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What is the first thing you do as soon as you get a copy of a new novel? I always try to find the smell of a new book. Due to the advancement of technology, people read books in tabs, cell phones, etc. Even people buy kindles to read books but I love to read from a real book. I usually order books online but the Bookcase club gained my attention with their unique subscription plan.


As I was going through their website, I saw they have books of different genres, and the books are sent randomly. I am always scared to read books of new writers, as they will make the packages with new writers as well, I won't be missing any masterpiece from new writers. 

In addition, Bookcase Clubs offers subscription plans for children as well. As you go to the website, they want information about you which will later help them to choose the correct books for you.


Unboxing Bookcase Club

What's inside my mystery box?

  • Run Away by Harlan Coben.
  • Freefall by Jessica Barry.
  • A cute bookmark.

What cover do you prefer in your books? I love the hardcover books because they are easy to get out from the shelves and the illustrations on the cover look more realistic. Both the books I received in my parcel are hardcovers. Bookcase Club sends softcover books as well from time to time. The thing is that you cannot mention them if you want hardcover or softcover books. Also, they do not charge extra for giving the hardcover books. I find it cheap to get the books at £12.99 per month. 

Run Away by Harlan Coven is a mystery fiction book. It is a story about a drug-addicted girl who ran away and doesn't want to be found by her family.


Freefall by Jessica Barry is also a thriller and psychological fiction. The covers of the books are in good condition. Sometimes, the covers get damaged during shipment but they packed them so well that the books stayed in good condition. I also got the smell of new books from them. The pages inside the books are thick and the contents are well printed.


I loved the bookmark that came with it. I usually forget where I left my reading and I tend to lose my bookmarks often. This bookmark will help me locate my reading without re-reading the same thing.


The subscription plan of the Bookcase club starts from $12.99. The price varies depending on your subscription plan. For all genres, the cost ranges are similar. Bimonthly costs $14.99, 3 months prepay costs $36, 6 months prepay costs $66 and yearly subscription costs $120. In addition, they are currently giving a 15% discount on the first subscription. You need to use the code NEW15 to avail of the discount.

Shipping info

The books are shipped to the cities in the USA. They charge $5 for shipping every time. 

Frequency of Subscription

During this pandemic, it is hard to go to the stores and read the prologue of the book before buying. They designed the subscription plan as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly. For the bookworms, they have an option of bimonthly where they will send books 2 times a month. 

According to the chosen subscription plan, you will be charged until you cancel the subscription. They also have an option of “Give a gift” which is not renewable. Make sure to check thoroughly before subscribing to thor plans.

bookcase club

Bookcase Club and their diversified book collection

Bookcase club is formed with the goal to deliver new books of your chosen genres at your doorstep. It is a place to unite the book nerds and satisfy their thirst for reading. You can choose a subscription plan for you, for your child, or send a surprise package to your bookworm friend. The gift plan is not renewable. 

Adults collection

For adults, the books are divided into 5 genres. They are Teenage dreams, Booking for love, Surprise-me fiction, Strange worlds, and Thrill-seeker. In Teenage dreams, you will get two copies of young adult novels, Booking for love focuses on two popular novels.

For stand-alone fiction, you have to choose Surprise-me fiction. If you are a fan of Science fiction, the Strange world option will take you to the fantasy world. Lastly, Thrill-seeker serves mystery or thriller novels. 

Kids collection

The books for the children are handpicked that will keep them engaged. The books for the kids are sorted according to age group and gender.

The age group starts from 2 and goes up to 8 years old. For each age group, they have books for both girls and boys like ' Boys age new born-2 years old', 'Girls age 5-6 years old' etc. Each category contains three-picture or activity books that will be suited for their age group. They have a unique category for the Preteens.

kids collection

Now you can surprise your nieces, nephews, or your child with news books every month without going to the store. Moreover, subscribing to more than one plan is possible. Suppose you and your sister love to read books but you two prefer different genres. In this case, you both don't have to subscribe separately to get the delivery at the same address.

For ordering your subscription box, go to their website, click on “get started" It will take you to the theme page and after that choose the frequency of your subscription plan. The checkout option will take you to the billing process to add your personal details and the address of the shipment. The tax and shipping charges will be added after adding the shipping details.

shopping cart

Returns and Refunds

Bookcase Club does not offer a refund of refunds. If you got a book that does match your taste, you can change the genre by logging in to your account but they will not replace any shipped books. 


Can I ask for only hardcover books?

No, they send the books according to your chosen genres. So the title remains a surprise as well as the cover of the books. They send both hardcover and softcover from month to month.

How do I contact them if I have a query multi-month subscription plan?

You can email them at

When will I receive my package?

The package is sent within 7 days of your order. However, if you subscribed after the 23rd of a month, then skip the month and the parcel is sent on the next month.

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