Lil Readers Book Club Review : Make Learning Fun!

Reading plays a crucial role when it comes to helping develop a child’s intellect. It gives kids a sense of the world, aiding in their comprehension of what they see, hear, or read, and stimulating their creativity! It also allows youngsters to be transported into a different world between pages! 

Book subscription boxes are a modern solution if you want to help your children develop early literacy skills and a love of reading. With age-appropriate books, brilliantly crafted stories, and compelling characters, book boxes can get youngsters interested!

Some even add literary treats to make reading more pleasurable for children. It's a fantastic method to enrich the book collection in your home library without putting in much effort! And in our review article, we will be reviewing one such subscription box for your little one called the “Lil Readers Book Club.” 

So, without any further ado, let me get into the specifics as well as my thoughts and opinion on their subscription and service. 

Make Learning Fun With the Lil Readers Book Club


  • Subscription box of the United States
  • Subscription starts at 42.95/month at the lowest
  • Ships to US and Canada from the US 
  • Free Shipping in US
  • Appropriate for kids between ages 3 to 6

About Lil Readers Book Club

The company believes that every child is capable of reaching the pinnacle of their potential if they have the proper tools and scopes at their disposal. The mission that drives the company is to build confidence among the kids at a very young age through fun activities and learning procedures, engaging games, books, and crafts. 

The founder of the company is Tina Schnell, a former kindergarten teacher who is a stay-at-home of three beautiful children. Having a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, she reflects her knowledge through the subscription boxes that help nurture essential skills and concepts so that your child can blossom their learning potential. 

What’s in the box?

Being a book lover, this subscription box was naturally more appealing to me even though it caters to children aged between 3 to 6. You can not limit your expectation to books only as along with 3-4 books, it also includes crafts and other exciting things for your children that further enhance the reading experience. 

So here’s the drill, the team offers you the luxury to choose between two subscription offers- “The Preschool Box'' and the “Lil Readers Book Club''. Since I received the Lil Readers Book Club box, I will be reviewing the nitty-gritty of this subscription alone. I will keep The Preschool Box review for a later time. 

Every month, the Lil Readers Book Club is designed around a new and exciting theme. They also give you the luxury to choose from four payment methods for each subscription option. You also have the flexibility to alter the subscription as per the number of kids you have at home and want to avail of this subscription.

Lil Readers Book Club

  • 42.95/month with free shipping; $42.95 USD billed monthly
  • 41.65/month with free shipping; $124.95 USD billed per 3 months 
  • 40.32/month with free shipping; $241.95 USD billed per 6 months
  • 38.99/month with free shipping; $467.95 USD billed per 12 months

The Lil Readers Book Club Review: 

The box is curated with books and fun surprises around a monthly theme. The subscription renews automatically and the box is shipped to US and Canada without any shipping fee. It gives you the luxury to customize your box as per the number of kids you have and the cost will vary based on that. However, if you go for longer pre-payment options then you will get an overall monthly budget deal. 

Now let's take a look at what I received inside my Lil Readers Box.


The box that includes the books does not have an outlook that most typical boxes feature, rather has a bright green color that immediately grabs your attention. It has a very customized feel to it  and has very cute cartoon figures drawn on top of the lid. It has “Lil Readers Book Club” printed on it rather than a sticker that says the name of the brand which most subscription boxes have.


This is what the inside of the box looked. It was fully stacked with books and crafts for the month for the little one.


As I put everything on my countertop and take a quick glance at everything, it apparently looks like a box that is curated around keeping the “bugs & insects” theme in mind. All the books and art supplies had this one particular thing in common. They all contained some graphic or content that is relevant to insects and bugs which I got to confirm as I went through each item carefully later.


This is the first book that I will review from the collection of books that I have received. This is a parent guide and basically an activity book for your kids to practice their handwriting and learn spellings and words in the process. Loved its multifunctional aspect!


This is what the insides of the book look like. It has some handwriting practice and some number order exercises as well.


Next up I have an alphabet book called the “The Icky Bug Alphabet Book”. This book, unlike other alphabet books, does not only help you learn the alphabets but makes it super interesting. Let me tell you why.


While most common alphabets give one or two words with a certain certain, it does more than that. It features a small anecdote relevant to the word that the letter forms. For example, here, fireflies are featured with the letter “F” but it does not end here. A small description of what fireflies do or look like is given so that it can enhance the learning process and give a wider knowledge to the kids.


Next I found a book called “The Very Busy Spider”. It is a very basic and interesting level 2 story book for kids.


The insides of the book look like this. It shows a conversation between the spider and a cow.


The last book that I found inside is the “Big Bug Log”.


This is a very graphical book with small texts. I loved the vibrant colors that the book features. It is very eye catching and has many 3D characteristics as well. For example, you can physically open the doors and windows. Kids will definitely love this the most!


These are all the other craft items that were included in the box apart from the books. These too are curated around the “bug” theme. It has a variety of toys that could be used to play as well as enhance your creative mind which is essential in children and should be nurtured at a very young age.

FAQ Section

1. Do I need to purchase extra materials?

The box will contain almost everything you'll need to accomplish the various activities and crafts, with the exception of a few basic supplies that are easily available in any household. Glue, scissors, tape, crayons, pencils, and markers are among the basic materials. 

2. How do I cancel my subscription?

It's simple! You can manage information like your shipping address, alter your subscription or cancel it at any moment by logging into your customer account.

Subscriptions can be canceled whenever you deem it fit, and they will cancel the subscription's next automatic renewal. However, they will keep shipping all of the boxes you've already paid for, you cannot do much about it since the money is non-refundable.

If you cancel within one month after placing your order, they will issue a refund to prepaid clients for the 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month plans.

Please contact to seek a refund (with a full refund if the box has not been shipped yet; or a refund less the cost of one box if you have received one).

3. Do they ship internationally? 

At the moment, they only ship to the United States. If you live in another country, you can reach out to them over email so they can provide you with an international shipping quote.

Final Verdict


You may now inquire as to whether or not I would recommend this to you. In all honesty, I would strongly recommend it.

Even though initially it seemed a bit on the expensive side for me compared to other book club subscriptions, the quality of the books and the entire package compensated for it.

I loved it especially because of its diverse nature which blends basic language skills, vocabulary, creativity,  and other essential factors required for kids to build their intellects and give them a good command of the language. 

Even if you ignore the craft accessories completely and focus on the books they send you, rest assure that you will not receive the same book twice, and you can collect them to give your children their own library, even at a young age!

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