Add Greens To Your Home With the Best Plant Subscription Boxes

Are you looking for plants for your new home? Plants can add a natural décor to your home and a plant subscription can help you with that. Plants not only add a greenery look but also help to create a relaxed and calm environment. By subscribing to the best plant subscription box you add a variety of plants to your collection. Choosing the right box can be hard but focus on which plant you would like to have around you. 

You can also subscribe to seasonal seeds to help grow seasonal fruits and veggies in your backyard. In our article, we mentioned how each of the boxes is designed with different plants and the brands will send a new plant every month without repeating the previous plant. Taking care of plants can be hard but most of the subscription box comes with a care guide to help you grow the plants.

Quick Comparison Between The 14 Best Plant Subscription Box

ProductPrice per monthGrade
The Plant Club$23.33A
Bloomin' Bin$7.75A
House Plant Box$15.00 A-
The Sill$42B+
My Garden Box$35.50B+
Succulents Box$4.75B
THE BOUQS Company$31B-
1-800 flowers$39.99B-
Leaf & Clays$19.95B+
Click and Grow$7.95B+
Urban sprouts$9.99A-
Air Plants Monthly Club Box$17.99A
Succulents Monthly$17.41B+

1. The Plant Club

The Plant Club

If you are looking for small house plants the Plant club will send them to you. Their monthly subscription is $23.33 that comes with other accessories for plants. They send ceramic pots with soil and plant care instructions. The first plant they send is succulent and the rest are sent considering the seasons, colors, variations, etc. 

However, they send generic plants which are available in all nurseries. So if you are a plant lover, the subscription box might not surprise you. You can cancel their subscription anytime but make sure to cancel before they ship your products. The shipped products will be billed even if they are canceled. 

Highlighted features

  • The subscription box includes decorative pots, blending pots along with the plants.
  • Each box is packed based on seasons, diversity, color, etc. 
  • Includes additional instructions on how to take care of the plants. 
  • Replace or refund their boxes if the plants are defective or damaged.

Rate: $23.33 per month. 

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

2. Bloomin' Bin

Bloomin Bin

If you grow seasonal flowers, fruits, and vegetables in your backyard, Bloomin' Bin will send them to your doorstep every month. They offer 4 plans that will fulfill your requirements. Just the seed package contains 3 to 5 types of seeds but no live plants. The number of plant seeds might vary from month to month. Just Seeds Premium provides the option to choose a flower, fruit, vegetable seeds, or one of them each. Basic bin and Premium bin contains seeds, soil or plant food, and pot plants. The only difference between them is that the Premium bin includes a gardening tool. 

They can add live plants if they offer those on their monthly package. The shipping price varies from country to country. They don’t refund or exchange the package if you don’t like them. The seeds they send are not seasonal for every location. Some seeds can be early or off-season to plant. 

Highlighted features

  • They send seeds for your seasonal flowers, vegetables, or fruits to plant in your garden. 
  • 4 plans that include 3 to 5 types of seeds, live plants, plant pots, etc. 
  • Seeds are organic, heirloom, and GMO-free.

Rate: $7.75 per month.

Delivering to the US. 

Additional offers: Garden tools

3. House Plant Box

House Plant Box

Based on Californian weather, House Plant Box offers varieties of plants in their subscription box. Depending on your selection you will receive one or two plants every month. The box also includes an elaborated care guide for the plants as some plants can be new to you.

You can give the subscription box as a gift to the new house owners. Pots and soil are sent along with the plants but the air plants are sent without soil as they live off the moisture in the air. Not only indoor plants but also they have outdoor and seasonal plants. They also have a seed subscription box which consists of 2 types of seeds with cow pots and soil. You can change or cancel your subscription box just by emailing them.  

Highlighted features

  • They have plants and seeds options whichever you want to select.
  • The plants are indoor and pet friendly. 
  • A wide number of subscription boxes like Seasonal box, Succulents, Large indoor plants, etc. 
  • The plants come with plastic nursery pots with dirt.

Rate: $15.00 per month.

Delivering to the US. 

Additional offers: N/A

4. The Sill

The Sill

The Sill focuses on giving a green touch to your home. They set out 3 subscription plans: plants for beginners, plants on low lights, and pet parents. They make a great relation between plants and people by sending their preferred plants each month.   

Each plant comes with an earthenware pot and soil. Even the size of the plants is mentioned which will help you to choose the plants properly. Every house does not always have proper lighting and for those houses, low light plants are offered. However, the subscription cannot be canceled before 3 months. You need to pay and accept the plants for 3 months at least and they will not exchange or replace them if you don’t want the plant. Moreover, they also sell faux plants made of plastic, fabric, wire, and foam that will help to provide greenery to your rooms in your busy schedules. 

Highlighted features

  • The subscription boxes are arranged depending on the level of your experience. 
  • They offer plants of various features and sizes. 
  • Faux materials made of premium materials are also available. 
  • Get free shipping by joining the Plant Parent club.

Rate: $42 per month.

Delivering to all the 48 states in the US. 

Additional offers: Faux plants, pots, fertilizers.

5. My Garden Box

My Garden Box

My Garden Box makes gardening easier and fun as they provide all the necessities along with the box. Every month they send different plants like tropical, succulents, houseplants, etc with a detailed guide to take care of the plants. 

The plants are packed in a way so that they can survive the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. The box includes all the necessary ingredients and accessories so that you can easily put them on display. However, if you are a pet parent you might not want to subscribe to them as they do not offer pet-friendly plants. They will refund if you cancel before the shipment is processed and they replace any damaged pots if they send them a picture of the damaged product. 

Highlighted features

  • Each month has a different theme based on weather, diversity, etc.
  • The box includes pots, fertilizer mix, and detailed instructions.
  • The fertilizers are mixed with appropriate proportions depending on the plant’s requirements. 
  • The plants are suitable for indoors and outdoors.      

Rate: $35.50 per month. 

Delivering to the US. 

Additional offers: Organic soap.

6. Succulents Box

Succulents Box

If you are a succulent lover, you will love Succulents Box as they send unique succulents every month. They have a wide variety of subscription deals consisting of 1, 2, or more succulents or air plants. All the plants do not come in clay pots so you need to buy pots for plants. 

Each succulent is 2” in size and they randomly select the plant according to your chosen deal. They do not accept returns as the plants will not survive two-way travel. You can cancel your subscription just by emailing them. As they will not take any responsibility for damaged or defective plants, you might face a lot of problems with their sent plants.

Highlighted features

  • The succulents are healthy as they grow with proper care.
  • Detailed instructions are sent along with every package.
  • They offer pet-friendly succulents.  
  • Each plant is packed to survive any extreme weather conditions.

Rate: $4.75 per month

Delivering to the US. 

Additional offers: Gardening tools, pots, heat packs, and pieces of jewelry.

7. THE BOUQS Company


Surprise your loved ones with flower plants weekly or monthly from the BOUQS Company. They will send your chosen plant weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly. Subscription reduces the price by 30%. You can order more than one plant at a time. 

However, if you cancel the subscription in the first month, they will charge $36. No charge is applied if your order was for one time. They also prepare bouquet for every occasion like anniversary, birthdays or season celebrations

Highlighted features

  • Wide variety of flower plants based on different regions and weather. 
  • The Bouquets are handcrafted by the local florists. 
  • Quick delivery on the same day mostly within 2 hours.
  • Easy customization of the bouquets with your preferences. 

Rate: $31 per month.

Delivering to any U.S. zip code by FedEx

Additional offers: Bouquets for different occasions.

8. Horti


Horti designed their subscription box with the thought to provide different experiences to plant lovers. They have 2 plans like NYC and the REST OF THE US. Out of them, the NYC plan is available for the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens residents. Both the deals come with a 6” clay pot and saucer to place your plants. They will include guides on how to look after the plants and as you get experienced, they will send exotic plants. 

They offer a very flexible subscription plan. As a result, you can skip, pause, or cancel your plan at any time. You have two options to receive the plants: you can pick them up every month or they can drop them off at your doorstep. 

Highlighted features

  • They arranged the subscription box that will be easy for the new plant lovers.
  • The box will also come with a 6” clay pot and saucer. 
  • The contents will vary from pots to necessary tools for your plants. 
  • They use heat packs for the plants to deliver in cold weather.

Rate: $28 per month. 

Delivering within 48 contiguous states in the US. 

Additional offers: Broad diversity of indoor plants, plant-inspired candles.

9. 1-800 flowers

1-800 flowers

1-800 flowers focuses on delivering the best plant that will give the best bloom. They have 3, 6, and 12 months delivery options and each delivery costs $39. They randomly sent plants every month. 

They do not have an extensive plant option so you don’t know what you will receive. And most importantly, their customer service is not great as some people do not receive any subscription box after subscribing. Moreover, they do not pack the plants to survive the harshness of the weather. 

Highlighted features

  • Each plant that is sent every month is decorated by a decorative planter. 
  • The deals are available for 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • The delivery dates can be customized but there can be restrictions.

Rate: $39.99 per month.

Delivering to U.S. Territories and Military APO/FPO addresses. 

Additional offers: Flowers for occasions.

10. Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay

Every month Leaf & Clay decides their themes keeping the variations of succulents in mind. The subscriber will receive 3 succulents that are 2.5” in size. You can add heat packs if you want and adding them will increase the price. 

No discounts can be availed by the subscribers and they will not take any responsibility if the plant gets damaged during transportation. They only have succulents and not any flowers or fruits. You might not always like to receive cactus or succulents. So we recommend you order one time packages rather than subscribing for months.    

Highlighted features

  • Each month the subscribers will receive 3 succulents.
  • Shipping is free for all the club members.
  • A huge diversity of plants from succulents to cactus.

Rate: $19.95 per month

Delivering to the US. 

Additional offers: Pots and accessories.

11. Click and Grow

Click and Grow

Click and Grow provides smart gardening experiences with their indoor gardening machine. The indoor garden looks like a coffee machine where you can grow your favorite fruit or veggies all around the year. Their subscription deals come with smart gardens and plant pods or either of them. On the smart garden subscription deal, they add complementary basil, tomato, lettuce, and a 5 x 9 packs supply of your chosen plants. You can subscribe to this option monthly or yearly. 

The plant pods deal sends you just the plants you selected. However, to grow those plants you need to own a smart garden. All the plants in Click and Grow are biodegradable and need to be planted in a smart garden. Moreover, you will also need smart soil for them to grow. It can cost a lot if you just to enjoy some greenery at your home. 

Highlighted features

  • Variation of plants from fruits to veggies to flowers.
  • Two options where you can subscribe to build a garden or just order the plants.
  • They offer a smart gardening option that connects modern life with gardening.

Rate: $7.95 per month.

Delivering to Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, India, the US, EU member states, and the rest of Europe. 

Additional offers: Gardening accessories like herb shears, extension arms.

12. Urban sprouts

Urban sprouts

The Urban sprouts is a nursery that includes all types of plants. If you are too busy to water your plants you can choose cactus or you can choose air plants to avoid soil. Choose your preferred plant type and sit back, they will send you a new plant every month to your doorstep. They will also help if you are a noob in gardening. They will help you to succeed in growing the plants with the help you need.

Sometimes the plant can get damaged during transportation. They will send you a new plant or extend your subscription if you email your problems. The plants come with a 2” pot and so don’t have to plant it separately after getting the parcel.    

Highlighted features

  • Extensive diversity of plants like cactus, air plants, ferns, etc. 
  • The box includes US-grown plants in a 2” or 3” pot.
  • They shaped the subscription to provide unique and seasonal plants.

Rate: $9.99 per month. 

Delivering to the 48 US states excluding Hawaii and Alaska. 

Additional offers: Plant care essentials like fertilizers and plant pots or containers.

13. Air Plants Monthly Club Box

Air Plants Monthly Club Box

If you are looking for plants without bothering to mix soil, Air Plants Monthly Club Box will provide you with 4 fresh air plants every month. Each air plant sends along with the roots and they are all pet friendly. 

The plants are grown in Florida and are able to sustain in all kinds of weather. The plants do not come with pots all the time and so you need to buy pots separately. Occasionally, they send pots as a gift but you cannot be sure they will send those to you. They randomly select the plants as they have a wide collection of air plants and their mission is to fulfill the needs of air plant lovers all over America. 

Highlighted features

  • A wide variation of air plants. 
  • The plants are grown at a proper temperature to make them strong to survive for long.
  • The air plants are shipped along with their roots. 
  • Easy return policy by contacting them within 48 hours of receiving their package.

Rate: $17.99 per month.

Delivering worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

14. Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly

Each month gift yourself a healthy-looking succulent from Succulents Monthly as they will add green to your home. They have two subscription options, one is Succulents with style and the other is Premium mix collection. 

Succulents with style boxes consist of 1 succulent which they will send each month along with a succulent mix. Premium mix collection contains one succulent and one air plant. Both the deals can be subscribed for a month to month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time but other duration deals are pre-paid on the first month. They only offer refunds for unshipped orders. 

Highlighted features

  • They have more than 300 varieties of succulents. 
  • The succulents are healthy and provide a pleasant look to your home.
  • The box includes planting and caring instructions.

Rate: $17.41 per month. 

Delivering to the US. 

Additional offers: Gardeners organic soap, T-shirts. 

Things to consider before buying the best plant subscription box

Are you scared to buy plants as you are new to gardening? Brands offer a subscription box for the beginners so that you gather some experiences. Also if you don’t have time for watering and caring for plants, you can choose cactus or air plants which do not require grooming.

Variety of plants

Everyone has a different taste in plants. Some like succulents or air plants whereas others like cactus or orchids. Though you prefer a single type of plant sometimes you might want a different type. Subscription deals from Bloomin' Bin or House Plant Box will provide unique plants from different seasons or tropical zones as they have a wide variety of plant collections. A subscription box that comes with a new and unknown plant can be very amusing to plant lovers. 

You can also subscribe to the seasonal seeds subscription box. Receiving the seasonal seeds at your doorstep will ease your gardening process and you can enjoy the seasonal harvest which grows in your yard. 

Gardening accessories

Some subscription boxes come with pots and fertilizer mix for the plant which will help it grow. Without pots, the plants need to be planted in a pot as soon as they arrive. It can be time-consuming and you might not have the knowledge of planting if you are a newbie plant enthusiast. Most of the subscription deals provide a plant guide, soil along with fertilizer mix so that you don’t have to worry about buying other things. You can enjoy the greenery in your home just by providing the plant the light and water it requires to live.   

Plant care guide

For newbie plant lovers, gardening can be hard. They need to gather some experience of growing plants and for that, they need to start with strong and long-living plants. Some brands have deals for beginners where you can gather the courage of growing plants. As you grow with the experiences, they will send more unique and exotic plants on the packages. 

Area for placing plants at home

All plants require a different type of lighting and water. Cacti can live long without water. Air plants do not require soil as they grow from the moisture of the air. You need to decide where you are going to place your plants before subscribing to the best plant subscription box. After deciding the area, look for the plants that will be suitable for your chosen place. Ferns, herbs, orchids, etc whichever you choose need a different type of caring and observing.  

Cancellation and refund policy

Transportation of plants without any damage can be hard. Though the farms send the plants that have the best health and pack them securely with heat packs to endure the cold temperature. However, the plants can appear as damaged as they did not get water for a long time. If you send a picture of the damage, the brands usually send a new plant or extend the subscription. However, you might not get a refund policy if the products are already shipped. 

Cancellation is easy but needs to be done before the cutoff date. Canceling after the cutoff date will be charged even if you don’t want the plants anymore. And you will definitely not receive any refund if you are late for cancellation. 


Collecting plants from different tropical regions is not easy to find. Not all plants are suitable for every climate and they can get damaged while transportation. The Plant subscription box owner packs the plants so that they reach you in one piece. They grow the plants by giving the best care so that they can endure any harsh climate.

A company like Click and Grow offers a smart garden where you can grow any seasonal fruit or vegetable all the time and enjoy them. In whatever process you like to develop your garden, always groom your plants and make sure to cut the damaged leaves. We hope our article on the best plant subscription box will help you to choose the plant that will provide a natural and cozy look to your home.

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