The 14 Best Crystal Subscription Boxes to Bring Peace And Positivity In Life

Do you believe crystals help to bring balance and positivity in life? To crystal lovers, crystals are not just beautiful stones, but they believe that crystals radiate positivity to the surroundings. Each crystal has a different meaning and affects life in a different way. If you are looking for exclusive crystals to be delivered to your doorstep, you can subscribe to one of the best crystal subscription boxes we mentioned below.  

Every box sends distinctive gemstones with explanations regarding them. You will also get some additional gifts like scented candles, incense, bath bombs, bath salts, etc., just to take good care of yourself. The crystal boxes are made to disregard the negativity from your life and transform your body's aura.

Quick Comparison Between The 14 Best Crystal Subscriptions

Product Price per monthGrade
Cosmic Crystal Box$19.99A
Enchanted Crystal$42.00A
Awakening in a Box$15.50A-
Crystal Path$13.00A
Witchy One by Una Spirit$25.00A-
Magickal Earth$14.99A
Goddess Provisions$33.00B+
Chakra Box$39.00A-
Mindful-Souls$39.97 A
Crystal Gemstone Shop$39.16B+
Spiral Rain$20.56A-
Tamed Wild Box$20.00A-
UniverseDelights$42.99 A-
My Little Magic Shop$19.00B+

1. Cosmic Crystal Box

Cosmic Crystal Box

Cosmic Crystal Box will deliver the stones to your doorstep every month if you love to collect rare and precious stones. Each box contains a big crystal or smaller pieces of 2 or 3 different types of stones or crystals. Curated by the certified crystal healer, the healing stones give a positive vibe from the elements of the earth. Before each delivery, you will get a sneak peek of the stones for their next delivery on their website.  

They offer two subscription boxes, Cosmic Crystal Box and Cosmic Crystal Jewelry Box. Each box can be subscribed monthly, three-monthly, or six-monthly. Depending on the chosen plan, the price range will vary. However, they provide basic crystals, which is great for new crystal lovers. If you do not want to subscribe to their plans, you can choose jewelry and stones from their online stores. In addition, you give the subscription plans as a gift to your stone lover friends. 

Highlighted features

  • The box includes crystals, stones, and jewelry made from stones. 
  • 100% natural crystals are collected and handpicked from around the world. 
  • An information note regarding the stones is given with the box. 
  • Crystals and pieces of jewelry can be bought without subscribing to plans. 

Rate: $19.99 per month 

Delivering: They deliver worldwide. 

Additional offers: Balance affirmation oracle card deck.

2. Enchanted Crystal

Enchanted Crystal

Satisfy your thirst for collecting amazing crystals from Enchanted Crystal. Its mission is to share the beautiful Crystal with crystal lovers and surprise them with unique stones every month. You can make jewelry with the stone or use it as decoration pieces to create a positive ambiance at home. 

As they have two options, 4 to 6 crystals come in a Crystal variety box, and a feature of Crystal or mineral specimen comes in the Crystal of the month. Also, you can shop Crystal from their online shop if you are not sure about subscribing to their plans. They offer subscription plans at different prices. In addition, they charge $10 for shipping to Canada and $15 around the globe.  

Highlighted features

  • Crystals are carefully sourced and collected from around the world.
  • Offers two options for subscription boxes, Crystal variety box and Crystal of the month. 
  • Each box includes 4 to 6 crystals or minerals with a hand-crafted cloth grid.
  • Wands, clusters, raw or polished crystals are given on the box.

Rate: $42 per month

Delivering: They deliver worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

3. Awakening in a Box

Awakening in a Box

Bring the positive vibes to our houses with the enlightening crystals from Awakening in a Box. they offer two types of subscription boxes, Awakening box, and The Crystal pouch. The Awakening box has healing crystals or stones, whereas the latter ones have three tumbled or raw stones and two rare clusters, or polished in the shape of pyramids, hearts, etc. Both the boxes come with surprise gifts like scented candles, flower teas, sage, bracelets, etc. 

They have month to month, three months prepay, months prepay, and 12 month prepay options. Moreover, you can shop for your others as a gift. Not to mention, they charge $5 shipping to the USA and $10 for Canada. International users have to pay $16 for delivery. 

Highlighted features

  • Three healing crystals or stones and two products are included in each box.
  • The two products are surprise gifts to expand the awaking journey. 
  • An explaining card is given mentioning alignments and positive energy of the zodiac signs. 
  • Each month comes with different types of crystals.

Rate: $15.50 per month 

Delivering: They deliver worldwide.

Additional offers: Empowering Oracle Box, Mystic Tarot Box, and The Tarot + Oracle Box

4. Crystal Path

Crystal Path

Crystal Path has a goal to give magic crystals to enhance your days with positive energy. They provide a card with all the information about the crystals so that you can take advantage of each Crystal. They have a Stone & Sage Set subscription which can be subscribed for monthly or 6-month plans. This set includes crystals, sage and smudging tools, mojo bags, etc. on the other hand, DeluxeStone and Sage Set consist of 3 to 4 items and is delivered monthly. All the subscription plans have different themes for every month. 

Moreover, they have smokeless smudging sprays, medication bags, sages that are sold separately. You can order them separately to experience the magic from the stones and fill your home with positivity. 

Highlighted features

  • Unique crystals to raise energetic vibrations and spread positivity.
  • Stones, sages, smokeless smudging sprays come with the subscription boxes. 
  • Different themes of subscription box for every month.

Rate: $13.60 per month

Delivering: Ships worldwide

Additional offers: Smudging Sprays, Smudging Tools.

5. Witchy One by Una Spirit

Witchy One by Una Spirit

Go on a magical journey with the Crystal from Witchy One by Una Spirit. They only offer one subscription plan that is delivered every month. The boxes come with two jewelry pieces, 1-2 crystals, or lifestyle items. The jewelry is inspired by mythology, animal totems, sacred geometry, and symbols. The crystals also have healing and metaphysical properties. Moreover, you can shop their beautiful jewelry from their site.

Highlighted features

  • Boxes come with magical jewelry, crystals, and accessories. 
  • Organic and natural crystals are given on the boxes.
  • Each shipment comes with a single serving of tea.

Rate: $25 per month

Delivering: Ships worldwide

Additional offers: N/A

6. Magickal Earth

Magickal Earth

Magickal Earth has a physical shop where you visit and buy the stones. They collect special crystals to send every month on the subscription box. Their wide range of subscription boxes will definitely satisfy crystal lovers. Every month 3 to 5 unique crystals are sent with the boxes. Moreover, the subscription plans include monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly, and yearly offers. 

You can enjoy a refreshing bath with their bath bombs. They offer a monthly bath bomb subscription plan which includes 4 to 6 magical products. Also, enjoy the attractive jewelry with crystals which you can wear all the time. Not to mention their bath bombs and CBD products are vegan-cruelty free. 

Highlighted features

  • The crystals are collected after traveling to many countries around the world.
  • Various subscription options are made with various crystals, tarot cards, and astrology. 
  • Wide collection of stones to bring out positive energy.

Rate: $14.99 per month

Delivering: Ships worldwide

Additional offers: Bath bombs, soaps, candles, incense and sage, CBD are available.

7. Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions offers a subscription box that nourishes your inner goddess and grows your spiritual practice. The boxes include oracle cards, candles, crystals, massage balm, tea, incense, and many more, which can provide a calmness to you. They have four plans to subscribe to, monthly, 3-month prepay, 6-month prepay, and 12-month prepay. 

The retail value of the contents of the box is $80 to $100. They also sell celestial hair ribbons, ebooks,hand-pressed incense, bookmark, etc. furthermore, you can send their subscription box as a gift to your loved ones.

Highlighted features

  • Each of the boxes includes 5 to 7 products that can be spiritually calming.
  • All the products are vegan-free and cruelty-free.
  • Delivery is free for US customers.

Rate: $33.00 per month 

Delivering: Ships around the world

Additional offers: Candles, bath and beauty, fashion, and accessories.

8. Chakra Box

Chakra Box

Chakra Box has a theme regarding their subscription boxes. Their Chakra Subscription Box is a nine monthly subscription plan that is formed to assist in Chakra balancing. In this box, you will find some beautiful crystal, aromatic therapy items, essential oils, and chakra balancing tea to balance you in body, mind, and spirit. 

You can also shop candles, spiritual tools, gems, etc., separately from their online shop. They also have a love box that contains chime candles, organic herbs, a rose quartz pendant, a chocolate bath, and many other things to take care of yourself. You can send the boxes as gifts to friends and family as well. 

Highlighted features

  • 9 to 12 vegan and cruelty-free items are given on the box.
  • Exclusive products are handpicked and sourced from exclusive partners.  
  • Digital downloads of books, music, yoga, etc., are given to provide a balance in your life. 
  • Candles, aromatherapy products, jewelry are also available.

Rate: $39.00 per month

Delivering: Delivers to selected countries in the US and Canada.

Additional offers: N/A

9. Mindful-Souls


Mindful-Souls brings you a monthly dose of self-love through their subscription box. All the items are sent to soothe your body, mind, and soul. Each month, you will receive some bright, beautiful crystals, jewelry, incense, soaps, etc., on the box. The information card will be given with the description of each object. 

All the elements will remind you how special you are and uplift your positive energy. Moreover, they have a beautiful collection of singing bowls for meditation, water bottles made of crystal elixir, necklaces made of stone, etc. Moreover, they have a book club from where you can buy self-care books. They also give a 15% discount on your first order. 

Highlighted features

  • 6 to 8 handpicked crystal jewelry, aromatherapy, affirmation cards, home decor, etc., are sent each month.
  • Information sheet with properties and uses of each item is provided with the box to the crystals.
  • They provide free shipping for every delivery.
  • Free return is possible within 30 days.

Rate: $39.97 per month

Delivering: Only delivered in the US

Additional offers: singing bowls, crystal water, book subscription plan, home decor, etc.

10. Crystal Gemstone Shop

Crystal Gemstone Shop

Enjoy the hand-collected gemstones from Crystal Gemstone Shop every month. The items can be crystal clusters, tumbled gemstones, gemstone towers or obelisks, gemstone pendulums or jewelry, rough gemstones, etc. you can surprise items like Himalayan salt items, bottles of gemstone chips, and many more. 

They offer three types of monthly subscription plans. One comes with a mix of crystal clusters, gemstones, and tumbled stones, another is jewelry made of gemstones, and the third one is two tumbled stones. You can choose the one you like for a one-time purchase or for a monthly subscription. 

Highlighted features

  • The monthly subscription box includes 4 to 7 gemstones. 
  • Premium quality gemstones and crystals collected from around the world. 
  • Every subscription box has a different theme based on which the gems are chosen.

Rate: $39.16 per month

Delivering: Ships worldwide 

Additional offers: Gemstone jewelry gift box

11. Spiral Rain

Spiral Rain

Splash the magic of the crystals in your life with the crystals from Spiral Rain. Pamper yourself with love and happiness with earth curated crystals sourced from nature. They have four options for subscription boxes. The Crystals Box gives beautiful crystals every month. 

On the other hand, they also have subscription boxes for Apothecary, Ohm, and Witch. All the boxes include items that will satisfy the inner spirit. Moreover, they donate 1$ to Sustaining Hope Intl to provide cleaner water to the people. They have an online shop from where you can buy aromatic candles, bath salts, mists, chakras, tarot cards, etc. 

Highlighted features

  • Five items are given on each subscription box.
  • They have a theme-based subscription box: crystals, ohm, apothecary, and a witch.
  • A sage incense is sent with every box. 
  • Every month subscription has a different theme.

Rate: $20.56 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

12. Tamed Wild Box

Tamed Wild Box

The owners of the Tamed Wild Box believe that everything is given on earth to have a happy and healthy life. Their subscription box will come with crystals, jewelry, teas, candles, etc. You can opt for monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly, or 12 monthly subscription boxes. 

Their online shop has a wide collection of spiritual products. If you are a believer in these products, you will definitely enjoy their products. The tea lovers can enjoy monthly subscription boxes with different teas every month. Another unique feature is that you can receive tarot readings and astrological readings. 

Highlighted features

  • Every month, you will receive 4 to 5 items that include crystals, teas, herbs, essential oils, etc. 
  • All the crystals are organic and sourced from nature.  
  • The herbs and teas are organic and kosher certified.

Rate: $20 per month 

Delivering: Ships worldwide

Additional offers: Tea subscription box, Tarot card readings, Astrology readings.

13. Universe Delights

Universe Delights

Universe Delights collects unfamiliar stones and crystals to send them to you in the subscription boxes. The box contains 2 to 3 beautiful stones, bath salt, scented candles, incense or soap, etc. You will not get the same item in every box. All the elements are beautifully packed and include an information note about each of them.

Moreover, they have zodiac-sign-based assorted boxes, which are very refreshing. You can get the one with your sign and spread positivity around you.  

Highlighted features

  • Subscribers get 5 to 7 spiritual items in every box. 
  • Every item is handpicked and washed before sending it out. 
  • Boxes based on zodiac signs are available.

Rate: $42.99 per month

Delivering: Ships worldwide. 

Additional offers: N/A

14. My Little Magic Shop

My Little Magic Shop

Lastly, we have My Little Magic Shop, where they sell nature-curated crystals. 6 to 8 crystals are sent every month on the subscription box with an explanatory note. The note will help to understand how the gemstones will bring peace and prosperity in life. They also have candles, jewelry, organic drinks, which you can order from their online shop.

Moreover, you learn about astrology, meditation, healing, manifestation, etc., from their videos online. You can also attend their classes free for your inner peace. 

Highlighted features

  • Large collection of gemstones and crystals in various shapes. 

  • They have beauty, astrological, devotional, and many more products to create a soothing ambiance.

  • Free online yoga, meditation, tarot, etc., classes to enhance your knowledge. 

Rate: $19.00 per month

Delivering: Ships worldwide.

Additional offers: They give astrological readings and podcasts.


Collecting crystals from nature is a hassle for crystal lovers. Many people believe that crystals have the capacity to heal bodily problems and illnesses, while others utilize them to relieve stress and concentration. The best crystal subscription box mentioned in our article sends a unique collection of crystals every month. The owners of crystals are curators of crystals, and they handpick them for you to enjoy them.

Moreover, the business owners offer various subscription plans so that you enjoy the crystals with any budget. A lot of surprise gifts are given with the subscription box. They also have online shops from where you can buy jewelry, self-care products, tart cards, and many more things.

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