The 22 Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

If you’re a jewelry enthusiast on a hunt for exciting new additions to your collection, you have landed on the right article. Jewelry subscription boxes offer a unique service that will jazz up your wardrobe with a range of trendy jewelry and gems. And before you know it, your collection is rich with accessories to match every outfit. 

Jewelry subscription boxes are designed to send you jewelry based on your preferences and outfit style. Whether you enjoy metal pendants hand-curated by artisans or high-end trinkets, there’s a jewelry plan for everyone. We have reviewed the 22 best jewelry subscription boxes in the market to help you pick one that fits the bill.

Quick Comparison Between The 22 Best Jewelry Subscriptions

Subscription Box NameFeatures Ships toGrade
Mint Mongoose Jewelry Subscription BoxThree-piece set

Silver, gold, rose gold tone
Worldwide A
Fair Trade FridayFour subscription plans

Works with non-profit artisan groups around the world
Worldwide A
Glamor JewelryBox comes with necklace, earrings and bracelets

Offers gold, rose gold and silver-toned, jewelry
USA and CanadaA
Starring Jewelry Subscription BoxBox contains at least one 925 sterling silver item

All items are nickel-free, hypoallergenic
Junque in Thy TrunkOffers personalized jewelry

Comes with earrings, pendants, hair clips
Worldwide A
Rock BoxOffers rental sets; they can also be purchased

Features a loyalty program called Rockstar Reward
Silver and Gold Subscription BoxAvailable are earring box, ring of the month club and allergy-friendly jewelry box

Offers jewelry in 14k rose gold, sterling silver and green diamond simulant sterling silver
Emma and Chloe Monthly Jewelry BoxItems are made of natural materials and recycled brass

Shipping is free on orders over $50
Penny and Grace Jewelry Subscription BoxDelivers necklace, earrings, bracelet, rings

Accepts returns and provides refunds
Your Bijoux BoxFully customizable

Accepts returns of damaged products only
Ava Subscription BoxDelivers earrings in neutral colors

Donates a sum of your payment
Jewelry Subscription BoxOffers silver, gold and gunmetal items

Features two subscription plans
Xio Jewelry Subscription BoxAvailable in two variants - gold and silver

Delivers earrings, rings, necklace, hoops
Pachulah Jewelry Subscription BoxJewelry made of 14K gold-filled, solid gold and 925 sterling silver

Made of hypoallergenic material
Worldwide B+
Pura Vida Bracelet Subscription BoxMembers have early access to sales launches

Box comes with two high-end items
Worldwide B+
Roselium Jewelry Subscription BoxMembers have 25% discount on their online store

Accepts returns based on preference
USA and Canada B+
Jewelry SubscriptionFeatures two plans - silver plan and gold plan

Retail value of boxes are between $50 to $400
EarFleek Subscription BoxDelivers earrings

Accepts returns if box does not match preference
Bamboo Jewelry BoxSustainable production process

Features three jewelry styles
Worldwide B+
Simple Statement Jewelry Subscription BoxDelivers two bracelets, earrings, and ring

Comes in minimalistic designs
Worldwide B
Rowan Jewelry Box
Nicki Lynn Jewelry Delivers handmade jewelry

Adds special items on request
Worldwide B

1. Mint Mongoose Jewelry Subscription Box

Mint Mongoose Jewelry Subscription Box

Mint Mongoose is a monthly jewelry subscription box committed to sending top-notch, meaningful jewelry to your doorstep. The company offers its service at an unbeatable price, making it an attractive pick for fashion fanatics across the world.

You can pick between silver, gold, and rose gold jewelry. And there’s a story behind each jewelry. As you receive mail, you will notice that each set comes with a postcard highlighting the inspiration behind that particular set’s design. 

Mint Mongoose is known for its simple yet elegant designs that are meant to fit every occasion. Upon subscription, you will have to complete your style profile to understand better what you like. You will get a range of choices on jewelry tone and earring preference. You can choose an earring type or no earring at all. These steps are prioritized so that you can receive jewelry that fits you. 

Once you complete your profile, choose a payment mode. You can choose to pay monthly or pay by term - whichever suits you best. You will be charged $16.99 per set if you choose a month-to-month payment mode. In case of a three-month commitment, you will be able to save over 5%. 

Each package comes with a three-piece set and a story behind the design. The jewelry is valued at over $45 in retail. You can also add bonus earrings, rings, or t-shirts. An additional earring and ring will cost $4.99 each, and adding a t-shirt will cost $11.99.

Your first package will be shipped within 48 hours of placing the order. The future packages will be shipped within the 15th of every month. And if you’re not impressed, the company guarantees to make it right. 

Price: The month-to-month payment for each set is $16.99. You can purchase a 3, 6, or 12-month paid by term subscription and save over 5%. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The jewelry subscription box delivers a three-piece set monthly 
  • You can add rings, earrings, and T-shirts to the package 
  • There are four jewelry tone options - Silver, Gold, Gold Rose, or Surprise Me!

Availability: Mint Mongoose ships worldwide from the United States. Shipping in the US is free.

Fair Trade Friday

Fair Trade Friday is one of the best jewelry subscription boxes that is designed to empower women. Through a sustainable production process, the company helps tackle poverty among artisans and provides them with dignified jobs. By signing up, you can help support thousands of families around the world. Fair Trade Friday works with over 40 non-profit artisan groups in more than 30 countries. 

There are four subscription plans for you to choose from. They are the Original Box, the Grace Case, Bracelet of the Month, and Earring of the Month. 

The Original Box sends three to four of your favorite Fair Trade products every month. Each month has a designated theme, and you will receive jewelry according to the theme. There are hundreds of experienced artisans involved in the process. So rest assured that your boxes are in good hands. 

The Grace Case is delivered every quarter. The company sends handcrafted heirlooms from across the world along with a photographic journal that tells the stories of these heirlooms. The package will contain four or more unique Fair Trade jewelry. The products along with inspiring visual stories will reach your doorstep every quarter. Members of Grace Case are billed on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. And the products are shipped within ten days of billing. 

The Bracelet of the Month plan is exactly what the name suggests - one bracelet delivered to your doorstep every month. Similarly, if you sign up for the Earring of the Month plan, you will receive a priceless Earring every month. These plans are designed for people who have a very particular choice of jewelry. You even get to choose a term of payment. Whether you want to pay month-to-month, 12-month prepay, or something in-between, the company has a plan designed for you. 

Price: The Original Box charges $32.99 per month. The Grace Case costs $119 per quarter. The Bracelet of the Month plan costs $14.99 per month. And the Earring of the Month plan charges $12.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • There are four subscription plans for you to choose from, depending on your choice of jewelry
  • The plans renew automatically. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 
  • The company focuses on making the artisans’ lives better

Availability: Fair Trade Friday ships worldwide from the USA. The Grace Case plan ships only to the USA and Canada.

Glamor Jewelry

Glamor Jewelry is a monthly jewelry subscription box that delivers two trendy jewelry pieces to your doorstep every month. The goal is to send you chic and stylish products at an affordable price. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets - you name it and an exclusive item will be delivered to you. 

The boxes rotate between gold, rose gold, and silver-toned jewelry every month, allowing customers to add versatile items to their collection. And if you want to skip a month, the company has an easy skipping policy before renewals. 

Glamor Jewelry focuses on dainty and trendy styles. But there’s more. They will occasionally add a fun statement to your box. For only $34 per month, the company will add two curated jewelry pieces between a bracelet, a necklace, and a ring. Each box is valued at over $55. 

As you sign up and choose a plan, your box will be shipped out within two business days. After the first month, your subscription will be renewed automatically and the payments will be scheduled for the 15th of each month. Your subscription boxes will be shipped out within the third week of each month.  

Price: The plans start at $34 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The Glamor Jewelry does not offer a rental service. You get to keep every jewelry that is delivered to you 
  • Every box is valued at $55+ in retail 
  • The company offers three color choices - Silver only, Gold or Rose Gold only, or Rotational Tones every month

Availability: Glamor Jewelry delivers to the US and Canada.

Starring Jewelry Subscription Box

If you’re into personalized jewelry pieces, then the Starring Jewelry Subscription box will make the perfect pick for you. You will get three jewelry pieces every month, from hypoallergenic stainless steel earrings to 14K gold plated rings. Every box is guaranteed to include at least one sterling silver piece. Each box is valued at a higher retail price than the subscription box. 

Note that every item in the box is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. So it makes an excellent gift for your loved ones, without having to pay a second thought. As soon as you subscribe to a plan, you will meet some survey questions regarding your jewelry design preference, ring size, and themes. You can also let the company know of any special requests. This survey is designed for the company to understand your style before shipping a box to your doorstep. 

Your subscription will be billed on the 11th of each month. The plans are renewed automatically, and it’s a hassle-free procedure. If you’re not impressed by their service, the company has a straightforward cancelation policy.  

Price: The plans start from $18 per month.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each box contains three jewelry pieces with at least one 925 sterling silver item 
  • The box comes with versatile jewelry in different tones, including necklaces, rings, and earrings 
  • All the jewelry offered by the company is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. You can simply pick a plan for yourself or your loved ones

Availability: The company ships inside the US. Domestic shipping is free.

Junque in Thy Trunk

If you need some extra bling in your life, then the Junque in Thy Trunk will be the perfect jewelry subscription box for you. The company works with artisans who specialize in glass fusing and metal welding to produce unique jewelry just for you. Despite the steampunk flair, the jewelry is meant to fit your modern outfits just perfectly. 

As you register for the subscription plan, you will have to select the type of jewelry you’d like to receive and answer a few questions about your style preference. It’s a quick survey to understand you better. The company focuses on your style in an attempt to deliver the perfect jewelry for your collection. You will find custom jewelry that is made just for you. 

These items are personalized to fit your style. They also make wonderful presents for your loved ones as the company carefully handcrafts each item with your choices in mind. You will receive a pair of gorgeous handcrafted earrings along with a cushion-cut square Swarovski crystal drop pendants. The chains and earring hooks are made of hypoallergenic, nickel-free material. 

Whether you want vintage jewelry, steampunked hats, charm pendants, or eclectic accessories, Junque in Thy Trunk will deliver your items in the shortest possible time. Your first order will be shipped out within a few days of placing an order. Afterward, as you move to a monthly subscription plan, your subscription boxes will be shipped out within the 4th of each month. Your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of each month. 

Each order will arrive in a cute velvet pouch or a uniquely branded box. These boxes are used for the convenience of storage. They also make perfect packaging for gifts. 

Price: The subscription plans start at $18.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Junque Thy Trunk delivers customized vintage jewelry, catering to your style and preference 
  • Package contains earrings, pendants and hair clips, among other authentic accessories 
  • The items are packed in beautiful velvet pouches before putting them in a branded box

Availability: Jewelry from Junque Thy Trunk ships worldwide from the United States.

Rock Box

Rock Box offers rental service for designer jewelry and unlimited swaps for people who prioritize chic experience more than building a collection. You will receive a set of three-piece jewelry every month for an affordable price. The boxes are valued much higher in retail price. And the best part is, it does not cost a dime to ship the rental sets. 

And if you grow fond of the jewelry, pay $21 to purchase from your rental set and keep it forever. You will get exciting member discounts if you decide to purchase jewelry from your rental set or the shop. 

So you may be wondering, how does the Rock Box work? Basically, you will be offered thousands of exclusive and designer styles to create a Wish List of jewelry you’d like to try. Through this process, you will get to hand-select jewelry that matches your personal style and create your own set. You will receive the rental set, in a reusable envelope and prepaid label, with free shipping. And if you can’t bear the thought of parting from a particular set, you can purchase your favorites by paying the monthly membership credit. 

Another intriguing feature of this jewelry subscription box is Rockstar Reward. It is a loyalty program for the members of the club, as a way to thank them. As soon as you activate your profile on the club, you will be added as a Base member. The program is free to join, and all members are automatically a part of it. As you swap and shop with the club, you will continue to earn rewards. You can redeem them later to enjoy a bonus on purchase. 

Price: The monthly membership for Rock Box costs $21 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Besides the monthly credit, you can earn a forever credit through various promotions and referral programs 
  • Rock Box is a rental service for jewelry. You can purchase from the rental sets as well. This allows you to try out different designs without breaking the bank 
  • Shipping both ways are free

Availability: Rock Box currently ships to the United States and its territories.

Silver and Gold Subscription Box

Whether you want rings, earrings, or a complete jewelry set, the Silver and Gold Subscription Box offers a plan for everyone. In gold, silver, and diamond simulant silver, the jewelry boxes add incredible value to your collection. 

The company updates its collection every season to deliver you the most relevant items. You can pull off any chic outfit with the jewelry. As you sign up, you will meet a survey asking you about your personal preference. This allows the subscription service to understand your likes and dislikes better, and the deliveries are made accordingly. 

All the items are finely cut, available in a variety of color tones. As a result, you get to pick versatile jewelry for your collection every month. There are four plans for you to choose from - earring box, the ring of the month club, an allergy-friendly jewelry box, and the most popular Jewelry box by Silver and Gold.  

The earring box offers a choice of color between 14k rose gold, sterling silver, and green diamond simulant sterling silver. And the ring of the month club comes with exclusive rings that are sized just for you. You can become an Instagram brand ambassador for the company and receive a second ring. 

The allergy-friendly jewelry box comes with jewelry plated in rose gold, yellow gold and silver. And the last plan, Jewelry Box from Silver and Gold, offers two to four pieces of designer jewelry that are all yours to keep. 

Price: The earring box costs $29.95 per box. The Ring of the Month club membership costs $18.95 per month. The allergy-friendly jewelry box charges $45 per month. And the Jewelry Box plans cost $30 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • You can become a social media brand ambassador for this company and receive exciting gifts 
  • Each box is valued at more than $120 retail value. Shipping is free as well. So the subscription box service offers excellent value for your money 
  • From fine earrings to silver and gold chains, the company delivers jewelry in contemporary designs to match your outfits  

Availability: Ships to the United States

Emma and Chloe Monthly Jewelry Box

Jewelry is such a rewarding thing to receive, and it gets even better when it happens monthly. The Emma and Chloe Monthly Jewelry Box presents itself with wonderful pieces crafted by professional French designers. Each jewelry comes with a three-month warranty and a promise to refund if you’re not pleased. 

We love the fact that their items are made of recycled brass, with 750/100 gold and rhodium silver. However, each stone used in the jewels varies in hue, tone, and inclusions. The company uses all-natural materials and sustainable production processes, which makes them stand out in the market. Even their gemstones are natural. This is precisely the reason why each stone is unique with different inclusions and shades. 

However, refrain from wearing your jewels to water. Each item is delicate. You will need to pay special attention to preserve their shine. That’s why it’s necessary that you avoid contact with water, cosmetics and perfume. It’s best if you put on the jewels after your regular beauty routine or shower. 

Members of the subscription box club are offered some benefits. To begin with, you will get free shipping on all orders over $50. Moreover, there is 20% off on gift cards and 30% off on all Emma & Chloe’s previous boxes. Not to mention, there are surprise perks and privileges every month. 

Your first order will be shipped within 3 to 10 days of placing the order. Afterward, your monthly boxes will arrive sometime between the 10th to 25th of each month. 

If you don’t like what you received in the mail, you can always request a refund and return the product. Fortunately, your orders are eligible for store credit. Make sure to request the refund within 14 business days of delivery. 

Price: The monthly subscription plan charges $35 per month. Another plan is the quarterly subscription plan, which charges $99 per 3 months. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The jewels are made of natural materials and recycled brass 
  • Members of the club get special prices and exclusive privileges. You can redeem the perks all year round 
  • You can choose to purchase from the previous boxes delivered by the brand

Availability: Emma and Chloe’s Monthly Jewelry Box delivers worldwide. They offer free delivery on orders above $50.

Penny and Grace Jewelry Subscription Box

For an affordable price, Penny and Grace offers a trio of jewelry for enthusiasts working on building a collection. You will have a choice of color and metal every month, so that the box at your doorstep fits the bill perfectly. And every box is certain to hold a minimum retail value of $80. The best part? These jewels are all yours to keep, forever. 

You can be as picky with your choice as you wish. Penny and Grace Jewelry Subscription Box offer the most nuanced preference survey that digs deep into your personal style. This allows them to send a box that you adore. 

You can choose from their extensive collection; necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings - pick whatever you want in the box. And if you don’t have pierced ears, simply skip the earrings and replace them with some other item. 

Your first order will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days. Afterward, your subscription boxes will be shipped out within the 5th of each month. You will be billed on the 1st. While the billing is set to automatic, you can skip a month or two if you like. The process is quite straightforward. You can even cancel your membership at any time. 

The company also has a reasonable return policy. Regardless of the reason, you can return any item within 30 days of delivery. You’ll have to return the box in new condition with all items packed together. You will be refunded accordingly. 

Price: The subscription plan charges $29.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The company strictly follows your preferences for the deliveries. You can change your style preferences at any time
  • They accept returns within 30 days of delivery and offer full refund on the product 
  • They offer 3, 6, and 12 months gift subscription plans. Your loved ones will keep on receiving gifts every month for the agreed-upon term

Availability: Penny and Grace ships worldwide from California, USA. Shipping to the USA is charged $5. Shipping to Canada charges $6. And shipping to other international destinations costs $10.

Your Bijoux Box

Your Bijoux Box is fully customizable, with all the jewelry pieces you want delivered straight to your mail. Each box comes with three pieces of jewelry that are hand-curated by brilliant designers. Each item on your box is highly versatile, on-trend and wearable. These boxes are worth higher than you paid for the subscription. You will receive jewelry subscription boxes that are worth at least $100 in retail price. 

The company takes your preferences into careful consideration. They scrutinize hundreds of jewelry items before assembling a box for you. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy all the items that you receive. Note that Your Bijoux Box does not accept returns of the merchandise unless they are damaged. 

Your Bijoux Box has an interesting way of picking the products for you. There’s no way you can know what you’re going to receive beforehand. They analyze the current trends and hand curate each jewelry item. They later pack the boxes for customers depending on their preferences. So basically, at the beginning of each month, the box arrives as a surprise gift from you to yourself. If you enjoy surprises, this will make the best jewelry subscription box for you. 

You can also purchase from the previous boxes from the company. In that case, you will have full information on what’s been delivered. Note that Bijoux Box has a simple cancellation policy. If you’re displeased by their service, you can cancel your subscription at any time. All you have to do is shoot them an email, and the job will be done. You can also skip a month or two if you need a break. 

Your box will be shipped on the 15th of every month, even on your first order. Expect a mail within three business days. The company also provides you a tracking number so you can follow your package. 

Price: The subscription plan is priced at $39.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The company offers choices of colors and tones of your jewelry so you can customize your box 
  • They have an easy return policy for damaged products. However, their policy does not allow return based on preference  
  • The products are shipped on the 15th of every month

Availability: The company ships worldwide. Shipping is free in the United States.

Ava Subscription Box

Here’s a monthly earring subscription box that earring fanatics cannot resist. The subscription service is designed to give back to women around the world. They understand the recent trends and deliver accordingly. 

Each Ava subscription box comes with three pairs of earrings in neutral colors and simple designs. They are meant to be versatile as well. So you can put on the earrings quickly before dashing out the door. 

What’s even more interesting is the fact that a portion of your payment for the box will go as donation. The company donates a sum from every box to special organizations that work toward empowering women and girls around the world. And it allows you to be a part of this grand mission.

With Lemonie Ava Subscription Box, you will get a brilliant set of earrings that are trendy, fashionable and made of high-quality material. While they try their best to provide the best quality, the company does not guarantee the use of nickel-free, hypoallergenic material in their jewelry. 

Besides Lemonie, the brand also offers a few other styles. Check out their Belle and Sophia box. It has more beautiful designs in stock. The subscriptions are billed on the 11th of every month. And they will be shipped no later than five business days.

Price: Each Lemonie Ava Subscription Box costs $24.92 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Products delivered by Ava Subscription Box always align with the latest trends and are made of high-quality material 
  • The earrings come in neutral color and fashionable designs 
  • A portion of the every box purchased goes to special organizations that work toward women empowerment

Availability: They ship worldwide from the US.

Jewelry Subscription Box

Jewelry Subscription Box offers exclusive jewels to fashion enthusiasts. They deliver monthly boxes right to your doorstep, all yours to keep. Each item in your box is carefully hand picked. The company is constantly looking for high-quality, unique jewelry so your collection can be rich and wholesome in no time. 

The subscription box prioritizes your style and preference before shipping a box to you. That’s why you are welcomed with an extensive style profile questionnaire upon sign up so that they have a clear understanding of what you like and dislike. You will also be able to customize your box every month. You can choose to pack whatever item you wish on the box. 

Your first box will ship within two weeks of placing an order. The, company offers a range of items for you to choose from classic and vintage to trendy jewels. You will receive a set containing items like bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and such jewelry. 

Besides the Jewelry Subscription Box, they also offer a Lux Ring Box that offers exclusive rings. The Jewelry Subscription box is worth over $75 in retail value. On the other hand, the Lux Ring Box is worth between $75 and $500 in retail. Each ring is designed with beautiful stones, in sizes between 5 to 11. 

Price: Monthly Jewelry Membership costs $20.79 in the first month. Afterward, it is $25.99 per month. The Lux Ring membership charges $24.19 per month. After the first month, it costs $28.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The company offers you a choice of metal. You can pick between silver, gold and gunmetal items 
  • Their boxes ship on the 1st and 15th of each month. They offer free domestic shipping 
  • You can customize your box and choose to include or exclude items as you wish

Availability: The Jewelry Subscription Box ships in the United States.

Xio Jewelry Subscription Box

With a choice of gold plated or sterling silver, Xio Jewelry Subscription Box adds incredible value to your jewel collection. The company offers a monthly Xio Bag Subscription that comes packed with a stunning set. 

You will find a pair of earrings, a ring, a necklace, and hoops. They are available in two variants - gold and silver. These work as two separate subscriptions. That means that switching back and forth will not be easy. But if you really wish to change your order from silver to gold, or vice versa, you can simply send an email to the company. They try their best to accommodate your requests if your order has not been shipped yet.

Speaking of which, they ship out your first order within two business days. Afterward, your membership will be renewed automatically at the beginning of every month. The monthly subscription boxes ship out on the first week of every month.

The company has a general box for everyone. Each item on the bag is valued at over $20 in retail price. The necklace alone from the January box is worth $58 in retail. The entire box holds much higher value than the amount you have to pay for the subscription. 

Price: The subscription plan charges $60 per month. And if you subscribe for a 3-month plan, the cost comes down to $51 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The monthly subscription bag is available in two variants - gold and silver. Although they work as separate subscription plans, you can switch from one plan to another if you wish
  • It’s best if you use a special silver polishing cloth to retain the shine and natural hue of the jewelry 
  • For user convenience, your membership will renew automatically at the beginning of every month. You can also cancel the membership anytime you want

Availability: Xio Jewelry Subscription Box ships worldwide for a flat shipment fee of $15. International orders ship out once a week, usually on Mondays.

Pachulah Jewelry Subscription Box

If you enjoy styling your outfits with simple yet elegant jewelry pieces, then the Pachulah Jewelry Subscription Box has a lot in stock for you. The jewelry subscription box is among the best ones in the market, and there’s a good reason for it. They offer incredible value for your money. For a small subscription fee, you will receive high-end jewels. 

The items offered by Pachulah are handmade by the Hawaii Jewelry brand. They specialize in top-notch 14K Gold filled jewels, 14K solid gold, and 925 sterling silver materials. Even people with allergy issues can put on these items without any worry. Each item is carefully made completely hypoallergenic, with nickel-free material. We also love the fact that these materials do not wear off when they contact water or cosmetics.  

You can also purchase from Pachulah’s previous boxes. They are brilliantly designed for achieving maximum customer satisfaction. The company brings luxury jewelry at an affordable price. You can choose to ship products for yourself or for a loved one. These boxes make excellent gifts for anyone who enjoys wearing jewelry. Each set comes with a ring, bracelet, and necklace. 

Price: The jewelry subscription box starts from $75 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The jewelry is made of hypoallergenic, nickel-free material 
  • Each box is shipped out by the 15th of every month, reaching your mail within a few business days 
  • You are offered a choice between 14K gold-filled, 14 solid gold, and 925 sterling silver 

Availability: Pachulah ships worldwide.

Pura Vida Bracelet Subscription Box

Pura Vida has stepped into the market with a goal to give back, and so far, they have done a tremendous job of providing full-time jobs to thousands of artisans around the world. They also donate millions to charity every year. This intention to give back and the delivery of quality jewelry is why so many customers are drawn to Pura Vida Subscription Boxes.

Their monthly jewelry box is among the most amazing deals. They will deliver two exclusive jewelry items that are valued at more than $65 per piece. In return, you will have to pay only $19.95 per month. You can also save a ton if you choose their semi-annual or yearly subscription plans. That’s not all; shipping is free in the US. All in all, they offer incredible value for money. 

There are two subscription plans from Pura Vida. One is the Monthly Bracelet Club, and another is the monthly Jewelry Club. The Bracelet Club offers you three awesome bracelets every month, each designed to match your style. You will also receive exclusive monthly stickers. On the other hand, the Monthly Jewelry Club offers two exclusive jewelry pieces every month. 

The first package is shipped within 48 hours of placing the order. Later, you will receive a brilliant package around the 15th of every month. 

Price: There are two monthly clubs: Pura Vida bracelet club and Pura Vida Jewelry club. The regular price for the Bracelet Club is $14.95 per month. There is also an intro offer on the subscription, offering a three-month subscription at $11/month.

The regular subscription fee for the Jewelry Club is $19.95 per month. But as an intro offer, you can sign up for only $16 per month for the first six months. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Being a member of the Pura Vida monthly club, you will have early access to major sales launches on their extensive jewelry collection  
  • The subscription plans can be paused, skipped, or canceled anytime, offering great flexibility
  • You will earn shore dollars and other member perks as you sign up or receive deliveries. Members can also get early access to product launches

Availability: Pura Vida ships worldwide. They have warehouses in the US, Canada, and Europe. It takes 4 to 6 business days plus processing to ship to US, Canada or Europe. For international shipping, it may take 10 to 15 days depending on the location.

Roselium Jewelry Subscription Box

Roselium brings you jewelry from new brands every month. The company partners with local brands and jewelers to offer you variety and quality at an affordable price. And the jewelry is all yours to keep. 

Since they partner with new brands every month, you will get an opportunity to try out new styles and build a wholesome collection. But don’t worry if the package does not appeal to you. You can always return the products if they don’t suit your preference or appear to be damaged. They will refund the product following a simple procedure. Both shipping and return are free for members. 

The brand features an extensive collection on their online store. If you subscribe to their monthly membership, you will get a 25% discount on all products featured on their online store. 

Price: The Roselium membership plan starts from $19.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • All the members of the Roselium subscription box club will get exciting offers and discounts on their online jewelry store 
  • The company partners with and delivers jewelry from new brands every month 
  • Domestic shipping, as well as returns, are free of charge. You can return the product if you’re not impressed and request refund

Availability: Ships to US and Canada.

Jewelry Subscription

Jewelry Subscription will deliver the most elegant pieces from their collection to your doorstep, and they’ll offer you full freedom while doing so. You can customize your own boxes every month, and keep the items all to yourself, forever. 

The subscription box service offers two plans at incredible prices. You can choose from two plans - Silver plan or Gold plan. The Silver plan comes with only one item per month. On the other hand, the Gold box comes with two to three jewelry items per month. The items include rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more. You can pick what you want to receive and the box will arrive with just that. Each item will have been carefully designed by experienced artisans. 

The company ships these items within the 15th of each month. Your orders within the last day of the previous month will be shipped out within that time. And orders from the 1st of a month will be shipped the following month. 

Price: The Silver plan costs $25.99 per month, and the Gold plan costs $38.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • You will find an extensive style profile questionnaire within 24 hours of signing up  
  • The retail value of each box lies between $50 to $400, offering incredible value for your money 
  • You can customize your box to receive whichever jewelry you want in a color of your choice

Availability: The company only ships within the United States.

EarFleek Subscription Box

Want to look cute? You will enjoy this brilliant offering by EarFleek Subscription Box. They will style your ears with the cutest earrings at the most affordable price.

The I Don’t Give a Hoot Plan delivers fun and stylish earrings straight to your door. You can immediately put them on and turn a few heads on your way out. Most of the earrings on their collection are meant to pair with any outfit, on any season. You can show them off to your friends straight out of the box. Perhaps you’d like to gift a box to your loved ones as well. The package will make a fun surprise every month. 

Here’s the good news: if you’re not impressed with the pack you receive, you can simply return it, completely free of charge. The company will also refund or replace the products. 

Price: The price of the subscription box starts from $3.50 per month.  

Highlighted Features:

  • The membership plan bills on a prepaid basis. Your monthly subscription will renew automatically, designed to make things simpler for you
  • There’s no way of knowing what you’re going to receive in the box. So it makes a wonderful surprise every month
  • The earrings are sent based on your style profile, designs, and latest trends. Rest assured that you will be receiving fashionable and fun products

Availability: The EarFleek Jewelry Subscription box ships only within the United States.

Bamboo Jewelry Box

Here’s a subscription box for all eco-activists out there. The Bamboo Jewelry Box comes with a pack full of eco-friendly products - each item carefully curated, addressing all your concerns regarding the environment. It also makes the perfect gift for your eco-minded friends. 

As the name suggests, the company delivers bamboo jewels at the beginning of every month. You can style these products with the most fashionable outfit in your wardrobe. The items are picked, keeping all your preferences in mind. So rest assured that they will match your style and complement your personality. 

The jewelry pieces are available in different styles. You can choose between cute animal style, abstract, or a combination of the two. 

For a reasonable price, you will receive 1 to 3 pieces of jewelry every month. You can choose between earrings, necklaces, rings, and brooches. They feature an extensive collection on their online jewelry store. And you can enjoy membership perks from time to time. To begin with, being a member will earn you early access to their exclusive collection. 

There’s more. The Bamboo Jewelry Box plants a tree for every order they receive. From contributing to substantial production to helping plant trees - your purchase will truly make a difference in the world. 

Price: The Bamboo Jewelry Subscription box costs $35 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The company plants a tree for every order, which makes them a wonderful choice for eco-minded people. They have planted more than 11,000 plants so far 
  • They deliver bamboo jewelry with a choice of items between ring, earring, necklace, brooch, and more
  • The jewelry features styles like cute animal, abstract, and a combination of cute and abstract. You can choose any that suits your personality

Availability: The Bamboo Jewelry Box ships worldwide from Australia

Simple Statement Jewelry Subscription Box

Simple Statement Jewelry Subscription Box delivers just what the name suggests - minimalist, simple yet elegant statement pieces to match with your outfit. Three pieces of jewelry come with each box. They are curated keeping minimal and modern trends in mind. 

All three pieces of jewelry are made of stainless steel, 14k gold, or real silver plated material. You can let the service know about your color tone preference. And expect high-end jewelry that matches your wardrobe, at an affordable price. 

Note that, only some of the jewelry offered by this brand are hypoallergenic, but not all. While they accept customization preference on jewelry tone, they do not sort this particular issue.

Price: The Month-to-Month subscription costs $19.99 per month. The 3-month prepay costs $56.25, where each box will cost only $18.75. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The jewelry pieces offer a choice of color tone between silver and gold, allowing you to pick the perfect statement pieces 
  • The boxes come with four jewelry pieces - two bracelets, a pair of earring, and an adjustable rings

Availability: The company ships worldwide with free shipping in the US.

Rowan Jewelry Box

We bear good news for earring enthusiasts who cannot wear every earring that catches their eyes due to allergy issues. Rowan Jewelry Box delivers hypoallergenic earrings in the most stunning designs. These earrings are equal parts elegant and comfortable to put on. And you are sure to turn a few heads as you walk into a room wearing those jewelry. 

The Rowan Jewelry Box comes with nickel-free, hypoallergenic jewelry keeping in mind people’s needs with allergies. And the best part is that every box delivered by the company features a new theme. This shows their sincerity and mindfulness. 

You can choose the metal type for your earrings as you sign up for a monthly subscription plan. They offer choices between Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil. You may change the metal type even during the course of your membership without any hassle. 

The first box will be shipped immediately after you place an order. They are supposed to arrive within 5-7 business days. Later, your boxes will be shipped out by the 15th of each month. You can cancel the monthly membership at any time. 

Price: The monthly subscription to Rowan Jewelry Box costs $34 per month. The 6-month subscription plan costs $24 per month. And the 12-months subscription plan costs $21 per month.

Standard shipping in monthly, 3-month, and 6-month subscription plans costs $2 per box. And in case of the 12-month subscription plan, shipping is free. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The earring box is a perfect blend of quality and a hypoallergenic design 
  • The boxes also come with a thought-provoking mindful card that is meant to inspire conversation

Availability: The company ships within the USA.

Nicki Lynn Jewelry

For those who enjoy handmade jewelry, Nicky Lynn has the best offerings in stock. With handmade items made with quality beads and gemstones, the boxes will appear at your doorstep at the beginning of every month. And for only $14 per month, you can keep them coming. 

However, the company does not feature a survey questionnaire that digs deep into your style preferences. Instead, you will have to communicate your preferences via email. They try to adjust most boxes according to your styles, color preferences, and sizes; no guarantees, though. You can also request a special item in the boxes, such as lockets, rings, and more. They enjoy adding a personal touch to every box, and it shows. 

Price: The monthly subscription plan costs $14 per month.  

Highlighted Features:

  • The jewelry boxes feature boho style jewelry made of high-quality materials
  • Each item in the box is carefully hand made by Nicky Lynn herself 
  • Special items can be requested for your boxes. In which case, you will have to communicate with the company through email

Availability: Ships worldwide from the United States.

Final Words 

Do little treasures bring you joy? You are likely to enjoy jewelry subscription boxes as they arrive at your doorstep, monthly, with little surprises. For your convenience, we have reviewed the 22 best jewelry subscription boxes available in the current market. Whether you want rings, earrings, hoops, pendants, or a box that contains all - there’s a plan for everyone. Each subscription box has something unique to offer. So you won’t have a hard time picking one that fits your preferences.

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