Box On The Rocks Review : Enjoy Tropical Classic Mocktails At Home

Going to bars and restaurants during this pandemic is a hassle. You can enjoy cocktails and mocktails at home by subscribing to the subscription plan of Box On The Rocks. They have different themes for every month's subscription box.

Box On The Rocks

For the month of October 2021, their theme was Maitai which represents classical cocktails. Moreover, other than monthly subscriptions, you can shop from their online store to try for the first time.

Box On The Rocks1

What was included in the box?

  • Zombie Tiki mug
  • White Grapefruit juice from Bluebird
  • Almond Orgeat Syrup from Liber & Co.
  • Pomegranate Syrup from Monin
  • Lime Juice from ReaLime
  • Orange Bitters from Hella
  • Dehydrated Blood Orange Wheels by Dardimans California
  • Cocktail Parosal


My mocktail set came in a beautiful box, and all the drinks were nicely packed. When I opened the box, there was an illustration of drinks to make the experience fun. At the top, there was a card mentioning all the things included in the box.


Zombie Tiki mug

The first item that I took out of the box was the Zombie Tiki mug. It s handcrafted, made of high-quality ceramic mold, and can hold 10 ounces easily. The mug has a structure of skeleton which has a glossy glaze finish. It is around 6.5 inches high.

For Instagram posts, this is a great mug to use, but it does not have a place to hold for regular use, and cold from ice is easily transmitted to hand. It is a fun mug that gives an experience of drinking from the skull.


White Grapefruit juice from Ocean Spray

The next product is two cans of white grapefruit juice. Each can weigh 5.5 fluid ounces and gives a taste of freshly squeezed juice. Moreover, this is an unsweetened juice to use in making mocktails.


Almond Orgeat Syrup from Liber & Co.

The orgeat syrup is filled with an almond flavor that gives the cocktails a divine flavor. It is highly concentrated and comes in 12 fluid ounces. You can create great world-class Mai Tai with this syrup.


Pomegranate Syrup from Monin

This is a 50ml pomegranate syrup to use in teas, sodas, and mocktails. It is a gluten-free and GMO-free syrup to use in mocktails.


Lime Juice from ReaLime

I also hot three 100% lime juice from ReaLime. Each pack is 2.5 fluid ounces. The concentrate is high to make flavored mocktails easily.


Orange Bitters from Hella

The 5ml orange bitters are a great addition to mocktails. This is all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free orange bitter to make delicious mocktails. Also, it has citrusy spices to take the drink to a higher level.


Dehydrated Blood Orange Wheels by Dardimans California

These dehydrated orange wheels are given to use as decoration on the mocktails. Two packets of orange wheels are given to enjoy bar-like mocktails at home.


Cocktail Parosal

Moreover, they have also given 20 colorful umbrella picks, which I used to decorate mocktails once my friends came to visit. The umbrellas make the drinks look more professional and picture-worthy.


With all the drinks, they have given recipes to make mocktails with the drinks. I have tried to make them they were quite refreshing.


Mai Tai Kit

Box On The Rocks focuses on giving retro experiences on their cocktail kits. They offer classical kits like Cosmo, Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Blue Hawaii, Paloma, Mai Tai, Tropical Margarita, and many more. Mai Tai is made by mixing various types of rum, orange liquor, citrus juice, and orgeat. This drink falls on the sour spectrum for the use of rum and lime juice, but you can add orgeat to balance the sweetness according to your taste. This drink takes you to the Caribbean, filled with palm trees, pirates, and exquisite rum cocktails.

Shipping info

Box on the Rocks ships their boxes worldwide from the USA. They mostly use USPS and FedEx for shipping. Each of the shipping charges varies up to $7. 


Each of the boxes comes with five different drinks to make mocktails, along with some accessories to decorate the drinks. The subscription starts from $48.50 and goes up to $522.00, depending on the plan you choose. You can easily skip or discontinue the plan when you want. 

Frequency of subscription

They have a very flexible offer for subscription plans. You can pay for every month or prepay for the boxes and enjoy some discounts. They have three months, six months, and 12 months prepay to let you enjoy the drinks at home.

Frequency of subscription

Returns and Refunds

For any returns and refunds, you need to contact their customer service, and they will tell you the next process. In case you receive damaged products by mail, you will get replacements immediately. You need to contact them here at with your order details and images.

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