The 17 Best Soap Subscription Box for your Bathing Bliss

Given the rush we face in our daily lives, it is very difficult to find some ‘me’ time for self-care. But a relaxing bath or a mere shower can give you an escape and act as a stress reliever. And what else could make these long and hot showers/baths blissful if not the presence of bath care and accessories to complement them?

For you to indulge in an ultimate relaxing time where you can unwind your body and your mind, we have come to you with the best soap subscription box deals out there in the market. These boxes cover the needs of a vast audience- male, female, young, and adults. Check out the details of these boxes to elevate your bathing experience after a hectic day.

Quick Comparison Between The 17 Best Soap Subscriptions

Brand NamePrice RangeAvailabilityGrade
Dr. Squatch Natural Soap$18.00-$54.00United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New ZealandA+
Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade$6.42WorldwideA+
Clean Carriage Soap Company$11.67WorldwideB
Sudzly Soap Subscription Box$25.00-41.67WorldwideA+
Am Happy Soap Box$8.50-25.00WorldwideA
Spotlight Body Soap Subscription$30.00WorldwideB
Lathered Organics$19.99-$25.00Within the U.SB
Markase Family Farm Soaps and More$30.00WorldwideA
Handmade Soap by Sweet Waffle Farm$11.00WorldwideA
The S Soaps$8.00-24.00WorldwideB
Ymar Vegan€48.88 EURWorldwideB
Bespoke Post Soap Subscription$45.00Within contiguous U.S., Hawaii, Alaska and CanadaA+
Natural Kerr Subscription Box$19.99WorldwideA+
Purp-ess Box$9.00WorldwideA
Soap by Amanda$18.00-26.00WorldwideB
Front Range Soaps Bath & Spa$31.62-38.13U.S. and CanadaB

1. Dr. Squatch Natural Soap

Dr. Squatch Natural Soap

Cost:  Subscription is $36.00 per quarter for 6 bars of soap, $54.00 for 9 bars, and $18.00 for 3 bars. Also available in quarterly subscription with savings up to 16%!

Shipment: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand

Shipment Fee: The shipping fee depends on the size and the destination of the parcel. Shipping is done through USPS and FedEx-2 Day, and free shipping is offered for orders over $40 (applicable only inside the United States)

About the box: This subscription box from Dr. Squatch is targeted specifically to male users who prefer natural and healthy products for their everyday use. The brand is best known for its handmade and natural products and is headquartered in Los Angeles but is an eCommerce business operation. 

The raw materials originate from the USA, and the soaps are crafted from only the natural ingredients with a variety of masculine aromas. They do not use any chemicals in their manufacturing process that makes the soaps very safe for your skin. 

They have two subscription offers- quarterly and monthly, but the monthly subscription requires an extra dollar for handling purposes. The quarterly subscription box is the most popular kind, and the standard option offers you two soaps per month, making 6 soap bars every quarter. However, this may change with the frequency of how many times you shower and how much you consume. So, for this reason, you can go for the other two options- 9 bars/ quarter (for more lathering) and 3 bars/ quarters (for light showering). They are billed and shipped every 3 months, and the standard domestic shipping time is between 3 to 7 days. 

You have the luxury to choose from 6 different fragrances, and each soap comes with its own story imprinted at the back of its cover. The packaging of the subscription boxes is super simple, and they do not overdo it. It comes in a plain brown pack along with the packing list. 

Are you confused about which scents to go for? Do not worry they have it covered for you. You can take their quiz which is available on their website to find your way to the best soaps that will match your preferences.

What’s more? They have a wide range of products other than soaps as well. They sell toothpaste, hair care products, deodorant, shower booster, and hand sanitizers. Not only that, their target customers are not only the females but also the males for whom they have upgraded their product lines to beard oils, colognes, and shaving accessories. To know more, check their website out. 

2. Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade

Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade

Cost: Monthly subscription starts at as low as $6.42

Shipment: Worldwide from the United States

Shipping Fee: Domestic shipping is free, and for international shipment, the price varies according to the policy of the country it is being shipped to.

About the box: The subscription box from Pip & Lola’s Everything Homemade is popular for its “barely-scented” vegan cold-pressed and hot-pressed soaps which makes it a perfect choice for those who are scent sensitive. They have a wide range of soaps, available in both assorted and identical soapboxes. They feature many colorful bars of soap which you can choose from their website while subscribing. They offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly subscription options. 

The standard monthly offer is for 2 soap bars each month, and the prices start from a cheap rate. The soaps are super long-lasting which makes this a very budget-friendly subscription. They ship their subscription box on the 16th of every month so, if you really want to get your hands on these, you need to place your orders by the 12th of the month. This way, there will be no delay in your shipment. 

You do not need to renew your subscription every month as it renews on its own, and you have the advantage of canceling it any time you want. Furthermore, each subscription box surprises you with soap samples that you can order for your next shipment. 

Lastly, about the shipping time- it is super-fast. The boxes are shipped within 72 hours of cleared payment. For international shipment, it will take longer and the shipping costs will be included. However, no handling costs are charged by them. 

What’s more? They have an ongoing program of “Buy 2 we donate 1” where they donate the price of one bar for every two soaps purchased to domestic violence shelters and charities. This might act as an incentive for people to buy more of their products.

3. Clean Carriage Soap Company

Clean Carriage Soap Company

Cost: Monthly subscription is at $11.67 for 2 soap bars/month 

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States 

Shipping Fee: Free shipping inside the United States and the shipping fee varies for international shipment. 

About the box: The Clean Carriage Soap Company offers you premium quality handmade vegan soaps that come with a variety of fragrances to choose from. The monthly subscription box that will be delivered to your doorstep includes two therapeutic soaps that give you the cleanest feeling ever. You will be open to choosing the scents of the 2 bars from 8 aromas that suit the best for your lifestyle. 

The boxes are shipped between the 4th and 7th of each month, and the standard shipping time is 5 business days. The subscription will renew automatically, and the cancellation process is super-easy as well. Their payment method also offers four options- month to month, 3 months prepay, 6 months prepay, and 12 months prepay. 

What’s more? The brand also offers essential oils in 8 different fragrances and a special bamboo toothbrush. To know more, you can visit their website.

4. Sudzly Soap Subscription Box

Sudzly Soap Subscription Box

Cost: Monthly subscription of Beginner Bliss is at $25.00, Simply Soap is at $29.00, Bath Bomb Box is at $29.00 and Spa Box is at $41.67

Shipment: Shipping worldwide from the United States where they accept deliveries

Shipping Fee: Free shipping within the United States and the shipping fee varies for international shipments. 

About the box: The brand Sudzly offers all-natural bath and body care that does not only take care of your skin but is environment-friendly. So, if you are someone who feels highly responsible for nature, then this might be a good choice for you. The soaps are made from 85% organic elements and handcrafted by local artisans all across the U.S. Their manufacturing does not include any sort of dyes, fragrances, or unnatural raw materials. 

Sudzly offers you four different subscription boxes namely, 

  1. Organic Soap Box: This includes 2 all-natural artisan soaps, plus additional all-natural bath, body, and skincare items
  2. Bath Bomb Box: This includes 2 bath bombs that are made from all natural ingredients, and other deluxe body, bath and skincare products as a bonus. 
  3. Beginner Bliss: This includes 1 all-natural soap and 1 all-natural bath bomb, plus additional all-natural bath, body, and skincare items.
  4. Spa Box Clean: The box comes with a pair of bath soaps, a pair of bath bombs and other organic body, bath and skincare goodies.

The monthly subscription is very flexible as it offers you to modify or skip months as per your convenience. They also offer you 3 different payment options. You can either choose to pay month to month, or 3 months prepay or 6 month prepay. Moreover, you can withdraw your subscription anytime you want without having anything at stake. 

What’s more? They also have you covered for celebrating special days like birthdays, anniversaries, mother's day with their special occasion boxes. The price of this starts from as low as $28.00. For further information and exciting offers, you can visit their website.

5. Am Happy Soap Box

Am Happy Soap Box

Cost: 1 bar of soap costs $8.50 per month, 2 bars are $17 per month, and 3 Bars are $25 per month.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the United States 

Shipping fee: Free shipping domestically but shipment fee required internationally.

About the box: If you are looking for versatility in your everyday bath care, then this subscription box can be a valuable addition to your life as the Am Happy Soap Box offers you soaps that vary from scrubby-to-exfoliating-to-creamy-to-silky. The soaps do not only smell amazing but also take care of your skin. In addition to this, these delicately handcrafted soaps are extremely nice to look at. 

Am Happy Soap offers you 3 different monthly subscriptions- 1 bar every month, 2 bars every month, and 3 bars every month. The first two options are accompanied by 1/4th additional bar sample, and the 3 bars every month comes with 2 1/4th additional bar samples. 

The soaps in the box are handmade in small batches and come with a short list of ingredients that are easy to read. The boxes are shipped within 48 hours of your cleared payment, and the subsequent shipments are made between the 11th and 13th of every month. 

In addition to these, the brand offers you 3 payment options for your convenience- month to month, 3 months prepay, and 6 months prepay. If you go with the prepay options, then your box will be shipped on the very first day of each month. 

What’s more? They also sell soap nets that keep the soap intact. If you are interested, they sell some T-shirts on their website, as well, which you can check out.

6. Spotlight Body Soap Subscription

Spotlight Body Soap Subscription

Cost: Monthly subscription is at $30.00 

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States 

Shipping Fee: Free shipment inside the United States 

For international shipping, the fee is according to the posted rate at checkout.  

About the box: Their monthly soap subscription box Spotlight on Me Time includes 4 full-sized soaps weighing 4.5 ounces each, which covers a variety of fragrance profiles, starting from fruity to floral to fresh to spicy and so on. The soaps feel gentle on the skin and are effective in deep-cleansing. 

Their brand is headquartered in Washington, where they are handmade from all the natural ingredients, and you will get a new set of soap bars every month as they have over 25 flavors to offer you. They also do not test their products on animals so, if you are an animal-lover, this might be a good enough reason to go for this subscription. 

The shipments are set on the 4th of every month through the USPS Priority Mail. The standard shipping time domestically is within 1 to 3 business days after it has been shipped. The rebilling will take place on the day you have signed up every month. 

The downside of this subscription box is that you do not have the freedom to choose and customize your box as per your requirement. They will send you different combinations every month, which may not be fit for your style.

What’s more? They have other body and bath care products for you on their website. Do check out! 

7. Lathered Organics

Lathered Organics

Cost: Month to Month Payment is at $25.00, 3 months prepay is at $69.00, and 6 months prepay is at $119.95. 

Shipment: Ships within the United States 

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free 

About the box: If you are aware of the sensitivity of your skin, you would want to go for soaps that will not cause any kind of damage to it. The subscription box from Lathered Organics might be the perfect choice for you as it naturally detoxes and nourishes your skin. The soaps are curated from organic ingredients that will have zero side effects and can protect and detoxify your skin. 

The subscription box includes 4 full-sized massage bars, among which 2 are charcoal detox bars, and the other 2 are simply pure bars that can promote free and clear skin. The charcoal bars are enhanced with food-grade quality charcoal, detoxifying clays, and Himalayan salt, along with some essential oils. The soaps are free from GMOs, phthalates, and SLS. The ingredients also do not include parabens and are 100% vegan so, no risk of animal testing. Moreover, they are highly eco-friendly. 

You will receive your first order immediately after you have cleared your payment. The subscription automatically renews and ships on the 3rd week of each month. 

What’s more? They give you the advantage of sending a one-time gift pack to your dear ones on a special occasion. Not only that, you can include a personalized message in your gift box to make their special occasions even more special.

8. Markase Family Farm Soaps and More

Markase Family Farm Soaps and More

Cost: Monthly subscription is at $30.00

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States 

Shipping Fee: Free domestic shipping and fee for international shipping depends on the policy of the country. 

About the box: Markase Family Farm Soaps and More is a brand that makes handcrafted soaps in small batches as they are more focused on quality rather than quantity. The subscription box comes with a lot of goodies other than the soaps themselves. The box includes an assortment of full-size and sample bath products such as soap bars, lip balms, and scrubbies. 

They offer two types of soaps- vegan soaps and goat milk soaps.The other ingredients used in the production of these soaps are coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter and castor oil. The bars of soaps do not use palm oil as it is not healthy. 

All the products are tightly well packed and are delivered in a tough box which comes inside a padded with mailing envelope so you do not worry about the products being misplaced during shipment. The subscriptions offer auto-renewal, and the box will be shipped within 5 days of your renewal date. It will take 5 days for your box to be shipped after you have placed your first order with cleared payment.

The fragrance of the soaps and the lip balms are super attractive, and feels good to use them but, the problem with this subscription box is that it costs exactly the same as if you order the products differently from their website. They provide no subscriber’s discount to the customers. Moreover, the labels on the soaps, i.e. whether they are vegan or goat milk are not clearly marked, which can be an issue for some people.  

What’s more? Their shops offer a wide range of bath and body care products and just not soaps so, if you are interested, you can check them out.

9. Handmade Soap by Sweet Waffle Farm

Handmade Soap by Sweet Waffle Farm

Cost: Monthly subscription is at as low as $11.00 

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States 

Shipping Fee: Depends upon the weight and location of the shipment

About the box: This subscription box from Sweet Waffle Farm comes with soaps that are made using the cold process technique with the help of oils like olive, coconut, palm, sweet almond, and castor oils. The soaps are vegan as they include all-natural products and are fit for nourishing and moisturizing your skin. 

The features that we love of these soaps are that their preparation involves no use of harsh detergents. Not only that, they are Paraben, Phthalate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triclosan, and Dioxane free which makes it 100% safe to be used for your skin. 

The box comes with a 2-pack of amazingly scented luxury soaps in two varieties every month. The two full-sized soaps feature marble colors and weigh around 4.5 ounces. The subscriptions are shipped within the 2nd and 4th of every month and if you want to receive your parcel as soon as possible then you must order it by the last day of the month. 

They also offer you 4 different billing options- month to month, 3 months prepay, 6 months prepay and 12 months prepay which auto-renews on the 11th of every month unless you turn off your auto-renew option.

10. The S Soap

The S Soap

Cost: Monthly subscription starts at $8.00, and plans extend to $24.00 

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States 

Shipping Fee: Free domestic shipping

About the box: These soaps are mainly based on coconut milk which is essential for moisturizing and hydrating your skin. The soap produces a creamy lather that does not dry out the skin in any way, making it smooth and soft. The soaps are enhanced with other essential rich oils and additives that help your skin be smooth for a long time, even after your shower. 

The box will include 4.5 oz of handmade soap, and you will receive your first (domestic) order within 1 business day after you have cleared your payment. The boxes following that month will ship between the 18th and 20th of every month. The boxes will be delivered to your doorstep and surprise you with new soap flavors every month. 

These handmade soaps are fit to be used for all skin types and do not involve the use of palm oil or phthalate in their production. The soap bars are made in small batches with an amazing fragrance combo of fresh fruits and milk and if you are interested to know how they craft their soaps then they have a video posted on their youtube channel which you can check out. 

The con of this subscription, however, to me was that it does not allow you to choose soap fragrances that will fit your lifestyle. They will send their own choice of soaps to you every month and flavors may not go with your personality. 

What’s more? They also have subscription boxes for their candles that are made from natural soy wax. They are also shipped immediately after the first payment is cleared and shipped on the 5th of each month for the subsequent months.

11. Ymar Vegan

Ymar Vegan

Cost: Monthly subscription starts at as low as €48.88 EUR

Shipment: Ships worldwide from Portugal

Shipping Fee: Free shipping inside Portugal and the free for international shipping varies according to the policies of the country it is being shipped to. 

About the box: The box comes with goodies which are made from ingredients that have a high quality and sustainability. The ingredients include essential oils, natural herbs and flowers that were handpicked to boost the benefits of the product even further. 

This subscription box is a winner in terms of versatility as it includes 1 solid shampoo soap bar, 2 body soaps, 1 facial soap and a deodorant. It does not only take care of your skin but works amazingly as a haircare product, making them feel smooth and hydrated. 

The soaps are handmade and packaged without causing any harm to the environment so you could call this one a very green option. They set their shipments on the 4th of every month and if you are looking for the correct time to subscribe to these then make sure to place your order by the end of each month. The standard time for international shipping is around 5 to 10 days depending on your location.

12. Bespoke Post Soap Subscription

Bespoke Post Soap Subscription

Cost: Monthly subscription starts at $45.00

Shipment: Within contiguous United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada

Shipping Fee: Standard shipping fee for the contiguous U.S. = $3.95 

For Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada = $10.00

Free shipping for orders above $75.00

About the box: Bespoke Post is very popular for their amazing subscription box offers to start from cocktail kits to grooming products to bath care and so much more. This brand is mainly focused on subscription boxes that are targeted at men, and one such box is their “Base Light Soap” subscription box. 

The best feature of this box is that you can customize and build your subscription box on your terms. The number of soaps that you will like to add to your box will depend on the frequency of showers you take every month. You have the luxury to choose from 5 soaps, each with a distinct fragrance profile. The five soap types that are offered to you are- daily cleansing bar (cedar & sage), detox scrub bar (gold moss & activated charcoal), daily cleansing bar (green tea & verbena), daily refresh bar (peppermint leaf & sea salt) and daily cleansing bar (sandalwood & sea salt).   

The soaps are made from all-natural ingredients and are enhanced with shea butter and natural oils. The textured and woody soaps can detoxify, scrub, and hydrate your skin making your skin smooth and healthy. Moreover, the soaps are free from synthetic dyes and parabens and come with no sulfates or phthalates. Also, the soaps are animal cruelty-free and you will receive the soaps with all this information marked at the back of their label. 

You can adjust the period for which you will receive the box (every 1,2, or 3 months) and you can modify your subscription whichever way it suits your preference as you have the advantage of skipping a month if you may. There is no limitation regarding how many times you want to skip your box subscription. They will ship your product every mid-month and offer very easy cancellation and subscription processes. Moreover, you can take the quiz available on their website which will help you choose the soaps that go with your personality. 

The rebilling is done between the 6th and 15th of each month just before your box is set for shipment. The standard shipping charges may vary month to month depending on the weight and the location to where the shipments are going. Also, additional charges like VAT and duty taxes will be charged at the time of checkout. 

The standard shipping time inside the contiguous U.S. is between 3 to 8 business days, and for Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada it may extend to 20 business days. Also, the members get a $10 off on the subscription boxes compared to the non-members. 

What’s more? They are expanding their product line in various directions, so they are not male-centric anymore and are also offering boxes for females. They have a few varieties of them on their website, and if you are interested, you can check them out.

13. 3BirdsSoap


Cost: Monthly Surprise Theme box is at $40.00, Newvahallasoap is at $20.00/month, and Lavender blend is at $19.83

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States  

Shipping Fee: Free domestic shipping and charges applied for international shipping according to the policy of the country. 

About the box: The subscription box by 3birdsoap offers soaps that are made in small batches by a Chef Artisan who lives in New York. The boxes are sent to you every month to surprise you with soaps of different attractive colors and fragrances. These seasonal scented soaps are handcrafted from all the natural ingredients and are not harsh to your skin. 

They offer you three subscription options to go with-

  • Lavender blends- this includes 2 soaps per month
  • NEWVAHALLASOAP: this includes 2 Vikings handmade food-based soap from their NEWVAHALLASOAP store. 
  • Monthly surprise theme box: this includes soap and other body care products.

The most subscription box among the three options is the monthly surprise one which is accompanied by a lot of goodies other than the soaps themselves. The average handling and shipping cost of this box is roughly $9 which is included in the overall price and that is amazing! Each box includes two super nice handmade soaps and two other body care products. The products may be a lotion or a food-based lip balm or handmade bath bombs or candles, all of which are crafted maintaining a monthly theme. The box weighs about a pound, and the goodies inside are more than enough to serve a family of 2-3 members for at least a month. 

Moreover, subscribing to these boxes gives you the benefit of saving money as you would have to spend much more if you got a box like this from the retail shops. Your first order will be shipped within 5 business days after you have cleared your payments. The subscription will automatically renew on the anniversary dates in the following months. 

What’s more? They are not only operating their business for profits but also for a good cause. They share portions of their profits for animal rescue programs and a woman’s collective in Africa which gives you more reasons to subscribe to their subscription boxes and become a part of something good.

14. Natural Kerr Subscription Box

Natural Kerr Subscription Box

Cost: Monthly subscription is at $19.99/2 months

Shipment: Shipment worldwide

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free for orders over $100 domestically and for international orders weighing less than 5lbs. 

For orders under $100 inside the U.S.: USPS fee = $18.95, regular fee = $10.95 

For Canada = $14.95

About the box: This is a rather fun and unique monthly soap subscription box that features all the seasonal scents. They offer you two different packs to choose from, each costing the same price. The soaps are handcrafted by their in-house artisans and are enhanced with essential oils. The box includes 4 natural soaps, which are accompanied by 2 beauty products samples as a bonus!

The most popular one is the Citrus Love Box Pack, which contains four such scents - Orange & Mint Julep, Grapefruit Geranium, Sunrise, and Grapefruit Margarita. The Organic Scents Collection Soap Box, on the other hand, includes soaps with scents such as Sage & Lemongrass, Antique Sandalwood, Lavender & Lemongrass, and Vanilla Silk. 

What’s more? They also have other luxury soaps, skincare products, hair care products, and bathing accessories on their sites, which you can add with your subscription box separately to take your bathing experience to a new level.

15. Purp-ess Box

Purp-ess Box

Cost: Monthly subscription is at $9.00

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States  

About the box: This brand has put a lot of thought into their name as it is a combination of ‘purposeful essentials’ with an idea of having a purpose of using a particular ingredient and its corresponding essential benefit to your skin. So, keeping this concept in mind, they use different ‘purposeful’ ingredients every month that will bring potential benefit to your skin every month to curate this subscription box. 

They give you two options to choose from every month-

  • Lathered Box: This box includes one bar of vegan handmade soap which comes with at least 1 surprise item. 
  • Splish Splash Box: The box includes one bar of vegan handmade soap, 1 whipped sugar scrub accompanied by at least 1 gift item.

The surprise items in the boxes can largely vary as they have a wide range of options to pick from. It can be a moisturizer, a hand cream, a lip balm, body butter, bath bombs, sugar scrub, or any bath care really!

Not only that, but the box also includes a biblical lesson tied to the soap explaining the purpose of the particular ingredient used in the making of the soap in that month. The soaps are handcrafted and are scented using essential oils. 

What’s more? In addition to enjoying this amazing box, you will be indirectly donating your money for a good purpose as 10% of their profit goes to the funds of the Christian Suicide Prevention and other small charities. You will not only keep the joy to yourself but spread it to young adults.

16. Soap by Amanda

Soap by Amanda

Cost: Soap by Amanda Small Batch Hoppy Soap is at $18.00

Soap by Amanda Limited Edition Handcrafted Soap is at 26.00/month

Shipment: Worldwide shipment from the United States 

Shipping Fee: Free domestic shipment 

About the box: Soap by Amanda is a brand owned by Amanda Ray, who provides high quality and expertly handcrafted soaps to your doorstep every month. You have two options to choose from that will suit your personality the best. 

Firstly, it is the ‘Hoppy Soap’ subscription box which is the most popular among the two options and is made with craft beer which is sourced from premier breweries. The ingredients for this one are sourced from sustainable means, and one bar of soap is allocated per box weighing around 3 ounces. This box is curated for men and keeping their needs in mind. 

Secondly, the “Handcrafted Soap” subscription box includes not one but two carefully handcrafted soaps and is accompanied by a surprise gift. 

However, if you are willing, you can choose one from each option and make an assorted subscription box of your own. 

Your first shipment will be sent within 3 days after your cleared payment, and the subsequent orders will be shipped on the 4th of each month. They provide 4 options for payment- month to month, 3 months prepay, 6 months prepay, and 12 months prepay. It is wise to go for 12 months prepay as the monthly charge will be less this way.

17. Front Range Soaps Bath & Spa

Front Range Soaps Bath & Spa

Cost: Luxury Bath and Spa Gift Box is at $31.62/month and the Deluxe Luxury Bath and Spa Gift Box is at $38.13/month

Shipment: Ships within the U.S. and Canada

Shipping Fee: Shipping cost varies depending on the weight of the box

About the box: This subscription box brings an end to your daylong stress by ensuring a very relaxing bathing time with their handmade bath self-care products. The subscription boxes are shipped through USPS mail for fast and careful delivery.  

The feature which makes this one super-appealing at first sight is its premium packaging. The box is packaged in a very beautiful way. and the soaps are of even better quality as their main focus is to ensure customer satisfaction. This is another reason, this subscription box can work as a perfect gift box for any occasion. 

They have two options of subscription boxes to offer you-

  • Deluxe Luxury Bath and Spa Gift Box: This box contains a handcrafted skincare bar, a bubble bath weighing 10 ounces, nourishing whipped skin cream weighing 5 ounces, a solid lotion bar, a pair of snowflake bath bombs, a pair of shower steamers votive candle, soap holder and some shortbread cookies.  
  • Luxury Bath and Spa Gift Box: This box contains exactly the same products, but the bubble bath and the whipped skin cream come in smaller sizes. The bubble bath in this one weighs 4 ounces, and the whipped skin cream weighs 3 ounces.

If you place your first order before the 15th of the month, you will receive your mail within only one week. However, if you place it after the 15th, then you will receive it on the last week of the month. In addition to these, they also give you the luxury to choose your paying plans from 3 options- monthly payment, 3 months prepay, and 6 months prepay, whichever is convenient for you. 

Furthermore, these products are absolutely cruelty-free, so you do not have to feel guilty while using them. 

What’s more? They are providing some exciting coupon codes that will give you amazing discounts on their 3+ subscription offers.

Ending Note

And that is all from our end regarding the best soap subscription box. We are hopeful that you will find just the right one that matches your lifestyle and gives you the ultimate bathing experience. 

So, which subscription box was successful in grabbing your attention?

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