The 26 Best Sock Subscription Boxes : Upgrade Your Sock Drawer With Colorful Socks

Are looking for colors to add to your sock drawers? Subscribing to sock boxes can be of great help to want variation in your socks. In our daily life, we are busy with other things that we do not have time to buy socks with different designs. Wearing the same design sock every day to the office can be boring and so brands are manufacturing professional socks with an upgraded design. So, find the best sock subscribing sock box that contains socks to fulfill all your requirements.

Socks can help to start a conversation and also help to lighten the mood. Moreover, socks wear not after 1 or 2 wash and often we cannot find both the pieces at the time of our need. The subscription box will deliver a new pair every month without repeating the previous design. You can choose how many pairs of socks you want every month. It’s like a gift to yourself as the brands randomly select the socks for you.

Quick Comparison Between The 8 Best Shoe Subscriptions

ProductPrice Grade
Sock Fancy$19 per monthA
Nice Laundry $49 per quarter.A-
Ozone$75 for 6 monthsA
Threaded Pear$8.75 per monthA
Realsic$9.16 per monthB+
Sock Club$12 per month.A-
King x PortlandCAD 13.75 per monthB
Iluvsox$9.00 per monthB-
OddSox$ 10.00 per MonthA-
Spiffy Socks$9.92 per monthB+
BlackSocks$98 for 3 monthsA-
Smiling Socks$17.95 per monthB
Sock it to me$22 per month A
Southern Scholar Socks$13.75 per monthA-
FootCardigan$12.99 per monthB+
Say it with a Sock$11.99 per monthA-
Stance$19.00 per monthA
Sockpanda$12 per monthA
Soxy$50 per monthB+
Society socks$19 for each monthA-
Lucid socks$12 per monthB+
Get basic$24.99 per monthB-
Gentleman’s box$35 per month.B-
moJJa Socks$11.95 per monthA-
SoxCrate$12.00 per monthB-
Bundlez Socks$12.75 per monthA-

1. Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy

A Perfect fitting and comfortable pair of socks are hard to find. Sock Fancy manufactures their socks with premium quality materials to make them softer and comfortable. Their subscription box is customizable and you can select how many pairs you want each month. The socks have 200 stitches with thin needles. Moreover, they have provided a detailed size guide which will help you determine the best-fitted sock. You can choose if you want crew socks, no-show socks, or a mix of both. However, if you choose the ‘a mix’ option, there is no guarantee they will send one of both every month. They will randomly select the socks so better select crew or no-show socks as it is easy to change the subscription plans.

 Sock Fancy offers 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and yearly subscription boxes. You need to pay the whole amount in the first month if you want to subscribe for more than 1 month. The best thing about them is they will swap the socks if you do not like them without paying any shipping fee. They also provide custom socks if you want specific designs on them.

Highlighted features

  • The socks are made of 70% combed cotton which is stronger and softer than regular cotton.
  • Easy exchange policy if you do not like a pair of socks.
  • The socks are made in a modern method to avoid slipping off.
  • Enjoy free shipping worldwide.
  • Customize the subscription box as you like.

Rate: Pay $19 per month for 2 pairs of socks

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Colorful beanies and mask to match your outfits. Also, a winter and holiday sock pack is offered.

2. Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

Who doesn’t like a soft and warm pair of socks on winter days! Nice Laundry makes every product with a different composition of materials to make them comfortable. Socks are made of cotton, nylon, and spandex to make them durable. The socks are able to fit US sizes of 7 to 14 for both men and women.

 Now if we talk about their subscription box, they offer quarterly and annual boxes. Quarterly subscribers will get 7 pairs of socks and annual subscribers will get a total of 19 pairs of socks. They send the socks that will blend with different seasons and fashion trends. If you are inside US territory, you will always get free shipping and you can cancel the subscription at any time. You can build your own sock box according to your chosen socks starting at a price of $59. 

Highlighted features

  • The socks are made in the Microlast process to reduce shrinking after washing.
  • The rib cuffs are internally stitched in proportionate with heels so that the socks don’t fall off.
  • Exciting designs and bright-colored socks to cheer up from boring schedules.
  • They manufacture athletic, no-show socks, and crew socks.
  • They offer recycling and refreshing options if you want to donate your socks.
  • Personalize the socks with your initials or monograms.

Rate: $49 per quarter.

Delivering to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Additional offers: Loungewear, boxer briefs to lounge pants are available. A gift subscription box is also offered if you want to surprise your special ones.

3. Ozone


As the dressing style changed in people, socks to compliment the trends were not found. Ozone manufactures a wide variety of socks that differ in length, patterns, and materials. They include socks that compliment all seasons and occasions.

Their sock club sends a new pair each month if you join the club. You can join the club at $75 for 6 months and $150 for a year. After subscribing to their plan you will receive a welcome packet with a free pair of socks. According to your subscribing plan, you will get 7 or 13 pairs of socks. Women will receive crew, knee highs, and knee socks whereas men will receive only crew socks. The subscriptions need to be renewed if you are enjoying their deals. In case the socks are defective they will replace them if you send them unused within 30 days. Another thing about socks is that one piece of the pair goes missing and to solve that problem Ozone provides single socks.

Highlighted features

  • Innovative and trendy designed socks for men and women.
  • Designs have great diversity that has floral, landscape, or geometric patterns.
  • They have socks made of Wool, Lurex, Sheer that will provide all the comfort you need.
  • Find longer length to ankle-length socks in one place.  

Rate: $75 for 6 months

Delivers worldwide.

Additional offers: Arm warmers, card sharp, and stiletto tights will keep you warm and enhance your fashion style.

4. Threaded Pear

Threaded Pear

If you are looking for a humorous sock to gift, Threaded Pear is the place to look for it. Their socks, sharks, gingerbread, tacos, etc are drawn on them which can be fun to wear. The socks are used to keep your feet warm and threaded pear makes it possible. 

Take the survey before choosing a plan. The survey will help them to understand your preferences and will send you the socks accordingly. They have month to month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscription boxes. Other than a month to month subscription, other plans need to be paid whole in the first month. Pre-paying can be bad as you might not like all the socks they deliver and your money can go to waste. They have return and exchange options but you need to send them back within 30 days on their original package without any sign of use.  

Highlighted features

  • Witty designs on the socks make your presence amusing.
  • The toe and heel are reinforced with additional material to make it sturdy.
  • Easy skipping or canceling options.
  • Signing up will allow you to choose the sock you want every month.

Rate: Pay $8.75 per month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Gift cards starting from $10 goes up to $100.

5. Realsic


Socks can be great presents for the family when you run out of options. Realistic makes funky and funny designed socks that will be loved by all. You can wear them to your business casual meetings to normal gatherings. The socks are mid-calf long so it is great to wear for running, jogging or exercise.

For one pair of socks, it requires $9.16 for each month, and for $15.41 you will get 2 pairs of socks each month. They also take special requests if you want to exchange or choose socks for each month. You can cancel their subscription anytime. As they provide free shipping worldwide, you don’t have to worry about paying extra. 

Highlighted features

  • The socks are made of combed cotton to make them softer and comfy.
  • Funky and vibrant designs that will make anyone laugh.
  • Cancel anytime if you do not like the socks.
  • These are unisex socks and goes up to the mid-calf.

Rate: $9.16 per month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Enamel pins, Masks, and Glass covers.

6. Sock Club

Sock Club

Sock club employees introduce new designs for their socks every month. The Tartan which was named after Scottish cloaks was the base of January’s design. Treat your sock drawers with wide patterns and colors.

They offer 4 subscription deals starting from $12 per month to $132 for a year. While selecting the packages they recommend the sizes and styles of the sock but you can choose according to yourself as well. They also design the socks in 4 different styles every month. According to your selection, you will get a new pair of socks every month. Another factor we like about this subscription box is that they offer socks in kid’s size. Furthermore, they charge $1 per international shipping and if you choose the 6-month subscription you will have to pre-pay $78 total. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want but they might not refund you if you cancel the halfway through subscription.         

Highlighted features

  • The socks are made of Cotton, Nylon, and Lycra to make them durable and fitted.
  • The sizes are mentioned in detail to help you find the best fitted one.
  • Each month a new pair is sent without repeating the previous ones.
  • Various patterns and designs to enrich your sock collection.
  • They donate one pair of socks for selling one pair.

Rate: Pay $12 per month.

Delivering to the US and where Asendia International Mail service and USPS service are available.  

Additional offers: Customize the designs on your socks.

7. King x Portland

King x Portland

Based in Toronto, King X Portland prefers to make classy and trendy socks that are wearable on every occasion. The socks are surely going to catch eyes with their unique design. They offer 4 subscription boxes and each has different prices. The signature subscription box costs CAD 13.75 per month and they will randomly select a pair of socks to send to you every month. 

The other boxes squire collection, knight collection, and king collection are customizable boxes that you can select. These deals are for 3 months and the subscription will automatically renew if you don’t cancel. 

Highlighted features

  • The socks are designed with a combination of street and urban styles.
  • The socks are made of premium quality materials for longevity.
  • The socks can fit almost all feet size L (8-12).
  • Enjoy free shipping.

Rate: CAD 13.75 every month.

Delivering to Canada and the US.

Additional offers: N/A

8. Iluvsox


Iluvsox delivers worldwide and so you can enjoy their colorful, bright, and trendy socks anywhere in the world. Not all socks are appropriate for all occasions and for that Iluvsox designs socks with polka dots, animal print, stripes, etc. 

The lowest subscription plan starts at $9 where you will receive one pair of socks. There are also two other subscription deals for 2 pairs and 4 pairs of socks each month. However, you don’t have the option to choose socks. So the socks might not always be of your taste. If you don’t like the socks you can contact them and they might replace the socks with a better one.  

Highlighted features

  • It is designed for office adventures or to attend casu;a events.
  • A combination of combed cotton, polyamide, and elastane is used to manufacture the socks.
  • You can send them as gifts or order bulk to gift your employees.
  • The socks are stretchable and can fit US shoe size 8 to 13.

Rate: $9.00 per month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

9. OddSox


A pair of socks that has a print of your cartoon character is hard to find. Basic designed socks can be boring so OddSox manufactures their socks that have prints of Breaking Bad, Ghostbusters, SpongeBob, and many more. Men and women can enjoy these socks.  

You can choose any subscription option out of the three they offered. Each deal is a monthly subscription and they differ in the number of pairs of socks. A $10 package deal will send a single pair of socks. According to your interest, they will send a new pair every month. They charge their shipping cost according to the weight of the packages. However, they do not have return or refund options. So take a look at the designs thoroughly before subscribing to them.   

Highlighted features

  • Enjoy the socks that are designed based on different fictional characters.
  • You can choose knitted, printed, or both types of socks.
  • The socks are available for both men and women.
  • Get free delivery if the order is more than $100.

Rate: $ 10.00 per Month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Slippers, belts, masks, and underwear.

10. Spiffy Socks

Spiffy Socks

Your sweaty feet can create an odor that can be embarrassing. Spiffy Socks makes the socks with natural antibacterial bamboo fibers to absorb the moisture and refrain from creating the smell. Moreover, the socks are soft as they are made of bamboo fibers and have wrinkle protection.

They have mentioned sizes for men and women and you will get a new pair every month according to your subscription. However, you don't have the option to choose the sock and they do not have an exchange or refundable option. Shipping is free if you are a US citizen but international customers need to pay extra charges for shipping.

Highlighted features

  • Light and comfortable pair of socks to wear.
  • The cotton is used to manufacture the socks that will help absorb the moisture of your feet.
  • The socks are built with Thermoregulating abilities which keep your feet warm or cold depending on the weather.
  • The socks won’t shrink after using them 4 or 5 times as they are not too loose or tight on the calf region.
  • The socks are long and fit for men and women.

Rate: $9.92 per month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

11. BlackSocks


Feet and calves of everyone are not the same and for that socks need to be flexible to fit all curves. BlackSocks designs ribbed and non-ribbed socks with cotton, cashmere, and marine wool to fit every foot. The socks are available in the knee, calf, and ankle lengths.

They provide your chosen pair on your subscription deal. They arranged their subscription deals according to the frequency of deliveries. You can choose 1, 3 or 4 deliveries. For 1 time delivery, you will receive 12 pairs of the same patterned socks whereas for 3 or 4 deliveries you will get 3 pairs in each delivery. Like other subscription boxes, you will not receive a newly designed pair every month which can be boring. However, they also have a funky box of socks where you will get 6 pairs of funky socks which is applicable for one time orders. They accept returnable products if they are unworn and send back within 30 days.                 

Highlighted features

  • Ribbed and not ribbed socks are manufactured to help find the best-fitted pair.
  • Choose the length of the sock from 3 different lengths.
  • They have socks made of Cotton, Cashmere, and Merino wool.
  • Bright to dark-colored socks are available to choose based on your taste.
  • Funky socks along with the classic socks are designed to enhance your vibrant personality.

Rate: $98 for 3 months.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: A shirt and underwear subscription is available.

12. Smiling Socks

Smiling Socks

Mismatching socks are now a kind of trend that young people are enjoying. Smiling Socks brings mismatch pair socks with more than 300+ designs. Premium quality material is used to make the socks and they are thick to keep your feet warm. 

They have 3 subscription deals from where you can select and cancel anytime. The lowest deal starts with $17.95 where you will get a single pair of mismatch design socks. You can also subscribe for 2 or 3 pairs of socks. 

Highlighted features

  • Each pair is a mismatch that will lighten up every gathering.
  • The socks are designed for men, women, and teenagers.
  • The socks are made of 70% combed cotton and have a medium thickness that does not make your feet heavy.
  • They ship worldwide without any delivery charges.

Rate: $17.95 per month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

13. Sock it to me

Sock it to me

Socks for men, women, and children in one place are hard to find. Sock it to me makes it easier as they have socks for toddlers made of soft fabric and vibrant colors. Choose your socks for every occasion and keep your feet warm and cozy.

They offer a subscription for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. If your subscription duration is more than 1 month, you have to pre-pay the price in the first month. In each subscription box, they put 2 new pairs of socks depending on your gender. If you want socks of the opposite sex you can select that as well. They do not auto-renew the subscription as they do not save the card information for security. Moreover, if you want to change your pair of socks, they will exchange them within 90 days. Even, you can exchange your gift items if socks are defective or not up to your taste.

Highlighted features

  • Socks of different lengths from no-show socks to knee-length socks.
  • Vibrant colors and various prints on the socks compliments all trends.
  • They manufacture socks for the toddler as well as adults.
  • They refund back if you cancel the subscription in the middle but be sure to acknowledge them before the cutoff date.

Rate: $22 per month for the USA $25 per month for International shipping.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Face masks, Enamel pins, Underwear, and gift cards.

14. Southern Scholar Socks

Southern Scholar Socks

Southern Scholar Socks creates dress socks that are casually worn by men for any serious gatherings. These socks are crafted in a 200 needle count technique so that they last for longer without slipping off the calf. As the socks are worn for all days, it is made sure that they absorb the moisture from feet and provide comfort. 

On their monthly subscription box, they send a pair of their signature crafted socks with a complementary style card. You can also exchange or refund their socks if you are not satisfied. You can skip a month or cancel their subscription anytime.  

Highlighted features

  • They design dressed socks to provide an official or professional look.
  • The socks are knitted in a 200 needle count process to make them durable.
  • The socks are flexible and will fit all feet sizes.
  • The shipping is always free for these bright and elegant socks.

Rate: $13.75 per month. 

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

15. FootCardigan


FootCardigan socks are great for winter cozy mornings. Cotton, Polyester, and Elastane are used for crafting the socks, and for premium socks they used Modal, Polyester, and Elastane. They made shopping easy as they have collections for every age group. 

They have 3 types of subscription box month to month, 6 months prepaid, and 12 months prepaid. You don’t have to run to the mall to buy socks every month if you subscribe to them. You can subscribe to more than one deal. For adults, each box contains one pair of socks whereas the kid box has 2 pairs of socks. However, they do not accept refunds. They believe their socks are designed to be loved by all and if anyone does not like the pair, they can donate them to needy people. They will exchange the socks if they do not fit or are shipped damaged. 

Highlighted features

  • Elegant, unique colorful socks for men, women, and children.
  • The socks are professionally crafted to provide warmth and protect your feet.
  • The sizes are mentioned in detail for adults and children.
  • The socks are made of premium quality materials for comfortable usage.  
  • All the socks are crew socks that reach midway to the calf.

Rate: $12.99 per month. 

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

16. Say it with a Sock

Say it with a Sock

Gift yourself a pair of graphic or patterned socks every month from Say it with a Sock. They will surprise you with newly designed socks without repeating the previous ones. They also made the socks sturdy so that they can support you throughout your whole day. Holes can be formed easily on the socks and to avoid that the heels and toes are double stitched.

Select your size and tap on the ‘Subscribe Now’ option to subscribe to them. The subscription gets renewed automatically which you can cancel at any time. The socks are mid-calf long and stay up all day. If you don’t like any like their sock selection, let them know and they will provide free replacement.     

Highlighted features

  • The socks are reinforced on the heels and toes with double knitting to avoid wearing out for regular use.
  • The socks are durable as they are knitted with 200 needle count techniques.
  • Combed cotton, polyester, and Spandex make the whole sock soft and comfortable.
  • Sizes available for both men and women.

Rate: $11.99 per month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

17. Stance


Children at any age love to wear socks that have different graphics and bright colors. Stance makes it easy to find the socks for children as well as for adults. They have two subscription deals, monthly and quarterly. You can decide on the number of socks you want each month. Customize the height of the socks the way you prefer and enhance your style. Moreover, we don’t always wear thick socks to wear all the time. Winter is for thick socks whereas in the office we want light socks to make the day comfortable.

Not only the thickness but you can also mention what you use socks mostly. According to your selected option, they will send the socks to your doorstep. You can skip the subscription or cancel easily. However, they do not accept returns so choose the socks carefully before subscribing to their deals.

Highlighted features

  • The socks are made considering the thickness as everyone does not like thick and heavy socks.
  • They provide the socks depending on your work like casual, golf, hiking, etc.
  • Socks of various sizes like from small to extra large are available.
  • Socks have different designs for men, women, and children.
  • They always provide free shipping wherever they deliver.  

Rate: $19.00 per month.

Delivers to Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada,United Kingdom, and some countries in Asia. Please go through their list of countries before subscribing to their packages.

Additional offers: Face masks and underwear.

18. SockPanda


Choose crazy or printed or both designed socks for every month from Sockpanda. You just need to select the style, number of pairs, and duration of your subscription. From food to cartoon prints to geometric prints are designed by Sockpanda.

The socks are meant to fit US sizes 8-12 for men and 5-10 for women. You will find socks for your children of age 8-11. They used Peruvian Pima cotton on the socks to make them durable and soft. Their design inspiration is taken from Venice which brings out a new design on socks. They have monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and yearly subscriptions. You can cancel their subscription at any time and they exchange options if you are happy with the pair.

Highlighted features

  • The socks are made of Peruvian Pima cotton that makes them feel soft and smooth against the skin.
  • The heel and toe areas are made thick to prevent them from creating holes.
  • The socks are knitted in CNC-controlled machines to make them stretchable.
  • Socks for all from children to adults.

Rate: $12 per month.

Delivers worldwide and charges $3 for international shipping.

Additional offers: T-shirts and masks.

19. Soxy


Soxy makes their socks with great care as they stitch them thread by thread. They use 220 needles in crafting the socks to provide unique designs to the socks. You can filter your option concerning color, pattern, and sock type.

You can subscribe to their 1, 2, or 3 months plan. In each subscription, they send 5 pairs of socks every month. You can change the frequency of delivery the way you want. Though you do not have a say in choosing the socks they will never deliver the same socks to you. Also, if you do not like the pair, you can send them back in exchange for a new pair. Becoming a member of their sock club saves you $10 and lets you get the first access to their new collection.

Highlighted features

  • The socks are super soft as they are made from premium quality combed cotton.
  • Heels and toes are reinforced to prevent creating holes.
  • Easy change of frequency of sock delivery.
  • Refunding and replacing the pair is possible if you don’t like the pair.  

Rate: $50 per month.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Men's shoes and belts.

20. Society socks

Society socks

Society socks donate one pair after selling a pair. They believe that no one should be out of socks in the cold. Their socks are made keeping the feet size of men and women in mind. The feet of men tend to be wider than women and so men's socks might not perfectly fit women.

The basic subscription plan starts with $19 where 2 pairs of socks are delivered every month on your doorstep. Moreover, they offer subscription deals for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. You can delay your shipping dates by selecting a specific date. Defective socks are accepted by them if they are sent within 60 days. They will refund if you do not like the pair but the socks need to be fresh and unused when you are sending them back.          

Highlighted features

  • Combed cotton is used in the making to make the socks soft and comfortable.
  • Strips, dots, or animal prints are seen on the socks.
  • The socks are flexible so they stay fit on the calf.
  • Free delivery worldwide.

Rate: $19 for each month.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

21. Lucid socks

Lucid socks

In our busy lives, it is hard to do laundry from time to time and sometimes socks get lost in the mess of clothes. Lucid socks will send 1 or 2 pairs of fresh socks every month to save during emergencies. They have a very flexible subscription plan. You can choose how many pairs you pair you want each month and the duration between the deliveries.

However, they only make crew socks. Sometimes people need no show and knee-length socks as well. For other kinds of socks, you need to subscribe to other brands. And it will be a wastage of money to subscribe to two different brands for a different type of socks. Socks are of vibrant colors but if you don’t like the design, they will exchange the pair. Also, they provide free shopping for all orders.

Highlighted features

  • The socks are ultra-soft and durable as made with 72% combed cotton, polyamide, and elastane.
  • The socks have detailed knitting as it is crafted in 200 needle technique.
  • The socks are lightweight and the heels and toes are reinforced to avoid holes.
  • Swap your socks if you are satisfied.
  • The socks will stay in place as it is made sure that the cuffs won’t slip off.

Rate: $12 per month.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

22. Get basic

Get basic

Get basic just not only sends socks but also sends other belongings as well. The socks are mid-calf to no show and you just need to mention the size. They have a refund policy if the products are returned unused and within 30 days.

They do not have a subscription plan for only socks. So you need to order other products to receive a new pair of socks every month.  

Highlighted features

  • The socks are soft and stretchable to provide complete comfort.
  • 200 needle count techniques used in making the socks.
  • Mid-calf length and no show socks are available.

Rate: $24.99 per month

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Masks, Tee-shirts, loungewear and many more for both men and women.

23. Gentleman’s box

Gentleman’s box

Men do not only need socks but also other accessories in day to day life. Gentleman’s box offers two packages classic and premium that consists of all ties, socks, clips, etc. The classic box contains new products that are released every month.

The premium box consists of leather goods, electronics, branded watches, and homeware. The premium box may not be one containing products for daily use. They prefer to keep the products as a surprise and there is no refund policy in case you don’t like the items. You can cancel their subscription before the cutoff period without paying any cancellation fees.

Highlighted features

  • The subscription boxes come with socks and other accessories as well.
  • Can pause your monthly subscription anytime you want.
  • The boxes are prepared considering various themes and seasons.

Rate: $35 per month.

Delivering to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, some countries in Asia and the United Kingdom. Also ships to US and APO/FPO/AA/AE/AP areas. Check their detailed list of the countries before subscribing to their deals.

Additional offers: Ties, cufflinks, and other men's accessories.

24. moJJa Socks

moJJa Socks

Make your sock drawer colorful and bright with cute printed socks from moJJa Socks. Children enjoy socks that have fun designs. Funky can lighten the mood if given them as gifts to adults as well. Just by paying $11.95 you can get a new pair of socks every month. The socks are warm and reinforced on heels and toes so that they tear apart by using regularly. 

Highlighted features

  • Socks of different lengths to fulfill everyone’s needs.  
  • The socks come in funky colors and designs.
  • Subscription deals are available for men, women, and children.
  • Auto-renewal of subscription and cancel anytime you want.

Rate: $11.95 per month.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Underwear for men and women, reusable masks.

25. SoxCrate


The socks with stripes, mosaic patterns, and geometric designs are made in SoxCrate. The socks go well with all types of shoes and are flexible to fit both men and women. The subscription deals have 2 options, one pair of socks each month or 3 pairs of socks per month. 

Though they say they send their products on time, very few customers receive their parcel. Moreover, they charged from their credit card but did not send any socks. We recommend browsing more about them if you want to subscribe to their plans. As subscribing to their deals can be of great wastage of money.

Highlighted features

  • Colorful socks with different strips and geometric designs.
  • The socks are designed to give 100% satisfaction.
  • Each month comes with a new pair of socks without repetition.

Rate: $12.00 per month. 

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

26. Bundlez Socks

Bundlez Socks

Bundlez Socks will bring a bundle of joy with a new pair of socks every month. You can subscribe for a single pair, double pair, or triple pair. The socks have bold colors that will enhance your look. The perfect premium materials make the socks durable.

The socks are light in weight and you will be comfortable to wear for the whole day. If you live in the US, they will provide free shipping and you can enjoy the bold socks every month. The 200 needle stitch process makes the socks stretchable and keeps fit on the calves for the whole day. Moreover, they donate 10% of their profit every month. 

Highlighted features

  • Each pair of socks have a bold, vibrant, and elegant look.
  • A 200 needle stitching process is used to manufacture the socks.
  • The socks are light-weight and a perfect blend of materials provides comfort to your feet.
  • Skip or cancel the subscription plan at any time.
  • The socks are unisex and fit the US size of men and women.

Rate: $12.75 per month

Delivers to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

Things to consider before buying the best sock subscription boxes

Do you get late for your meeting by wasting time in selecting the socks? Sock subscription boxes can help with that as they will have new pairs of socks every month. You don’t even have to worry about the socks but make sure to mention your size properly. In case you don't like socks, you can exchange them by contacting the brand help center.

Sock length 

Socks come in various lengths like no show, crew, mid-calf, knee-length, etc. Not all brands manufacture all length socks but in our day to day life, we use socks of different lengths. Crew socks are worn for hiking, running whereas knee-length socks are worn in winter with short dresses. To match with all trendy clothes, brands should offer boxes that consist of various types of socks. Brands like Stance and Sock it to me manufacture socks of various lengths.

Sock material

The material used to craft the socks makes them soft and comfortable. Most of the brands use combed cotton with other materials to make socks durable. The brands use a different composition of combed cotton that helps to absorb the moisture from your feet. Polyester and spandex are widely used in making socks.


The biggest problem we face with socks is that they create holes in the toes and heels. Socks are regularly used and washed and for that, the socks become thin on the edges. So check if the socks are reinforced on the heels and toes so that the socks don’t go out of use after wearing those 2 or 3 times.


Not everyone needs thick socks. Cold countries prefer thick socks to protect them whereas hot countries prefer thin socks so that air can pass easily. Before subscribing to the best sock subscription box, check if the socks are compatible with the temperature of your countries.

Patterns on the sock

Nowadays, socks have various funky prints. All the prints are not eligible to wear in the office or any official event. Check the brand's page, if they are casual as well as funky socks to deliver. Some brands allow changing the sock design if you want a different style of socks. However, the sock subscription box is like presents as the brands randomly pick the socks for you every month.


Size is an important factor when you need to buy socks. Some brands tell that the socks are unisex but feet size varies between and women. Men’s feet are wider than females. We would recommend subscribing to that brand that manufactures socks for each gender separately. Moreover, some brands make socks for kids, and they also mention the size in detail.

Refund or Exchange

As the brands select the socks for you randomly, all the socks might not favor your taste. In that case, you need to inform them to change the socks for you. In most cases, the brands change the pair with a new pair.

The refunding option is not available with all brands. If you want a refund, you need to send the socks unworn within 30 days. After receiving, they will check if the socks are untouched and then they will let you know if you will get a refund or not. You will also find brands that do not accept refunds. Instead, they say to donate to the homeless or needy ones.


Socks getting lost at the time of need are a major problem faced by everyone. The children's socks are never to be found as they throw their socks here and there. There are very few brands that make socks for kids. Most of the brands make unisex socks which sometimes do not fit everyone. If you live with your family, choose the brands that have subscription boxes for males, females, and children. 

Funky designed socks can be worn to get out of boredom. Brands have socks that have cartoons, fictional characters, or geometric patterns. You can easily mention to them your preference for the box and they will deliver the best sock subscription box on your doorstep. Socks keep your feet warm and provide comfort in walking and for that, they need to be made of premium quality material. Before finalizing the box, make sure to check they fulfill all your needs. 

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