Stop Reordering Your Shaving Kits After Picking the Best Razor Subscriptions

Are you tired of ordering your shaving products at the last moment? We get so busy in our lives that sometimes it is hard to order the products like shampoos, shaving cream, etc. Razors are required in our day to day life and restocking the shaving products without ordering would help a lot in our lives. The razor subscription boxes provide all the products along with shampoos. It can be hard to decide on which to subscribe to as they all manufacture high-quality razors and organic products. 

Depending on your skin type, you need to choose the products. Most brand websites force you to take a quiz so that you can get the product suitable for your skin. Taking the quiz will help to get the best razor subscription and you will not worry whether the products will suit you or not. Also, check if the shaving cream or gel does not contain any other toxic chemical. Using harmful chemicals will lead to rashes, irritation, or allergies.

Quick Comparison Between The 11 Best Razor Subscriptions

ProductPrice of trial setGrade
Dollar Shave Club$5A
Gillette Venus$7A
Wet Shaving club$15A-
Athena club$19B-
The Personal Barber$24.95A-

1. Harry’s


Harry’s blades are engineered with German engineers to provide a quick, easy and comfortable shaving experience. The razor comes in a very simple design. As a trial pack, you will get a razor with a Five-blade razor cartridge, a 2 oz shaving gel, and a blade cover for traveling. While ordering the trial pack they offer options for blade and shaving gel refills. Harry’s gives you 2 weeks to let you get familiarized with their products before sending the refill items. They have two types of razor handles like Truman and Winston. The Truman is rubber constructed matte handle whereas Winston is made from die-cast zinc. You can easily change or cancel your subscription by logging into your profile. You can make payments with Visa, MasterCard, or other digital wallet but they do not accept PayPal or prepaid cards.  

However, they take a long time to send their products. It takes 8 to 9 working days to receive the parcel and if you are in the US, Alaska, or Hawaii it can take 4 weeks to receive the products. Moreover, the blades are not suitable for shaving heads.  

Highlighted features

  • The edges of the blades are sharply honed for a great shaving experience.
  • The blade is flexible to move around due to the hinged cartridge.
  • The handle is made of rubber with a matte exterior to get a strong grip.
  • The shaving foam is made of organic ingredients that avoid the risks of rashes.  
  • Multiple deals to choose for you or your family.

Rate: The trial set starts from $0 with a delivery fee of $3.95. Depending on your chosen plan, the sets vary from $15 to $35.

Delivering to the UK, Canada, and the US which is shipped in every 2 to 5 months depending on your selected plan.

Additional offers: Depending on seasonal festivals they make deals like shaving sets, hair care, shower, and face care. They introduce various packages at various prices that you can send them as gift sets.

2. Billie


Women need to pay pink tax for buying shaving kits but Billie does not enforce it. They designed the razor in such a way that they can the curves and corners with ease. After using the starter kit, they will send you 4 refill blades according to your selected time interval. The ergonomic handles come in 5 different colors that will suit your personality. You can add, change, or cancel delivery by updating your Billie account. Another exciting thing is that they always provide free shipping. The magnetic razor holder is a great savior as carelessly storing can cause accidents. Not only razors but they also develop anti-toxic dry shampoo, wipes, and lip balm.

Billie launched Project Body Hair that acknowledges women's body hair without shame. They also appreciate the decision of every woman with whatever they choose to do with hair growth. They provide you with a coupon every friend signs up with their email. Moreover, they have a return policy if you have any problem regarding the product. The products can take 10-15 business days to reach the destination.

Highlighted features

  • Specially designed for women to navigate through curves and angles.
  • Experience smooth shaving as the 5 blade razor is covered in charcoal shave soap.
  • It is easy to store the razor with the additional magnetic holder.
  • The blades are nickel-free and the ergonomic handle provides a solid grip.
  • The starter pack comes with a Billie handle, magnetic holder, and refill blades.

Rate: The starter kit starts at $9. The price of the deals varies depending on your usage of the razors.

Delivering to all the 50 states in the US including P.O boxes. They deliver the replacement blades in 1 to 3 months as your chosen plan.

Additional offers: They have travel razor cases, cruelty-free wipes, and dry shampoo. They also have a gift set that contains a razor with 4 refill blades and a holder, shaving cream, and a body lotion.

3. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club offers premium quality razors that can fit 6-blade or 4-blade. To get the perfect package you need to take a quiz filling up your skin type and your shaving routine. After the quiz, they will recommend the products that will help to get a better shave and shower experience. The starter pack comes in $5 that consists of a butter shave, pre scrub, a dew for post-shave, 4 executive 6-blade cartridges, and an executive handle. The handle is designed to easily adjust the blades within a few seconds. So, you don’t have to waste a lot of time changing blades if you are late for your work.

Dollar shave club is widely known for its various grooming products for men like body spray, oral care, skincare, etc. They will send the refill pack of blades and shaving butter after two weeks of sending the trial pack. So you try out the product as soon as you receive them so that you can add, change, or cancel your next order. They also have gift sets starting from $15.  

Highlighted features

  • The matte razor is designed to befit a 4-blade or 6-blade cartridge.
  • The handle is given a diamond-patterned grip for easy use after the shower.
  • The skincare and hair care products are organic to reduce the risk of any skin problems.
  • You can customize your order according to skin type.
  • The razor has a metal stand to store upright.

Rate: Start the trial pack at $5. They offer $8 to $10 subscriptions per month.   

Delivering to the US, Canada, UK, and Canada. They charge $4 as a shipping charge if the order is under $18 and contains no blades.  

Additional offers: They have various men grooming products like hair care, shower items, and accessories to make traveling easier. They have gift sets that have all the grooming products which can be useful for the teen boys.

4. Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus

Gillette has been in the shaving industry for more than a decade and in 2005 they introduced a 5 razor blade for women. Gillette Venus is focused on celebrating skin whatever their skin type is. They have a $7 starter kit that has an extra smooth 5 bladed refill, an ergonomic handle, Venus and Olay shave gel, and a shower hook. Within a price range of $10 to $23, you will find shavers for smooth, sensitive, extra smooth skin. You can choose any one of them as a starter kit and if you like it they will send the refill packages after one or two months according to your subscription plan.

Moreover, you will find refillable and disposable razors on their webpage. Gillette Venus delivers within 4 to 7 business days and you can track your package by logging into your Gillette account. Their shaving cream is made of manuka honey and vanilla to protect from any kind of irritation. The shaving cream is very hydrating and will give a smooth buttery finish.

Highlighted features

  • Each razor is designed to fulfill a particular purpose.
  • The razors have a lubrastrip to offer protection while gliding.
  • The razors have an ergonomic handle that protects them from slipping away.
  • They also manufacture disposable razors which are comfortable to carry on traveling.  
  • They avail shipping to a wide number of countries compared to other brands.

Rate: The Starter pack is only $7. You need to pay $17 to $23 per month for your refills.  

Delivering their products to North America, Latin America, Central America, 2 regions from the Asia Pacific and Europe.

Additional offers: Shaving cream made of butter and honey is available. Also, they have a face epilator and a wet and dry epilator if you want to change your shaving technique.



Shaving can be hard if the razor is not flexible to move around the places. To make hair removal easier, the Women’s shave club offers four different types of razors. They are MINI GO, Elle3, Elle4, and Reya5. Mini Go is perfect for traveling as it has a travel case, a single razor hand, and the 4-blade gives a close shaving experience. The handles have rubber grips with a pivoting head and have Aloe and Vitamin E lubricating strip to reduce the risk of irritation. Elle3 and Elle4 come with 3 disposable razors with 4 blades whereas Reya5 has a replacement 5-blade shaver which costs $9.99.

They deliver their packages within 3 to 5 days. Moreover, they have 3 trial plans like one month trial which will not renew. You can also subscribe to packages for every month or for every two months just by paying $6.99. However, the products are not organic so you need to look if any of the ingredients will cause irritation after use. Also, you can order multiple razors from one account as they have limited the razor subscription for each account. They don’t have any other grooming products like shaving cream or gel to make the shaving comfortable.         

Highlighted features

  • 4 different types of razors to fulfill your needs.
  • The razors are made from premium quality Swedish steel.
  • To avoid irritation or rash, the blades have vitamin E strips.
  • The ergonomic handle is flexible to remove hair from curves and corners.
  • The blades are suitable for men to use.

Rate: The price of trial sets ranges from$7 to $10 and goes up to $9.99 according to your chosen plan.

Delivering to the USA.

Additional offers: N/A

6. Wet Shaving club

Wet Shaving club

Wet Shaving club introduced 3 different razors namely Retro safety razor, the Triple S, and The Merica Razor. Like the name retro safety razor has a classic design that is chrome plated and you will get a year supply for only $24 without any subscription. Triple-S Razor is a 100% stainless steel product that includes 55 blades for the entire year if you shave less than 3 times in a week. Lastly, the Merica Razor engineered with 100% marine grade 316 stainless steel will give a lifetime service. All the razors are designed to give solid grips to avoid slipping off. 

The quarterly starter kit ranges from $15 to $30 and they give a free brush or razor along with the package. Their quarterly wet shave sampler provides different types of soap and razor blades every 3 months. This shaving kit helps you to understand which product suits you the best and you get the chance to try something new without reordering every time. The ladies safety razor kit contains a Triple S Razor, 55 blades, brush with synthetic bristles, lavender soap, and peppermint oil only for $59.99.

Highlighted features

  • Three different types of razors provide a unique experience.
  • Other grooming products like pre-shave oil or shaving cream are available on their page.
  • They also have a razor kit for ladies.
  • The razor can be used for the beard as well as on the head.
  • They have packages for different skin types.
  • They reduce the yearly expense of shaving compared to other brands.

Rate: The starter kit starts from $15 and for a monthly subscription you need to pay $15 minimum.

Delivering to Canada and they do not ship outside North America.

Additional offers: Wide variety of grooming packages is available. If you want a single item like shaving cream, brush or shaving bowl, etc are also available.

7. Athena club

Athena club

Athena Club is completely focusing on women's self-care. They have products free from any toxic chemicals. The razor kit starts at $9 and depending on your chosen plan the price can go up. You can easily cancel your refill order if you don’t like them. Their refill set will be shipped after 1 month of sending the trial set. Sometimes, the hair gets stuck between the blades due to less space between them but Athena club made sure to keep the space between the blades. The handles give a compatible grip and provide a long term service.  

Moreover, the magnetic holder prevents the blade from rusting as they keep the blade in an angled position. They also cloud shave foam which can be used by men as well. Though they do not deliver to many places, it takes 3 to 10 business days to deliver the products.

Highlighted features

  • The blades are nickel-free so that you don’t have an allergic reaction.
  • 5-blade cartridges that are flexible to move along any curves.
  • The blades have space between each other that allows the hair and cream to pass without pulling.
  • Ergonomic razor handle comes in 6 different colors.
  • The razors come with a magnetic holder for easy storage.
  • The shipping is always free.

Rate: The razor costs $9 and the first trial starts from $19.

Delivering only to the USA.

Additional offers: Daily probiotics, periodic care, and other products are offered.

8. Gillette


If you are confused about which brand to use, try the shaving kit from Gillette as they use the most advanced technology in manufacturing their products. They have been in business for more than 100 years and have always ensured to provide the best products to their customers. If you are a beginner you can try their starter kit that comes with shaving gel, a premium quality razor, and 2 strong blades to last at least 15 shaves. There are 3 starter kits that contain different blades as every man is different. They provide three refill options which will be delivered on time according to your chosen plan.

They also have shaving sets consisting of face wash, beard balm, beard oil, trimmer or razor, etc starting for $23. You can also customize your razors to respond to the contour of the face. However, customized razors are not refundable and replaceable. Their shipping is free.  

Highlighted features

  • The razors and trimmers are designed with the most advanced technology.
  • They introduced a heated razor that heats up easily and gives a comfortable shave.
  • The blades are double-edged that removes the hair in one go.
  • The shave sets contain all the skincare products that are required after every shave.
  • Wide variety of trimmers and razors for you to choose from.

Rate: They offer 3 types of trial sets starting at $8.

Delivering to 50 states within the US. They also ship to Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Japan.

Additional offers: Beard care products travel razor case, and body care products like face wash, shave gel or cream, etc.

9. Joy+glee


Joy and glee ensure to provide a joyful shaving experience with their flexible razor. The starter kit starts with $10 that provides 2 5-bladed refills, a handle with compatible grip, and a shower hook for easy storage. Joy will refill the blades at $9 according to your chosen time interval. You can add a glee shaving mousse or a gel to ease your shaving.

However, you cannot just order refill blades. You need to start with the starter kit to get the regular refills. Sometimes, you do not want refills as selected on the plan. For this, you can delay your cycle by updating your account.

Highlighted features

  • The razors are 5-bladed which gives a swift and comfortable shave.
  • The razors have a protective lubrastrip for extra protection.
  • The ergonomic handle has a silicone wand that reduces the risk of slipping.
  • They believe in providing free delivery for all the products.
  • The joy blades and razors are recyclable.
  • They also have shaving cream and wax for hair removal.

Rate: The trial set starts with $10 and $9 per refill delivery.

Delivering to 50 states in the US or the District of Columbia.

Additional offers:  Wax strips and hair removal cream.

10. Hommage


Regular shaving can make the skin hard and rough and to avoid that some products are required to make the skin lively. Hommage introduced a $40 package that contains 7 products to make the skin soft. Pre-shave oil, shave cream, and balm are made from natural elements. They also include double-edged safety razors for clean shaving. 

They have very few products and they don’t produce for different skin types. So, the products might not suit you. 

Highlighted features

  • The set comes with 7 grooming products that are required in daily life.
  • The products are made of organic ingredients to avoid allergies or rashes.
  • The blades are double-edged with safety that gives a luxurious experience.
  • The handles are constructed to provide a firm grip.

Rate:  $40 per month.

Delivers worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

11. The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber

The razor blade construction of the Personal Barber is different from other brands as they provide a single blade razor. According to them, a single blade will easily run through the beard and clean in a single glide. They also disregard the use of plastics and manufacture all the products with recyclable stainless steel. The starter box consists of a safety razor, shaving brush and cream, and 10 replacement blades.

They also have other shaving sets at a price of $39.95 that will enable you to choose different scents of shaving cream or gel. Not only razor but also shavette is also available on their website. They manufactured all the products with organic ingredients. You will get the refill packages every 6 or 12 weeks. You can also control or skip the deliveries through your account.    

Highlighted features

  • Single blade razor for clean and smooth shaving.
  • The razors are great for Sensitive skin.
  • The razors are made of recyclable stainless steel.
  • The brand offers other grooming products for men other than razors.
  • Free delivery all over the UK.

Rate: The starter pack which is known as the Discovery Shaving box starts at $24.95.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Facial wash, face moisturizer, shaving soap, pre-shave oil, face scrub, etc.

Things to consider before buying the best razor subscription

Are you running late for work for a bad shaving kit? All the razors on the market are not flexible to give wide area coverage. Sometimes you can miss some spots as the razor is not flexible enough in places like the corners of the nose. The trial pack of each brand introduces you to their products so that you can easily find a suitable shaving kit.

The material of the razor

As you can see, most of the razors are made of plastic. You will also find steel razors in the Personal Barber and Gillette. Stainless steel razors are reusable and they are good for the environment. Plastic razors need to be disposed of after a few usages which increases the cost of buying a new razor after every few months. The razor is used by men and women and so they need to be flexible to move around the curves and contours of the face.

Number of refills  

Usually, the brands send the refill products according to your chosen plan. However, the blades of each brand have a different capability to provide service. Some blades will remain sharp after 5 to 6 usage and others may get ruined after 2 to 3 usage. So, we recommend setting the subscription plan after using the trial pack.

Number of blades

Most of the razors have 4 blades. Some brands like Billie and Dollar shave club offer 5 to 6 bladed razors. More blades tend to cover a wider area and give a clean shaving experience. However, Personal Barber insists that a single blade razor performs better. The weight of the single blade provides enough weight to cut through the heavy beard in one or two go and reduce wasting time in shaving.

Compatible handle

As we are dealing with blades, the razors need to have an ergonomic handle to provide a firm grip. The handles are mostly made of rubber or plastics that reduce slipping off easily. The stainless steel handles are designed to hold the razor steady while shaving. Shaving without a comfortable and strong grip will lead to serious accidents.


Storing the blades with other accessories can be difficult as you always need to be careful to pull out other things. Many brands offer razor holders to store the razor and avoid getting rust due to water. You will find a magnetic holder for razors to safely store them. If the shaving packages don’t offer a blade cover, you can easily buy from their website as they sell those separately. However, we will advise you to choose the best razor subscription that provides a razor holder or cover on the package.

Other grooming accessories 

As a starter pack, you might not use various products like pre-shaving cream, post-shaving cream, face wash, etc. The brands tend to offer the razor, replaceable blades, and shaving cream on the trial pack to let you understand their product. If you like their products, you can change your package deal that contains other grooming products along with the shaving items. As a result, you don’t have to waste your time reordering the same products every 2 or 3 months.


Before ordering your subscription pack, check if the brand ships to your location. Most of the brands only deliver to the US, UK, and Canada. Other brands take extra shipping charges to ship worldwide.


Is your skin getting rough or dry after shaving? It can happen if you are using the wrong shaving products. Demonologists say it is a good practice if you groom your face before shaving. Pre shaving cream helps to soften the beard and shave it off easily. Not only in the face but also the arm, legs, or armpits, it is better to moist the area for a few minutes before removing the hair. Depending on your hair growth, you need to subscribe to the shaving plans. Your frequency of use will determine how many blades you will need each month.

Moreover, the refill packs usually send the replaceable blades. So you need to update your subscription plan to make shaving a simple and easy task. Also, try to choose a brand that has a variety of products for different skin types. Having a wide collection of products means they are interested in researching different skin type products. We hope that our article will help to find the best razor subscription and you will have the products on your doorstep without reordering.

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