LookFantastic Glow Edit Limited Edition Box Review

Some days ago, I received a limited edition beauty subscription box from LookFantastic. I have been using the products that came in the box and now I’m about to drop a review for you guys. Before that, here is a small description of LookFantastic.

Filled with the goodness of 6 unique beauty products, the LookFantansic beauty box can be labeled as a luxurious box subscription service that is delivered to your doorsteps every month with a retail value of over $60. Their wide range of collections includes amazing products of cosmetics, skincare, body products, and other essential beauty products that help enhance your beauty journey. 

These monthly themed boxes can be accessed from anywhere in the world, thanks to their worldwide shipping. The boxes are offered to you in four different subscription plans so that you can choose whichever fits you the best and even upgrade it later if you have a change in opinion.

Review of the LookFantastic Subscription Box - Glow Edit Limited Edition

Subscription Plans

  • Monthly subscription of $19.00/box

  • Quarterly (3 months) subscription of $18.00/box 

  • Semi-annual (6 months) subscription of $17.00/box 

  •  Yearly (12 months) subscription of $16.00/box

Now that you are familiar with the brand, let’s look into what I have received in the LookFantastic Glow Edit Limited Edition beauty box.

I loved the packaging. As always, LookFantastic has done a wonderful job to make the box presentable. It was a beautiful-looking signature pink box from LookFantastic with #TeamFantastic branding on it.

These LookFantastic boxes always give me chills while opening them. The boxes are high quality and solid that you can easily use afterward, just like I do after unboxing the products.


After opening up the box, I was expecting to see a booklet as all the previous LookFantastic boxes I received had one. However, this time they chose to not include it.

I was met with their nice paper wrap when I unboxed it. Removing the flap exposing the products to me. Matching with their pink theme, they stuffed the box with pink paper shreds as cushions for the products, which was nice.


So, I took out all the products from the box and I was intrigued by how much effort they put into making these boxes. There was also a small quote-like sentence underneath the product that says, “All the best heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things”. It was really sweet and inspiring.


I was very excited to see the items that they have included. All of the items were in good shape. I was familiar with the brands they have opted to include in this limited edition box. So, I was looking forward to trying them out.

So, here is what I received all together in a single picture. After that, I will go product by product and give you an overview of each one.


1. Babor Perfect Glow Ampoule ($39.95 Retail)

I have used products from Babor previously and I have to say I am a fan. These ampoules (perfect glow) from Babor have a pearlescent sheen that I like. This sheen comes from the glow pigments of Babor’s formula.

This formula also includes peptides, cacao extract, and sugar beet extract. In its packaging, there are 7 ampoules in total. It perfectly hydrates my skin and gives a nice radiance that I dig.


How to Use: Carefully snap the top of the ampoules so that you don’t get glass shards all over the place. Then apply the required amount to your face and massage until it blends.

2. Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish - Latte ($3.89 Est. Retail)

This is a medium shade (the brand calls it ‘Latte’) finishing moisturizer that can be applied on the face as well as the body. It doesn’t suit my skin color but overall works well. It blurs the imperfections and gives an HD finish.

It has aloe vera in it which I love. It gives my skin adequate hydration and makes my skin glow. You can mix it with your regular moisturizer and give yourself an awesome, glowy look.


How to Use: Take a generous portion and apply it to a body part that you want to make glow. I used it on my cheekbones and collarbones. I just highlighted the desired area and it worked great for me.

3. Lumene Nordic-C Fresh Glow Brightening Gel Mask ($2.49 Est. Retail)

I love Lumene. They provide amazing products at a sweet price point. I was delighted to see this inclusion. It is a face mask enriched with Vitamin C extracted from Nordic Cloudberry, thus the name is Nordic-C.

Apart from that, this formula also includes marigold, castor seed oil, and vinegar. It has a gel texture that feels relaxing to the skin. This mask is very easy to apply as well as rinse away. It doesn’t leave any residue.


How to Use: I like my gel face masks to be a bit chilly. So, I stuck it into the fridge for a few minutes and applied it just like regular face masks. After 10 minutes, I rinsed it away using warm water.

4. Merci Handy Natural Deodorant - Namaste ($12.00 Retail)

Loved this product. It has a really sweet smell and it’s natural. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, rather uses glycerin as its base. This rolls onto the skin very smoothly and I didn’t notice it leaving any residue.

I am really glad they added this in the mix. This may be my favorite product out of the bunch, solely because of my love for natural deodorants. From the day I got this package, I am continuously using it and probably will stick to it.


How to Use: I use it after taking shower in the morning. Three or four strokes of the deodorant starting from the center of my armpits and then around the area gets the job done for me.

5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel It Takes Two - Sugar Fix ($11.99 Retail)

This is one interesting concept. I liked the idea of having two polishes in a single stick. One side of the stick is a pretty blue-colored nail polish and the other side is a shiny topcoat. How cool is that!

Branded as Sugar Fix, the formula was consistent in my use. However, a two-sided brush with a bottle on each side gave the brush some significant weight. Although it didn’t bother me at all, you should know it.


How to Use: Use the nail polish first, then let it set. After that, apply the topcoat over it to get a shiny look. I used it after getting a pedicure and it looked great.

6. REN Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow AHA Tonic ($7.60 Est. Retail)

Ren is a good brand and I like their products. They have great skincare products in their portfolio and this exfoliating toner isn’t any different. I never tried it before. So, I was intrigued to see this in the box.

It has lactic acid, citrus extract, and willow bark extract in it which refreshes the skin. It is a completely vegan formula. I didn’t use it regularly, but wherever I used it, this tonic gave me the perfect glow I wanted.

How to Use: First thing, avoid the eye areas. Take a cotton pad and drip some of the tonics into it. Then wipe it onto the clean skin of your face and neck. I used it twice or thrice a week. But you can use it regularly if you want.

Was the Beauty Box Worth It?

I know this question is going through your head. Yes, it was worth it. First, the product quality and choices were brilliant. Secondly, the combined retail price of the items sits in the range of $80.

This beauty box is an absolute bargain at $19. Even the first item I talked about here, Babor Perfect Glow Ampoule, costs twice as much as the entire box in retail shops. Doesn’t that scream value for money to you?

Apart from that, I got to try out different skincare brands that I didn’t know about earlier. That is an added benefit of this beauty box to a make-up enthusiast like me. So, I recommend this beauty box.

Do I Recommend this Subscription Plan?

Yes, I do. Getting a beauty box that is worth at least $60 in the retail shops at a price as low as $19 is a superb deal. The quality of the products they include in the subscription boxes is top-notch and unique as well.

So, it is like a win-win situation both in terms of value and quality. Moreover, you can gift the boxes to your loved ones as well if you want to. Overall, this subscription plan is a wonderful deal.

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