The Stoney Babe Subscription Box Review

Today I will be reviewing a very different subscription box, one that caters to females who adore hemp and enjoy smoking. Not so long ago finding girly and cute accessories for stoner girls was hard to find but thanks to girl 420 subscription boxes! Subscription boxes are a new way of getting your hands on your favorite things delivered to your doorstep every month and The Stoney Babe Box is no exception. This is just not an ordinary weed box rather caters to all your smoking needs. 

The boxes come with 5-12 smoking accessories addressing the feminine style. Superior quality handpicked flavored papers, wraps, cones, crystals, adorable containers, grinder, artisan created goods, homemade soaps, trays, hand-curated products, jewelry, and more are examples of items that you can expect from these boxes, and what I found best is that all these artisan goods are sources from small owned by women to support the women business community. 

Not convinced yet? To find out why this box is worth buying, keep reading!

Highlighted Features

  • Origin of the USA
  • Shipment to the USA and Canada
  • Shipping varies according to location
  • Subscription is $35.00/month
  • The age bar for ordering is 21+

Subscription Plans

The Stoney Babe Box gives you the luxury to choose and subscribe to the one that suits your preferences the best among four different subscription plans.

Subscription Plans
  • Monthly subscription is at $35.00/month 
  • Quarterly (3 months) subscription is at $105.00 for 3 boxes 
  • Semi-annual (6 months) subscription is at $198.00 for 6 boxes
  • Yearly (12 months) subscription is at $360.00 for 12 boxes

(**prices are on time of writing and may change when you are reading this article.)

How does it work?

How does it work

To have them deliver you the box every month all you need to do is choose your box and plan, i.e., which payment option you want to go with and that’s it! You will have the perfect 420 experience! 

Unboxing The Stoney Babe Subscription Box

Let me unbox the box and show what I found in my box! 

Since they curate their boxes following a specific theme every month, my box came with a particular theme as well. Let me get into the nitty-gritty of my box.


This is what my box looked like after it was shipped to my address. It had a very cute sticker attached on top of the lid which said the company’s name - The Stoney Babe Box along with the name of the particular box - Baked with Love. The box looked like any typical parcel that comes in the mail- brown, rigid but held everything securely together.


As soon as I opened the lid, my eyes got stuck at the caution sticker that it came with.

Honestly, I absolutely appreciate this gesture since people tend to be careless while unboxing and small cuts and scratches are imminent. I saw a small flier-sort inside and I could catch a glance of the goodies that came inside the box.


It was a pamphlet and not a flier, my bad! This is how it looked upfront.


The pamphlet is basically a booklet full of descriptions regarding the goodies that came inside the box. I loved this because it actually gave me a greater insight into the ingredients and usage of the products so that I could rightly understand their utility. 10 cookie points to the owner for being extra thoughtful!


Not just descriptions but it come with a fantastic infused mug cake recipe as well! Well, this was a thoughtful and helpful gesture as well. This actually made me happy!


1. Donut Dab/Poker Tool ($9 Retail)

In addition, to being eye candy and super adorable, it is a highly functional tool! It does an amazing job when it comes to poking out your pipe or bowl.

Not just that but as it is double-sided, you can use it to scoop your wax or dab it. I found this to be an absolute necessity as poking out is always frustrating without the proper tool at hand.


2. Donut Shaped Storage Container ($3 Retail) 

Another cute item that I couldn’t stop adoring! This unique donut-shaped container helps you store your product. Imagine showing up at a party and bringing this container full of herbs out, bet your friends will be caught a little off guard. However, since this is a very new product in their box and still in its infant stage, you will need to be a little considerate about its features. For starters, this not being smell-proof is one of the characteristics that I disliked.


3. Lemon Cake Wraps ($2.50 Retail)

This one features very cute packaging! The slow-burning skunk hemp wrap lemon cake terps are produced from natural hemp and come in a convenient package with two wraps to ensure freshness. This one is certainly recommended!

4. Glittery Cupcake Sticker ($2.50 Retail)

This extra little gift was another cute stunt pulled off perfectly to make the stoney babes happy. If you are willing to give glam to any surface, this sticker is your way to go. The sticker features a cute and shiny cupcake.


5. Fresh Donut Lip balm ($4)

This is yet another lip balm from their stoner lip range. Filled with nourishing elements to lock the moisture in your lips, restoring peace.

You could check out the list of ingredients used to make this in the pamphlet included in the box if you are still skeptical to make your mind around whether to use it or not.


6. Sweet Loli Pipe ($19 Retail)

This discreet item in the box excited me! The little pipe is sweet and very handy. It is made with premium quality glass with a carb on the left-hand side. It comes in a variety of fun colors. The pipe features a dimension of approximately 4 inches.

Moreover, this can easily be cleaned with a cleaner or tool. As a matter of fact, the poker tool could easily complement this when it comes to cleaning the pipe.


7. Donut Button ($4 Retail)

This, too, like the sticker counts as an extra that comes in the pack. This cute donut button can be used as an accessory with any bag or clothing item that needs an extra feature to spice it up.

Even though it does not have full functionality in your 420 experience, extra goodies always give you a giddy feeling of joy.


8. Juicy Jay Chocolate Chip Cookie ($3.50 Retail)

Juicy Jay is infamous for its signature “triple-dipped” flavoring system that does not only flavors the paper, it further sweetens it.

To make it organic it uses only soy-based ink and natural sugar gum so that no detrimental ingredients enter your body. The paper measures 1 ¼ in dimension which is the standard.


9. Donut Keychain Pipe (10.99 Retail) 

This is one of the two items that are sourced from a women-owned business so by default this one was my favorite in the box as women empowerment has been always been in my heart.

Alien Vibes by T is a small business in Etsy that sells high-quality silicone products. The business is a good combo of affordability and quality so you should definitely check it out! 

The pipe-in-a-keychain is an accessory that goes perfectly and can be tagged with a bag or a set of keys.

It is made from food-grade silicone that is breakage proof, meaning that it will not crack even if you drop it by mistake which makes it one that is fit for rough and tough use. Moreover, the pipes are relatively easier to clean, all you need is warm water and soap.


10. Chocolate Bar Lighter ($12.00 Retail) 

This is another product that is included in the box to support a small female-owned business. In my opinion, this item is the most unique and adorable item that I found in my box.

The chocolate bar lighter is refillable and operates with butane which makes it fit for extended use. Moreover, asking for lighters has always been a great conversation starter so this was loved by me! 

This brand makes the cutest smoking accessories and is listed on Etsy. You can find their details in the pamphlet. Check their products on Etsy, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Was the box worth it? 


I know this question is what comes to your mind whenever you think of buying something new. So, let me assure you that yes, it is absolutely worth it.

First, the product quality and choices were brilliant.

Secondly, the combined retail price of the items sits in the range of $60-$120 and you are getting all these in a great budget deal of $35 per month without breaking your bank. Doesn’t that scream value for money to you?

Apart from that, it is always a delight to present cute stuff to yourself every month without going through the hassle of buying all these separately which trust me will cost you a great deal of time. So, I recommend this box!

Things to remember! 

  • They ship their “Baked with Love” boxes between 1-4th of every month so make sure to place your order before this date. 

  • All their products are non-refundable and they do not accept returns. However, if you receive a damaged item, please contact the stoney babe box team with a photo of the damaged photo and order number and they will offer you a replacement. 

  • You have the luxury to cancel the subscription anytime you deem fit. However, if you want to discontinue and have already gone with the 3 months, 6 months, or 12-month option, you will need to wait for that period to incur and you can then for cancellation. Even then if you want to discontinue, you will not be refunded. 

  • Their flat rate shipping is priority mail shipping by USPS.

Wrapping it Up! 

In conclusion, it is an amazing box with premium quality items that you can access that too from the comfort of your home.

The company is only concerned with selling as many things to customers as possible, but also with improving the customer shopping experience and making customers satisfied with a good smoking experience. This subscription box is stealing the show for all the right reasons!

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