The 16 Best Cheese of the Month Clubs to Make Your Snack Time Interesting

Are you a cheese lover? Going to cheese stores and buying a huge amount of cheese can be a waste of food and time. The cheese subscription deals help by providing 3 to 5 new cheeses every month. In this way, the cheese will not go to waste and you enjoy it with time. The cheese month clubs not only provide local made cheese but also international cheeses that will satisfy your taste buds. Look for a collection of the best cheese of the month club before subscribing to their deals.   

Brands pack the cheese to survive the transportation but if in case the cheese is not good or lost, make sure to contact the brands so that they replace or resend the package.

Quick Comparison Between The 16 Best Cheese of the Month Clubs

Zingerman’s$200 for 3 months.A
Murray’s$63 per monthA
The Original Gourmet Cheese Club$38.95 per monthA-
Curdbox$49.95 per monthB+
The Tasting Board$55 per monthA
Di Bruno Bros$200 for 4 monthsA
The Mongers' Cheese Club Box$135 for 3 monthsB
Wisconsin Cheese Mart$108 for 3 monthsB+
CowGirl Creamery$95.00 per monthB
Flying Noodle Cheese$48.95 per monthB+
Antonelli’s Cheese$220 for 3 monthsB-
Formaggio Kitchen$225 for 3 monthsB+
Rogue Creamery$79 for 3 monthsA-
Houston Dairymaids$185 for 3 monthsB
Cheesyplace$69.95 per monthA
igourmet$46.66 per monthA-

1. Zingerman’s


Zingerman’s cheeses take you to tour to different cheese cultures with their variety of cheese. You will find cheddar, blue, soft, etc cheese made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. Vegetarian rennet cheeses are also available.

Their subscription box is quarterly and 6 monthly. They prepared their cheese deals based on a different origin. The quarterly cheese box has cheese from Italy, France, and Spain whereas the 6 months box has cheese from Switzerland, the USA, and the Netherlands along with the other 3 countries of the quarterly box. They also have the option to order for multiple locations at the same time. However, they have free shipping but a $10 flat rate is added for Alaska and Hawaii. Usually, their products reach within 4 days and if you want a quick delivery they are happy to deliver. Faster delivery requires greater shipping rates which they have mentioned elaborately on their website.          

Highlighted features

  • A vast range of cheeses that represent different countries.
  • The cheese month belonging to a specific country is mentioned.
  • Gluten-free cheeses are available.
  • Flexibility in setting the date of cheese delivery.
  • The cheeses are not kosher certified.

Rate: $200 for 3 months.

Delivering to the US. They deliver limited food items to APO and FPO addresses through the United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

Additional offers: Baked food items, meat, fish, and a collection of oils.

2. Murray’s


A small bite of cheese from Murray’s can change the taste of your food. They offer 5 monthly deals with a different price range and you can choose the duration the way you want. The cheapest subscription deal is Classic cheese of the month starts at $63 which contains 3 to 4 iconic kinds of cheese to pair with crackers or sweets. If you want something bold and exclusive cheese for your elegant party, Cheesemonger's Picks Cheese of the month can be a great option.

The Cheese board of the month is the expensive of all deals as it costs $113 per month. This deal offers 1 to 2 charcuterie items, 1 to 3 accompaniments along with 1 to 3 types of cheeses. Each package comes with an elaborate guideline on how to store and serve the cheeses.

Highlighted features

  • The subscription packages are prepared with various types of cheeses.
  • They produce the cheeses in the traditional method to provide an authentic taste.
  • They offer a full or partial refund if the sent items were wrong or missing.
  • Each monthly box contains 3 to 4 types of cheese.  
  • Delivery is free for the monthly club subscribers.

Rate: Starts at $63 per month and it gets higher for a different type of cheeses. 

Delivering to the USA.

Additional offers: Meats and snacks. They also provide catering services for different events.

3. The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

The Original Gourmet Cheese Club is in the cheese business since 1994 and they have gained expertise in traditional cheese making. Their subscription box includes 3 artisan kinds of cheese, each of them are .5 pounds. They also provide tasting notes and pairing suggestions for the cheeses. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cheese in the summer season as they pack with dry ice to keep them fresh.    

Highlighted features

  • Each package contains 3 varieties of cheeses weighing 1 and a half pounds.
  • The cheeses are made of natural ingredients.
  • The cheeses are packed in dry ice in the summer season for transportation.  

Rate: $38.95 per month

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

4. Curdbox


Any gathering requires some wine and with that wine, a great cheese can enhance the taste. Curdbox subscription box includes 3 different types of cheese every month. You can select their deal from 3 different durations and every subscription renews automatically. The box also includes the wine and cheese pairing recommendations along with a Spotify playlist and Curdcast podcast.

They have different shipping rates for different locations which are elaborately mentioned on their website. They do not have a return policy and to unsubscribe to their deal you need to update before the cutoff date which is the 24th of every month.                 

Highlighted features

  • 3 different types of cheeses in each box along with 3 different pairings.
  • A Spotify playlist matched with the theme of the cheese.
  • Easily skip a monthly subscription if you are traveling.

Rate: $49.95 per month and shipping fee is added externally.

Delivering to the contiguous 48 States in the US.

Additional offers: N/A

5. The Tasting Board

The Tasting Board

A proper cheese with your favorite snack is hard to find but a survey from the Tasting Board makes it easy. They select the cheese for you every month considering your go-to snack, coffee, dessert, etc. After summarizing your answer, they decide on a cheese that will go well with your food. You can also mention if you want the same type of cheese each month or not.

You can also get a free cheese replacement if you didn’t like the last one. Moreover, they charge $9 for shipping.    

Highlighted features

  • A survey at the beginning decides the type of your cheese preference.
  • 1 out of their 4 kinds of cheese will be sent according to your survey answer.
  • They offer free replacement if the cheese is not of your taste.  

Rate: $55 per month

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

6. Di Bruno Bros

Di Bruno Bros

Cheeses are dairy products but not all can enjoy them. Di Bruno Bros provides most of the cheese that is lactose and gluten-free. However, some soft cheese like Ricotta is not for people with lactose intolerance.   

They offer 3 different themed subscription deals. The CHEESE PAIRING 101 includes a new cheese every month along with some pairing like nuts, crackers, jellies, etc. They have mentioned which cheese will be sending in which month. The EAT LIKE A CHEESEMONGER box can include caviar, luscious cheese, foie medallions, and rainforest crisps. And lastly THE BIG EATER'S consists of a kilo of cheese and some gourmet side dishes like charcuterie, premium balsamic vinegar, unique condiments, etc.

Highlighted features

  • Most of the cheeses are lactose-free and gluten-free.
  • The cheeses are packaged with heat resistance and ice packs to endure extreme conditions.
  • 3 different subscriptions to provide an entirely different experience.

Rate: $200 for 4 months.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: Cured meats, Snacks, Pasta, Coffee, Condiments, etc.

7. The Mongers' Cheese Club Box

The Mongers Cheese Club Box

The cheeses taste better as they age and The Mongers' cheeses are 6 to 9 months old. The cheeses are made after the pasteurization of the milk. They have a wide variety of hard and soft cheese made from cow and goat milk.

Their cheesemongers choose 3 kinds of cheese to deliver every month. They don’t intend to repeat the previous cheese as they want to provide the greatest cheese experience. They refund if you are not satisfied with their cheese but they will not take responsibility for damage done in transportation. The shipping rate is different for each region which they mentioned in detail on their website.    

Highlighted features

  • Each month 3 types of cheeses are delivered.
  • Each month has different themes on which the boxes are prepared.
  • The first boxes also include a cheese knife and a logbook.

Rate: $135 for 3 months.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: Beverages, Chocolates, Snacks, etc.

8. Wisconsin Cheese Mart

Wisconsin Cheese Mart

You can enjoy the premium quality of cheese from Wisconsin Cheese Mart as they make cheese from the finest milk. They have 4 cheese subscription deals which are 3, 6, 9, and 12 months long. Wisconsin Cheese of the Month comes with the 3 best kinds of cheese weighing 1.5 to 2 pounds. The Cheese and Sausage of the Month include cheeses paired with sausages to enhance the taste of the cheese.

The Artisan Cheese of the Month and the International Cheese of the Month delivers a mix of international cheese and Wisconsin cheese. A flat rate is used for shipping across the US. However, Alaska and Hawaii have an additional $15 surcharge along with a flat rate.      

Highlighted features

  • Each month 1.5 to 2 pounds of cheese are delivered to your doorstep.
  • Wide variety of cheese from soft to hard with various flavors.
  • They refund or replace the order if they are informed within 30 days.

Rate: $108 for 3 months.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: Meats, Crackers, and sweets.

9. CowGirl Creamery

CowGirl Creamery

Based on West Marin, CowGirl Creamery produces organic cheese with organic products. They have soft-ripened cheese, hard cheese, and cottage cheese to enjoy with wine or side dishes. From these collections, 3 kinds of cheese will be sent every month. They do not have a refund or return policy.  

Highlighted features

  • Each delivery consists of 3 delicious kinds of cheese chosen from the collection.
  • The cheeses are made of organic ingredients.
  • Monthly Club members get a 10% discount for all online purchases.

Rate: $95.00 per month

Delivering to all the 50 states in the US.

Additional offers: N/A

10. Flying Noodle Cheese

Flying Noodle Cheese

Getting a taste of Italian cheese is not easy. Flying Noodle Cheese monthly club sends 3 different kinds of cheese from 450 cheese collections. You can subscribe to them for 3, 6, or 12 months. They also have a seasonal club where they deliver 4 times a year and the themes of cheeses are set based on the seasons. They do not deliver their products to Alaska and Hawaii.  

Highlighted features

  • Expand your cheese experience with 450 different types of cheese.
  • Each package contains 1 and a half-pound cheese along with a cheese club newsletter.
  • They provide free shipping for every delivery.

Rate: $48.95 per month.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: Cakes, Snacks, Chocolates, etc.

11. Antonelli’s Cheese

Antonellis Cheese

Antonelli’s Cheese will help to explore flavors of cheeses made by local and international artisans. They have 3 subscription deals and 3 to 5 different styles of cheeses are shipped for you to enjoy. The club members will be the first to get the seasonal and limited batch produced cheese. To add some surprising elements to the box, they also sometimes pairings occasionally with the cheese.  

Highlighted features

  • 3 to 5 varieties of cheeses are sent each month.
  • Sometimes pairing is added as a bonus.
  • $30 discount for picking up the package from Hyde Park.

Rate: $220 for 3 months.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers

12. Formaggio Kitchen

Formaggio Kitchen

Formaggio Kitchen manufactures premium quality cheese with organic products. Their monthly subscription starts at $225 containing 3 kinds of cheese. They select the cheese according to the season and availability. The cheeses that are sent are around 1.5 to 2 pounds and properly packed with ice packs and heat resistors for transportations. For slicing the cheese, they also send a carbon steel knife.

Highlighted features

  • The subscription includes 3 different kinds of cheese from 200 resting kinds of cheese.
  • Each package weighs around 1.5 pounds.
  • The package includes an Opinel No. 8 carbon steel knife and cheese tasting journal.

Rate: $225 for 3 months

Delivering to the US. 

Additional offers: Baked foods, coffee, and sweets.

13. Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery offers a subscription for a whole year where they carefully select cheese for each package. Delivery is sent after every 3 months with a new flavored cheese and some accompaniments. Moreover, the name of the cheese and other contents for each delivery is released on their website.

Their subscription deal is not always available. To get a notification of accepting new cheese club members, you can sign up for their newsletters. The subscription does not auto-renew after 1 year. If you enjoyed their cheese, you need to subscribe every year.

Highlighted features

  • The cheeses are selected keeping the seasons in mind.
  • The members get access to unique and exclusive cheese.
  • No additional shipping fee.
  • Cheese for each package is announced before delivery.

Rate: $79 for 3 months.

Delivering to the 50 states in the US.

Additional offers: N/A

14. Houston Dairymaids

Houston Dairymaids

Based on Texas, you will get the taste of fresh cheese from Houston Dairymaids. They have a 3 months and 6 months subscription deal. By subscribing to them, you will receive 1.5 pounds of cheese in single delivery along with the details about the cheese. They have a wide range of cheeses made from cow and goat milk.

Highlighted features

  • 3 best kinds of cheese will be sent on each package.
  • The entire package will carry 1.5 pounds of cheese.

Rate: $185 for 3 months.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

15. Cheesyplace


Cheesyplace makes cheese from cow, goat, buffalo, etc that covers the taste of every person. You will find country specialty cheese and its different textures as well. They also introduce new cheeses along with the classic ones to bring variations in your taste.

They provide 3, 6, and 12 months subscription deals consisting of 3 different kinds of cheese every month. The cheeses are 700 grams or 1.5 pounds which is enough to enjoy with late-night crackers.   

Highlighted features

  • Each box has a different selection for each month.
  • The deals include 3 gourmet kinds of cheese and some additional condiments.
  • The cheeses are packed in insulating packages for easy portability.  

Rate: $69.95 per month.

Delivering to Canada.

Additional offers: Coffee, Seafood, Chocolate, etc.

16. igourmet


Get the taste of original as well international cheeses from the subscription box of igourmet. You can choose your cheesy ride with a 3, 6, or 12 months deal. All you need to subscribe and sit back to enjoy 3 different kinds of cheese every month.

Highlighted features

  • 3 unique kinds of cheese each of them is half a pound.
  • The cheeses ripe and aged properly before sending.
  • The shipping fee is included with the subscription price.

Rate: $46.66 per month.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: Meat, Beverages, Sweets, etc.

Things to consider before buying the best cheese of the month club

Looking for a cheese that will go well with your snacks? It can be hard to find but the cheese subscription deals send new cheese every month. This will expand your taste and help to find all-time favorite cheese.

Gluten and lactose-free

Cheese is a product of dairy and many people cannot have them as they are lactose intolerant. For them, brands like Zingerman’s and Di Bruno Bros make lactose and gluten-free cheese. Lactose is found in the whey which is removed during cheese production. Cheese is a long term process as it needs to age to provide a premium taste. The aging of the cheese takes the moisture away and makes the texture harder which is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.

Variation of cheese

Cheesemongers love to taste various types of cheese. For this subscription deal should always send new and unique cheese every month. As brands want to keep the cheese type as a surprising element, they do not let the customers choose their cheeses. The cheeses that are sent might not always be of your taste. The Tasting Board requires you to fulfill a survey before subscribing to their deals. This survey helps them to understand your preference to send the best cheese from their collection.

Shipping fee

Cheeses are perishable objects so they need to be delivered as early as possible. Brands usually include the shipping fee with the subscription price. However, some brands provide emergency delivery or overnight delivery which are costlier than the usual shipping price. Moreover, brands tend to use determined flat rates for delivery within the US.

Cheese pairing

Cheeses need to be paired with proper food to get the taste. The subscription deals send a guide of pairing that will go with those cheeses of the month. Sometimes as a bonus, brands send some nuts crackers that go well with the cheese.


Cheeses are aged and processed for a long duration to make them perfect. They need to be packed with insulating covers so that they remain in a good state until they reach your house. After opening the package you might see molds or marks on the cheese. The cheese was not exposed to oxygen for long and for these marks or molds are seen. You don’t have to worry about the cheese going bad.   


Cheese is an exquisite dish that is served in office parties, wine tasting, or weddings. It completely changes the taste of food by not just being a topping but as a side dish. As cheese is loved by people more or more, the brands made access to the cheese world easy for people by introducing the cheese of the month club. They will send exciting and unknown cheeses picked from around the world every month to your doorstep.

Best cheese of the month club also includes the cheese pairing like crackers and nuts with the cheese. The packages contain around 2 pounds of cheese that will serve 2 to 4 people for a month. We hope our blog about cheese subscription deals will help you to gather a wide experience in cheese by sitting on your living room couch.

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