GlossyBox October 2021 Subscription Box : A Must-Have For Every Makeup Lover

For all the newbies out here, GLOSSYBOX is a monthly beauty subscription that sends you a bundle of high-end and diverse beauty products each month. All the beauty products included in the box are completely vegan and healthy. GLOSSYBOX works with more than 150 beauty enthusiasts who are constantly browsing through a wide variety of beauty products to curate the best possible subscription box every month.

A GLOSSYBOX Subscription is like treating yourself with a surprise goody bag each month. Trust me when I say this, there isn’t a better feeling than when a GLOSSYBOX arrives in front of your doorstep!

GLOSSYBOX Subscription Box

GLOSSYBOX works with over 500 brands so you are highly likely to stumble upon some new, niche beauty products.

When you start your subscription, you will receive 5 or 6 luxury sample products each month. GLOSSYBOX may include a few full-size beauty products as well. What’s great about this subscription box is that all the products are not of the same type.

This box of goodies comes with a combination of products that may be suitable for your skin, hair, body, or even your nails. For instance, you may receive serums and face masks along with body scrubs and a few packs of anti-aging tea. What I’m trying to say is you will receive lots of diverse beauty products, other than just makeup and skincare.

What was included in the box?

  • Subscription starts at $21 a month
  • 5-6 beauty products in each box
  • Each box has a retail value of over $60
  • Gift subscriptions are available
  • Based in 10 different countries 

Unboxing Glossybox October 2021 Box

One feature that makes unboxing the GLOSSYBOX super exciting is that each month’s subscription box follows a specific theme. So, you can expect to find a wide variety of unique and new beauty products in each box. The theme for the box I received this month was called Magical Masquerade and I loved every bit of it!


You will receive your beauty products in a pink box such as this one. I think the box is super cute. Instead of throwing away the box after taking out all the beauty products, I like to use the box to store my makeup brushes, face masks, balls of yarns, or scrunchies in it. The box really does come in handy.


I would say that GLOSSYBOX  really does put a lot of effort into packaging. The beauty products are not all over the place upon unboxing them. The pamphlet is placed on top with the beauty products underneath. They are tied together using a black ribbon so that everything stays in place.


This is what the pamphlet looks like. On the top left part, there is a little message regarding the theme of the box.

The pamphlet also gives you a detailed description of all the beauty products inside the box. It tells you how to use each product and even gives out useful tips. The pamphlet also shows the market retail price of each of the products so you can get an idea of how much you are saving by subscribing to GLOSSYBOX.


When you remove the pamphlet, you will see that the products are wrapped using pink paper tissue. There was black paper confetti inside the box as well.


GLOSSYBOX included a few skincare products in this month’s box. I received the Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer by One Kind. it came in the deluxe mini size which is worth $12. It includes ingredients such as squalene and rosehip oil, which are great for keeping your skin hydrated and fresh for long periods. 

Squalene is said to have anti-inflammatory properties so you can expect it to reduce redness and soothe irritation on the face. Moreover, squalene is unlikely to clog your pores so the chances of breaking out or having a bad reaction when you apply the moisturizer on your face are reduced.

On the other hand, the rosehip oil helps to brighten up your skin and make it look more glowy. It also helps to fight inflammation and may stimulate collagen production in your skin, giving you a youthful appearance. 

I personally liked this moisturizer very much. It has a light formula so it does not feel too heavy on the skin. Plus, it dries up very quickly and keeps your skin moisturized throughout the night. I really did wake up with glowing skin in the morning. You can apply this moisturizer to both your face and neck.


Another product I received in this box was the Superfood Kale & Turmeric Body Lotion by AHAVA. This is a body lotion that is worth $5. The deluxe mini size is perfect for carrying it in your purse when you are traveling. The key ingredients of this product are hyaluronic acid, turmeric extract, and kale extract. 

Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient for keeping your skin hydrated. It is also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Turmeric extract not only helps to brighten your skin but also helps to fight inflammation. On the other hand, kale extract is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, and K. It helps to keep your skin smooth and soft. 

You should use this product right after getting out of the shower. The natural ingredients help to lock in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and refreshed all day. I really liked this product. It smells very fresh and makes my skin look supple throughout the day.


The next product in the box was the Bold Matte Liquid Lipstick by JOSÉPHINE COSMETICS. It came in the shade “TIPHAINE”. This is a full-size product that has a retail value of $30. It is a bright red lipstick so, if you are going for a bold look, this should definitely help to elevate your look.

This lipstick contains ingredients such as cocoa butter, olive oil, and vitamin E, which enables it to keep your lips hydrated while having a matte formula. This lipstick is something that you can wear on a daily basis. It feels as if you haven’t applied anything on your lips. Plus, it is transfer-proof and stays on all day long.


As I said, GLOSSYBOX does not only include beauty products in its subscription boxes. This month’s box came with a set of fragrances as well. The box included a travel-size version of Judith Leiber’s Discovery Set For Her which is worth $12. The set included three mini fragrances that are called “More Gourmand”, “More Zest”, and “More Floral”. “More Gourmand” has a fruity aroma with strong notes of vanilla.

“More Zest” has a very citrusy and neat fragrance. I love wearing it in the morning or during the day. As the name suggests, “More Floral” makes you smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Out of the three perfumes, “More Floral” was my favorite. It has a very feminine aroma and makes you smell amazing all day long. 

What I liked the most about this set was that you can wear the fragrances alone or mix them together to create your own personalized scent.

Moreover, the small sample sizes fit into your purse easily. The fragrance notes are quite strong so you can expect to get a lot of compliments when you are wearing these fragrances. Plus, you won’t have to reapply frequently as all three fragrances are unlikely to fade away quickly.


Another unique product from this month’s subscription box was the Self-Warming Eye Mask called Starry Eyes by Popmask. It is a single-use mask worth $4. Unlike regular eye masks, this one produces a warming sensation that allows you to soothe your tired eyes. 

The mask is perfect for individuals who have trouble sleeping at night. Basically, when you open the mask, the oxygen starts to get in and the mask starts to warm up. The mask is said to warm up to 38°C. All you need to do is put the loops behind your ears and lie down for a relaxing experience. 

When I used this mask for the first time, I had quite a hard time trying not to doze off. It felt super relaxing and it was just a different experience for me. The eye mask was made using soft, breathable fabric and the loops were kind of loose so it did not feel too tight. Moreover, the warmth was not too intense.

The eye mask heated up gradually and the warmth lasted for about 20 minutes. I think this eye mask is perfect for individuals who have trouble sleeping. It may also help to make migraines go away. You can just put on this mask whenever you feel like having a relaxing day.


The last product is the Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner by EYEKO. It came in the travel size which is worth $12. Now, I love a good eyeliner and this one by EYEKO really did perform well. It is said to be waterproof which is a great feature, especially if you are someone who sweats a lot. This eyeliner came in the “Carbon Black” color so it looks quite matte.

It is actually super pigmented and very long-lasting. Even after the whole day, my eyeliner was not at all smudged or faded. What’s great about this eyeliner is that it has a precision tip so you can easily create a sharp winged eyeliner look using just a few strokes. You can even do a graphic eyeliner look using this product. 



All the products in this month’s box were really good choices. The products had a total retail value of $75 so, by paying just $21 a month, you really do save a lot of money. I loved the bold, red lipstick and the black eyeliner. I liked how these two products could be used together to create an intense, bold makeup look.

The moisturizer was actually very hydrating. It gives your face a very healthy glow. The self-warming eye mask felt amazing after a long week of work. It really did allow me to relax in a different way. I liked how they used nonwoven fabric so it did not cause any irritation or itchiness. On the other hand, the fragrances had sweet aromas and made me smell amazing for long periods of time. They did not feel sticky on the skin and dried up pretty quickly as well. 

However, I do wish that GLOSSYBOX had done something different with the packaging. They could’ve added some spooky decorations in honor of Halloween or a masquerade mask to blend in with the theme. I feel like they should have included more full-size products. Only one of the five products came in the full-size version. 

Most of the products were travel sizes or deluxe mini versions so you can’t really expect them to last all throughout the year. Moreover, the box included only one self-warming eye mask. 

This was a single-use product so adding a few more probably would have made more sense. Furthermore, the three fragrances came in tiny bottles so, just by applying a few pumps of the fragrances, you are done with almost half of the perfume. I would rate this box a 7 out of 10.


What age group is GLOSSYBOX suitable for?

GLOSSYBOX is suitable for all makeup enthusiasts who want to discover new products in fun ways. The targeted age group is between 14 and 21 years old but older individuals may enjoy their products as well. 

Will I be able to pause or skip my GLOSSYBOX subscription?

There is no such option available for GLOSSYBOX subscribers. If you want to pause or skip your subscription, you will need to terminate your subscription and then begin again at your preferred date. It is important to keep in mind that you will only be able to cancel your subscription once the terms in progress are fully complete.

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