Aura Personalized Hair Care Review : Get shiny and Healthy Hair with Their Customized Products

Are you tired of trying different products to reduce hair fall? Hair fall is a very common cause but dull hair does not give a good impression. In this age of good hair day and bad hair day, getting shiny, bouncy hair is essential to start the day optimistically. 

For my hair, I ordered a haircare box from Aura. They provide personalized hair care items according to my hair type. After creating an account I specify the current situation of my hair and what result I want by using their products. After completing the quiz, they recommended the products and sent them to me within a few days.

Unboxing the Aura Personalized Hair Care Subscription Box


In the below image, you can see the items are packed carefully so that they don't break while shipping. As I opened the package, there was a thank you note and a manual on how to use the products to get the best results.


What hair care products did I received?

  • 10 oz shampoo
  • 10 oz conditioner
  • 8 oz masque

How do you take care of your hair? As a busy person, I do not get time to massage oil in my scalp or use other homemade remedies for my hair. As a result, my hair gets dry and causes irritation in my scalp.  The shampoo on the package will repair the scalp.

The conditioner and the masque will repair as well as moisturize the scalp. I have chosen the medium botanical dream as the fragrance on all the products. The ingredients used in making my shampoo and conditioner are also mentioned so that I can get the full knowledge of the elements used in my hair care.

The transformative ingredients of my products are ‘Murumuru butter’ ‘Baobab seed oil’ and ‘Vegetable protein complex’. The murumuru butter will add shine to my hair with its nourishing and conditioning factor. The antioxidants on the baobab seeds nourish the hair and fight environmental stress. Moreover, the vegetable protein complex eases in detangling the hair and helps to brush without losing too much hair. 

I was very excited when I received the package and could not wait to use them on my hair. I took a little portion of shampoo in my palm and started to apply it slowly in my hair from root to hair. After applying it to my hair, I rinsed my hair to clean the shampoo.

Do it carefully so that your hair does not get tangled. After that, I massaged the conditioner from the midlength to the ends avoiding any contact with the roots. I kept the conditioner for 2 to 3 minutes.

To apply the masque, I dried my hair with a towel and applied masque. I waited for 8 to 10 minutes so that the masque can nourish my hair and provide a healthy look. After 10 minutes I washed my hair thoroughly. The directions to use the items are clearly mentioned in the manual and on the bottles.

Shipping info

Aura ships their products in 2 countries, USA and UK. 


The price and availability of the products vary depending on the country you are living in. The price of 10 oz shampoo,10 oz conditioner, and 8 oz masque is $28 individually. If you buy all the 3 items you get a 20% discount which is $67. A 10% discount is given on ordering any 2 items now but the discount might not be available in the future.


Frequency of subscription

Aura hair care has 4 options to select the subscription cycle. You can set the frequency for every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months. As I have long hair, I need to use a great number of hair products so I set the autoship ritual for every month. Subscribing for the autoship ritual allowed me to save 15% more. 

If you are trying their products for the first time, they have the option of “Buy once”. Moreover, they let you skip, change or cancel the shipping anytime. However, you need to notify or update your aura account 24 hours before they pack and ship your products. 

Aura and its personalized products

Aura focuses on providing diverse hair care products to people that will fulfill everyone's needs. Aura produces shampoo, conditioner, and mask with various formulations that can suit different hair types. They also provide color-enhancing and neutralizing pigments. 

Ingredients used in manufacturing the products are vegan and free of paraben, SLS, and SLES. Moreover, the products are cruelty-free which causes no harm to living beings and the environment. The boxes, bottles, and jars of the items are recyclable to reduce wastage. Other than the bottle caps, everything is designed considering sustainability. 

Options for hair types

To get the personalized hair care items from Aura, taking the quiz is necessary to narrow down the requirements. They have options for wavy, defined, or tight curly or straight hair and dry or oily scalp. They also keep in mind the diet plan and exercise you do throughout the week. After selecting those, you can select the goal you want after using their products.



I love the natural floral notes so I opted for Botanical dream fragrance. Lavender and crushed mints are used in making the fragrance. Other fragrances like Moonlit stroll( notes of green apple, blackberry, and sandalwood), Sparkling essence(notes of cool mint, lotus, and musk), Island Reverie(notes of mandarin orange, coconut, and tonka bean), Golden sunrise(notes of orange, clary sage, and smooth vanilla). 

If you don't like any of the fragrances you can go for the fragrance-free option. Also, you can change the fragrances for your next shipment at any time. They have the options of light, medium, and strong intensity of the fragrances. As I am not a fan of overwhelming fragrances I chose medium intensity.  

You can put names or any kind of title on the products. This option is great when you want to surprise your family or friends with some customized gifts. 

Other than the shampoo, conditioner, and masque they also provide neutralizing and color enhancing pigments.



You can add neutralizer with your personalized order in Aura hair care. It helps to give the desired texture to the hair and prevents from changing the color in other tones. Neutralizer for blonde, gray, white, brunette, and black hair is available in their stores. You just need to state the color of your hair to get the desired product. Those who color their hair, know that the color gets faded with every wash. Using neutralized conditioner and masque will retain the color after every wash. 

Color Enhancing Pigments

Aura also offers temporary color-enhancing pigments that give a new look without going to a parlor. The palates are divided into 2 shades, fantasy shade, and classic shade. Fantasy shades cover vibrant colors and 22 colors for you to choose from. On the other hand, classic shades give a subtle richness to your hair. It has 30 color options that will never go wrong with your hair. Soft, vibrant, and bold color intensity is possible with fantasy shades but not with classic shades.

Color Enhancing Pigments

Returns and Refunds

The products of Aura hair care are returnable and you will get refunds if they are returned within 30 days after purchase. The brand refunds within 10 working days after receiving the products. However, the products need to be unused and refunds will be given for the products. The costs for shipping and handling are paid by the customers. 


Are there products for males?

Yes, there are shampoo, conditioners, and other products for males as well. 

What is the email address of aura hair care?

You can mail them at 

How long does it take to ship the orders?

It takes 3 to 5 business days to ship the order. 

Will my order be replaced if the product comes in damaged condition?

Yes, they will replace your products. For more information mail them or go through the website at
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