GlossyBox December 2021 Subscription Box: Get Your Monthly Beauty Essentials At Doorstep

Would you like to get a box full of surprises with skincare and makeup products? People are getting more involved in skincare compared to makeup products. It takes a lot of time to research and find the right products for my skin. Glossybox offers subscription plans where they send skincare, makeup, and haircare in a single package according to the chosen plan.

It is very simple to subscribe to their plan. Click on “subscribe,” choose your plan, enter the address, and add your credit card details. Now sit down and wait for the parcel to receive.

GlossyBox December 2021

What was included in the box?

  • Skin Research Labs Neureflection Complexion Perfecting Polish
  • Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • Vahdam India Green And Herbal Tea Bags
  • LA Splash Moonlight Glow Face Palette
  • Laruce Beauty Tapered Blending Lr120

Unboxing Glossybox December 2021 Box


I was eagerly waiting for my first parcel from Glossybox. I immediately opened the box. The theme of the month was “Moonlight Glow,” colored in beautiful blue and galaxy. All the products come in a beautiful tin, which also smells like butter cookies. Moreover, the tin box is reusable for your jewelry.


Inside the tin, you will get a booklet mentioning the list of the products chosen for the month. All the products are covered with pink paper.


I like the fact that they have given some information about each product and mentioned the price of each of them.


Skin Research Labs Neureflection Complexion Perfecting Polish

This exfoliant from skin research goes very well with my skin. This product is suitable for oily and dry skin. It is an off-white paste that smells like paint. It has super fine grains for exfoliating my face. Keeping it on for 5 minutes gave me a brighter complexion.

I will definitely use this exfoliator in the future as it has removed my dead cells and cleared my pores. Not to mention the packaging of the exfoliator. It comes in exquisite creamer and is small, allowing you to carry it with your anywhere. The creamer can hold 35 grams of exfoliator.


Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer

The moisturizer comes in a 20ml orange tube. It is a glow priming moisturizer that has kombucha. It is lightweight and absorbed quickly into my skin. I have used it in the morning before makeup, giving a shimmery touch on my face. The moisturizer has a light amount of glitters on it that will highlight your face just the right amount. Everybody in my complimented that I looked radiant that day.


Batiste Dry Shampoo

I also got a pair of dry shampoo with the parcel. I have an oily base, and I have to use dry shampoo all the time to get rid of the oily look from my hair. Each bottle is 30 grams and is travel-friendly. I carry it in my purse for quick spray before any meeting.

It has a nice smell, so people will not understand you have sprayed dry shampoo. Moreover, the dry shampoo lasted long and kept my hair moisturized.


Vahdam India Green And Herbal Tea Bags

I am a fan of milk, tea, and coffee. I need caffeine after I wake up in the morning. I have received three types of herbal tea on this package: turmeric ginger, lemon ginger, and turmeric chamomile. I sometimes have ginger tea when I have a cold. The smell of the ginger is intense, and the color is more yellowish because of the turmeric.

On the other hand, I was never a fan of chamomile tea, and this was a chamomile tea with turmeric. It had no intense smell, and the taste was up to my tastebud. They are caffeine-free and taste like medicinal drinks. If you are a fan of herbal drinks, then you will enjoy them.


LA Splash Moonlight Glow Face Palette

The most favorite product from this package is this face palate. This palate has two blush, one bronzer, and a highlight. Each shade is compatible with all skin tones. I absolutely enjoyed playing with the face palate. Midnight rose is more toward reddish pink, and Blushing luna is nuder. The Ethereal highlight has a shimmerish golden tone which is to die for.

All the colors have great pigmentation and are lightweight on my face. It is like a small makeup box that I can use anywhere I want and carry with me in my purse. Not to mention, it has a mirror that helps to retouch makeup whenever I want.


Laruce Beauty Tapered Blending Lr120

For the face palate, you will need a brush to apply easily. This nice eye brush has a gripping texture on the handle. It is easier to maneuver the brush on the eyes.

Moreover, the bristles are sturdy yet soft, which makes application quicker. I love this tapered blending brush, and it helps me to get ready when I am in a rush.


Shipping info

Glossybox delivers to the USA and Canada. The delivery is free and takes 3-6 days to deliver to your doorstep. However, the fee for Canadian delivery is  $5 each month.


Glossybox sends six products depending on your chosen subscription plan. They charge $9 for the first box. After that monthly plan starts from $13.25 and goes up to $132. You can save some expenses if you subscribe quarterly or yearly. 

Frequency of subscription

Glossybox offers two subscription plans, Pay monthly and Pay Upfront. You can choose to pay one month and skip another or for 12 months individually in Pay monthly. On the other hand, Pay Upfront provides plans for three, six, and 12 months and saves a lot of your expenses.   

Glossybox’s story 

For beauty lovers, Glossybox is the perfect treat. They scout their beauty products from Paris, Milano, Tokyo, and New York. They have a wide range of products for all types of skin. You will get a sneak peek of the products for the current month on their website.

You can shop products if you don’t want to subscribe to their plan. When they choose products, they make all the products are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Moreover, you can subscribe as a gift for your best friend or girlfriend. Not to mention, they also have products for males.

Glossybox’s story

Returns and Refunds

Return and refunds are possible, but you have to contact their customer service. You have to give them information about the received products which will help to decide if it is possible to return and refund. 

You can cancel the subscription plan within 14 days after you receive the products, or they are delivered to you by courier. They also have a model of cancellation form which you need to follow to cancel your subscription plan.


How can I change my subscription without causing overlap between the two plans?

You can cancel your current subscription plan or wait for it to expire. As the plan is canceled or expires, you can choose a different plan.

How can I reactivate my GLOSSYBOX subscription?

Log in to your account. Next to your current plan, click ‘reactivate’ to reactivate your subscription plan.

At what time will my account be debited?

Payments are drawn between the 1st to 10th of the month.

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