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Subscription boxes have changed lives for many of us. The packages now offer you a range of products starting from fashion to food, you name it, you can find it. Moreover, the monthly treats to yourself or your loved ones sure do bring a smile to the face. 

While focusing on what’s more important, some hidden gems of subscription boxes remain undiscovered. Only a few know about them even though they offer amazing value, interesting and essential products, and convenience of access. One example of such a subscription box is from Babacorn Brick. 

What is Babacorn Brick Subscription Box?

So what does the subscription bring you? Well, every month it delivers a minimum of 10 LEGO and brick-themed items to your doorstep. Among these 10 pieces, 5 are LEGO Minifigures and the rest 5 are other items like construction sets, polybags, and Lego-themed stationery. Not only that but they also send you other accessories, stickers, and extra goodies as a bonus. 

It does not end here. The box also comes with an exclusive mini-comic that features reader builds, competitions, games, and puzzles. Moreover, your kid’s birthday will not be forgotten! Babacorn is kind and caring enough to send your kid a gift and card in their box on his/her birth month box. 

Key Points 

  • Subscription box of the UK 
  • Price: £16.45/month at the lowest
  • Founded in: 2019
  • Ships to: Worldwide from the UK 
  • Shipping fee: Inside UK - £3.95, Internationally - £15.95

How Do I Subscribe?

How Do I Subscribe

Their subscription process is very easy and short. All you need to do is go to their website which and choose one among the four payment methods that they offer and insert some of your details and that’s it! You will be a subscriber and wait for your box to arrive. 

As aforementioned, in this segment of my review article, I will tell you about the fantastic payment schemes that they offer.

How Do I Subscribe 1

So, you can choose any one of the four plans- 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or bi-monthly subscription. The 1 month and bi-monthly subscription will charge you the same amount - £17.95/month. The only difference is that for a 1-month subscription, you will be billed monthly but for a bi-monthly option, you will be billed every 2 months. 

The 3-month subscription will cost you a total of £50.85 and will be billed every 3 months which makes the monthly cost £16.95. For the 6 month subscription, you will need to pay £98.70 every 6 months which makes it charge £16.45/month. 

The shipping fees were already mentioned in the key points. (£3.95 for orders within the UK and £15.95 for worldwide shipment)

Let’s take a look at what I received in the August 2021 Theme “Fun & Games” Babacorn-Bricks Box Lego Subscription Box!


The box came wrapped in a blue metallic foil paper. Not only that but the box also had a colorful Babacorn sticker on it, welcoming the subscribers.


Upon unwrapping, I found this box. I mean, the box itself is so funky, colorful, and HAPPY! The box alone got me excited.


With the lid lifted, the insides of the box look like this. There is a flyer that sits on top of all the items which says which month’s subscription box you have received. 

For me, it was the August box and since they craft their boxes on the basis of a monthly theme, the name of the August box was “Fun & Games”.


More sneak peek into the box! 

Oh, there! I see the exclusive mini-comic that they promised to send.


Everything in my August Box! 

An overview of all the items that I have found inside my box. Aren’t these a lot? I mean I was overwhelmed and surprised to receive so many things in one package. I could not wait to unpack every item.


Some close-up shots to show you all how things looked upfront.


Now that we have taken a look at how everything looked when they came in, let me now get into the one-to-one review. I will be starting with the monthly mystery surprise bags.


First I decided to go with the green bag. 

Inside this small green pack came the materials for making a small Lego character.


I found all these parts of the Lego pieces that I had to assemble.


The assembled version looked like this. It also came with a hair brick which made it look even nicer. Absolutely loved building it, fun stuff!


Next, I unpacked this one!


These were the Lego pieces that I found inside. In the first appearance, the pieces also looked like the ones needed to build a human character.


Yes, I wasn’t wrong! This was a human mini-figure as well, similar to the previous one.


The blue one was next which I decided to open.


Well, the third Lego I build was another human character but I did not mind because each had its own exciting twist in the building process. It has cute yellow headwear which gives it a greater character.


This came in similar but fancier packaging. The glittery effect of the cute pack sets it apart.


And, it was different actually! Not a human figure. Upon building, the character looks like a cute little robot. As support of its own, it came with a LEGO strip on which it could.


This was the last one of its kind that I unwrapped.


Look at this cute one! Being an animal lover, this one is one of my favorites in the box- very cute and easy to build. Like the former one, a Lego strip also came in with this one which serves as its base.


The next item that I will be reviewing is the Lego Friends pack. It comes with an age bar of 6+ years so I guessed that it will be of a higher difficulty level. The pack shows a picture of a tennis table so maybe I will be building a tennis table.


These were the bricks that I found inside which would help me build the Lego.


How cute does this one look? Yes, I wasn’t wrong. This one was a little harder to build but that’s the drill. The adorable tennis table is perfect for anyone above 6 years old!


Any star wars fan out there? This one is specially crafted for you! This limited edition Jedi Interceptor was sent as a bonus in this box. I am a big star wars fan and thrilled to receive this.


These were all the bricks required to build the perfect Jedi Interceptor Lego ever! I haven’t assembled it yet and saved it for later.


Last but not the least, this item was also a gift that came in the box. They were small miniature game bricks. I found these extremely adorable as well, I mean look at their tiny sizes.


I absolutely loved this subscription box and I know for a fact that any Lego lover especially the kids will love this box. My personal favorite inside the August box was the Limited Edition Jedi Interceptor and the Lego Friends tennis table. I found these two very attractive and unique and had super fun building them.

So, you should subscribe to their service if you want a mix and match of mini-figures along with other exciting Lego-themed items delivered to you every month. To do so, you just have to go to their website or contact them on any of their social media platforms and they will guide you through. However, I would want you all to know that the box is suitable for kids above 36 months. This is because the box includes many small pieces which may be considered risky for kids below that age bar.

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