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CURLS4U is a quarterly subscription box that sends you around 4-6 high-quality hair care products that are made using a natural formula. This subscription box is curated specifically for women who are looking for a more convenient way of embracing their curls. CURLS4U includes products that will help to reduce shrinkage and dryness and make your curls look healthy and beautiful, regardless of the type of curls you have - be it 3A, or even 4C. 

An interesting fact about CURLS4U is that all its products that are included in the box are from black-owned small businesses. The intention behind CURLS4U was to raise awareness of the 

many different quality products from black-owned small businesses that may be better than mainstream hair care products.


All the products that you will find in your subscription box are tested out beforehand by Reonna herself so you can expect to receive quality products that actually make a difference. Your CURLS4U subscription box may include a combination of hair gels, serums, leave-in conditioners, styling creams, and lots more. Most of the products that you will find in your subscription box are full-size products. Other than the 4-6 hair care products, you will also find an additional item that is from a black-owned small business. Now, this item may not necessarily be related to hair care but it is said to elevate your daily grooming routine. 

CURLS4U is quite affordable considering that most of the products if bought separately, would cost almost double the subscription box.


  • $32 per quarterly plan
  • 4-6 hair care products in each box
  • worldwide shipping available
  • black-owned brands
  • retail price of over $65



CURLS4U operates on a quarterly basis, meaning that you will receive a new subscription box every three months. Your subscription box will be shipped to your doorstep by the 15th of February, May, August, and November. 

If you wish to receive the current month’s subscription box, you will need to place your order by the 10th of the starting month. For example, if you wish to receive the August 2022 CURLS4U Subscription Box, you must confirm your subscription by the 10th of August. If you place your order after the 10th of August, you will receive the next quarter’s subscription box. This means that your subscription box will be shipped by the 15th of November and not the 15th of August. 

The quarterly subscription package renews automatically unless canceled. If you wish to cancel your CURLS4U subscription, you will need to send an email to by the 10th of the quarter.



This was my first ever CURLS4U Box. To start off, I loved the packaging. All the items inside were well protected, thanks to the hard cardboard box.


Upon opening the box, you will see that all the items are wrapped in starry tissue paper with a few cards lying on top.


CURLS4U also sends you a pamphlet that includes a detailed description of all the products in the box, along with their retail price. It says in the pamphlet that the total combined value of all the products in the box is worth at least $65, which is double the subscription price.


The first two products were both from the same brand - New Lengths Hair. I received a Curl Defining Gel (worth $14.99) and a Leave-In Moisturizer (worth $13.99). I really liked the fact that the hair gel did not make my hair stiff or flaky. It helped to keep my curls held up all day long. 

The Curl Defining Gel is infused with coconut milk and manuka honey extract which help keep my curls moisturized and shiny throughout the day. The product was very easy to apply. All you had to do was squeeze a very small amount into your hands, give it a gentle rub, and then apply the gel to your hair. For best results, it is recommended to apply the gel to damp or wet hair instead of dry hair. You might also want to section your hair before applying the gel so that all the strands are in contact with the gel.  

The Leave-In Moisturizer worked wonders as well. I liked that it did not feel too heavy - it did not make my curls look flat. This product made my hair feel super soft. It gave my curls a healthy glow and kept them hydrated all day long without making my hair look too greasy. I did not have to deal with any frizziness, which I really liked. What’s great about this product is that you can apply this moisturizer to both wet and dry hair. So you can apply the leave-in moisturizer right after showering or before going out with the girls.


This product, too, is from New Lengths Hair. This is the Moisturizer & Styling Cream which has a retail value of $15.99. This product is designed to deeply moisturize your curls and tame frizziness. It leaves your hair feeling super soft and smooth and may also be used to detangle your hair, which makes it easier to try new hairstyles such as twists or braids. The cream has a velvety texture that melts into your curls just like butter, regardless of whether your hair is wet or dry. This product really did make my curls look healthy. The thing I liked most about this product is that you don’t need to apply it daily since the effect lasts for a couple of days, even if you give your curls a thorough rinse.


This is the Sassy Sprayer by SassyCreationsBonnets that is worth $8.50. It is a 150 ml spray bottle that you can use to spritz your favorite hair care products on your hair. I absolutely loved this sprayer. It is exactly what I need to refresh my curls. There is no leakage so far, which makes this product quite travel-friendly. You can add water, hair mists, serums, and other liquid hair products with ease into the sprayer. The product is quite easy to use. All you need to do is press the handle to spray the product on your hair. Another thing to note is that this product is made of plastic so it won’t break or become damaged easily.


CURLS4U always adds a non-hair-related product from a black-owned business and this quarter’s one was the Calendula Glow Face And Body Serum by Sunshine Natural Beauty, which is worth $5. This product is made using all-natural and organic ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and dried calendula petals. As the name suggests, this serum is designed to give your face and body a natural glow by fading away dark spots and scars. It may also help to fight inflammation, reduce redness, and keep your skin hydrated for long hours. The product may be used as a treatment for acne, wrinkles, and breakouts as well. What’s great about this product is that it is suitable for use for all types of skin so you are highly unlikely to get an allergic reaction.



As someone with curly hair, finding the right products that allow you to start wearing your natural hair is a daily struggle. But CURLS4U has made it possible. I can say with confidence that I have found some products in this box that are now part of my daily hair care routine. 

My favorites from this quarter’s subscription box were the New Lengths Hair Leave-In Moisturizer and the New Lengths Hair Moisturizer & Styling Cream. I will forever be grateful to CURLS4U for introducing me to these staple products. The Leave-In Moisturizer is perfect for taming my 4C curls. I can do almost any sleek hairdos, thanks to the Moisturizer & Styling Cream. These two products made my hair look super shiny and healthy. I loved that I did not need to apply a bunch of different products to achieve the look I wanted - these two products were enough. I also loved how these products lasted all day long. There was no need to reapply the products from time to time. The rest of the products were also great.

I really liked how most of the products were full-size products so you could use them for at least 3 or 4 months. The leave-in moisturizer, the hair cream, and the curl-defining gel from New Lengths Hair gave my curls a major bounce and shine. The sprayer by SassyCreationsBonnets was very easy to use and refill. The Calendula Glow Face And Body Serum by Sunshine Natural Beauty did not make me break out or have an allergic reaction. It made my skin feel soft and moisturized throughout the day. If I had to rate this quarter’s subscription box out of 5, I would give it a 4. I am very pleased with CURLS4U and I can surely say that this will not be my last box - I will definitely be coming back for more.


Is there any chance that I will receive the same product in two different subscription boxes?

CURLS4U will never include the same product in two different subscription boxes. You will always receive new products in each quarter.

Are gift subscriptions available?

Yes, gift subscriptions are available. Unlike regular subscriptions, gift subscriptions will not be renewed automatically every three months.

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