Babacorn Bricks February 2022 : The Multi-Award Winning LEGO & Brick Lover’s Subscription

If you consider yourself a LEGO fan, a Babacorn Bricks subscription will be perfect for you. Babacorn Bricks is a monthly subscription box that delivers a bunch of LEGO and Brick-related goodies to your doorstep. It is the perfect way to surprise any LEGO lover.

The box includes lots of hand-wrapped gifts and colorful kits that make it exciting for little kids to unpack. The box itself is wrapped like a Christmas present so unboxing it is very fun. The box may be adorned with gemstones and glitter or it may be wrapped with LEGO-themed paper.

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Babacorn Bricks

Each subscription box contains at least ten pieces of LEGO and Brick-themed items so you can expect the box to be fully packed. You will receive a combination of genuine LEGO® polybags, Minifigures, LEGO®, Brick Sets, LEGO® accessories, and stickers.

Babacorn Bricks may include a few sweet treats such as candies or snack bars in the box as well. Out of the ten items, you can be sure that five of them will be LEGO Minifigures. Babacorn Bricks really does offer great value for money. 


  • subscription starts at £17.95 per month
  • at least 10 goodies in each box
  • ships worldwide
  • each subscription box is hand-wrapped

Perks of Being a Babacorn Bricks Member

  • You get to build your LEGO collection. Each month, you will receive new LEGO and Minifigures along with a few other goodies. 
  • Brick fanatics of all ages get to enjoy and play with the LEGO goodies. If you enjoy playing with bricks and LEGO, a Babacorn Bricks subscription will be sure to put a smile across your face. Babacorn Bricks is suitable for individuals who are at least three years old.  
  • There is a new theme for each month so you won’t be getting the same type of bricks and LEGO every time. 
  • The subscription box includes a personalized surprise item every month. Babacorn Bricks will especially choose an item that suits the recipient’s interests. This adds a personal touch to it.

Start Your Babacorn Bricks Subscription Today!

Start Your Babacorn Bricks Subscription Today

If you want Babacorn Bricks to help you build your LEGO collection, you can start your subscription by following these three simple steps:

  • The first step is to select a suitable subscription plan. Babacorn Bricks offers a subscription plan of 1 month, 3 months, and even 6 months. It also offers a bi-monthly subscription plan which allows you to receive a subscription box every two months. 
  • After selecting your desired subscription plan, you will need to fill in some details about the recipient such as his/her name and birth month. Babacorn Bricks will also ask you to choose between a number of themes including LEGO City, LEGO Star Wars, and LEGO Nexo among others. You can select more than one theme if you like. Babacorn Bricks will include one personalized item that will be chosen especially for the recipient based on the themes he/she has selected. 
  • The third step is to enter a valid email address and fill out your shipping and billing details. Your subscription box will be shipped to your doorstep from the 17th to the 21st of each month.

Subscription Plans, Pricing, & Policy

The month-by-month subscription plan and the bi-monthly subscription plan have the same pricing. Both are £17.95 per month. The prepaid subscription plans of 3 and 6 months offer discounted prices per month. The 3-month subscription plan, which is billed every 3 months, is £50.85 whereas the 6-month subscription plan, which is billed every 6 months, is £98.70. 

Babacorn Bricks does offer worldwide shipping. If you live in the UK, the shipping fee will be £3.95 per subscription box. However, residents outside the UK will be charged a higher shipping fee of £15.95 per subscription box. The subscribers living in the UK will receive the box within 3-4 business days after dispatch whereas subscribers living outside of the UK will need to wait a longer time, of say 10-14 days after dispatch. 

Babacorn Bricks offers complete flexibility when it comes to pausing or canceling your subscription. Babacorn Bricks understands that a monthly LEGO subscription box might become a bit overwhelming for some individuals.

They also understand that not everyone can afford to get this subscription box every month. You can send them a message on Facebook or Instagram with the name and address details the subscription is under and Babacorn Bricks will pause or cancel your subscription for you. You can also pause or cancel your subscription by yourself by logging into your account on the website.

Since payments come out on the 1st of every month, you will be able to pause or cancel your subscription at any date before the 1st of the next month. Babacorn Bricks allows you to pause your subscription for an indefinite period of time.

A Look Inside My February 2022 Babcorn Bricks Subscription Box


My LEGO and Bricks from Babacorn Bricks arrived in this orange polybag. The theme for this month’s subscription was “Cleaning Up” so the package included a lot of LEGO-themed cleaning accessories.


This month’s subscription came with this funky pink tote bag that has a retail value of £5.95. It has the logo of Babacorn Bricks printed on the front. The size was very convenient. It can easily hold a bunch of accessories.


Another item I received in this month’s subscription was this LEGO Rainbow Road Sweeper Polybag which has a retail value of £6.95. I was super excited to get my hands on this item. It included a lot of pieces, which made it very fun to build. I really liked how this item did not need any batteries to run so you can start playing instantly.


As you can see, all the LEGO bricks and pieces were included in the LEGO Rainbow Road Sweeper Polybag. The Road Sweeper even had room for the driver!


As promised in all Babacorn Brick subscriptions, this, too, had five LEGO Minifigures with a retail value of £10.95. I really liked that the five LEGO Minifigures came in different colored pouch bags. In the pink pouch bag, I received a Super Cool Oscar The Grouch Minifigure.


Most subscription packages from Babacorn Bricks tend to include snacks along with LEGO and Bricks. In the February 2022 box, I received a Parma Violets snack bar along with Love Hearts by Swizzels.


In all Babacorn Bricks Subscription Boxes, a surprise item is included based on the themes and interests you have selected when signing up. These items have a retail value of between £3 and £6. This feature always makes me feel like a special member of Babacorn Bricks. 

I really like how Babacorn Bricks goes out of its way to include something personalized in every subscription. I received this LEGO Friends Polybag which was truly a treat to my LEGO collection.


Babacorn Bricks sends you a pamphlet that lists down all the products included in your subscription package. It also tells you the retail value so you can estimate how much money you have saved by being a member.


Babacorn Bricks allows you to build a LEGO collection without needing to spend a hefty sum of money. Even though the majority of the subscribers are kids, adults will be able to enjoy this subscription as well. Since the subscription includes a lot of LEGO pieces and small bricks, it is advisable not to let any newborns or toddlers come in contact with the package since there is a high risk of choking. 

A Babacorn Bricks subscription is a great way to boost creativity and relieve stress. It allows you to build and play LEGO with your kids.I really liked that each month’s subscription varies from one another, which means that you are highly unlikely to receive the same items in two different packages. I also liked that all five LEGO Minifigures included in the package are genuine LEGO figures. Babacorn Bricks also adds a personal touch by including a special item just for you, based on the recipient’s interests.


What age group is a Babacorn Bricks Subscription suitable for?

A Babacorn Bricks Subscription is suitable for kids that are over 3 years old. Each subscription box contains tiny pieces of LEGO and bricks so there are very high chances of your toddler choking on them. 

Is there any way to find out the theme of the upcoming subscription boxes?

Babacorn Bricks reveals the theme of next month’s subscription box on Facebook or Instagram. The post is shared a month before the cut-off date. So, the theme for April will be revealed after the 13th of March.

What is the cut-off date?

The cut-off date is the last date for signing up in order to receive the current month’s subscription. The cut-off date for Babacorn Bricks is the 13th of each month.

If you start your subscription on any date before the 13th, you will receive the current month’s subscription box. However, if you start your subscription after the 13th, you will receive the following month’s subscription box.

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