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GLOSSYBOX is a beauty subscription box that sends you five of the best beauty products every month. The beauty products are carefully selected so you can expect the items to make your skin healthy and beautiful. You may receive hair care products along with makeup, body care, and skincare goodies. The box may also include one or two perfumes. GLOSSYBOX is $21 a month but if you opt for the 12-month subscription pay, it will cost only $18 per month.


You can also opt for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plan at a reduced price. GLOSSYBOX works with a large number of brands, both high-end and niche brands, to give you the best possible experience every time. It also offers gift subscriptions so you can surprise your girlfriends with a beauty box every month. The website is super cute and very easy to use!



Keypoints on GLOSSYBOX Subscription

  • $21 per month
  • Ships to USA and Canada
  • Valued at $60+ per box

What We Love About GLOSSYBOX

  • If you get the same product twice or if you are not satisfied with a specific product, you can contact GLOSSYBOX and they will send you a new product right away.
  • GLOSSYBOX offers free shipping to all regions in the USA.
  • You can get an idea of what’s to come in the box by looking at previous boxes.

What You Should Know Before Buying a GLOSSYBOX

  • Canadian residents will need to pay $5 extra as the shipping fee.
  • The box may not always include full-size products. You can expect to get a combination of full size, sample size, and deluxe mini versions of the products. 
  • You will not be able to skip or delay your subscriptions.

Unboxing The GLOSSYBOX Subscription Box


When I opened the black box, I saw two collagen peptides by Vital Proteins laid on top of the pink box. You can mix these collagen peptides in your tea, coffee, smoothie, or any other beverage. They help to improve the texture of your skin and prevent your nails from becoming brittle and dry.

These dietary supplements are also good for improving joint support so you are unlikely to experience stiff joints or pain while moving around. There was also an insert from GEICO, which is a car insurance company, on top of the pink box. So, if you want to get your car insured, you can definitely check it out.


Upon opening the pink box, I saw a nice little pamphlet that gives you a detailed description of all the five products. The pamphlet is wrapped in a nice black ribbon.


The pamphlet tells you how and when to use each product. It also tells you the market retail price of the products. If you want to shop the products, you can just go to the website noted at the end of each description.

The pamphlet also gives you a sneak peek of next month’s goodies. So, for the month of July, it says that one of the products has a market retail price worth $350 and the description tells you that you can expect to get a lot of hair care products along with summer-friendly makeup and skincare goodies in July.


Underneath the pamphlet, you can see that the five products are wrapped in lush pink tissue paper.


A quick glimpse of my June 2021 Box!


First up is the Moisture Conditioner by Seed Phytonutrients. It is a full-size product and is best suited for dry, rough, or damaged hair. You can apply it daily to give your hair a healthy glow. The moisture conditioner has a thick, silicone-free formula that helps to make your hair soft and shiny. It feels great on the hair and is very easy to apply.

If you have a big event or a date night, you can wash your hair using it to have frizzy-free hair for a long time. It prevents my hair from sticking out so I can easily do a sleek hairdo. This moisture conditioner not only works wonders but also smells great. The aroma is a combination of black tea and ginger that makes my hair smell fresh throughout the day.


The next product is the Freedom Low pH Hemp & Green Tea Cleanser by Naobay Cosmetics. This product, too, is a full-size product that aims to get rid of impurities and excess oil from your skin. It feels gentle on your skin and is not too drying.

The gel cleanser has a vegan and cruelty-free formula so you are unlikely to have any breakouts or chemical reactions. It makes my skin look plump and glowy so I love to use this gel cleanser to wash my face, once in the morning and once at night.


The third product in my beauty subscription box is the Natural Deodorant Cream by PiperWai. I feel like this is a great product for the summer, especially if you live in hot or humid regions. It has a very smooth and soft consistency that you can easily rub onto your armpits. It does not leave any residue or lumps and there is no stain.

It has a somewhat minty scent that is not too overpowering. I’m someone who usually sweats a lot and I found this product to be extremely helpful in controlling my sweat. You are unlikely to have sweat trickling down your armpits after applying the deodorant. Moreover, it also prevents body odor.


The fourth product is the DEW/YOU - The Flawless Liquid Highlighter by Josephine Cosmetics. The full-size product comes in the shade “Claire” which compliments all skin tones. This highlighter sets well in your skin which gives it a sun-kissed, natural glow. You can use this product to illuminate your cheekbones or even the corner of your eyes.

It makes my skin look dewy without making it feel too greasy or patchy. Moreover, the glow lasts for a long time. You will not need to reapply from time to time which makes it great for parties and long events. Plus, you only need to apply a small amount for that intense, glowy look so you might be able to use it for a good few months.


The last product in my beauty box is the Ageless Concentrate by Pili Ani. As the name suggests, this face oil slows down aging. It is packed with natural antioxidants that help to smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines. It also gives your face a nice glow and a youthful appearance. I loved how it made my skin feel super soft and supple.

What’s great about this anti-aging oil is that it sinks into the skin quickly so it does not take too long to dry. Moreover, the oil does not feel greasy, even on my oily skin. It makes my skin look healthy without needing to put any makeup on. Plus, it keeps the skin hydrated for a long time.


The June 2021 Subscription Box consisted of a combination of products that can be used on your skin, hair, or body. My favorite was the Flawless Liquid Highlighter by Josephine Cosmetics. It not only helped to instantly illuminate my face but also made me look less tired. This highlighter is an item that I use almost every day, be it for meetings or a backyard party with my friends and family. 

The theme of this month’s box was Poolside Paradise. I feel as if the box could’ve been better. When you think of the poolside, you think of sunscreens, lip glosses, and waterproof setting sprays rather than anti-aging oils and conditioners. Moreover, all the products were not full size. The Natural Deodorant Cream and the Ageless Concentrate were deluxe mini versions so they are not very long-lasting.

I think that the Natural Deodorant Cream was not a very good choice. It won’t prevent you from sweating or smelling bad if you apply it while your underarms are still sweaty or wet. Your armpits need to be completely dry and fresh if you want this natural deodorant to work.

Plus, it leaves a white cast on dark clothing which can be quite annoying, especially if you don’t have the time to get it off using water. Moreover, you will need to apply it using your fingers which can be a bit gross. On the other hand, I think that the size of the Ageless Concentrate is too small. I doubt it will last for more than a month. 


When does GLOSSYBOX ship?

You are likely to receive your beauty subscription box within two weeks of placing the order. So, if you place an order on June 30, you can expect to receive your box by the end of the second week of July. 

How can I cancel my GLOSSYBOX subscription?

You can cancel your GLOSSYBOX subscription any time by logging into your account and heading over to the “subscriptions” tab. There, you will find your subscription plan and, if you scroll down the page, you will see a “cancel” option. By clicking on the “cancel” option, your subscription to GLOSSYBOX will be terminated. 

You should cancel your subscription before the 15th of the month. For example, if you do not want to receive August’s subscription box, you will need to terminate your subscription by 14th July. If you cancel after the 14th, your August box will still be shipped to you.

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