The 13 Best Sticker Subscription Boxes

The love for stickers has followed some of us from our childhood to our adulthood and has been an essential accessory to exercise our creativity. They are our go-to tools when it comes to scrapbooking, journaling, or merely decorating our homes. 

Now if you get the option of receiving exciting and fun-filled sticker boxes every month on your doorstep, how would that work out for you? You could take part in arts & crafts now and then. To help you channel your inner artist, many sticker clubs are now offering subscription boxes to you. You can get a variety of stickers from across the world and this article has noted down some of the best sticker subscription boxes that you can avail of to entertain yourself or to keep your children busy.

Quick Comparison Between The 13 Best Sticker Subscription Boxes

Product NamePrice RangeShipmentGrade
STICKII Club$10.00Worldwide except selected countriesA+
Violette Sticker Club$10.00WorldwideA+
Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Club$12.95WorldwideA
Sticker Guru$24.00WorldwideB+
Big Kids Sticker Pack by Four Bears Sticker Club$9.00WorldwideA+
Pipsticks Sticker Subscription$11.95/$17.95WorldwideA+
Sticker Factory$15.95-$45.95WorldwideA+
Snail Mail Sticker Club$15.95 CADWorldwideB
Erincondren Sticker Club16.50/56.00Inside U.S. onlyB
Sticker Savages$9.83WorldwideB
Elevated Faith Sticker Club$6.00WorldwideB
Big Sticker Box$37.95-$87.95WorldwideA
Creative Stickers In A Box$19.95-$39.95WorldwideA



Review: The STICKII Club sticker subscription is targeted to those who love crafting and have variations that cater to all age categories. The subscription offers you three very distinct categories to choose from- Cute, Vintage, and Pop, and each pack is customized based on a monthly theme. For example, the Cute Pack for September featured “Autumn Mornings”. Moreover, they post a spoiler, a peek video of the upcoming goodies before the renewal every month on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. So, if you end up liking a different pack you can switch by simply logging in and changing your selection before the next renewal. 

The subscription procedure is super easy and can be done through their website. The box comes with more than 6 sticker sheets, a Stickii storage insert, and 3 very attractive stationery items, and sometimes, they surprise you with some extras! 

The Kawaii colorful stickers are exclusively designed as Stickii collaborates with indie artists who work to make each pack of stickers very diverse. The stickers can be used for organizing or decorating journals, planners, or cards and take your creativity to a whole new level. You can subscribe to the options that fit your personality and mood the best. 

Furthermore, the money earned from the sale of the subscription is for noble purposes like sponsorships and donations to different organizations. Also, the subscription gets you a flat 5% discount on the stickers compared to buying them from the shops. 

As for the cancellation of the subscription, you can cancel anytime you want but if you cancel it after the renewal you will still receive this month’s subscription box. Check out their website for more reviews and exciting offers. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly STICKII subscription is offered at $10.00

Shipment: Ships worldwide (except a few selected countries) from the United States by the 11th or 22nd of every month. 

Shipping Fee: Within U.S. = $1

For Canada = $1.75 and

For International shipping = $2.5.

2. Violette Stick Club

Violette Stick Club

Review: If you are into contemporary stickers, then this subscription from Violette Stickers Club will work the best for you. They have been in business for over 14 years and their subscription box features stickers with very modern designs. Their stickers highlight artworks of those Etsy artists who are into both traditional methods as well as digital ones. 

Their subscription box comes with 15+ colorful full-sized sticker sheets which are very different from those sold at the local stores. The stickers mainly focus on designs of flowers, butterflies, animals, and other traditional concepts. They also offer stickers that feature holidays. The stickers are pretty detailed in terms of the designs. 

They are acid-free and the quality of the stickers altogether is amazing. The USA made sticker will serve people of all ages. This box will be a bundle of happiness every month and a very fun addition to your stationery collection. They also make wonderful gifts for anyone who is into crafting, your mom, your sister, and your teachers. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription of Violette subscription box is $10.00

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the U.S. near the 25th of every month. 

Shipping fee: Free shipping within the U.S. 

For International shipping = $4

3. Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker ClubReview

Mrs. Grossmans Sticker ClubReview

Review: Mrs. Grossman’s Stick Club has been operating since 1979 and their quintessential designs have been pleasing people of all ages all around the world to date. Their subscription is for all the sticker lovers out there who seek 

The monthly subscription box comes with 15 sheets of cute and unique stickers that are made in their headquarters situated in California. You can prepare your box as per your choice selecting a wide range of collection of exemplary stickers including staff favorites, newly released, special ones from the archives. Not only do they focus on the quality of the stickers, but the packaging of the box is also top-notch. It comes with sparkly sheets and shiny foils making the box look appealing. 

Not only that, but the sticker club also offers exclusively designed postcards to its club members. Stickers that the box includes can be used for your scrapbooks, planners, or birthday banners. 

Moreover, who does not love extras? The subscription brings you extra benefits like special offers and discounts that only the members of the club will get when ordered from their website. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription at $12.95 

Shipment: Shipment is provided from the U.S. worldwide on the 6th of every month. 

Shipping fee: Shipping is free in the U.S. 

For International shipping: $5

4. Sticker Guru

Sticker Guru

Review: This is a very affordable sticker subscription box that comes with exquisite holographic stickers. They have four subscription options available- month to month subscription which is offered at $24.00 if availed through, 3 months prepay at $75.00, 6 months prepay at $150.00 and 12 months prepay at $288.00. 

Every subscription box gives you a back-to-school vibe and comes with a bonus gift to surprise you every month and the renewal of the subscription is dated on the 11th of each month. They start shipping on the 4th of the following month after you have subscribed. The shipping takes about 3-8 business days inside the U.S. and a couple of weeks for international shipping. 

You will love their super-colorful stickers that are ideal for summertime planning or scrapbook-ing. Not only that, their shipping is always on time and this feature is absolutely praiseworthy.

The subscribers are offered a very exclusive collection of stickers that are not sold in their shops. Their services are famous for their mystery kits. 

For further details, you can visit their well-equipped website and read more about their policies. Their FAQ section is very helpful. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly Sticker Guru Subscription is at $24.00

Shipment: Shipment from the U.S. worldwide on the 4th of each month. 

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside the U.S.

For international shipping: Depends on the custom taxes and fees of the respective country from which it has been ordered.

5. Big Kids Sticker Pack by Four Bears Sticker Club

Big Kids Sticker Pack by Four Bears Sticker Club

Review: This subscription box is one of the two options that Four Bears Sticker Club offers for the ones who are lifelong sticker fans. To be specific, the stick box’s target group is 10+ people. This is a Canadian based sticker club that works to bring every sticker lover’s dream come true by the delivery of happy mails every month. 

Each box includes 8 original sticker sheets designed by the two in-house artists which are perfect for snail mail, planner, bullet journals, and whatnot! Not only that, but the boxes are accompanied by activity sheets and super-exciting stationery items. The activity sheets include scratch art and postcards you can use to decorate and send your mails out to your loved ones.

The re-bill is done on the 11th of every month so, if you want to cancel your subscription, you will have to do it before that. The standard shipping time of the four bears sticker club for Canada is 3 to 5 business days. For the U.S. the time extends to 5-12 days and for international shipping, it is between 5 to 15 days. 

Moreover, the four bears sticker club also offers another sticker box called the Little Kids Sticker Pack which comes with scented and puffy stickers and are specially designed for ages 3-12. However, both the boxes are ideal for use by both girls and boys. 

The feature that is unique with their subscription is that they use reusable bags for their packaging. This is very thoughtful as they are making an effort to take care of the environment by not using plastic bags. 

But in case you are confused about which option to go for, you can check their Instagram page out where they post sneak peeks of their upcoming collections which can help you make the decision which one to go for. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription is at $9.00 ($10.00 CAD)

Shipment: Shipment from Canada worldwide on the 4th of each month. 

Shipping Fee: Free shipping inside Canada

Inside U.S. = $2.00

For international shipping: $4.00

6. Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

Review: This sticker subscription from Pipsticks takes care of all your sticker demands and can serve a larger age class starting from 3+ kids. They are children-friendly so you do not have to worry about them causing harm to your kids. 

This subscription is offered for two different age classes- the kids club and the pro club. The kids club one features the big puffy scented sticks and interactive sticker sheets like DIY robots, fish, and snow globes, and so on. The sparkly stickers can help the kids learn about objects and use them in art and craft. The pro club on the other hand comes with stickers that are ideal for scrapbooks, notebooks, and journals.   

Both of the above-mentioned clubs further comes with the option of choosing from two pack sizes- classic and petite. The Classic Pack includes 15+ sheets of attractive stickers. They are accompanied by other cool stuff like postcards and Sticker Club Newsletter. 

The Petite Pack on the contrary comes with 7+ sheets of awesome stickers followed by some extra goodies just like the classic pack. 

The subscription boxes are full of stickers of all shapes, sizes, and unique designs and are automatically renewed every month. You will be billed/re-billed will depend on your signup date and will be effective every shipment. The standard shipping time inside the U.S. is 7 to 10 days, for Canada up to 13 days and internationally it may take a couple of weeks. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription of the Classic Pack is at $17.95 and the Petite Pack is at $11.95

Shipment: Shipment from the U.S. worldwide and the shipment will be placed depending on your signup date.  

Shipping Fee: The shipping is free inside the U.S.

For Canada = $2.00

For international shipping: $3.00

7. Sticker Factory

Sticker Factory

Review: Sticker Factory is a Hong Kong-based sticker club which features funky vinyl stickers that are waterproof and fairly priced. The quality of the stickers is top-notch and each pack contains 50-200 exclusive stickers that are perfect for laptops, luggage, cars, and bikes, and so on. 

You can customize your pack size as per your requirement. The subscription is offered to you monthly in three different packs- 50 stickers at $15.95, 100 stickers at $25.95, and 200 stickers for $45.95. The standard shipping time for the U.S.A. and Canada is around 1 to 3 weeks and for other countries, it is between 2 to 4 weeks. 

Even though the stickers do not particularly target an age group, it may not be a good choice for children as some stickers are not fit for children and require adult supervision. 

The subscription renews automatically and you can cancel it anytime you want. For more exciting offers, visit their website. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription of 50 stickers is at $15.95, 100 stickers are at $25.95 and 200 stickers are at $45.95

Shipment: Shipment from Hong Kong worldwide and the shipment is placed within 3 days upon successful billing. 

Shipping Fee: Free shipping both inside Hong Kong and internationally.

8. Snail Mail Sticker Club

Snail Mail Sticker Club

Review: The Snail Mail Stick Club is a Canadian business that ships its subscription boxes all over the world at 15.95 Canadian Dollars. The subscription is offered monthly and the box includes over 10 super-fun awesome sheets of stickers and some very exciting goodies to complement it. Among the goodies, the highlight is the 5 x 7 frame-able postcards that accompany your mails to your dear ones. Not only that, but it also comes with two affirmation cards that you and your friend can share. 

Your subscription will renew on its own on the same date on which you have first subscribed. However, in February it will be renewed on the last day of the month. The sticker sheets have a variety of shiny stickers, puffy stickers, and scratch and sniff stickers, planner sticks, and more. 

In addition to these, they have been offering exciting discounts on their subscription throughout the year. Refer to their website for further details. 

The stickers are perfect for planners, teachers, kids, and the whole family and there are no themes, just a selection of random but adorable stickers! Speaking of teachers, educators can get 

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription is at $15.95 CAD (around $12)

Shipment: Shipment from Canada worldwide on the 6th of every month

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside the U.S. and Canada. 

For International shipping: $6

9. Erin Condren Sticker Club

Erin Condren Sticker Club

Review: Erin Condren Sticker Club brings you a quarterly subscription box that includes at least 6 sticker sheets, among which some are exclusively handpicked for you, and some are from the sneak peeks of their Instagram. The sticker sheets are mostly crafted based on seasons and inspirations. 

The feature that makes this subscription box different from all the others is its unique payment method. It offers an annual payment method where you have to pay the amount for the whole year at once, and you will be good to go for a year or you can split the payment and make a quarterly payment, whichever suits you the best. The benefit of making your payment at once is that you will get a $10 discount. 

The processing time of your time will be around 5-7 days and you will be notified before the shipment is sent. You will receive the first box depending on what time you have ordered it. For the renewal procedure, it is automatically done on quarterly payment options after the fourth shipment but if you subscribe to the annual payment option then you will be required to re-subscribe after 1 year again. 

You will be billed the day before or the day your parcel will be set for shipment, and each subscriber will be offered only one subscription and not more than that.  

The problem with the subscription box is that you can only avail of this if you live inside the United States as they only ship inside the U.S. However, their teams are working on offering their subscription to international customers. But for now, only U.S. residents can style their journals and scrapbooks with their stylish sticker collection.

Subscription Cost: Quarterly Subscription for annual payment = $56.00 and for quarterly payment = $16.50

Shipment: Shipment from the U.S. inside the U.S. only depending on what time you have placed your order. 

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside U.S.

10. Sticker Savages

Sticker Savages

Review: This is an American brand of stickers that have been in business since 2018 and have been spreading joy ever since. Their subscription box comes with 10 3x3 sized savage stickers which are ideal to be used on water bottles and laptops as they are made from premium quality vinyl which makes them waterproof. 

The stickers are so unique that some stickers get printed only once a month. The sticker box is accompanied by a postcard and other super-fun goodies. The boxes in which the stickers are sent are made up of recyclable cardboard and the filler used inside is also made from environment-friendly color paper which makes this an ideal choice for those who feel deeply responsible for the environment. 

Moreover, 10% of the profits raised from the sale of the stickers are donated for environmental issues. The subscriptions renew automatically by the 11th of every month and can be discontinued anytime so no issues with the commitment. 

The problem with this subscription box is that the international shipping fee is very high compared to its competitors which makes this not an ideal choice for people who are on a budget. 

However, they have some exciting offers for you to earn free stickers for which you need to check their website out. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly Subscription is offered at $9.38 

Shipment: Shipment from the U.S through USPS worldwide on 13th of every month

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside the U.S. and Canada. 

For International shipping: $8.99

11. Elevated Faith Sticker Club

Elevated Faith Sticker Club

Review: Elevated Faith Sticker Club is in this business for a cause and that they donate a portion of their profit from the sale to different Christian charities across the world. The subscription box comes with 4 vinyl sticks that are waterproof and can be used anywhere really, be it for indoor use or outdoors.  

The vinyl used is of premium quality and the stickers have a UV gloss laminate finish that gives them an extra shine. The stickers are fade-resistant and will not fade up to 5 years straight. 

The standard shipping time for orders inside the U.S. is between 2-5 business days and for outside the U.S., it is between 7-40 business days. However, the warehouse processing takes about 24-48 hours after the order has been placed. The warehouse operates 7 days a week but can only prepare parcels from Monday to Friday. 

In addition to the sticker club, they also have a bracelet club, and if you want you can check the details out from their website. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly Subscription is offered at $6.00 

Shipment: Shipment from the U.S worldwide

Shipping Fee: Inside U.S = $1.50-10 depending on the weight. (Free shipping for orders over $35)

For International shipping: $14-30 depending on the weight (Free shipping for orders over $70)

12. Big Sticker Box

Big Sticker Box

Review: Big Sticker Box offers a monthly subscription that features a box full of 80 eccentric premium quality stickers and washi tapes. For the box you can choose from three options- 1 theme box that is offered at $37.95, 2 theme box at $67.95, and 3 theme box offered at $87.95. 

The goodies come in an amazing package that is very appealing and the box will be full of surprises. It will contain all the latest designs and be thematic in terms of seasons and the holidays. The washi tapes are uniquely designed and the stickers are new every month. They are ideal for preparing journals or scrapbooks for both kids and adults who are into arts & crafts. 

It is understandable if you want to cancel anytime so the cancellation processes are super-easy as well. The stickers stick really good leaving no residues behind making it look super neat and tidy. 

The boxes will be set for shipment within 3 days after your billing has been done. The approximate shipping time in the U.S. and Canada is 1-3 weeks and for other countries, it is 2-4 weeks. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly Subscription is offered at 1 theme box = $37.95, 2 theme box = $67.95 and 3 theme box = $87.95

Shipment: Shipment from Hong Kong worldwide on the same date of signup. 

Shipping Fee: Free shipping worldwide

13. Creative Stickers In A Box

Creative Stickers In A Box

Review: Creative Stickers In a Box is aimed at the sticker fanatics out there who like to have fun with their journals and love decorating their scrapbooks. This deal is somewhat similar to that of the former one and also comes with three options to choose from. It comes in boxes of 10 designs, 20 designs, and 30 designs which you can subscribe to as per your wish. 

If we consider the 10 designs box it will include more than 10 thoughtfully curated sticker sheets and 10 very attractive sticker rolls. The price of the boxes starts from $19.95 monthly and extends to $39.95. 

The first shipment of your box will take place within 3 days after you have successfully completed your billing procedure. The following boxes will be at your doorstep on the day of your sign up every month. Moreover, you do not need to enter a lifetime contract with them and can cancel the subscription anytime you want. 

The estimated shipping time for the USA and Canada is 1 to 3 weeks and for other countries, it is 2-4 weeks. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly Subscription is offered at 10 designs box = $ 19.95, 20 designs box = $29.95 and 30 designs box = $39.95

Shipment: Shipment from Hong Kong worldwide on the same date of signup. 

Shipping Fee: Free shipping worldwide

Things to look for in the Best Sticker Subscription Box

1. Variety

If you are going to subscribe for a subscription box, you would want your box to be a fun mix of stickers unless you particularly seek a specific themed box. So, it is wise for you to subscribe to a sticker club that offers variation so that you can utilize stickers for various purposes. If your sticker box contains stickers that are all of the same types then your journals will end up being monotonous. 

2. Size & Quantity

Before subscribing to your choice of subscription box you need to verify the size of the stickers because if you are too small or too big for your requirement it will ultimately be of no use. The pictures may not show the actual exact size of the stickers. 

Moreover, the quantity of the stickers that come in your box is important as you do not want to pay more for fewer stickers. You would want to get as many stickers as possible at minimum cost. 

3. Shipment

Three factors should be considered under this shipment heading- the shipping fee, the shipping time, and whether your subscribed club provides shipment to where you live. 

Some subscription boxes have equal or higher shipping costs than the subscriptions themselves for international shipment. This may be because of the customs taxes. Regardless of this issue, you would want to go for the one that offers the lowest cost. 

Furthermore, you would want to get your hands on the subscription box as soon as possible, so shipping time plays an important factor. It is more preferable that you go for subscriptions that send your boxes within the standard time. 

Lastly, not all subscription boxes are shipped worldwide so, if you are an international customer, you need to search and choose the one that offers worldwide shipment at a low cost. 

4. Subscription Policies

This may be an important issue because if the after-subscription service is not satisfactory it can be quite stressful. You need to have thorough knowledge about the cancellation and refund policies of your choice of subscription box before subscribing so that no conflict arises once you become a member. The terms of the club and you must align. 

5. Extras

Who does not want extra goodies? Some of the subscription boxes offer you more than just stickers. Some come with postcards, stamps, sticky notes, and other stationery items to give you an amazing art & craft experience. 

Final Remarks

Stickers are one of the easiest ways to give an extra artistic touch to your crafts. You never really outgrow the love for stickers if you were a sticker fanatic as a child and they are a great way to entertain your children at home. There are many subscription boxes offered to you in the market nowadays as it is a very popular business concept which may confuse you even more while choosing the right one. We hope with this detailed article you get to pick the best sticker subscription box that perfectly matches your style and takes your art-game to a new level.

Happy Sticking!

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