The 8 Best Shoe Subscription Boxes

Are you a model who needs new shoes every month? Shoes are very important whether you are a model or an office person. Shoes show the personality of each person. So you need different shoes for attending an office meeting, client party, or for running an errand. It is time-consuming for people to go shopping for various shoes in different malls. Shoe subscription box brings all types of shoes for men and women and you can choose from them as many as you want. Just creating the account on the brand site and mentioning size will help you to get shoes by staying at home.

Not all brands focus on manufacturing all types of shoes. Skim through the sites to you what each of them offers. Skimming will help you to choose the best shoe subscription box that will fulfill your requirements.

Quick Comparison Between The 8 Best Shoe Subscriptions



Looking for the perfect fitting shoe in different can be very time-consuming. Justfab brings all types of shoes together to help you find the best fitting pair. Their boots are made of faux leather or textile and the soles are padded for extra comfort. All the boots are very chic and trendy and they will suit all kinds of clothing. Even they have manufactured shoes for those who have a wide calf. Not only boots for winter but also you will find party-going pumps, sandals, heels, and slippers. You can customize your option by selecting the color, heel height, toe type, weather, etc. All countries do have the same weather for that they tried to cover the weather condition of most of the countries.   

Every shoe detail is given elaborately on the website. JUSTFAB will make you a VIP member if you tick the VIP member option while checking out. VIP members discount offers from the next order. They also ensure the easy exchange and return within 30 days if the shoes don’t fit. They also have a sweater, bags, jackets, coats, pants, etc.

Highlighted features

  • Wide collection of boots, flats, sneakers, etc.
  • Style quiz gives the recommendation according to your taste every month.
  • They design their entire clothing and accessories by taking inspiration from the customers.
  • They provide easy return and exchange in case the shoes don’t fit.
  • Enjoy free shipping from them if the order is above $49.
  • You can skip a month by tapping “Skip the month” and you will not be charged $39.95.

Rate: The first pair is at only $10. The VIP members are charged $39.95 per month if they don’t shop or skip by the 5th of each month.

Delivering to 48 contiguous United States, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, and Canada.

Additional offers: Clothing, bags, accessories, jewelry, hats, etc.

2. Shoedazzle


Shoedazzle is the sister company of Justfab and you might get similar things on both sides. Shoedazzle updates their shoe collection every month and for that, you might not get items from the prior month. They also give a recommendation to your fashion if you take the style test. You can buy shoes without being a member but a VIP member gets exclusive discounts like shopping for a pair for $10. However, the VIP members need to pay $39.95 if you skip purchasing a month. You can avoid paying $39.95 if you tap the “Skip the month” button on your account.

The VIPs also get free shipping if they purchase shoes above $49. They design shoes for every weather, every region that will complement all kinds of clothing. You will also find dresses, jewelry, bags, etc on their website. As they have almost the same products as Justfab, we recommend browsing and comparing items of each site and decide on the best option.

Highlighted features

  • They have an extensive range of shoe collections for every foot size.
  • Get free shipping by ordering shoes above $49.
  • The VIP members get exclusive benefits like discounts, the first preview of the new collection, etc.
  • Skip your shoe shopping every month without losing the VIP membership.
  • Canceling or exchanging unworn products is acceptable.

Rate: $39.95 per month for VIP members.

Delivers to 48 Contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and APO / FPO Addresses.

Additional offers: Clothing, accessories, bags, etc.

3. Sneakertub


How fun it would be if all the branded sneakers were found on the same site! Sneakertub brings most of the famous brands together and makes your shopping easier. Puma, Adidas, Nike, and many more are found and you can easily compare the designs among them. Moreover, they have various subscription plans starting from $49.99 every month. The packages include sneakers, jackets, socks, stickers, back-pack, soles, etc and the accessories vary from package to package.

If you are a sneaker addict, they will deliver different sneakers each month. However, canceling and refunding the order is not easy. If you cancel the order before they ship off, you will be charged $50 for premium packages and $20 for regular packages as a processing fee. From our point of view, this processing charge is very high where other brands do charge for canceling the order.

Highlighted features

  • They deliver sneakers from various renowned brands like Nike, Puma, Air Jordan, etc.
  • You can get delivery anywhere in the world.
  • The packages include sneaker laces, socks, sneakers, etc.
  • They have addressed sizes for men and women as sneakers are a unisex product.

Rate: Various packages are given but the least starts from $49.99 per month.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Jackets aside from sneaker accessories are available.

4. MonthlyFlipFlops


Flip-flops are very comfortable to wear at home or for running errands. If you are into flip-flops, subscribe to MonthlyFlipFlops to get a new pair every month. They randomly select the designs and send them to you. You just need to give your basic info and feet size to get a new pair every month. They have flat wedges to high platform flip-flops that will be suitable for women of different heights.

However, they do not let you choose your flip-flops. As they randomly select the pairs, you might get two pairs of the same design. They also do not accept exchange or return so you will not get any refund if you send the flip-flops back. All the flip-flops have a bling bling design so if you might not like it you want something simple. Moreover, they do not have a wide collection.

Highlighted features

  • Flip-flops in different styles like classic flat or wedges.
  • The flip-flops are designed with different stones and sequences.
  • You will get differently designed flip-flops every month chosen by them.
  • They provide an easy cancellation process.

Rate: $29.95 per month. 

Delivering to the continental USA.

Additional offers: N/A

5. M.Gemi


From silhouettes to sneakers, all you will find in M.Gemi. They bring the best of the shoes handmade by the artisanal workshops across Italy. You will feel the richness of the shoes just by touching them. They have shoes for the office, parties, and the winter season. They have a detailed description of the shoes and they follow the Italian shoe sizing.

If the pair of shoes you want is sold out, you can join the waiting list so that you can buy immediately as soon as they are available. The soles on the shoes are made of leather so they are kind of slippery. But they will become rough as they wear out. However, as they only deliver to the US, they do not follow the US sizing which can be difficult for the customers to find the right size. They deliver their packages within 3 to 6 business days and you have to return the pair within 14 days to get the full refund. To match with the shoes they also manufacture handbags to give a complete look.  

Highlighted features

  • They have shoe collections for both males and women.
  • They have shoes in various categories like flats, sneakers, heels, etc.
  • The shoes are handmade and have a touch of Italian craftsmanship.
  • Updates the design frequently to keep up with the desire of the community.

Rate: Gives a $50 discount on the first purchase and sends promo codes via mail for future purchases.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: Wide collection of handbags.

6. On


On is a Swiss company where they aim to produce shoes using the most modern technology to keep up with the constant revolution in the world. For each activity, you need different shoes like hiking or running and the shoes need to provide a strong grip. For casual wear, you might not need comfortable shoes. ON makes shoes depending on the activities and also they make shoes differently for men and women. Men have wider feet compared to women so unisex shoes might not be able to fit everyone.

They have provided a detailed size guide so you will not face problems regarding sizes as different countries follow different measurements. You can easily exchange or return the products without paying any shipping fee. However, the limited editions and the On classics can be refunded but they can not be exchanged. So be very sure before ordering the pairs from a limited edition.

Highlighted features

  • They manufacture shoes for both men and women as they have a slight difference on foot.
  • They guide you to the perfect shoe for different activities like running, hiking, or casual wear.
  • They have other accessories like tees, jackets, vests, socks, etc.
  • They have mentioned the shoe sizes according to the US, UK, JP, BR, and EU.
  • The shoes can be refunded if they are not up to your taste.

Rate: The price varies as the shoes vary but you have to spend $$ for each pair.

Delivering to 50 countries like Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, the UK, US, etc. They also have dealers around the world to send the packages if your location is not mentioned.

Additional offers: Sweatshirts, pants, tops are available.

7. Surplus Sole

Surplus Sole

Each month get a different branded pair of sneakers at $72.99. Surplus Sole gives the branded sneakers at a discounted price which you can enjoy. Not only sneakers but also they provide bonus contents like shrink wrap, raffles, shoe care tips, etc. They offer 3 types of subscription boxes. The heat box which is $113 per month includes NIKE, ADIDAS, or SAUCONY sneakers. Whereas, $174.99 Grail box contains a pair from NIKE SB or AIR JORDAN. The sizing is given based on US measurements so people outside need to convert their size before ordering. 

You don’t have the option to choose a sneaker or a brand. They will send you the shoes they want. As a result, a pair of sneakers might not be of your liking. They have no option of exchange or refund but you cancel the subscription anytime.

Highlighted features

  • Each package contains sneakers from famous brands like Nike, Vans, etc.
  • They also add a Surplus Sole shoe tree and shrink wrap to prevent discoloring. 
  • Each month they send a VNDS pair of sneakers. 
  • The subscription automatically renews and you can cancel it anytime.

Rate: $72.99 per month. 

Deliver worldwide

Additional offers: Raffles, Shoe Care Tips, and Sneaker stories.

8. Men’s Shoe Club

Mens Shoe Club

Men’s Shoe Club believes in giving the experience of great quality shoes by manufacturing modern and timeless designed shoes. They manufacture boots, loafers, sneakers, etc, and according to your selected plan they will have 3 to 5 pairs. They offer 5 deals and each is priced differently. A package of $ 155.96 sends 5 pairs of boots. Whereas, $141.10 deals contain loafers, boots, and sneakers. As there are various items in one package, it would be great to get new pairs every month.

They provide free shipping to the US continentals and more than 45 international countries. However, you need to pay the shipping cost if you want to return their products. You can easily cancel their subscription by clicking a link on their site.

Highlighted features

  • They have packages prepared to depend on the type of shoes.
  • Each package comes with at least 3 pairs of shoes.
  • The shoes are made in Goodyear welted construction method that attaches solely to the upper portion.
  • They will exchange your shoes if they don’t fit properly.
  • The designers always contact to know the preferences about shoes before they send the package.

Rate: The starter package starts at $129.96 for every 2 months.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Shoe Subscriptions

Are you a classic shoe collector? Shoe subscription box sends you a new pair each month to add to your collection. Subscribing to shoe deals is like giving gifts to thyself every month. However, sometimes brands do not accept returns if you don’t like the package. So be careful before subscribing to a shoebox and try to get a full idea about the products before subscribing.

Measurement unit

Countries have different units for measuring the size. As you are ordering online, you don’t have the option to try before ordering. Some brands like On provide a detailed measurement of different countries so that you don’t have to face difficulties while ordering. You can convert one measuring unit to another but that size might not be entirely appropriate. It is better to ensure the sizes as sometimes your size might be out of stock and the brands may suggest a smaller or larger size to sell their products.


Soles of the shoes are very important as they provide comfort while walking. Whatever shoe you buy heels, boots or flip-flops, all of them need to provide grip so that shoes don’t slip off while walking. You will find brands making soles with leather. Leather soles are first slippery but as they wear out with time they provide a firm grip. As the sole is the bottom part of the shoes which holds your feet from meeting with the ground, it needs to be sturdy so that they give a longtime service.

Variation in shoes

Some brands focus on shoes for only or women. Some brands send only sneakers or flip-flops. If you live with a family, a single shop where shoes for both genders are found will reduce the time of browsing for shoes. M.Gemi produces shoes for men and women which helps you to shop from a single website. They have shoes for different occasions as well. Men’s Shoe Club has subscription deals that consist of a sneaker, loafer, boots, etc on each package.

Where do they deliver?

Shipping is a very big concerning factor if you are thinking of subscribing to deals. Most of the brands deliver to the US and UK free whereas to deliver elsewhere can include taxes. Some brands like Men’s Shoe Club, Surplus Sole deliver worldwide but it can take a lot of time to reach the destination.

Exchange and refunding

As the brands do not follow a single measurement unit, it can be hard to find the perfect size. All the brands have the options to exchange if the shoes don’t fit. You need to try the shoes as soon as you receive them to find if they perfectly fit or not.

Brands like Surplus sole sends the sneakers by randomly selecting them for you. As a result, the packages might not be of your taste all the time. Many brands accept return and refund the price if you send the shoes unused. Men’s Shoe Club does not refund if you return their package.

Additional products

Just buying shoes is not enough, you also need to take care of the shoes as well. You will find shoes, shrink wrap, socks, etc along with the packages. As the shoes face dirt, dust, various weather conditions they need to be taken care of to get service for a longer period.


Shoes are part and parcel of our everyday life. Shoes always need to be comfortable as they carry the weight of our body. Too tight shoes can be hurting where else to lose shoes will be annoying to walk. Shoe subscription boxes help you to get the best shoes just by providing your shoe size. They will send you sneakers, loafers, or flip-flops so that you can enjoy your day without twitching about shoes.

All shoes are not for all types of weather. The brands usually send instructions on how to store your shoes. The price of the shoe subscription box can be high but they always try to give the best product to help you to stand out in a crowd. Sometimes, the size of your selected shoe might not be available. Brands recommend joining the waitlist so that you can get notifications as soon as they are available. These types of brands are concerned about customer preference and they provide the best shoe subscription box to make every day exciting.

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