The 16 Best Dog Box Subscription Boxes To Surprise Your Dogs With Toys And Treats

Are you looking for premium treats for your dogs? Dogs are a part of a family, and you will want the best for them as well. The dog food at the super shops is highly processed and unhealthy for the dogs. Some dogs might not like to eat them. To provide a good meal to the dogs, you can subscribe to one of the best dog box subscriptions. They customize all the products according to the taste of the dogs.

Moreover, you don't have to go far to buy good dog food. By subscribing to one of the monthly boxes, you will get the food delivered to your doorstep. The boxes also come with toys that your dog will love to play with.

Quick Comparison Between The 16 Best Dog Box Subscriptions

ProductsPrice per monthGrade
Pooch Perks$33.99A
Dog Mom Box$37.99A-
Gift Square$19.50B+
The Dapper Dog Box$35.99A-
Mystic Pup$45.75A-
Bully Bundles$18.00B+
Tiny Tails Box$35.00A-
Pug Box$29.00B+
Bark Box$35.00A-
Pet Treater$15.00B+
The Farmer’s Dog$17.82 every weekB+

1. Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks

Pamper your dogs with the best treats and toys from Pooch Perks. They curate premium toys, USA-made gourmet treats, accessories, waste bag rolls, etc. you can choose to buy toys only for your dogs. The Toys only monthly boxes come with 3 plush toys in one or mixed sizes. On the other hand, the Pooch box and Pampered pooch include colorful toys, treats, and other accessories for the dogs. The best feature of the monthly box is that you choose the toys according to the size of your dog so that they can play with them. 

Highlighted Features

  • The boxes contain 2 to 4 toys.
  • USA- made treats are given for the pooches. 
  • Customize the monthly plans according to the size of your dog.

Rate:  $33.99 per month 

Delivering: Ships to Canada and USA. 

Additional offers: N/A

2. Dog Mom Box

Dog Mom Box

If you are a dog mom, then the subscription box from Dog Mom Box is for you. They curate things for small business and includes products for both the mom and the dog. They have fun and cute things that you play with your dog. They have subscription boxes according to the number of dogs you own. You can get a dog box for up to 3 dogs. Moreover, they also consider dogs' allergies and send the things accordingly. You can also shop for your dogs from their website. 

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a t-shirt for dog moms on the monthly box. 
  • The box has delicious treats for the dogs. 
  • Each package comes with 5 to 7 products for dog and dog moms.

Rate:  $37.99 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the United States and Canada.

Additional offers: N/A

3. PupJoy


PupJoy is founded to provide premium quality products for dogs. They have customizable boxes as well as boxes for dogs of different sizes. The box contains 2 unique toys, 2 bags of treats, and a premium chew. They have 4 different boxes: Discovery Box, Power Chewers, 6" Bully Box, and 12" Bully Box. the bully boxes contain two different sizes of bully sticks. 

Their online shop is filled with products for dogs. From their website, you can shop for toys, supplements, treats, supplies, etc. You will toy made of different materials like rubber, nylon, etc. 

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 4 to 5 items in the box. 
  • All the things are tailored according to the size of the dog. 
  • You can customize the subscription box for your dogs.

Rate:  $29.99 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the United States and Canada

Additional offers: N/A

4. Gift Square

Gift Square

You can play and have a great time with your dog with the toys from Gift Square. They have a monthly subscription box, Dog Toys Subscription Box, in which they send toys for the dogs. Build your relations and promote interaction with your dogs with their toys. They provide at least 6 colorful toys in the monthly box so that the dogs won't get bored playing with the same one. Moreover, they charge nothing as a shipping fee. 

Highlighted Features

  • Each box is filled with 6 items. 
  • They have a wide collection of toys like chew toys, plush toys, training toys, etc. 
  • The items are made of safe materials. 
  • No items are repeated in the monthly box.

Rate:  $19.50 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

5. Daisy-Care


Daisy-Care focuses on promoting the healthy lifestyle of a dog. Their monthly boxes have high-quality treats, toys, and accessories that your dog will enjoy. Select the box according to the weight of your dog. You can choose to order only treats for the dogs to give them snacks. Moreover, they have toys in three sizes so that dogs of every size can play. With this subscription box, your dog can enjoy their snacks, and you don't have to go looking for their food in physical shops. 

Highlighted Features

  • Offers three types of packages, treats, toys and treats, and care packages. 
  • The treats are made in the USA.

Rate:  $37.95 per month 

Delivering: Ships to all 50 states in the US.

Additional offers: N/A

6. BoxDog


Make your dog feel special with the surprises from BoxDog. They make handmade treats for the dogs, which they love to eat. Moreover, dog skincare products are vegan friendly, which your dogs will love while showering them. They send 2 bags of treats, a skincare item, and 2 to 3 toys in each box. You can choose toys as you complete your subscription process. Moreover, their shipping is free.  

Highlighted Features

  • The box includes 5 to 6 items to play with your dogs.
  • The treats are fresh and handmade for the dogs. 
  • Grain-free treats are available for the dogs. 
  • Vegan skin cares for dogs are available.

Rate:  $35.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

7. The Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box

Spoil your dog with monthly surprises from The Dapper Dog Box. They have 2 toys, 2 treat bags, and a limited collection bandana inside the box. The bandanas give your pups a stylish look when you take them out on a walk. The treats are handmade in the USA, which your dogs will love. They send the box according to the size of your dog. Moreover, they have products for extra small dogs as well. If your dog is allergic to some products, mention it while subscribing, and they will send the products accordingly. 

Highlighted Features

  • They send 5 items in the monthly box every month.
  • The products are entirely made in the USA.

Rate:  $35.99 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the USA, Canada, and Mexico

Additional offers: N/A

8. Mystic Pup

Mystic Pup

Mystic Pup offers its monthly subscription box based on different themes. The boxes include natural treats, toys, and self-care items. They also provide some goodies like aromatherapy oils, tea, jewelry, candles, incense, etc. Other than a regular monthly box, they also have a Mystery surprise box. The mystery box is customizable and will be filled with your dog's favorite items. All the products included in the box are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Highlighted Features

  • Each box is packed with 5 to 8 items for the dogs.
  • The treats are healthy, and toys are made of non-toxic materials. 
  • Each month has a theme for the box. 

Rate:  $45.75 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the United States. 

Additional offers: N/A

9. Bully Bundles

Bully Bundles

Get the best bully sticks for dogs and keep them engaged. Bully Bundles only provides subscription packages of bully sticks made of 100% natural beef. The sticks are healthy, teeth-cleaning, long-lasting, and have less odor. They have 6 inches and 12 inches sticks which you can order according to the size of your dog. The monthly boxes are designed with the number of sticks you want each month. They have options for each month for 6, 10, 15, 30, and 60 sticks. Depending on the number of dogs you own, you can order them. 

Highlighted Features

  • 5 to 6 bully sticks in each box to keep your dog entertained. 
  • The sticks are made of 100% beef. 
  • The bully sticks are available in two sizes. 
  • The sticks have a consistent thickness and less odor.

Rate:  $18.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide 

Additional offers: N/A

10. Pawstruck


Give your dogs the best handmade chews to play with. Pawstruck provides healthy and handpicked chews selected specially for your dog. They have various types of bully sticks, chews, treats, and bones for the dogs. Each monthly box will contain 4 different types of chews that your dog will love. You can choose the subscription according to the size of your dog. They also have supplements and grooming accessories for the dogs. 

Highlighted Features

  • The box contains 4 different types of meat chews for dogs.
  • All the chews are premium and curated from a healthy source.
  • Chews and sticks help to improve a dog’s teeth naturally.

Rate:  $36.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US

Additional offers: N/A

11. Tiny Tails Box

Tiny Tails Box

Tiny Tails Box offers subscription boxes for your small pups. They have three types of subscription boxes, Basic, Mimi Deluxe, and Deluxe. All the boxes come with healthy treats, interactive toys, and 1 or 2 bonus gifts. Deluxe and mini deluxe boxes include a fashion item so that your dog can look stylish when you take him for a walk. All the toys and food are made of premium materials. The toys are selected for dogs between 2-12 pounds. 

Highlighted Features

  • The box contains 5 items for your dog.
  • All the treats are made in the USA. 
  • 1 or 2 bonus items are given with the box.

Rate:  $35.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide

Additional offers: N/A

12. Pug Box

Pug Box

The Pug Box has built monthly boxes for the pugs. Each of the boxes is filled with fun toys, delicious treats, etc.; as the boxes are uniquely themed for every month, the pugs can enjoy them. They offer two monthly boxes, Pug Box and Premium Pug Box. the pug box contains 4-6 items, whereas the premium pug box contains 5-7 items. All the items are hand-selected so that you can enjoy your time with your pug. 

Highlighted Features

  • Each package contains 4-7 quality handpicked items to share with your pug.
  • The boxes are particularly themed every month for the pugs.

Rate:  $29.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the United States and Canada

Additional offers: N/A

13. Bark Box

Bark Box

Bark focuses on making dogs happy with their monthly subscription box. Their box includes 2 tough toys, 2 full bags of treats, and 2 meaty chews. The toys are fluff-free, chews are made of natural materials. You can mention the diet and allergy preferences to them so that your dogs can enjoy their time with the products. 

Highlighted Features

  • The box will come with 6 products every month.
  • Every month has different themed products for the dogs.
  • The box can be customized according to the size of the dogs.

Rate:  $35.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the US and Canada

Additional offers: N/A

14. Pet Treater

Pet Treater

Pet Treater curate the best products for dogs. They provide super fun toys, extra goodies on the monthly boxes. The products are made in USA and Canada. They offer 2 types of boxes, Dog Pack and Deluxe dog pack. The dog pack has 3 to 4 items, and the deluxe pack has 5 to 8 items. If you do not want treats, you can also order for toys only subscription box. All the products are premium made and keep your dog happy and healthy. 

Highlighted Features

  • Each package is filled with 3-8 hand-selected toys and goodies.
  • You order only toys or only treat boxes. 
  • Products are tailored according to the dog’s size. 

Rate:  $15.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to 48 states of the USA.

Additional offers: N/A

15. Bullymake


Bullymake allows you to customize the monthly subscription boxes. Create a profile for your dog mentioning weight, allergies and toy preferences. You will receive all the products according to the likes of your dog. Each of the boxes has 3 delicious treats and 2 to 3 chew toys. The toys are made of nylon, rubber which is FDA approved. Treats are made of grain-free flavorful protein. Not to mention, they have themes for every month. 

Highlighted Features

  • The packages with come 5 to 6 items containing toys and treats. 
  • The boxes are customizable according to your choice.

Rate:  $45.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships to the USA and Canada.

Additional offers: N/A

16. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmers Dog

Lastly, we have The Farmer’s Dog, who provides natural healthy food for the dogs. They don’t want dogs to eat unhealthy processed food. As you start completing the profile for the dogs, you answer all the questions that are essential in making food tasty. The meals are prepared in USDA kitchens which is 100% safe for the dogs. 

Highlighted Features

  • The foods are completely customizable according to the taste of the dogs. 
  • They have recipes to make the food.

Rate:  $17.82 every week

Delivering: Ships to 48 states in the US. 

Additional offers: N/A


Finding the best and healthy chews for the dogs is hard. Being a dog parent, you will find the best chews that will be beneficial for your dog. With the best dog subscription box, you can get handmade chews for your dogs. The monthly boxes usually contain toys, treats and other accessories that your dog will love.

Most of the brands use USA-made toys for dogs. The monthly boxes are also customizable according to the size and weight of the dog. Some brands make theme boxes interesting that give your dogs to experience new things to keep the boxes interesting.

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