The 10 Best Cat Subscription Boxes

Are you looking for a way to spoil your cat? A cat subscription box is one of the best ways to show your affection and appreciation for your pet feline. Be it cat toys, cat treats, or even cat litter, these amazing subscription boxes never fail to go the extra mile in  surprising your cat with presents at the end of each month.

Not only that but having a constant supply of the goods you need for your cat, as well as access to fantastic prices and savings compared to store-bought supplies, may be very reassuring.

Moreover, for all the cat-lover friends, relatives, and colleagues you have, a monthly subscription box is a terrific Christmas birthday or a present for any occasion. 

So, the answer to which subscription is the best will widely differ as the answer is contingent on what the cat owners and the cats prefer and are searching for. 

Are you looking for a budget-friendly choice or something more upscale? Whatever your requirements, there's a box for you and your feline companion thanks to the rising popularity of pet subscription boxes.

You'll find our buying tips for best cat subscription boxes below, as well as readers' best picks for cat toys, cat food, cat-themed clothing, and more which will assist you to sort through the numerous options available in the market.

Quick Comparison Between The 10 Best Cat Subscription Box

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1. CatLadyBox


Price:  Starting as low as $39.99 and can extend up to $44.99 as per your subscription choice.

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the United States 

Availability: Shipment from the United States within the United States and to Canada & United Kingdom

Review: This particular box is not only targeted towards cats but also caters to the needs of the cat parents as well! They give you the luxury to choose from two subscription options- Crazy Cat Lady Box which includes supplies for both the cat moms and their cats or CatLadyBox which includes only cat-themed items for the cat moms.

The CatLadyBox includes at least 3 to 4 items that range from exclusive fashion accessories, clothes, feline-themed jewelry, home décor, and many more just for you whereas the Crazy Cat Lady Box comes with two extra goodies for your cat. Catnip-stuffed toys, ribbons, entertaining baubles are among the goods available for felines.

In addition to the subscription being offered to you in two different options, you also get the luxury to avail yourself of the 3 different payment plans. You can choose to go for the prepay for one, three, or six months upfront which will help you save money and offer more convenience. The monthly subscription box is also subject to auto-renewal and you can cancel it anytime you deem it fit. 

What’s more?

For the United States residents, CatLadyBox charges no shipping cost. Moreover, subscribers can enjoy discounts on additional products even though the subscription offer charges you very little for an original retail price of over $70!

Not only that but you can always cancel your subscription for the month-to-month payment system but make sure to do it on the month-end as they ship their products at the start of each month. However, for the 3 months and 6 months prepayment, you can cancel but will not be receiving any refund. 

What we loved the most about this is that you will also be taking part in a good cause. The brand donates a portion of its profit to cat rescue through its CatLadyBox care program every month.

2. Cattitude Box

Cattitude Box

Price:  Starting at £28.33GBP per box in the 3-months prepayment method and £31.95GBP per box in the monthly payment method. 

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the United Kingdom; Outside of the UK, delivery will cost £10.50 for EU nations and £15.50 for non-EU countries.

Availability: Ships worldwide from United Kingdom

Review: Cattitude with their cat subscription boxes, will send you and your cats exceptional, one-of-a-kind presents every month. The boxes will be delivered to your door and you will discover unique handcrafted toys and accessories created by independent British producers and designers exclusively curated for you.

What we loved the most in this is that it comes with a different theme every month which is effective in drawing the attention of the subscribers and if you are not convinced enough, you can always see it for yourself. Check out their previous boxes, among which Alice in Wonderland and David Bowie gained the most popularity in 2020. 

They enjoy a good chuckle and a good joke, and many of the things reflect this, especially the boxes which are commissioned. Their boxes are shipped from England around the 10th of every month and to get your hands on these ameowzing boxes, you need to place your order by the last day of every month. If you are lucky enough and they have stocks available in hand, you surely will have a box delivered to your doorstep. 

What’s more?

Moreover, you have the luxury to choose from two options to go with. You can swap cat foods or treats for toys if your cat is on a particular diet or is sensitive to certain foods.

Even though all the toys and treats are approved and already tested, it is still left upon you to choose which way you want to go.

Furthermore, if you are not completely happy, you have 14 days to seek a refund after receiving it. After that, you have another 14 days to return the package to them in the same condition that you received it.

In addition to customer acquisition, satisfaction, and providing the greatest treats for your cats, they also help cats in need by giving a part of our revenues to cat shelters to fund the rescue and well-being of less fortunate felines. So, if you are in fact a subscriber, you will be taking part in a noble cause.

3. Paws & Claws Kit

Paws & Claws Kit

Price:  $29.99 monthly/box 

Shipping Cost: 

Availability: Ships worldwide from United States 

Review: Paws & Claws Kit, like the prior two, is a cat subscription box service that delivers premium-quality cat food and toys to your home, making cat ownership simple! Upon subscription, you will receive a cat-themed box to pamper your furry friend each month.

Not just your cat, but the brand has treats for you as well! The box contains goodies that range from a rich selection of nutritious foods, accessories, nips, quirky and sparkly toys and treats just for your cat.  

To make sure you get a hand on these amazing boxes, order away between the 1st and 14th of every month as they ship their products 4 days after the 14th. However, if you are late to the club and place your order after the 15th, you will receive it 4 days after the next month’s deadline. 

What’s more?

Well, the brand does not offer its services at a lucrative rate but also offers you a chance of winning free boxes every month. All you need to do is send them a picture of you and your cat in their email at Furthermore, the brand donates 5% of its profit to different animal charities every month. 

Since their website is still under development, they do not have a signup option yet. So, if you want to order your box, visit or directly email them in their email id with your and your cat’s name, basic details of your cat, and a number they can contact you in. They will get back to you and you will have amazing treats to spoil your furry best friend every month delivered to your doorstep.

4. Monthly Gus & Bella Box

Monthly Gus & Bella Box

Price:  £26.95GBP monthly/box

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the United Kingdom; for international orders the customers are responsible for all import duties, taxes, and tariffs. 

Availability: Ships worldwide from United Kingdom

Review: The Monthly Gus & Bella is the most interesting and trendy monthly subscription box not just for your cat but for yourself as well! Unbox 2-4 amusing, classy, and trendy gifts particularly for you, in addition to 5-6 goodies for your cat.

Decorate your house with elegant cat decor, indulge in feline self-care items, or indulge in a chocolate treat or two. It also makes an exciting one-time gift for pet lovers. The brand also supports local cat charities from the revenues that it makes. 

Your subscriptions get renewed automatically on the 4th of every month which is then shipped from the UK between the 8th and 12th. The standard shipping time for the boxes getting delivered within the UK is 2-5 days whereas, for the international order, it takes a little longer to arrive, taking about 7-14 days. 

What’s more?

With charming monthly themes like Santa Paws on the occasion of Christmas, Feline Spooky on Halloween and Take Meowt or Be My Meowentine for Valentines Day, a chance to find a golden ticket that leads to winning luxurious cat-themed prizes, and the scope to find and save on new cat toys, cutting-edge health products, delectable natural protein-rich cat food/treats, and lovely presents for cat lovers, this is the place to be for cat lovers. 

Moreover, what we found different in this subscription box is that you have the freedom to custom these boxes as per your preference for cats in case they have a sensitive nature. It also offers vegan alternatives for the goodies that come for humans.

5. Nom Nom Cat

Nom Nom Cat

Price:  Starting at $33.00

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the 48 contiguous states

Availability: Ships within the United States 

Review: Nom Nom is a different subscription option, especially for those who want to give their cats all the benefits without going through the hassle of cooking. Rather than sending a combination of products to pamper your furriend, it looks after its well-being.

It is a monthly subscription service that delivers fresh and delicious homemade cat food to your home. Each recipe is tailored to your cat's exact nutritional requirements, and it is never mass-produced or frozen. In order to keep the cat food fresh, each purchase is packaged with dry ice.

Its meals are personalized to your cat's age, weight, and allergies, and are served to customers in 120-calorie doses to help the cat owners manage their pets’ weight better.

Each meal is cooked only a few days before it is delivered, using only whole food components and no fillers. Each recipe includes a mixture of multiple essential vitamins like Vit D, E, B1, B2, B12, and other minerals like Iron, Zinc, and Copper.

You may also sign up to get multiple recipes in each purchase if your pet is a finicky eater. Nom Nom offers a meal for your cat once you complete a questionnaire about your cat (body weight, dietary limitations, age). The price will vary depending on your cat's requirements.

What’s more?

You may be certain that the meals your cat is consuming are nutrient-dense and ideal for their health because Nom Nom's team includes two Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists and several Ph.D., nutritionists.

Even then if you have doubts regarding the nutritional content then you can always use Nom Nom’s nutritional calculator to compare its chicken cuisine diet with other standard popular brands. Moreover, you can always request a complete refund if you're not pleased after 30 days, no questions asked.

Their boxes, meal packs, and superior quality liners that are used for insulating are all recyclable or constructed from recycled materials in an effort to lessen our carbon impact and are designed to keep your pet's meals fresh in transportation.

6. PrettyLitter Box

PrettyLitter Box

Price:  Starting at $22 for one cat/month, $40 for two cats/month, $60 for three cats/month

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the United States and some Canadian provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Availability: Ships worldwide from United States 

Review: Pretty Litter, as its name suggest, is a cat subscription box that brings an end to your kitty litter issues. What sets this particular one apart is that not only is this odorless and lightweight but also has indicative nature that helps you determine your cat’s health.

Unlike traditional soiled litter which clumps and needs to be scooped out, this brand offers you a long-lasting one that does not cluster together or require frequent scooping out, ensuring absolute ease of use.

Pretty Litter is made of silica gel, which captures odor and absorbs moisture from your cat's litter box, and lets the water evaporate which means you only need to scoop out the solid waste and dispose of it.

You can place your order of cat litter up to 12 cats that too in very appealing price and one pack can last a month at one time, however, you can have them delivered to you every 3 or 4 weeks as per your convenience.

It's also intended to change color when abnormal levels of alkalinity or acidity are detected and this property helps you keep track of your cat’s health. The soiled litter helps you keep a clean, dry, and odorless litter box for your furry friend, that too, on a very good budget. 

As for the user manual, use the ruler card in the bag to ensure you achieve the right 2" of depth after pouring the PrettyLitter into your litter box. However, if you have issues achieving the right amount of depth, reach out to the PrettyLitter team and they will match you with the ideal subscription package for your needs.

What’s more?

Even though some cat owners prefer other natural materials or something that can be easily flushed or disposed of, this brand has resulted to be quite popular among users due to its superb benefits. The soiled litter changes color and the inferences that can be drawn are as follows: 

Dark Yellow or Olive Green: This indicates that the urine is well within the typical range and your cat is healthy. 

Blue: Blue indicates that your cat has some type of urinary tract infection or worse, higher chances of forming stones. 

Orange: Your cat might be suffering from metabolic acidosis or renal tubular acidosis. 

Red: It's possible that your cat has bladder stones, lower urinary tract problems, or kidney disease.

7. Litterbox Subscription

Litterbox Subscription

Price:  Starting at $25/month

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the United States on orders above $35

Availability: Ships within United States 

Review: It is a cat subscription box from the same company that brought you the Litter-Robot is full of surprises for both cats and humans. Each and every component that they include in the subscription is of superior-quality that is personally tested on the pets of the team.

Across the globe, the Litterbox has a buzzword for creating the greatest blend of  cat toys, catnip, bedding, cleaners, furniture, and more. Starting from the recyclable packaging to the long-lasting design, they put care into every step of the process.

They only sell goods that have received the seal of approval from genuine cats and loving pet owners after extensive trial-and-error testing, i.e., whether kitties enjoy playing with the hemp mouse or the cat sac is sufficiently comfortable.

What’s more?

Starting at $25, Litterbox sells a range of cat toys and items, including litter, pet cleaners, and more. Each box contains six to eight goods, and delivery is free inside the contiguous United States on orders of $35 or more.

Your first box will arrive within a week after purchase, and each subsequent bundle will arrive on the same day each month. In addition to these, you have the luxury to cancel your subscription at any time.

The litterbox is an excellent option for anyone who wants to pamper a kitty but is more concerned with cleaning supplies and cat toys. This business is perfect since it offers both cat and human-friendly surprises.

8. Meowbox Cat Subscription Box

Meowbox Cat Subscription Box

Price:  Starting $23.95 USD for both monthly and bi-monthly payment options

Shipping Cost: Free shipping in both United States and Canada

Availability: Ships to the United States and Canada 

Review: With the premium quality subscription box from Meowbox, you can expect atleast 5-6 items delivered to your doorstep every month in exchange of minimal cost. Every item in the box is handpicked for you to win the heart of your pet cat. Every package includes at least one toy and comes with nutritious snacks. However, if your cat has dietary allergies, you can always choose a box without treats. 

Since Meowbox has a good grab on the market, it occasionally runs out of room to accept new customers and if you are a victim of this all you need to do is simply put your name on a waiting list.

When a spot becomes available, you'll be notified by email. On the other hand, there is absolutely no pen and paper commitment required to join the club, so if the treats and toys don't appeal to your cat, you have the freedom to cancel at any time.

Furthermore, every month the boxes are designed around a special theme so you have something to look forward to. It does not end here! If you fill them in with your cat’s name, they may also send you a personalized note targeted just for your cat. They will  dispatch your first meowbox within 3 business days if you order by 11:59 p.m. PST.

What’s more?

The brand proactively supports small businesses and craftsmen which is why every meowbox has at least one handcrafted, small-batch, or locally-made toy.

Moreover, they provide a can of food (or monetary equivalent) to a shelter cat against every purchase and they do not just claim this but you can also check for yourself. As soon as your meowbox ships, you will get an email with a unique can code.

You may input this tracking code on their website to keep track of the status and location of your donation, as well as which shelter has benefited from it and we found this to be very unique and impactful in this subscription service.

9. KitNipBox


Price:  $22.99 for Happy Cat KitNipBox/month and $29.99 for Multi-Cat KitNipBox

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the United States; Customers in Canada will be charged $6.95 USD each package for shipping.

Availability: Ships to the United States and Canada 

Review: The KitNipBox includes everything a cat parent could possibly desire for their feline companion, starting from premium-quality cat toys, all-natural cat snacks, gadgets to interactive toys, to kitty accessories, you name it, the box has it all.

And if your cat is among the playful kinds then there is no alternative to this one. While most cat subscription boxes contain toys, KitNipBox is praised for the exceptional quality and variety of toys included in each monthly box that helps you keep your cat engaged and entertained.

The box offers you five products if you go for the single cat option which is valued at $23 per month. On the other hand, if you have multiple cats, you will receive seven gifts to thrill your cats for $30.

A variety of cat toys, including catnip-stuffed animals and a squeaking mouse, as well as all-natural goodies, are included in the package. Every product you get is thoroughly tested and yet if you're unsatisfied for any reason you may quickly cancel your box.

Moreover, over 100 animal welfare groups across the country are supported by KitNipBox. They contribute a part of their profits and goods to shelters, rescues, TNR projects, and other feline welfare organizations every month.

Giving close competition to meowbox, this too gives you the option to choose between treats and non-treat boxes but in a budget cut. If your cat has food allergies, you can request a no-treat box that contains only toys and other items that are alternatives to food. 

What’s more?

As mentioned earlier, KitNipBox gives choices for multi-cat homes without the need to purchase several complete boxes, which we adore. Even though the boxes do not include treats that are fully organic or all-natural, due to the premium quality that too in a budget deal makes it a very popular choice among the cat owners.

10. Pet Treater

Pet Treater

Price:  Cat Pack at $15.00 per month/box; Multi-Cat Pack at $25.00 per month/box 

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within United States 

Availability: Ships to United States

Review: Pet Treater membership is perfect for those who want to spoil their feline companion without breaking the bank. While most of the reviews so far considered subscription services that only catered to pet cats, this one however is beneficial for both cats and dogs. 

The Cat Pack contains three to four items that come with a combination of both treats and toys. On the other hand, the Multi-Cat Pack comes with 5-8 items. All the treats that come in the boxes are either sourced in the United States or Canada.

11. Cat Person

Cat Person

Price:  Starter Kit at $25.00; Wet & Dry Starter at $20.00/month; Wet Starter at $23.00

Shipping Cost: Free shipping within the United States 

Availability: Ships within the United StatesReview: Cat Person delivers a mix of high-protein fresh and dry meals that are precisely chosen for your cat's health needs to your doorstep every month. What’s different in this one is that before you choose to be a subscriber, they will send you a Starter Kit with two wet food options and one dry food option to test and we think this is amazing! 

After you have tried out their starter kit for two weeks, you can adjust your future orders so that your cat can enjoy their favorite meals every four weeks. A wide variety of meal options is offered by Cat Person, including chicken broth, paté, kibble, and digestive support blends, with over 19 recipes to choose from.

What’s more? 

Each meal preparation contains zero grain and is low on carb contents. Not just that the recipes do not contain unnecessary fillers and contain only around 1 or 2 animal proteins which are sufficient for your cat. You can also filter out the ingredients that your cat is allergic to.


If you have finally made it to this section of our review article then we at least hope we have convinced you to subscribe to one of these subscription services.

While each subscription service has its own set of features, the majority of them will send you a different set of toys and treats each month which is fun and most importantly help you pamper your furry friend.

And that is all from our end regarding the best cat subscription box. We are hopeful that you will find just the right one that allows you and your feline companion to have a guaranteed fun time. 

So, which subscription box was successful in grabbing your attention?

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