Horror Pack Subscription Box – Thrill Up Your Movie Nights With Monthly Horror Movies

It surprises me quite often when I think of the variety of subscription boxes the market brings us. I mean the market has an option for everything and everyone. You can keep subscriptions coming for the ones that you really need. Having said that, in this article, I have brought to you a very special and unique subscription that will level up your movie nights - HorrorPack, a subscription that brings the most exciting and thrilling movies to your doorstep every month. 

Like most of the subscription offers out there, this too is a value pack that will ensure your 100% entertainment but will not hurt your pocket. The box comes with 4 Blu-ray or DVDs, whichever plan you choose to go for. 

Horror Pack Subscription Box Review

Highlighted Features 

  • Subscription starts at $27.74/month for Blu-ray Disc and $22.74/month for DVD at the lowest
  • They ship internationally 
  • Offers free U.S. shipping 
  • Their order closes within the 15th of every month
  • They ship monthly within the 20th of every month

Inside the Horror Pack Subscription Box

The HorrorPack teams give the luxury to choose from their two subscription plans- DVD video and Blu-ray discs. Being a subscriber, you will receive at least one special or limited edition movie in your monthly boxes and if you subscribe to both of the plans you will receive 8 movies altogether!

Thrill Up Your Movie Nights With The Horror Pack Subscription

Each subscription plan individually has different offers to ensure your convenience as well! The plans look something like as shown below: 

DVD Video HorrorPack

DVD Video HorrorPack

They offer 4 payment methods from which you can choose your desired one. You can either go for their 1-month plan (at $24.99/month), 3 months most popular plan (at $24.24/month), 6 months good value plan (at $23.49), or a yearly best value one (at $22.74/month). 

Blu-ray Discs

Blu-ray Discs

This option also allows the same payment plans except the prices are a bit higher (Blu-ray discs guys, come on!). 

The monthly plan will cost you $29.99, the most popular will cost you a fee of $29.24/month and the good value will cost you $28.49/month. For the best value, you can go for their 12-month pack which is offered at $27.74/month. 

Each has its own upsides and bonuses and most importantly, it is for you to note that, if you go for plans which cover longer months, you will be able to save more on your monthly payments.


What’s Makes the Horror Pack Subscription Box Special?

This particular subscription has become incredibly popular among movie fanatics especially the horror freaks in the past few years. Apart from being a different genre of subscription box, it is the first one that offers not only DVDs but Blu-ray discs as well which elevates its quality by a great margin.  

Since it seemed like a very cool subscription, here in this article, I will be sharing my first impression regarding receiving the box and walk you through the whole experience since I am sure I am not the only curious one here. 

Let's Unbox and See Inside!


This is what the box looked like as soon as I opened it. The movies were covered with white shipping packaging which came in a brownish box. Nothing fancy, just like a typical subscription box should be.


These are the 4 horror movies that came in my subscription box. At first glance, to be very honest, I was impressed by the quality of the disc covers and the graphics. If I am told to judge the book by its cover, I would rate the cover a 4.5 out of 5. 

Gwen (2018)


The Review

The movie belongs to a thriller-horror combined genre. The cast goes back to the 19th century Snowdonia where a girl named Gwen tries to focus on her survival amidst many difficulties. She has a hard time dealing with a very mysterious illness that her mother has, without his father being around and a heartless mining company taking over their land. Together with the gothic essence of the movie and darkness overshadowing her life, the movie portrays how Gwen fights back with the dubious community turning on her family and herself. 

Child’s Play (1988)


The Review

This is a modern classic horror movie. Horror movies have established the notion that dolls are somehow sinister and this movie too casts a doll named Charles Lee Ray, or in short, “Chucky”. The doll is gifted to a 6-year old called Andy on his birthday but he soon finds out that Chucky is possessed by the mind and soul of a mass murderer named LakeShore Strangler who studied voodoo from a black magician. Chucky, being the embodiment of the notorious murderer, starts terrorizing Andy, his mom, and his babysitter and when he is not satisfied with the damage, he starts to transfer his evil spirit from the doll to… Andy! 

Spare Parts (2020)


The Review

This too is more on the thriller and gory end than on the typical “horror” end. The movie starts off with a bar scene where Ms. 45, an all-girl punk band while traveling on their first-ever American tour gets drugged and kidnapped by an interested “fan” who gets impressed seeing the band perform on stage. Not just that they are customized as well, as in, when they wake up they find their arms to be replaced with dangerous tools like axes and chainsaws. 

This is done to them to prepare them to fight in gladiator-style in a junkyard arena for a sadistic town. In exchange for these fights, they will receive a prize which will be their freedom. 

The Poltergeist Diaries (2018)


The Review

This is a hardcore horror movie. The movie portrays the collision of supernatural and paranormal activities. It is a series of 10 episodes that covers a span of 250 minutes altogether which is almost equal to 4 hours. The movie features a character named Jacob Taylor who mysteriously disappears after just moving into an isolated cabin. His family, friends, and detective investigate the footage that were left behind by him to explain the bizarre events that were taking place around him. 


Q. Can I choose my own movies?

Unfortunately, no. The subscription does not let you choose your own movies or customize your boxes yet. However, due to their presence on social media, it is very easy to communicate with them. For example, you can join their official Facebook group where you can discuss your interests and they will consider them. 

Q. Am I going to receive fresh sets of movies?

They offer and send only brand new movies so you can be absolutely tension-free. I also can vouch for this as I was pretty impressed by my copies. 

Q. How much is the shipping fee?

The HorrorPack charges no shipping fee for the United States orders. However, for international shipping, the shipping fee will vary according to your destination. Also, for international orders, you should be careful whether your country is compatible with the Region 1 DVD or Region A Blu-ray. 


If I am to give a verdict, I would definitely say this is worth it and everyone should get one and decide for themselves. Because why not? You are only having to pay $29.99 for 4 Blu-ray movies whereas if you were to buy them separately, the cost would be much higher. Apart from its value, this would be a great way to enrich your movie collection. 

Moreover, like any other subscription box, this too can make an amazing gift box for those who thoroughly enjoy horror movies. However, if you do not have a horror movie fanatic in your life or you occasionally enjoy this genre, this one might not be a good option. 

But since I do, overall, I would rate this a 5 out of 5 without any doubt!

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