The Best Lego Subscription Boxes for Anyone Who Enjoys Blocks – Whatever Their Age!

If you are looking for something different to the usual candy for your kids, then why not consider subscribing to a LEGO subscription box every month? These also make a great gift for those grown up brick addicts in your life!

Although most LEGO subscription boxes are aimed at building or focus on mini figures, there are also some kits which are educationally designed for elementary school kids and these can really help develop skills in Math and other subjects. Read on to find out more about the best LEGO subscriptions around and how much they cost. If you are actually looking to buy a subscription box as a gift, then also check out our Buyer’s Guide which will give you some tips on how to choose the best LEGO box for them.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Lego Subscription Boxes

1. Minifigs Monthly

Minifigs Monthly

The Minifigs subscription box offers authentic LEGO mini figures delivered to your door every month. Each month, the Minifigs come from a different themed LEGO collection such as Superheroes, Star Wars, City and more and these come ‘built’ with the appropriate accessories and description cards so they can be enjoyed straight from the pack.

Suitable for ages 8 upwards, Minifigs Monthly is ideal for any small or big kids who have a love of the LEGO mini figures. It is easy to set up the online subscription and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a selection of themed and authentic LEGO mini figures every month
  • Ready built for enjoying as soon as they are delivered
  • You can manage the subscription online


The current cost is $19.99 a month including US shipping.


Minifigs Monthly is available to the US and other countries. Any extra costs for shipping and taxes is calculated when you check out.

2. Brickohaulic


Containing authentic LEGO mini figures, the Brickohaulic subscription box contains four mini figures. You can choose from a set theme each month, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter, or you can instead choose to just have one theme delivered each month. All the mini figures come ready built and with accessories. You can set up your subscription and manage it online. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

Highlighted Features

  • Subscription box contains four authentic LEGO mini figures
  • You can choose your favorite theme each month
  • Ready to play or admire straight from the box
  • Easy to manage the box subscription online


Including domestic shipping, the Brickohaulic is $19.95 per month.


Brickohaulics is available to subscribers in the US and internationally. If you want to ship outside the US, then extra costs for shipping will be added when you check out on the website.

3. Brickloot


Brick Loot is a specialized LEGO company based in Illinois which as well as having a brick (pardon the pun!) and online store also offers LEGO subscription boxes.

The subscription boxes contain a variety of LEGO items such as mini figures, custom brick kits, new products, accessories such as pencil cases, LEGO compatible items and more. The box contains between 4 and 8 items and these are often exclusive and not yet available in stores.

You can sign up for between three and 12 month subscriptions and the payment will be taken when you sign up, or you can just sign up to a monthly box and that will be debited each month. Some account management can be done through your online account, otherwise by email to customer services.

Highlighted Features

  • Monthly box includes LEGO custom brick kits and mini figures
  • Box also includes compatible products and LEGO accessories
  • Available as monthly boxes or you can choose a longer subscription period to reduce the monthly cost of the box


The prices are based on how long you subscribe for. A one off monthly box is around $27 plus $6 US shipping but if you take out a one year subscription then the monthly prices drops to just under $25 plus shipping.


Brick Loot can be delivered to the US and Canada, some European countries and Australia. Outside of the US there are extra shipping costs which are detailed on the website.

4. Brickbox


Containing authentic LEGO sets, custom builds, mini figures, compatible accessories and other LEGO accessories, Brickbox is another monthly LEGO subscription box. The contents of each monthly box are also themed so it’s easy to start enjoying once unboxed.

The subscription can be set up and managed online and the No Hassle Guarantee also means you can cancel at any time.

Highlighted Features

  • Monthly box of themed LEGO products
  • Includes custom builds, sets, mini figures and other accessories
  • Easy to manage your subscription account online


This is a more expensive subscription, currently costing just under $37 a month.


Brickbox is available to subscribers in the US and elsewhere. Extra cost for international shipping and taxes will be calculated when you check out.

5. Netbricks


Unlike other types of LEGO subscription boxes, the Netbricks box is a subscription box with a difference. Each month, you pay to rent LEGO and you then ship it back for free. This box is an ideal way to try out new LEGO kits for a fraction of what it would cost if you had to buy the kits and as you return the kit it means you do not end up having to find even more space to store bricks and builds.

Don’t worry if you have visions of needing to hunt under the sofa for stray bricks, the rental cost also includes replacement of a small number of standard pieces. Any missing specialized pieces or mini figures are chargeable at market price.

For a one off monthly rental, with which you can order up to 10 sets and these need returning within 30 days although you can keep it longer and this will then be billed for the extra time. You can also take out an Unlimited, Pro or Pro Express membership and these are priced from $29 upwards per month and have to commit to at least a two month membership.

Highlighted Features

  • LEGO rental subscription box
  • Rent the LEGO kit for 30 days and return it for free
  • Offers rental access to kits that can be expensive to buy


A one-time rental option including shipping and return shipping starts at $24 and increases as the number of kits (up to 10) you order. Other options include $39 and $59 subscriptions.


As Netbricks is a rental subscription service, this is currently only available to US residents.

6. Babacorn-Bricks


Offering a monthly and award winning subscription box, Babacorn-bricks is a little different to other LEGO subscription boxes is that it is a little more personal. The box includes a minimum of 10 LEGO and other brick themed products with five of these being guaranteed as LEGO mini figures. One item in the box is also specifically selected for you (or the box recipient) and there is a LEGO birthday gift provided for the special day. You can also buy a one off box from Babacorn-bricks as a special gift. All boxes contain sparkles and shredding and the mini figures also come gift wrapped.

You can sign up to the subscription online and you will need to identify favorite themes and likes so the company can choose the special item in each monthly box.

Highlighted Features

  • More personalized LEGO subscription box
  • Includes at least 10 LEGO and compatible products and five of these are LEGO mini figures
  • Available as a monthly box or one off gift box


For a three month subscription a Babacorn-Bricks box is around $23 plus around $20 shipping to the US (prices will depend on currency exchange rates). A one off gift box is around $26.50 plus shipping.


This is a UK-based service but ships globally including to the US. Current shipping costs are published on the website.

Check our full Babacorn-Bricks Review

7. Real Life Bricks

Real Life Bricks

Real Life Bricks offers LEGO and other accessories available in different colors to reflect the diversity of race and nationality. For Children of Color or for parents who want their kids to be exposed to mini figures which reflect different races and nationalities then Real Life Bricks is worth a visit.

The company offers a variety of LEGO products that have been custom re-colored through a solvent free process. You can also buy conversion kits which include heads, hands and hairs to re-color existing LEGO mini figures. These kits also contain stories for the new mini figures.

Real Life Bricks does not currently operate a subscription box service, but you can order products through their website.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers colored LEGO minifigures and color conversion kits for existing LEGO
  • Allows kids to play with mini figures representing different races and nationalities


A current re-colored LEGO mini figure is $10.49 while a pack of five mini figures is $35. Shipping costs for the US is flat rate $6 or $16 to elsewhere.


Available to the US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

8. Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz

The Bricks 4 Kids is an eLearning subscription tailored for first to fourth graders. There are a number of packages available all of which include a custom brick building kit and model plan, worksheets and presentations. These kits have been designed by educationalists, architects and engineers to help kids achieve curriculum objectives across the disciplines. Some subscriptions also include access to an online educational platform to offer personalized content.

The bricks and accessories in the learning kits are non-branded but fully compatible with LEGO.

Highlighted Features

  • Complete educational package for learning with bricks
  • Suitable for grades 1 to 4
  • Some subscriptions also include access to online education platform


There are various price options available for Bricks 4 Kidz depending on if you want to pay each month or purchase a longer subscription up front.

The Brick Builder Kit offers new builds every week and this costs $24.95 per month. You will also need to buy the Starter Kit for $49.95 along with this which includes all the bricks and accessories needed.

The Premium Academic Suite is $34.95 per month and you will also need to buy the Starter Kit at $49.95 and the Interactive Kit at $89.95.


Available to the US and Canada.

9. Math Bricks

Math Bricks

A LEGO subscription box with a difference, Math Bricks is designed to allow kids to build while developing math concepts. Suitable for kids aged 5 to 8, the monthly box includes the lesson and instructions, bricks and a mini figure. Each box also provides the learning platform for the next month’s box.

The box includes LEGO and compatible bricks and accessories, and the box will contain between 75 and 150 bricks, a mini figure and other accessories required for the build. The sets are designed to sit within themes such as addition and multiplication.

Highlighted Features

  • Monthly subscription box of LEGO and compatible bricks for kindergarten to third graders
  • Helps kids learn math concepts through building
  • Each box follows on from the previous months box


A monthly box is $25 including shipping to the US.


Math Bricks is available to the US and other countries. Costs for shipping outside the US will be calculated at check out.

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Lego Subscription Box

LEGO subscription boxes are perfect for kids of all ages, whether to build and creatively play and learn with or just for those bigger kids who enjoy collecting LEGO. A subscription box can also be a good way to start out LEGO collecting – instead of you having to choose what to buy, you can let LEGO experts make those big decisions for you!

When deciding on the best LEGO subscription box, probably the first thing to think about is the age range. Although LEGO does focus on education through play; not all subscription boxes will be as suitable for younger kids – especially if the build kits are more advanced. Check out the subscription box website to see what sort of age range their boxes are suitable for.

Some subscription boxes contain all LEGO products such as mini figures or build kits. Others can contain LEGO items along with compatible bricks and even accessories such as pencil cases and stickers.

LEGO boxes can be generic, in that the contents will be a complete surprise theme each month while other subscriptions will allow you to choose favorite LEGO themes or sets such as City or Super Heroes. The more expensive subscription boxes may also contain custom kits or even new products which are not yet available in stores so these boxes can often be of more interest to older kids or grown up collectors.

While you may have some choice of theme, remember the contents of the box are not personalized so there will always be the risk of receiving duplicates if the box recipient already has a lot of LEGO.

When you look at the prices of boxes consider if it is just a monthly subscription or if you choose to subscribe for longer (such as a year) how much discount this may offer on the monthly cost. Also check out shipping costs as some include this in the advertised price while other will add on extra costs (often flat rate for domestic shipping).

Another thing to consider is storage space. If bricks have not already taken over your home, then you may want to take care to ensure they do not! For this reason, mini figure subscription boxes can be ideal as these take up little room and kids do not always need huge LEGO builds for them to still enjoy playing creatively with minifigs.

The LEGO rental service may be another good option because the full kit is sent back every month but renting LEGO is only viable if you know the kids will spend the time and build it quickly. If building is more of an occasional activity, then renting may not be the best choice.

More companies are also focusing on the role of LEGO in learning and some subscriptions offer clear educational goals that kids can achieve while playing. As these kits are usually devised by educationalists and other specialists, they can cost quite a bit more than a generic LEGO subscription box, but if you do want to support kids with learning then these types of boxes can be very useful.


A LEGO subscription box can be the highlight of the month for kids of any age who enjoy building. When you are choosing a subscription box, our final suggestion is to just take time to check out the best LEGO subscription boxes that we have reviewed here as each box does tend to offer something a little different that may or may not suit the intended box recipient.
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