Get The 10 Best Puppy Subscription Boxes For Your Furry Friends To Play At Home

Dogs bark their heads off every time they hear a doorbell. Dogs jump to see the things that you received from the mailman. Next time, give your dog a surprise with the best puppy subscription box. The subscription box contains colorful toys, treats, chews, etc., that your dogs enjoy.

In addition, accessories and ornaments are also given to make your pet look stylish. The monthly boxes are customizable according to the size weight of the dog. You can also mention any dog's allergens so that your dogs stay healthy and can play around.

Quick Comparison Between The 10 Best Puppy Subscription Box

ProductsPrice per monthGrade
Love Dog Republic$66.49A
Dog Parties$36.00A
PupPup Surprise$80.00B+
Als Pals Pet Place$32.00B+
Big Lu$29.90A
Mila Stella Dog Bows$20.00A-

1. Love Dog Republic

Love Dog Republic

Walk with your dog with trendy accessories from the Love Dog Republic. They have a subscription box for the posh moms that include items like collars, bandanas, spa items, treats, etc. all the products are of good qualities that your dog will love. They deliver four times a year in the month of June, September, December, March. You get the fourth box free if you prepay for the yearly subscription plan. They have online shops to shop for your dog. 

Highlighted Features

  • The monthly box comes with 6 to 8 items for dog moms and dogs. 
  • Each of the boxes has a different theme.

Rate:  $66.49 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

2. PreciousCoCo


PreciousCoCo has a dedicated team that ensures care and comfort for dogs. They have two monthly boxes, Precious-Box and VIP-Box. The Precious box is shipped every two months, and the VIP-Box is shipped every three months. The boxes contain 2 toys 2 bags of treats which are made in Canada. Organic wellness & care products are also included in the box. 

Highlighted Features

  • The boxes contain 6 to 7 items to make your dogs happy.
  • The treats are natural and made in Canada. 
  • The boxes are customizable according to your needs.

Rate:  $21.67 per month 

Delivering: Ships only within Canada. 

Additional offers: N/A

3. Dog Parties

Dog Parties

Making the dogs happy with their goodies and treats is the priority of Dog Parties. Their subscription box filled with treats gives a unique experience to the dogs. The box contains delicious gourmet dog cookies, 2 plush toys, and a bag of healthy treats. The gourmet cookies are made according to the theme of the subscription box. Moreover, the treats can be personalized for your dog's birthdays. 

Highlighted Features

  • 6 items are included in the monthly subscription box. 
  • Treats added to the bag are made in the USA. 
  • The plush toys are 6 to 8 inches long. 
  • Each monthly box has a different theme.  

Rate:   $36.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the USA and Canada 

Additional offers: N/A

4. CareMe


Care for your dogs with CareMe products. They curate toys from top manufacturers of the USA and Canada. Every toy and treat is of premium quality. You can select the number of items you want in the subscription box. You will get a bag of treats, a toy, and an accessory in the box. Depending on the plan you use, the number of toys and treats will increase. Moreover, they customize the product, keeping the dogs' age, weight, and allergies in mind. They also donate a small percentage of their profit to help the helpless dogs.  

Highlighted Features

  • Each box comes with 4 to 6 items for your dog. 
  • The items are customizable according to the size of the dog. 
  • Allergy-free products for your dog will be given in the monthly box.

Rate: $40.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

5. PupPup Surprise

PupPup Surprise

PupPup Surprise helps to improve the quality of life of your furry family members. The subscription box includes plush toys, chew toys, treats, and puppy care products. The delicious treats make your dogs want more. You can take care of your dogs with the care products given on the monthly box. Moreover, shipping is free in all the states in the United States. 

Highlighted Features

  • The box includes 7 to 8 items for your dog. 
  • The toys and treats are made of high-quality products.

Rate:   $80.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

6. Als Pals Pet Place

Als Pals Pet Place

Give your dogs healthy treats and chews from Als Pals Pet Place. The delicious treats are 100% made from natural products sourced from the USA. The treats provide nutrients to the bones of the dogs and promote immune health. The monthly box contains 2 bags of treats, 2 toys, and a surprise. Give your dogs a surprise every month with their subscription box. 

Highlighted Features

  • Each monthly box comes with 5 to 6 items. 
  • All the natural ingredients are used in making the chews and treats. 
  • Each monthly box has a different theme.

Rate:  $32.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide 

Additional offers: Provides treats and toys for cats.

7. Big Lu

Big Lu

Do you want a variation of treats for your dogs? Big Lu has 4 subscription boxes, Party box, Ear lovers, Butchers' box, and Tasty Jerky box. Each of the boxes provides different items. The Party Box contains items like beef tendons, bladder sticks, gullet flats, etc. Get your dogs 15 or 30 ears by ordering an Ear Lovers box. The Butcher's Box includes venison sausages, beef lung cubes, chicken bites, etc. Lastly, Jerky Box has braided gullet sticks, gullet sticks, stuffed gullets, etc., to let your dogs chew as much as they want. All the items are 100% natural and digestible. 

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 4 types of subscription boxes for the dogs.
  • Each of the boxes contains more than 7 treats made from natural ingredients. 
  • Provides free shipping for all subscription box delivery.

Rate:   $29.90 per month 

Delivering: Ships within the United States.

Additional offers: N/A

8. Mila Stella Dog Bows

Mila Stella Dog Bows

Mila Stella Dog Bows was inspired to make fun bows and bow ties for their dog. They started to make bows for every occasion. They offer bows in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Every box will include bow time of trendy pattern and design. They also offer neckties for the dogs, which you can buy from their website.  

Highlighted Features

  • Includes stylish bows for your dog. 
  • The bows are made of dog-friendly material.
  • Wide collection of bows for every type of dog.

Rate:   $20.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US 

Additional offers: N/A

9. SealedWithPugKisses


SealedWithPugKisses offers a unique type of subscription boxes for your pugs. The boxes will contain handmade fashion accessories, a pug ornament, a full-size bag of delicious treats, and a dog toy. They style their box according to the gender of your dog. You can also get a mixed box with girl and boy fashion items. The subscription boxes are sent 4 times a year, and they come in different themes.  

Highlighted Features

  • The monthly box is packed with 4 to 5 items for the dogs.
  • They have boxes for girl and boy dogs.
  • The items are handmade to make them unique.

Rate:  $60.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

10. FrenchieBox


For your french bulldogs, get Frenchie-themed items from FrenchieBox. The included items are treats and toys. You will get new products in every box every month. You can choose between the two subscription boxes, Frenchie Box and Premium Frenchie Box. The packages will come with 5 to 8 products. A special product will be given with the Premium Frenchie Box. 

Highlighted Features

  • The monthly boxes are filled with 5 to 8 items. 
  • Every box is filled with new products every month.

Rate:   $29.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the Canada and United States

Additional offers: N/A


Do your dog's toys last long? If not, you can opt for one of the best puppy subscription boxes. The boxes will come with all the items that your dog will love. You do not have to go shopping for chews, treats, etc. The treats are handmade and of 100% original ingredients that will keep your dogs healthy. 

Moreover, the treats do not have a bad odor that drives away dogs. Some pages offer new themed boxes every month. You can also get a box according to the gender of your box. Order the monthly box according to the size of your dog so that they can enjoy it fully.

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