The Tea Spot Review : Get your Fresh Flavorful Tea as Loose Leaf or in Teabags

When do you crave tea most? I am a morning tea person and my brain cells do not work until I take a sip of a strong black tea. Like me, many people start their days with their favorite tea. There is no specific time for drinking tea. Tea also works as hydration and increases the immunity of people.

As I heard about The Tea spot, I went to their website and found that they have a wide collection of tea. As I could not decide on which to choose, I opted for a monthly package that will give  3 sample sets of different teas. You can also add more than 1 type of tea or subscription plans if you want.


To order, click on' Tea' at the top where you see all the variations of tea. I was very confined about what to choose so I went down the page and found the 'subscribe and save' option. After selecting the tea, it took me to the checkout page where you can let them know if it is a gift or personal order. The next page is about location details and payment. I received my package within a week and it came in good shape.

The Tea Spot

Unboxing The Tea Spot Subscription Box

What teas did I receive for brewing?

  • Loose leaves of Gunpowder Green.
  • Loose leaves of Rise and Chai.
  • Loose leaves of Red Rocks.
  • 2 sachets of Wild Harvest Pu'erh.
  • A Tuffy steeper.
  • A sticker and a pin of the tea spot.


What is your all-time favorite flavor of tea? I like drinking strong tea in the morning before doing any work. I prefer light and caffeine-free tea while reading a book or watching movies. I also drink tea with spices if I have a cold to boost my immunity. I have heard a lot about The Tea Spot that has great unblended tea. 

The package came with 3 different kinds of loose leaves which will help to determine which flavors I like the most. Each loose leaf pack has 5 servings and the sample sachets have 1 serving. The process to make the tea is written on their pack. The loose tea leaves come in zipper bags to keep the tea fresh for a long time. I did not change the packaging as the zipper bags take less space and make it easier to travel with it anywhere.

The teas came in 100% post-consumer-waste corrugated packaging. The packaging has nice doodles in it. As I open the package, I see steeper and the tea packets.

Gunpowder Green tea has a bold and smoky flavor. I took 1 tablespoon of the leaves and immersed them for 2 to 3 minutes. For me, it was too bold compared to other green teas I had before. Next time, I will immerse the tea for 1 to 1.30 minutes, to keep the tea light. The tea leaves are collected from China and are medium caffeinated.


Rise and Chai has a very unique taste and flavor. Because of the name, I thought it would be strong tea like black tea. Moreover, the tea contains a high amount of caffeine. But it has a very light flavor that requires no sugar or cream in it. The key ingredients of the tea are pu'erh tea, black tea, turmeric, cinnamon, and fennel that are blended to give a sweet and refreshing taste.


I always love a cup of caffeine-free tea before bed. It helps me to relax and the Red Rocks tea has calming elements. rooibos, birch bark, and vanilla flavoring are used to prepare this 100% caffeine-free blend. This tea takes about 5 to 6 minutes to deep red flavorful liquor. This tea can be drunk as hot or cold but I prefer to drink it at a lukewarm temperature.


The 2 sample sachets that came with the leaves are Wild Harvest Pu'erh. It is an aged pu'erh green tea with medium caffeine. The tea is a light flavor and comes in a biodegradable tea bag. The tea bag is in a pyramid shape that easily extracts the juice from the tea leaves.


The steeper I received with the package is foldable. It comes in a deep red color. The thing I love about the steeper is that I can expand and fold easily. As a result, I can carry the steeper to drink tea made from loose leaves.  It is made of silicone and free of BPA. I usually handwash the steeper but if you want you can wash it in the dishwasher.



The Tea spot sells loose tea leaves in their subscription plans. The monthly tea subscription box costs $14.95 which consists of 3 types of loose tea,1 free sample sachet of another kind of tea, and a steeper. If you want tea bags instead of loose tea leaves, you can choose the Functional Botanical Sachet Set. This set includes 5 organic teas which cost $29.71 for the monthly subscription. This set costs $34.95 for a one-time purchase.

The price of the quarterly subscription plan varies depending on the category of the tea. A Quarter box for black tea and herbal tea costs $38.95 each. Green Tea and Organic Tea charge $44.95for quarterly subscription plans. 

Loose tea leaves and tea sachets are available on The Tea spot online store. The price of loose leaves starts from $3.00 depending on the variety of the tea and the amount you want to purchase. The teabags start their price from $3.50 and the price increases as the number of teabags increases.

Shipping info

The Tea spot believes that everyone needs to get the taste of fresh tea, that's why they offer international shipping. The shipping is free if the order is over $60 to all the states of the USA. Otherwise, $3.99 is charged to deliver to the USA customers. 

The shipping prices for international orders include local duties and taxes are determined depending on the country. The delivery can take 10 days to 3 weeks depending on the location. 

Frequency of Subscription

The Tea spot offers monthly plans and quarterly plans for loose leaves. The subscription plan for sachets allows you to save 15%. Functional Botanical Sachet Set can be subscribed as a monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly plan. 

Tea collections of The Tea Spot

The CEO of The Tea Spot is a cancer survivor who has a profound love for tea. She considers tea as a therapeutic tea and wants to promote the goodness of tea among the people. The Tea Spot contributes 10% of its profit for the welfare of cancer survivors and wellness programs. 

Loose tea leaves and tea bags are available for customers to buy online. Previously, tea was available in stores and not many varieties were. Due to online stores like The Tea spot people like me can enjoy the taste of fresh tea. I prefer loose tea leaves to tea bags.

Loose tea leaves are flavorful as the essential oils remain intact. For tea bags, the leaves are crushed which loses the actual flavor of the tea. The premium tea leaves are collected from the tea estates to get the best flavors of tea. The teas are categorized into characters, functions, and caffeine levels. As you set the features, you will get your desired tea.

Blend and unblended teas are available in their store. I was very pleased by their diversification of tea. They have Spiced tea, Chocolate tea, Earl Grey tea, Tropical tea, unflavored tea, and many more. You can select the tea according to your desired function like tea for sore throat, insomnia, fitness, etc.

Tea collections of The Tea Spot

Those who do not like the hassle of loose tea can opt for tea bags. Some of the loose tea leaves are packed in tea bags so that people can easily enjoy them. Moreover, the tea bags are biodegradable. As a result, they do not cause harm to nature.

They also have sample packages for both loose tea and tea sachets. The loose tea sample packages are the Black Tea sampler, Chai Tea sampler, Green Tea sampler, Herbal Tea sampler, Signature Tea sampler, and Loose Tea starter set. All the tea samplers contain 6 mini tins of loose tea leaves. All of the packs weigh from 4.0 oz to 5.85 oz. All the sets are packed in a beautiful way that you can send them as a gift. These samples give you an idea about the tea as teas vary in their process and area of cultivation.

Pyramid Sachet Sampler is the tea bag sampler set. 5 sachets are given on the pack where each being of a different flavor. This pack can be given as a gift.

Tea collections of The Tea Spot1

Other than the subscription boxes, you can subscribe to a single type of tea and save 15%. For August, they are giving 25% off on award-winning teas by using the code  "CHAMPIONS".

Besides, they also sell accessories to make and store tea. steeping mug, various designs of tea tumbler, teapot, tea basket, etc are available. All the products are made of food-grade ingredients.

Tea collections of The Tea Spot2

Returns and Refunds

The Tea spot does not allow a return on tea. They advise you to buy a sample of the tea if you are not sure about the flavor of the tea. In case of a wrong or damaged product, they will send a replacement if you let them know within 30 days of delivery. Moreover, you will get a full refund on unused steeper. But the shipping charges will not be refunded. You can find more information about refunds here at


What is the email address to contact them?

For any info or query, you can contact them at

Can I customize my blend for tea?

No, all the tea for sale is pre-made.

Can I send the subscription box as a gift?

Yes, you can send gift boxes or gift cards to your loved ones. 

Do they sell tea leaves in large bulk?

Yes, you need to sign up as a wholesale customer to avail yourself of the process.

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