BlendBee Monthly Tea Club Review : Refresh Yourself with Their Perfect Blend

Are you a tea lover like me? If you are, you need to subscribe to the Blendbee tea subscription. They offer a wide variety of tea that will be loved by tea enthusiasts. As they have a huge collection of tea, they can satisfy the request of a wide number of people. If you don't like the pre-made tea flavors, you can request them to make a custom blend with the ingredients present on their website.


I ordered the monthly subscription because I want to explore the variety of teas. You can customize the plans as you like by logging into your account. Moreover, if you want a certain type of tea in your future subscription boxes, you can edit them in your account as well. 

For subscribing to their monthly tea plan, you need to choose the caffeine level and frequency of your delivery. I opted for caffeinated tea as my body needs to wake up for a long day.

Inside the BlendBee Monthly Tea Club Package

What did I receive in my first package?

  • 2 ounces of Holy Chai.
  • 2 ounces of Crimson Kiss.
  • 2 reusable cotton tea bags.

My parcel was nicely wrapped with brown paper and sealed with a sticker from Blendbee tea. The name of the teas inside the parcel was mentioned on the sticker. As I open the package, I see a pretty thank you note along with the products. Each of the tea comes in a zip lock bag that keeps the tea fresh. 

I prefer to use the zip lock bag for storing tea as it helps to keep the air out of the bag. The tea is visible through a certain transparent portion of the bag. On the body of each, the name and flavor of the tea are mentioned which helped to get the best out of the tea.


The ‘Holy Chai’ has a soothing flavor and tastes sweet. It is also rich in herbal nutrients. On the other hand, ‘Crimson Kiss’ has a bold flavor and is best for cold brew. Both the teas are caffeinated and weigh 2 ounces. Each packet can serve 20 to 30 cups easily. 

The tea bags are reusable and easy to use. As I have a tea maker so I didn't use the given cotton teabags. The steps of using the tea bags are given with it. As it is 100% cotton, you can easily wash it. However, I am not sure if the stains will go away or not.

Shipping info

Blendbee ships its products to Canada, the USA, and US territories. The shipping charge is excluded if the order is more than $49 for only the USA areas. Shipping charges will be added for Canadian orders. They ship orders with USPS. $10 is charged for each ounce of tea by FedEx and UPS. 


The monthly tea subscription costs $25 for two different flavors of tea. They also offer tea of various flavors starting from $4.95. You can add other kinds of tea to your monthly subscription at any time. 

Blendbee Tea also allows you to make custom blends, where the price starts from $10. It allows you to select any 10 ingredients to make the custom blend. Moreover, you can send a gift certificate starting at a price of $10. You can customize it with other teas along with the teas. 

Frequency of Subscription

Depending on the usage of tea, you can place the frequency of subscription tea. Blendbee tea will send the box every month, every two months, or every three months. 

Teas from Blendbee

Blendbee tea was formed with the goal to serve a good cup of tea every day. The company is owned by a woman who believes that a perfectly blended cup of tea can work as a healer, comforter, fighter, lover, fat burner, etc. They have pre-made tea leaves and custom tea blend leaves. Their website is easy to maneuver to choose the option you want for your tea. 

Premade blend

The pre-made tea blends are categorized into 6 options which are caffeine-free, black tea, green tea, yerba tea, matcha tea, and turmeric tea. As you select the caffeine-free collection you will be bursted with more than 30 options of tea. At present, caffeine-free is widely asked by customers and even pregnant women or people with high blood pressure choose to drink less caffeinated drinks. 

There are 21 types of green tea with different bursting flavors. From organic to citrus or floral flavored black tea is available in their shops. Green tea, which is mostly a drink to lose weight, comes with flavors that make the boring drink interesting. Yerba tea, which is not usually available in various flavors, is sold by Blendbee. 

Matcha tea is available in 3 blends, one is organic matcha powder which can be used to make matcha flavored desserts or dishes. The other 2 have a mix of other ingredients. Turmeric tea is known as a herbal tea and is widely used to increase immunity. 6 blends of turmeric tea are offered by them, each of which has a different flavor. However, all the premade blends might not be always available. They focus on providing tea made from organic ingredients. So sometimes, they discontinue making certain tea blends due to the absence of the ingredients. 

Custom blend

To make a custom blend you need to mention elements you want in your tea. At Most 10 elements can be selected from their list, so need to be careful as they have a long list of elements. 

First, you need to mention, if you want caffeinated or caffeine-free tea. Then you select the tea bases.Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Oolong Tea are bases offered by them. If you need a mood booster, choose black tea as a base. Earl Grey tea is great for boosting immunity and Oolong is a great herbal tea to increase the metabolism.

While choosing the options, you will see some of the options have an asterisk(*) signs, those are labeled as organic ingredients. You can add floral and/or fruity ingredients to your tea. Not only those, but earthy, minty, spicy, warm, and sweet ingredients are also available to make the perfect blend for you. Licorice root and Stevia leaf are the sweet elements used in the tea. Licorice root has light sweetness whereas Stevia leaf gives a very sweet taste in the tea. 

Natural flavor extracts can be added to the blend as well. They have so many options that it can be hard to make the blend. You can get help to make your customized blend by emailing them at

The blend you prepared will be stored in their database. So if you want to order it again, you can just give the name of the blend and they will prepare it for you.


Flavor profile

Tea is a healthier drink compared to other fizzy drinks. But it is boring to drink the same flavor of tea all the time. Not only that, with the change of seasons, we change the order for tea. In summer people go after cold tea and fruity tea whereas in winter hold teas are preferred. Blendbee offers 9 kinds of flavors like minty, fruity, warm, traditional, etc so that it can be easy for you to get the tea you like. You can set the set caffeine level as none, low, medium, or high.

Flavor profile

Tea accessories 

You can find cotton tea bags, tea infuser, tea scoop, tea straws, travel tea jar with the lid on their website. They ensure to give you the best tea experience by providing the top quality products for your tea. 

Returns and Refunds

If you do not like tea blends you can inform them at They will exchange or refund you if you notify them within 30 days of mailing the tea. Make sure to mention the order number and reason for the exchange of the tea. 


What is the email to contact Blendbee Tea?

You can contact them with queries at

How long will the tea stay fresh and flavorful?

The shell life of tea is 18 months. It will stay in good condition if stored in a dry and cold place. 

How many days does it take for shipping?

It takes 7 to 10 business days for shipping your favorite tea. 

Can I give the subscription as a gift?

Yes, you can give the subscription plan as a gift or send a package of your favorite tea to your loved ones.

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