The 7 Best Bridal Subscription Boxes To Pamper Brides Before And After Their Big Day

Are you planning to make your bride special before the big day? If you are confused about what to gift her, then subscribing to the bridal box will be of great help. The bridal boxes contain all the essentials like skincare, hair care, jewellery, mugs, etc., to make the bride happy. As the subscription boxes deliver boxes for a long time, your wife will receive a bridal box every month.  

Moreover, some pages allow you to customize the products inside the box. Make sure to mention the name and size appropriate for the bride. We have mentioned a list of the best bridal subscription boxes to choose from them.

Quick Comparison Between The 7 Best Bridal Subscription Boxes 

ProductPrice per monthGrade
Something New Bridal Box$55.99A
White Carpet Ready$99.99A
Haute BoXXX$49.99A-
Miss To Mrs Box$37.00A
The Bride Box$39.99B+
The Ring Boxes$39.95B+
Maeven Bridal Box$49.95A

1. Something New Bridal Box

Something New Bridal Box

After the wedding, you can order a subscription box from Something New Bridal Box to surprise your bride. Each box will contain jewellery, accessories, pamper products, decor, etc., that your wife will love. You can subscribe to a box for your wife to receive every month or once every two months. Moreover, you can choose the products and customize the box with products. Moreover, there are many clothes and accessories to shop for from their website.

Highlighted Features

  • The box comes with 4 to 7 items specially curated for the bride. 
  • Customizable names are possible to mention on the accessories. 
  • Discounts are available to the members for shopping from the website.

Rate: $55.99 per month

Delivering: Ships to the USA only. 

Additional offers: N/A

2. White Carpet Ready

White Carpet Ready

White Carpet Ready is prepared to feel your bride special at any time. They curate luxury products to make your bride feel like a queen of the world. Skincare, haircare, jewellery, makeup, etc., are given on the box. The products are collected from St. Tropez, More Labs, Pure Aura, VitaJuwel, Hum, Evian, Skindinavia, etc., and many more.

They have two subscription plans, three-month and six-month subscription plans. Each month, the bride will get different products from the first month and from different brands as well. You can gift the three or six boxes at the same time by pre-paying for them. Other than the subscription box, they also have many boxes like the honeymoon box, the engagement bundle, the wedded bliss, etc. They also have boxes for bridesmaids and brides’ moms. 

Highlighted Features

  • 5 to 7 products are added to the box with detailed information. 
  • Products are collected from top brands.
  • Gives access to professional wedding hair & makeup artists.

Rate: $99.99 per month 

Delivering: Ship anywhere in the United States

Additional offers: N/A

3. Haute BoXXX

Haute BoXXX

Haute BoXXX has designed its subscription boxes with the elements that the new bride will need. The items are carefully curated to ignite the flames between newlyweds. No items are repeated twice, and each box is built with particular themes. The boxes make a perfect gift as a bachelorette or bridal shower gift. In the case of clothing or lingerie, you can customize the size so that they fit perfectly. 

Highlighted Features

  • Includes more than 5 essential products for brides. 
  • Each month is designed based on themes.

Rate: $49.99 per box

Delivering: Ships worldwide

Additional offers: N/A

4. Miss To Mrs Box

Miss To Mrs Box

Celebrate your big day with the carefully curated items from Miss To Mrs Box. the box contains pampering products for the bride-to-be. They have up to 10 themed boxes, which let the bride enjoy the surprises every month. By subscribing to their plan, you can change the name of the kit, get tools and live help from pro planners, membership of the wedding club, and 20% off for shopping from their online pages in the future. The boxes cover all the themes from engagement to the big day and make the bride feel special. 

Highlighted Features

  • The boxes are arranged based on different themes each month. 
  • 6 to 7 items are included in the box. 
  • The dates of the delivery are customizable according to the wedding date.
  • Subscription to plans gives access to premium tools and services.

Rate: $37 per month 

Delivering: Ships to North America, the UK, and Australia. 

Additional offers: N/A

5. The Bride Box

The Bride Box

The Bride Box provides the most stylish bridal subscription boxes and one-time boxes. One-time boxes are made with various themes, which are ideal for every situation. The themes are like The Bride Box, The Bride Box, The Bride Box, etc. The one-time boxes have 12 to 14 essential products elaborately mentioned on the website. On the other hand, the subscription box elements are kept hidden until they reach the bride or to-be bride’s hands. 

Highlighted Features

  • The box contains 6 to 8 exclusive items like bridal apparel, beauty products, etc. 
  • Various themed boxes are available that prevents from sending the same items. 
  • Easy to change the size preferences.

Rate: $39.99 per month

Delivering: Ships to all 50 states in the USA, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa.

Additional offers: N/A

6. The Ring Boxes

The Ring Boxes

The Ring Boxes is a small family-owned business that loves to shower gifts to the new to-be-wed. They have monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, 9-monthly, and 12-monthly. You can customize the wedding date and bride’s size for the shirt. Moreover, they have groom boxes to take care of the grooms as well. You can shop from their online shop as well. 

Highlighted Features

  • Every box is delivered with handpicked and newly themed products. 
  • The box contains must-have bridal items.

Rate:  $39.95 per month

Delivering: Ships worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

7. Maeven Bridal Box

Maeven Bridal Box

Maeven Bridal Box is a luxury subscription box for brides. Each box is different themed, and you will continuously receive the boxes for 9 months. The subscription plan cancels automatically after 9 plans. You can also cancel the plans anytime between the 9 months. The box contains a necklace, weekly planner, vow books, acrylic ring box, etc. There are also one-time box engagement gift boxes at different spices containing various items for the bride.  

Highlighted Features

  • The boxes are designed with trendy and stylish products for the bride. 
  • 6 to 8 items are included in the box. 
  • You can easily send the subscription box as a gift.

Rate: $49.95 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the USA. 

Additional offers: N/A


Planning a wedding is a load of work as you have to find the venue, select a menu, shop for dresses, etc. As bride and groom feel overwhelmed with all the preparations, you can make them feel special by giving gifts. The best bridal subscription boxes we have mentioned provide subscription boxes for the groom and bride.

Moreover, the subscription boxes are packed with all the necessities a bride or groom will need. You can also send couple-themed subscription boxes as a wedding gift. Also, subscription boxes are available that fit all the themes from engagement to honeymoon.

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