Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Review : All You Need To Know


Atlas Coffee Club is not the typical coffee subscription that sends you packs of coffee that you can easily find in your local stores or on the internet. When you subscribe to the Atlas Coffee Club, you will receive high-quality coffee from all over the world. This means that the coffee can be from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, or even from Brazil. What’s interesting about this coffee subscription is that each month focuses on one specific country so you will be able to get a taste of fine coffee from different regions in the world. 

Atlas Coffee Club values quality over everything so you can expect to get premium-grade coffee in every shipment. It ensures that quality standards are maintained throughout both the cultivation and production processes. The coffee is carefully handpicked from farms all over the world so only the best coffee beans are used. Moreover, Atlas Coffee Club roasts the coffee right after you place the order so you do not have to worry about its freshness. It is likely to taste way better than store-bought coffee that typically sits on the shelves for months, or even years. 

Unboxing Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box

What I Love About Atlas Coffee Club

  • It has a custom bag for every country. This means that no two countries will have the same wrapping paper. 

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. All you need to do is log in to your account, scroll through your subscription plans, and you will see an option for canceling your subscription. You can also send an email to if you have trouble with the cancellation process. If your subscription is canceled successfully, you will receive a confirmation email from Atlas Coffee Club. If you have not received the email, you should contact once again. 

  • You can change the shipping frequency. This means that you can choose your preferred shipping dates. For example, you can request Atlas Coffee Club to send you its coffee box on a specific date or even once every two months. 

  • Atlas Coffee Club ensures that you receive freshly roasted coffee in every subscription box. 

  • Atlas Coffee Club also offers a decaf version of the coffee. So, if you are trying to cut down on caffeine, you can always go for the decaf coffee subscription package. 


Although Atlas Coffee Club does not offer worldwide shipping, it ships to all regions in the United States of America and Canada. 

While it takes between 3 and 6 business days to ship a box to regions in the USA, it takes between 5 and 12 days to ship a box to regions in Canada. If you are living in Canada, you might need to pay $6 extra as the shipping fee. 

How To Start Your Subscription

  • The first step is to select the size of the coffee bag you want to receive in a certain period of time. You can choose between a half bag, one bag, or even two bags of coffee. The half bag contains 6 ounces, one bag contains 12 ounces, and the two bags contain 24 ounces of coffee. Since I love a rich cup of coffee once in the morning and once in the evening, I have chosen the Double Bag Subscription. 

  • After you are done selecting the number of bags that suit your needs best, you will need to select how often you wish to receive your bags of coffee. There are two options. You can either choose to receive coffee every two weeks, that is, twice a month, or every four weeks, that is, once a month. It is important to note that if you opt for the two-week subscription plan, you will receive the same bag of coffee twice in a single month. 

  • The third step is to select your preferred roast level. Atlas Coffee Club offers three types of roast levels that include “light to medium”, “medium to dark”, and “all roast types”. If you opt for “all roast types”, you will receive a combination of “light to medium” and “medium to dark” roast levels. 

  • Then, select the coffee grind you want to use. You can either choose whole bean or ground coffee. Most people say that whole bean coffee tastes much fresher than ground coffee if properly stored. However, it might be best to choose ground coffee if you do not want to go through the time-consuming process of grinding the whole beans on your own. 

  • Lastly, fill in your shipping information and wait for your premium-grade coffee to arrive at your doorstep. 

Atlas Coffee Club Gift Subscription

  • Atlas Coffee Club offers gift subscriptions of 3, 6, and 12 months. The 3-month gift subscription plan is called the “Starter Pack”, the 6-month gift subscription plan is called the “Standard”, and the 12-month gift subscription plan is called the “Coffee Lover”.

  • You can send gift subscription boxes in two ways - either you ship the boxes to your recipient’s doorstep or you send the gifts via email. If you send the gift subscription via email, you are basically sending your recipient a gift card that will be claimed whenever he or she opens the link. All you need to do is select “Email It” and put your recipient’s email address in the given box. Your recipient will not receive the gift box until or unless he or she confirms via email. 

  • The recipient of the gift subscription box will be able to change grind type and roast level according to his or her preference, even if you select the preferences for the box. The person will also be able to choose how many bags of coffee he or she wishes to receive in a certain month.

  • You will be able to delay the shipment of your gift boxes. This means that you can request Atlas Coffee Club to deliver the boxes before or after a certain date. For example, if it is the recipient’s birthday or anniversary on the 5th of August, you can tell Atlas Coffee Club to deliver the gift box on the 4th or 5th August.  

  • You can send the gift boxes to a large number of people at once. 

  • The gift subscriptions will be canceled automatically once the last gift box is sent for the end month. 

  • You will be able to include personalized notes with the gift box.

  • Atlas Coffee Club will not include any price tags on the gift boxes. 


  • A half bag that makes around 15 cups of coffee costs $9 per shipment.

  • A single bag that makes around 30 cups of coffee costs $14 per shipment.

  • A double bag that makes around 60 cups of coffee costs $28 per shipment.

  • A gift subscription of 3 months costs $60.

  • A gift subscription of 6 months costs $120.

  • A gift subscription of 12 months costs $199. 

Atlas Coffee Club pays its farmers high wages and uses high-quality, well-produced ingredients that ensure your cup of coffee tastes fresh every time you take a sip, which explains the high pricing point. However, for a single-origin brand, I feel like the company charges a standard price.

First glimpse of my Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box!


This month’s theme was India which means that the coffee was originally extracted from tea-rich regions in India. I received three items in the box. One was the bag of coffee, another was the postcard, and the other was the card that included vital information about the coffee. You can send the postcard to your friends and family and even include a note on the backside of the postcard.


The coffee bag was wrapped in a beautiful, fancy printed paper that went smoothly with the theme. There were tigers, flowers, and intricate patterns printed on it, which are quite popular in India. I really liked how detailed and colorful the packaging was. Atlas Coffee Club really does put a lot of thought into its packaging.


This card tells you where the coffee is from, its tasting notes, roast level, and recommended brewing instructions. By looking at the card, I can tell that my coffee was grown in Tamil Nadu, a place that is quite famous for its specialty-grade coffee. The tasting notes consist of marzipan, raisin, and milk chocolate so this coffee is likely to taste sweet with hints of nutty, creamy, and cocoa flavors. Atlas Coffee Club recommends that I use a Chemex to prepare my coffee but since I do not own a Chemex, I used a French Press instead. It still tasted amazing.


The backside of this card tells you the history of India’s coffee which is quite interesting. It included a lot of facts and information that I was not aware of before. It also tells you about the growing regions and what processes were used to cultivate the coffee. For this month, it says that the sub-region was Yercaud which is a hilly region. It also states the altitudes that were between 1,300 and 1,600 meters above sea level. I love how I can read through these facts while sipping on my cup of coffee.


My Final Thoughts On The Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

I really liked this coffee subscription box from Atlas Coffee Club mainly because of two reasons. The first reason is that the coffee tasted amazingly fresh and came with a rich aroma. I could tell that the batch of coffee was roasted just a few days ago by tasting the strong flavors.

Every time I opened the bag, the air was filled with a rich, delicious coffee aroma. The coffee had the right amount of caffeine to get me active without any jitteriness, which made it a perfect morning or early evening beverage. 

Moreover, it was easy to brew and it also had a pleasant taste so I did not need to add any sugar or extra sweeteners. Just by taking the first sip, I could tell how rich and flavorous this coffee really tasted. The second reason I really liked Atlas Coffee Club is that it sells single-origin coffee so you can expect to get a taste of authentic flavors.

This feature is what makes Atlas Coffee Club different from the rest because you do not have to go to a certain place physically to get a taste of the region’s coffee. Atlas Coffee Club brings the world’s coffee to your doorstep. Moreover, this single-origin coffee had a unique flavor that I did not find in any other coffee. It was just pure coffee without any artificial flavorings, which is quite difficult to find in local grocery stores. 

One thing to note about the coffee bags is that they are not vacuum-sealed. This might be a problem if the coffee is sitting on your shelf for more than four weeks. If you do not transfer the ground coffee or whole beans to an airtight container or a coffee canister, your coffee may not taste as pleasant as it did on day one.

Moreover, the decaf version is not available for all roast types. If you want the decaf coffee subscription, you will need to select the “medium roast” level, which may not suit everyone’s preferences. 

You might want to subscribe to the Atlas Coffee Club Subscription if:

  • You are bored of drinking the same type of coffee on a regular basis.

  • You are keen to start trying exotic coffee from all over the world.

  • You want to purchase ethically and well-produced coffee.

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