up the box, the first thing that I found was a beautiful little booklet. It is a wonderful addition to the box that includes a note from the editor and information about the products the box contains.

This also showcases the retail prices of the products. It’s more like a mini-magazine as it includes various beauty tips and hacks. There is always an article in this. The August 2021 article was titled “How to treat your oily skin this summer”.


This booklet can be an excellent guide for people who don't have much idea about the products that they received. So, I appreciate Team LookFantastic for including it.

Under the booklet, the products were wrapped in a beautiful paper wrap. Removing the flap reveals the products. Again, excellent presentation! They have included paper shreds as a cushion for the products to absorb the shock while shipping.


The products I received were in amazing shape and I was quite impressed with their choices. I wasn’t familiar with two out of the six items that came in the box. The booklet was an excellent help in that regard.

So, here is what I received all together in a single picture. After that, I will go product by product and give you an overview of each one.


1. Glov Mask Remover ($5.49 Retail)

The first item that caught my eye after removing the paper flap is the Mask Remover by Glov. It is a polyester fiber cloth that can attract mask particles easily. It doesn’t absorb the mask at all.

This mask remover is specifically made for removing clay and mud masks. In my testing, it worked like a charm. It’s reusable and machine washable.


How to Use: I applied warm water to the mask remover and covered my face with it until the mask loosened a bit. Then gently scrubbed away the mask using it in a circular motion.

2. Bubble T Rhubarb & Custard Bath Fizzer ($6.91 Retail)

This bath bomb I particularly loved a lot. It has a candy scent to it and it feels very relaxing to the skin. After having a tiring day, when I used it in my bath, I felt revitalized and the beautiful scent was a cherry on top.

It has citric acid and Chinese fruit extract which are very gentle on the skin. Moreover, it nourishes the skin removing the pollutants that you’ve picked up during the workday. Best for nighttime self-care.


How to Use: Similar to any other bath bomb. I dropped it in warm water until it got fizzy and bubbly. Then gently got into the tub.

3. Ahava Smoothing Body Lotion ($21.26 Retail)

Body lotions are a big part of my self-care routine. So, I was very pleased to see it included in my beauty box. It is infused with superfoods, namely kale and turmeric which are very good moisturizers.

My skin felt hydrated and safeguarded after I tried this lotion on. It revives the senses of the skin cells. The antioxidants of its ingredients are great for reducing premature aging. Also, it’s paraben-free.


How to Use: As prescribed in the booklet that comes with the box, I applied it after taking a shower. I took a generous portion of it and massaged it into my slightly damp skin until it blended in.

4. Skimono Radiance Recovery 4C Eye Mask ($13.84 Retail)

I have tried this one before and liked it very much. It is a very good quality eye serum mask that is enriched with Liposome Technology. It worked wonders for my dark circles and fine lines around the eye.

It instantly brightens up the undereye area and gives a refreshed and radiant look. It has Collagen, Chamomile, Cucumber, and Vitamin C which are the ingredients one should look for in an eye serum mask.


How to Use: Removing it from the sachet, I placed it under my eyes and left it for around 10 to 15 mins. You can use it a bit longer if you want to. Take it off when your eyes feel refreshed.

5. Ciate London Glow-To Illuminating Blush ($26.00 Retail)

I simply love this blush. Just like the eye mask, I have used it before and I highly recommend this. I use this in my ‘no-makeup makeup’ look almost always. It has a natural color and gives an enviable glow.

The blush has a good degree of illumination with a very lightweight and radiant finish. It is amazing for an instant glow. I carry it with me all the time. Sometimes, I use it on my eyelids too and it looks perfect!


How to Use: Take a blush brush of your choice and swirl it into the blush. Then gently apply it to your cheeks and blend. If you are anything like me, maybe you can use it on the eyelids as well.

6. Filorga Paris Age Purify Intensive Serum ($8.00 Est. Retail)

This is one of the items that I was unfamiliar with. After reading the booklet and researching this one-of-a-kind age purifying serum, I tried it on. And I think I quite like it. This is a unique formula prepared by Filorga Paris!

The serum protects the skin against external aggressors and reduces imperfections. Enriched with Niacinamide, Sweet Almond Oil, Citric Acid, and Glycolic Acid, it tackles blemishes and wrinkles quite well.


How to Use: Similar to other serums, apply the product after cleansing the face thoroughly. Then gently massage it into the face very gently.

Was the Beauty Box Worth It?

Now comes the most important question. Was it worth it? I would say yes, it was worth it. Getting $68 worth of beauty products at $19 only is an absolute bargain.

Even if I don’t consider the price point they are offering this at, it is still worth it due to the quality of the items included. Each of the products works well and undoubtedly they were unique and of high quality.

As a make-up enthusiast with a passion for trying out new products, it was an ideal box for me. Moreover, the subscription deal makes it even a better package. It’s like giving myself a small gift every month which I like.

It has exposed me to different brands that I didn’t know about earlier. Trying out the products, I feel more confident about my skin than before.

Was the Beauty Box Worth It

Do I Recommend this Subscription Plan?

Yes, I certainly do. It is a great value for money and their choices for products are commendable. They have done a great job putting it all together nicely. From the packing to the products, everything screams quality.

The booklet or I would say mini-magazine that they provide is also an added value as it is full of beauty tips. Overall, it is an amazing deal for only $19 per month. This is so good, you can even gift it to someone you love.

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