The 12 Best Science Subscription Boxes Catered to your Kid’s Interest

Many young people may believe that science is dull. Perhaps it's because all they've ever experienced with science is reading boring textbooks and listening to presentations in class but when applied, science may be genuinely enjoyable. It entails exploration, experimenting, and creativity—all activities kids naturally like and utilize to learn about the world around them every day. The best science subscription boxes are the ideal tool for your children to learn coding, space, how to make electronics, and other STEM-related topics. These STEM boxes will make your child believe that science can be a tonne of fun!

Quick Comparison Between The 12 Best Science Subscription Boxes

1. Groovy Lab in a Box

Groovy Lab in a Box

Review: Groovy Lab provides regular projects as well as allows to design challenges that let the kids solve problems on their own. Groovy Lab sends an entire DIY experiment that is suitable for children aged 8 and above. It integrates scientific inquiry and the engineering design process through a variety of STEM activities. The aim to include these activities is to boost the children’s capacity for critical thought and problem-solving.

Cost: A monthly subscription to Groovy Lab in a Box starts at $29.95.

Shipment: It is delivered with free shipping cost in the United States.

2. Electronics: Creation Crate

Electronics Creation Crate

Review: Every month, Creation Crate delivers a fully finished DIY electronic and coding project with all the materials and detailed instructions your children need to complete it. There are a few course options available, including Challenger Electronics, Chemistry, and Mechatronics. As projects get harder each month, children build on previous months' projects to learn electronics, C++, circuitry, engineering, and critical thinking. Kids aged 12 and older are intended for this interactive science box.

Cost: An annual subscription per box costs $ 104.97.

Shipment: This subscription box is shipped worldwide from the United States.

3. Bitsbox


Review: Bitsbox is a monthly subscription that allows your kids to learn how to code and create video games, greeting cards, simulations, and many more. Through a website that is accessible on phones and tablets, this subscription box offers monthly coding assignments that educate grade schoolers on how to program applications efficiently. This monthly package is appropriate for kids aged 6 to 12 years old.

Cost: The Bitsbox offers a monthly subscription of $29.95.

Shipment: The Bitsbox ships free of cost in the United States.

4. Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

Review: Green Kids Crafts only employs environmentally friendly materials in their packages. A maximum of 6 thematic science and art kits, covering anything from the solar system to backyard science, are available to subscribers of Green Kid Crafts. Each kit contains a 12-page instructional magazine with extra activity ideas, puzzles, games, book recommendations, and information on the month's topic. 

Cost: The Junior Box (for children three to five) and the Discovery Box (for kids over five years old). are the two options for monthly subscriptions that start at $32.99 per box.

Shipment: Green Kids Crafts STEAM box ships worldwide from the United States.

5. Club SciKidz Lab Box

Club SciKidz Lab Box

Review: Club Scikidz sends quite interesting and useful scientific kits related to careers. First, a lab notebook will be provided to them so that they can record their findings and practice applying the scientific method given in the kit. Next, kids are introduced to fundamental laboratory tools regardless of the box's theme and get science kits, engineering projects, and mini labs. The exciting aspect is that each box has a fantastic assortment of tasks, mini-experiments, sayings, puzzles, and inspirational scientists!

Shipment: This subscription package is shipped to some selected destinations from the United States.

6. STEM Discovery Boxes - STEM Science for Kids

STEM Discovery Boxes - STEM Science for Kids

Review: STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) science is a premium subscription box that includes all the materials for 3 STEM projects or experiments each month. The parents' choice award for subscription boxes went to Stem Discovery. Your youngster can explore a variety of enticing subjects including electronics, chemistry, physics, coding, hydraulics, and more with the aid of STEM Discovery Boxes. It is geared toward the younger population, aged 7 to 12.

Cost: The Stem Discovery Boxes offers a monthly subscription of $29.95.

Shipment: The Stem Discovery Boxes are shipped around the world from the United States.

7. Loop Lab Box

Loop Lab Box

Review: Loop Lab Box is ideal for the older children in your household because it is intended for children aged 8 and up. It is a monthly science subscription package that emphasizes enjoyment, interaction, and entertainment. With various science themes each month, it gets kids away from screens and immersed in STEM at home. Also, every month it contains 4 or more STEM-related events. The best part is that all of the STEM activities require little adult supervision because they are designed for children who can read independently, allowing them to play and explore at their pace.

Cost: The Loop Lab Box offers a monthly subscription of $32.99.

Shipment: The Loop Lab box is shipped from the United States.

8. X Workbox STEM Subscription Box for Kids

X Workbox STEM Subscription Box for Kids

Review: STEM kits from X Workbox offer the ideal opportunity for kiddies to interact with the fascinating world around them! You will receive 2-3 hands-on projects related to a STEM theme each month. For instance, the Fun STEM Projects are all-inclusive because this subscription box contains all required components, tools, and simple, step-by-step directions to finish projects successfully. It provides the opportunity to learn by spending some quality time with family.

Cost: A monthly subscription to X Workbox starts at $19.95.

Shipment: X Workbox is delivered with a free shipping charge!

9. MEL Chemistry — Science Experiments Subscription Box

MEL Chemistry — Science Experiments Subscription Box

Review: MEL Chemistry subscription kit includes two to three experiments. Kids will open a package of science tools, including experiments, STEM projects, and coordination games, starting in the first month. The MEL Science and MEL VR smartphone apps and VR technology support the subscriptions. Your kids' first chemistry set will include ion-exchange reactions and electrolysis. They will further find tin crystal trees from a transparent solution, kindle iron, and burn hydrogen foam, among many other intriguing experiments. This MEL Chemistry subscription offers more than 20+ various STEM projects and this toolbox is suitable for kids aged around 10 and above.

Cost: A monthly subscription to the MEL Chemistry kit package starts at $39.99.

Shipment: By the 23rd of every month, a new kids’ science subscription box will be delivered to you.

10. Superpower Academy

Superpower Academy

Review: Superpower Academy enables children of all ages to discover hidden talents and abilities. For the next generation of heroes, it is also an award-winning subscription that blends STEM and social-emotional learning. Every monthly box includes key social and emotional lessons to assist parents in teaching children about emotions, empathy, and making wise decisions. With a monthly package that includes a variety of science projects, comics, workbooks, and exciting surprises, this kit box provides children with a little inspiration.

Cost: A monthly subscription to the Superpower Academy kit package starts at $29.99.

Shipment: Superpower Academy boxes are shipped worldwide from the United States.

11. KiwiCo


Review: KiwiCo was established to support parents who wish to provide their kids with valuable experiences while also celebrating children's inherent creativity and curiosity. The projects are instructive and age-appropriate. The kit box is tested by the harshest critics before being delivered to your kids. Additionally, KiwiCo creates fun, interactive STEAM projects and activities to pique the interest of children of all ages. It also offers flexible membership options with either term or auto-renewing subscriptions.

Cost: KiwiCo offers a monthly subscription of $23.95.

Shipment: KiwiCo is shipped to some selected countries.

12. Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler Science

Review: Steve Spangler offers simple science experiments that you may perform at home. Discover exciting STEM challenges and intriguing science activities with your family! Children will learn how to think like scientists with these engaging, hands-on scientific experiments in this subscription package. However, the crafts in this kit are somewhat difficult and are designed for children aged 7 to 14. Nonetheless, this kit's straightforward instructions and resources will let your children have an insightful journey since you don't need to pay attention because this kit is safe for individual learning.

Cost: Steve Spangler offers a monthly subscription at $19.99.

Shipment: Steve Spangler packages are shipped worldwide.

Final Thoughts

STEM kit tools are one of the interesting ways to satisfy your children’s innate curiosity about science. These science subscription boxes will help your kids to form a healthy relationship with technology. The best part is that these boxes are both age-appropriate and catered to your child's specific interests!

However, it might be quite a challenge to find the STEM subscription box that is preferred by your kids. Therefore, to ease your task of finding a premium quality science kit tool, we have compiled the list of best science subscription boxes that exactly suit your kiddies' learning preferences.

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