The Dollar Tea Club Review : Share and spill the tea with your friends with their aromatic teas

What kind of refreshing drink do you prefer while working? Coffee and tea are widely consumed by people when they need to focus on important work. I like less caffeinated tea as it soothes my taste bud. The Tea Club has a diverse collection of tea for every mood and by subscribing to their monthly plan, you can enjoy their tea accordingly.

The Tea Club

In my package, I have received 4 packets of tea and a honeystix. I have subscribed to the one cup per day plan of The Sommelier. As I was filling in my billing details, my account was automatically created without any additional signup.

The Tea Club1

The Dollar Tea Club Review

Inside the Box

The tea I received in my package are

  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Maple Dream
  • Lavender Fields
  • Japanese Genmaicha
  • One honeystix


As I opened my package, I was so overwhelmed with the tea flavors that I could not decide which one to try first. All of them came in polyethylene food grade packets. Each packet contained 8 grams of loose leaves. 

I decided to try Fruit Smoothie as it is fruity tea. This tea is made by combining apple pieces, hibiscus petals, rosehip, orange, banana, cherry, strawberry bits, and natural flavors. The tea had a flowery taste and a light aroma.


The second tea packet was the Maple Dream. It is a black tea made with a mixture of green tea, black tea, cornflower, and mallow petals. The liquor had earthy and bold flavors that were enough to wake me up in the morning.


The other two teas are green tea. Lavender Fields is a packet of green tea and lavender petals. It has a bittersweet taste and a very light aroma. I was not a fan of this tea like the other ones.


Lastly, Japanese  Genmaicha is green tea made from green tea and roasted and popped rice. It tasted like a grassy flavored green tea but the liquor of the tea was yellowish.


The Honeystix added a sweet flavor when added to the tea. I used my honeystix on my green tea to make them more flavorful.


All the tea took 2 to 3 minutes to extract the liquor. The brewing instructions are given on the packets of the teas. Another important fact is that all the tea might contain traces of almonds and nuts. As I am not allergic to nuts, I enjoyed the tea but if you are allergic, it is better to avoid drinking it.  

Shipping info

You can enjoy the soothing tea from The Tea Club in the USA and Canada. They charge a flat rate of $3.99 for shipping. 


The price of the subscription plan varies depending on how many cups of tea you drink every day? If you are new to this brand, the tea club has a package named The Explorer which costs $3 per month. 

They have designed their subscription packages into two categories. One is The Sensei and the other one is The Sommelier. 

In The Sensei, a 50 gram pouch, a monthly sample(The Explorer), and other accessories are given. $14.70 needs to be paid each month by those who drink one cup per day. Two cups of tea drinkers have to pay $8 per month.


Depending on the frequency of drinking tea, The Sommelier has also given 3 options. A package of $11 for those who drink 2 cups of tea in a week. The $19 per month package is made for drinkers like me who drink one cup per day. The heavy drinker can opt for the package that costs $27 per month.


When you have subscribed to one of their plans, you will receive a mystery tea and The Explorer pack. A total of 4 packets are sent for each but the quantity will be less or more depending on the amount you drink. 

Frequency of Subscription

The tea lovers drink tea every day. For some tea is a substitute for water. So, the Tea Club has planned to deliver various flavored teas every month. They only provide month-to-month subscriptions. 

The price is adjusted on the quantity you want every month. I love their subscription plan as I get to savor the deliciousness of a wide variety of teas. 

Tea from The Tea Club 

The Tea Club was launched with a dream to provide exotic tea blends to tea lovers starting with a price of $1. They have 25 years experience of sourcing and processing fresh tea leaves. They deal in Direct trade so that the workers and farmers can get their rightful earning. 

If you have subscribed to their monthly plan, a mystery tea pouch, and The Explorer package. The Explorer contains three pouches of different teas. Each month they select three different teas and mention them on their websites. It is very unlikely to get the same flavor of the tea.

As I was researching their tea, I was shocked to see their collection on the website. They offer black, fruit, green, herbal, oolong, rooibos, and white tea. They have more than 10 types of fruit tea, herbal tea, and many more.
Tea from The Tea Club

You can filter as a caffeine-free, organic, iced option as well. They also have an option as kid tea which includes 11 types of tea.

Tea from The Tea Club1

Furthermore, they have accessories like infusers of several shapes. On your first subscription order, you will get an infuser whichever plan you choose. Also, they provide honeystix with every delivery.

Tea from The Tea Club2

You can gift a tea subscription plan to your loved ones with The Tea Club. The duration of gift subscription plans is for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The gift subscription plan starts from $53.00. The price increases when the duration of the plan is increased.


Returns and Refunds

You can return tea packages to them if you think they did not send the right teas. Unopened tea will be accepted and the tea needs to be returned within 30 days from delivery. 

Moreover, they will give a refund only if there was a legit issue with the tea. The tea that was mishandled, abused, or opened will not get a refund. If you want a refund, you need to contact them by mail at within 30 days of your delivery. 

For returns and refunds, the shipping cost will be paid by the customers. You can find more information here


How can I make changes in my first order?

You cannot make any changes to your first order. 

How many grams of tea leaves will I receive every month?

They have 50 gram packets and 8 grams packets. The amount will be given based on how much tea you drink regularly. 

Is it possible to buy tea without subscribing to a plan?

Yes, they sell loose leaves individually where you choose your favorite tea.  

Can I skip a month in my subscription plan?

Yes, you can by logging into your account or contacting them at

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You need to cancel your subscription before the renewal date which you will find once you log in to your account.  

Do they have caffeine-free tea?

Yes, they sell caffeine-free tea.

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