Hairbox Subscription Box Review : Get the Best Haircare Customized Products for the Damaged Hair

Have you ever used a male shampoo and found that it works better than the ones you are using? I have seen hair subscription boxes separating female and male products. But Hairbox does not customize the box based on gender. While filling my hair profile, they asked for very detailed information about the condition of my hair.

Unboxing the Hairbox Subscription


I received the products in good condition. A thank you card was given with the products and the ingredients used in the products were mentioned. I chose a one-time subscription as I was sure about the products. But after using it for more than 2 weeks, I am going to renew the subscription plan.


Hairbox collects hair care products of various brands. They send the items based on the quiz taken before subscribing to their plan. As they offer various brands, you might not always get the same products. Depending on your review they change the products occasionally.

hb hairbox

The ‘Get started’ option will take you to the quiz section where you will need to tick the boxes that describe the current condition of your hair. After receiving the products, make sure to give an unbiased review so that they can send the right hair care products to you in their next delivery.


What's inside the package?

  • A professional Sebastian Penetraitt shampoo
  • A professional Sebastian Penetraitt conditioner
  • A bed hair manipulator from TIGI.

First of all, the shampoo that was sent to me was 250ml. The goal of this shampoo is to give shiny, strong, and stress-free hair. The shampoo is formulated with various ingredients that build an active rescue system around my hair. The shampoo penetrates through my hair easily and repairs the hair from chemical or heat damage. My hair does not stay dry after using the shampoo. I feel my hair is moisturized and breakage is reduced while brushing my hair. 

The penetraitt conditioner comes in a 250ml white tube. The conditioner moisturizes and strengthens my hair without giving it an oily texture. It helps to detangle my hair and reduces hair loss or breakage while brushing. After using it a few times, I feel my hair deeply moisturizes and shines even after using settings sprays. For those who have colored hair, this conditioner is good for them to use as well. 

Static bed hair is hard to tame and for this, the bed hair manipulator from TIGI is a great product. It has a paste texture and holds hair for a longer period. A small amount of the paste is required to set my hair and gives a neutral finishing look. One tip from me is to use the hair manipulator in wet hair to get the best results or you have to waste your time in setting your hair.  

Shipping info

Hairbox ships its products in the USA without any shipping charges. They will also ship their products if you live outside the USA but the shipping charges will be added. 


The price of each box subscription starts ranges between $36.99 to $ 39.99. The price can vary as they send products of different brands randomly. If you like the current products you need to notify them by emailing at

Frequency of Subscription

Depending on your use of hair products, you can subscribe to their subscription plan. They offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly subscription plans. 

As you choose the subscription plan, the payment plan also needs to be chosen. For a monthly subscription box, $6 is saved on choosing 3 months prepay and $18 is saved for 6 months prepay. A bi-monthly subscription box allows you to save $2 for 4 months prepay and $6 for 6 months prepay. Lastly, $2 and $18 are saved for 2 and 4 quarter prepay respectively for a quarterly subscription. 

Hairbox and its products

Hairbox specializes in providing the best hair care products from different brands. Usually, it is seen that most of the subscription boxes are designed with products of the same brand. In Hairbox, not only you will get to experience different brands every time but also you can choose to get the same brand in your upcoming deliveries.

Hairbox is flexible in adding various brands so that all types of hair can find their perfect products. The brands that are currently found in Hairbox are AG|hair, aquage, Alterna, American Crew, Ardell, Bosley, Bain de Terre, Bed Head, Biolage, Bio Silk, Chi, CND, Cricket, Circle of Friends, DevaCurl, Fairy Tales, Farouk, Framesi, Goldwell, Hempz, it’s a 10, Joico, Kenra, KMS, Malibu, Matrix, Morgan Taylor, Nail Tex, Nioxin, Osis, OPI, Obliphica, Paul Mitchell, Pravana, Redkin, Rusk, Schwarzkopf, Scruples, Sebastian, Seche Vite, Sexy Hair, Starpro, TIGI, Venique, Wella.

By setting up the profile, the professional of Hairbox chooses the best products that will give the best result. On the basis of the profile, the future products are sent from various brands. 

I found the hair profile of the Hairbox very detailed compared to other subscription box sites. They not only ask about the current situation of hair and goals I want after using their products but also what ingredients I want or do not want in the products can be mentioned.

hair profile

However, there is no certainty that you will like the fragrances of the products. For me, it is one of the downsides of Hairbox that I cannot mention my preferences on the fragrance of the products.  

Returns and Refunds

There is no guarantee that you will get refunds after returning their products. They don't actually allow returns, they will swap your products if you don't like them. For any problems regarding your products, you need to contact them through email at


Can I get the same products every month?

Yes, you can get the same products every month but you need to contact them via email at

How long does it take to get the products?

The boxes are shipped on the 3rd week of every month. Depending on your location, the arrival time of the boxes will vary. 

Can I order a subscription box as a present for others?

Yes, you can order one time or subscription box as a present by filling the questionnaires about that individual. 

Is there any charge if I get additional boxes along with my subscription box?

Yes, for other products except for the subscription box, $2 is added for each item.

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