Unboxing Wicked Good – Scent Club Box Subscription Review

Scent Club by Wicked Good is a perfume subscription box that allows you to discover and enjoy new scents every month. All the fragrances are handcrafted so you can expect them to be quite unique. There are very low chances of you finding these perfumes and scented goods in your local shop. Moreover, since the fragrances are handcrafted and each month’s box follows a specific theme, you are highly unlikely to receive the same products in different boxes.

Unboxing Wicked Good

One feature that makes Wicked Good a great brand is that all its products are free of phthalate. The products are also vegan and the brand is strictly against testing its products on animals. These fragrances are unlikely to irritate your skin since they do not contain any toxic chemicals. You won’t feel a stinging or burning sensation when you apply the fragrances to your body. They are also unlikely to spike your allergy.

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Highlighted Features

  • $33 per month
  • 2-3 products in each subscription box
  • Limited edition perfume
  • Free shipping for US residents
  • Toxin-free scented goods

What to Expect?

In your box, you will receive a unique perfume along with two or three scented goods such as bath and body products or home products. For instance, in addition to the perfume, you may receive a bath bomb, scented candles, and/or a perfume oil roller.

All the products offered in the subscription box are one of a kind. The fragrances are brewed and bottled in Chicago and aren’t produced on a large scale so if you are keen on trying new and unique fragrances, a Scent Club Subscription might be perfect for you. The products come in a well-packaged box so they are unlikely to break apart or become damaged during the shipping process.


Wicked Good makes their clean fragrances natural ingredients such as plant extracts, distilled flowers, essential oils, and fragrance perfume oils. 

How to Start your Subscription?

  • Scent Club offers two types of subscriptions. One is called a “Scent Club Box” that offers a perfume along with two to three scented goods while the other is called a “Perfume Oil Roller Only” which offers a limited-edition scent in each box.

  • After choosing your desired box, you will need to select your subscription package. If you opt for the “Scent Club Box”, you will be given three subscription packages to choose from. The first is a month-to-month package, the second is a 3-month package, and the third is a 6-month package. The 3 and 6-month subscription packages are prepaid packages.
  • If you opt for the “Perfume Oil Roller Only”, you will be offered only prepaid packages of 3, 6, and 12 months. 
  • After choosing your desired subscription package, you will need to provide your shipping address, billing information, and hence, proceed to checkout. 
  • You must create an account using a valid email address in order to checkout successfully.


The “Scent Club Box” subscription starts at $33 per month. If you opt for the 3-month prepaid subscription package, you will be charged $99. The 6-month prepaid subscription package is priced at a discounted rate of $179, allowing you to save $18.

On the other hand, the “Perfume Oil Roller Only” starts at a price of $49 for its 3-month prepaid subscription plan. It charges $89 for its 6-month prepaid subscription plan and $159 for its 12-month prepaid subscription plan. 


Wicked Good ships worldwide! You can easily get your box of scented goods from anywhere in the world. While the shipping cost is free for US residents, Canadian residents will be charged $20. The shipping fee for international delivery is $30.


Scent Club also allows you to send boxes of scented goods to your loved ones. You can choose a month-to-month gift subscription plan or you can choose prepaid gift subscription packages of 3, 6, or even 12 months. The pricing is the same for all packages.

Unboxing MY JANUARY 2022 Wicked Good Scent Club Box!


Upon opening the box, I found a pamphlet on top which listed all the products that were inside. The ingredients, flavors, and fragrances of each product are written in detail on the pamphlet. The pamphlet also states the theme of the January box in the top right corner. This month’s theme was Winter Solstice.


The backside of the pamphlet shows a message regarding the theme. You will also receive a code that you will need to use within the end of the month in order to avail of the discount for next month’s subscription box.


I received a total of four items in my Scent Club January Box. There was a perfume spray, a perfume oil roller, a perfume mist, and a solid perfume. The products had minimalist packaging, which went in line with the theme.


This perfume spray is called Enlightenment. It is made using Tuberose Fleur, Indian Jasmine Absolute, Saffron, Cedarwood, and Ambergris. Tuberose is considered to be one of the most fragrant flowers so you can expect this perfume to have a strong floral smell. The Indian Jasmine Absolute, together with saffron, gives it a very rich odor.

The Cedarwood produces hints of woody and sweet aroma while the Ambergris produces a rather earthy scent. This perfume allows you to fall back to nature. The floral and earthy scent really does make it perfect for every event. Plus, the perfume actually does last all day long.


The next item was the Winter Solstice Perfume Oil. The ingredients include Orange Pomander, Blackberry, Violet Leaf, Nectarine, Honey Oak, and Musk. This perfume has a rather fruity yet calming scent.

This is a rollerball perfume, which makes it great for packing in your bag while traveling. You won’t have to worry about any messy spillages that usually occur with spray bottles. Plus, the rollerball tip makes it very long-lasting and easy to apply. You can just rub it on your wrists, behind your ear lobes, and in your inner elbows before going outside.


The third item in the box was a perfume mist named Falling Stars. It is made using a number of ingredients such as Pineapple, Balsam, Cypress, Ravensara, Dark Myrrh, Cotton Candy, Dry Woods, White Musk, and Ozone.

The pineapple and cotton candy extracts give it a sweet aroma while the white musk produces hints of floral fragrances. You will also get a woody and fresh odor from the Balsam, Cypress, Ravensara, Dark Myrrh, and Dry Woods extracts.

The ozone produces a very clean and complex odor. This perfume mist really does smell like fresh air. I love applying it in the morning. It has a very pleasant and soothing aroma so it is neither too strong nor too heavy.


The last item in the box was the solid perfume called Sun Shower. Now I’ve never tried solid perfumes before but this one is truly a gem. It is perfect for date nights or long events since it lasts all day long.

The perfume consists of Yuzu, Sweet Orange, Yellow Daffodil, and Palo Santo so you can expect it to have a citrusy scent. This makes it more suitable for mornings or daytime events. It is pretty lightweight and smells quite fresh and crisp.

Final Thoughts on the Scent Club "Winter Solstice" Box 


If I were to describe this month’s subscription box in three words, I would say “fresh, clean, and evergreen” aroma. All the perfumes in the box had very interesting fragrance notes, unlike the mainstream perfumes we see in the mall.

I was introduced to such a varied range of fragrance notes, thanks to Scent Club. All the products gave off a very fresh and sweet fragrance. The perfumes had a combination of floral, woody, earthy, and citrusy scents. I really did get a lot of compliments when I wore these perfumes. 

I loved how I did not need to apply a lot of perfume for it to last on my skin all day. I would say that these perfumes do last a good few months. My favorite product from the list was “Sun Shower” solid perfume.

I loved the citrusy fragrance. I loved applying it in the morning, right after taking a shower. It made me feel really fresh and clean. The citrusy scent was not too overwhelming. It definitely did not smell like those lemon air fresheners. It actually had a very cool and gentle aroma. 

These perfumes were something I could wear on a daily basis. None of them caused any irritation on the skin. The liquid perfumes dry up quite quickly so you don’t have to wait a long time for them to dry. Plus, the perfumes, including the oil, do not feel sticky or greasy on the skin. The perfumes are so lightweight that you feel as if you haven’t applied anything on your skin.


Will I be able to cancel my subscription midway?

If you want to cancel next month’s subscription box, you will need to do it by the 8th of the current month as Scent Club usually renews recurring subscriptions within the 10th or 11th of each month. 

Is there any way I can find out about the following month’s subscription box’s products?

You can be sure to find a sneak peek of next month’s subscription box on Scent Club’s website. If you are not satisfied with the fragrance notes, you may skip that month’s subscription box in just a few steps. All you need to do is log in to your account,  click on “Manage Subscription” and then select “Skip Next Renewal” in order to skip the box. 

How can I make the perfume last all day without needing to apply it frequently?

The best places to apply perfume for making it last all day are on your pulse points, inner elbows, and at the back of the earlobes. If you have applied the perfume on your wrists, it might be best to avoid rubbing your wrists together as it may allow the aroma to fade away quickly. Instead of applying the perfume directly on your skin, it might be a wiser move to apply it on your clothes.

Scent Club is for you if: 

  • You want to build a more versatile perfume collection without needing to spend a lot 
  • You want to explore new scents and go past your comfort zone
  • You are looking for calming and sweet scents that don’t give you a migraine
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