The 12 Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes- The Perfect Way to Pamper The Bump!

What better way is there to “shower” the new moms and the moms-to-be them with love and support other than to gift them just what they need? Let us introduce you to the wondrous world of pregnancy subscription boxes!

Pregnancy and maternity subscription boxes are monthly or trimester-based mommy boxes that contain pretty much everything a new mom needs including safe and chemical-free baby essentials, self-care items, maternity as well as post-partum clothing, etc. To make the process of finding the best one easier for you, we have scoured the internet and accumulated a list of the best pregnancy subscription boxes available on the market. You can now just scroll through the list and find the perfect box that meets your requirements!

Quick Comparison Between The 12 Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Product NamePrice Range( per box)Shipment
Catar To Mom$37.39-$43.99Worldwide
Oh Baby Boxes$39.99-$44.99Worldwide
Bump Bless Box$49.92-$69.99Worldwide
The Nurtured 9 Box$119.00The US
Pampering Mama Box$43.83-$59.99Worldwide
Serenity Spa Box$45.00-$49.99The US
Aster’s Belly Box$59.00-$65.00Selected Countries
Trimester Treats Pregnancy Box$24.99Worldwide
The Mama Bird Box$33.49-$34.95Worldwide
Bump Boxes$38.99-$49.99Worldwide
Ecocentric Mom Boxes$179.96-$499.96The US and Canada

1. Cater to Mom

Cater to Mom

Review: The Cater to Mom monthly subscription boxes are curated keeping in mind the needs of the moms who are in the 4th trimester of their delivery journey, also known as postpartum. Each box contains 6-8 self-care items for the mom including bath and beauty products, snacks and teas, self-care tips and postpartum resources, etc. They mostly focus on breastfeeding support and care as well as healing after a vaginal or cesarean delivery for the moms.

This company is also committed to promoting health and wellness for new moms. This is why, they only select items that are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. So if you are a mom who is concerned about the safety of the products you are encouraged to buy these postpartum boxes.

Moreover, the boxes have different unique themes each month depending on the needs of new moms. For example, the theme for this year’s June box was “It’s Time to Treat Yourself”! This aspect also makes this box a nice contender for a baby shower gift. So, if you have a friend or loved one who is currently navigating the first trimester of their pregnancy, you can gift them this box to show your love and care!

Subscription Cost: The 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months boxes retail for $43.99, $41.79, $39.59, and $37.39 sequentially.

Shipment: Ships worldwide within 4 business days of your first order. The next boxes ship around the 18th of every month.

Shipping Fee: varies depending upon the location of the customer.

2. Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes

Review: This pregnancy subscription box is full of products that are fun, healthy, and safe for pregnancy and postpartum! Each box contains 6-8 full-size pregnancy and postpartum products. If you want to enjoy a sound and relaxed pregnancy full of self-care and self-pampering you can opt for this box. 

Another unique aspect of this subscription box is that they tailor the boxes according to your due date! This way you do not have to be worried if the box will reach in time. You can smoothly transition into a safe postpartum with the help of Oh Baby Boxes. 

Each box is also guaranteed to have products worth more than $100 which ensures that you get your money’s worth and more. Moreover, they only select organic, natural, holistic, and artisan products that are mom vetted in order to ensure the best experience throughout your whole pregnancy.

Subscription Cost: The boxes under 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months package retail for $44.99, $42.99, and $39.39 respectively.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the US  within 3 business days of your first order. The next boxes ship between the 15th-20th of each month.

Shipping Fee: Free shipping inside the US. Customs and other additional charges will apply to the rest of the world.

3. Bump Bless Box

Bump Bless Box

Review: This subscription box is one of the best pregnancy boxes available on the market. Catered to the aware and careful moms, this multi-purpose box works for both pregnancy and postpartum as well as for mamas with babies up to 24 months old at the same time! 

This box is curated with 7-8 high-quality lifestyle items, which makes it a good option for gift giving. Along with all that, these boxes have the most adorable packaging ever! These aesthetic boxes filled with eco-friendly and organic products are enough to lift up the expecting mom’s ever-changing mood!

Subscription Cost: Subscription costs for the 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months boxes are $69.99, $59.98, $54.99, and $49.92 for each box respectively.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the US  within 1 business day of your first order. The next boxes ship around the 11th of each month. The monthly boxes get renewed on the 11th.

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside the US.

4. Wombology


Review: If you are someone who likes to indulge in the spiritual sphere in quest of peace and health, this baby bump box from Wombology is the one for you! Devoted to ensuring your spiritual health and womb wellness throughout your pregnancy, this box comes with everything you need to perform your self-care rituals. 

Each monthly subscription box contains 6 full-sized items including a crystal gemstone, handmade herbal soap, bath salts, bath milk, a crystal candle, and handcrafted herbal tea. The items are like a heaven of self-care which is exactly the point of this box. They are curated to remind you to put yourself first during this stressful time that is pregnancy.

What’s more, is, the boxes have different themes each month which will make your experience with these pregnancy packages even richer and more fun! They also include ritual ideas for self-pampering along with instructions on how to use the items included in the box.

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription for each Womb Love Box costs $27.92.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the US on the 17th of every month.

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside the US and $30.00 for Canada. International shipping costs $50.00.

5. The Nurtured 9 Box

The Nurtured 9 Box

Review: Are you in search of a high-end pregnancy gift box with aesthetic packaging and premium quality products? Well then, the custom subscription boxes from Nurtured 9 are your jam! Founded by two moms, this company focuses on providing the new mom with the best postpartum experience with the help of their luxurious gift boxes.

These boxes will be sent to the new mama in 3 installments. The boxes are full of nursing-safe self-care products, luxurious soft loungewear, and clean beauty and body essentials. There is a complete size chart available for the loungewear items.  The new mama will feel fresh and beautiful inside and out with the help of the products!

On top of all of that, the packages are also pretty on the outside. They are wrapped with blush ribbons, decorative paper, and other aesthetically pleasing packaging details to make you feel even more well-loved and pampered. They also include a handwritten notecard that you can customize according to what you want to say to the mom you are gifting to.

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription fee for each box is $119.00.

Shipment: Ships only within the US. Box 1 ships within 2-3 days of placing the order. Box 2 ships out 30 days later, followed by box 3 which ships 30 days after the 2nd box does.

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside the US and $30.00 for Canada. International shipping costs $50.00.

6. Pampering Mama Box

Pampering Mama Box

Review: Don’t we all love to get products that are worth more than we pay? Purpleve knows that and that is why they have brought in the pampering mama subscription box for all the new moms out there. With spending as little as $43.83 per month you can get products worth $135 in these pregnancy subscriptions.

Again, being dedicated as they are, they curate and customize the products according to your wants and needs. Not only that, but they also care about the health and safety of the new mom. The inclusion of only organic, natural, and holistic products is proof of that.

Subscription Cost: Each box for the 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months packages cost $59.99, $53.33, $48.33, and $43.83 respectively.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the US on the 11th of each month.

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free inside the US.

7. Serenity Spa Box

Serenity Spa Box

Review: The idea of having an experience of the spa without actually having to go to the spa does sound nice, doesn’t it? Especially for the moms-to-be and new moms having to move outside their homes to have a self-care day will be more taxing than relaxing. Keeping all this in mind our friends at Lizush are now making pregnancy box subscriptions!

With the 100% natural bath and body products from these quarterly subscription boxes, you can now have a relaxing spa day at home! The essential oils and herbal oils that are infused in these products will also help calm your nerves and those oh-so-rough pregnancy hormones! Moreover, if you are a new mom, we understand that you do not get time for yourself anymore. With the Serenity Spa Boxes, you can now enjoy some well-deserved “me-time”! 

Again, if you want to purchase a gift for your loved one who has recently had a baby, you will be able to gift something that is both fun and functional for the new mom if you choose to gift this subscription box.

Subscription Cost: Each box for the 1 box every three-month package costs $49.99. The 4 boxes over 12 months package cost $45.00 per box.

Shipment: Ships inside the US.

Shipping Fee: Shipping is free.

8. Aster’s Belly Box

Aster’s Belly Box

Review: On par with the other boxes on this list, this subscription box also focuses on the physical and mental well-being of pregnant women. Additionally, this box focuses on the moms’ sleeping issues and stretch mark issues. This is why they have carefully curated a mom to be subscription box of 6 items that address these two issues head-on.  

Sleeping peacefully becomes harder during this time due to pregnancy-related complications. The sleeping pillow mist, relaxing magnesium body cream, and bedtime herbal tea from this box work together improve the sleep quality of the expectant mom. Moreover, the belly oil serum and the body cream also work to reduce early stretch marks and keep the belly skin soft, moisturized, and hydrated. The gentle face cleanser and the growth hair serum provide additional care for the mom’s face and hair.

Along with doing business, this company is also committed to giving back to society. They donate a portion of the belly box sales to the charities that support Middle Eastern moms. By getting these boxes you can also be a proud partner of this cause!  

Subscription Cost: Subscription costs for the 1 month, 3 months,and 6 months boxes are $65.00, $63.00, and $59.00 for each box respectively.

Shipment: Ships to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand on the 11th of each month.

Shipping Fee: Standard: $6.65 inside the US. Free for orders above $75., Second day: $19., Overnight: $23.

9. Trimester Treats Pregnancy Box

Trimester Treats Pregnancy Box

Review: Chosen especially by a doula, a pregnancy expert, and a mom, this pregnancy box subscription brings custom-tailored products for the trimester you are in, to your doorstep! These boxes are curated for each trimester of the pregnancy including postpartum, giving you a choice to start your subscription at any point of your pregnancy.

Each box contains 5-7 carefully chosen items including mugs, t-shirts, healthy snacks, herbal teas, skincare, herbal teas, massage tools, etc. For the clothing items, you can choose the sizing from their size chart. Moreover, the boxes also include helpful affirmations for the moms to boost their morale.

These boxes make for the perfect baby shower and gender reveal gifts. They are also more budget-friendly compared to the other alternatives. If you are in a pinch but want to gift something cute and useful to your pregnant friend, you can choose this subscription box. 

Subscription Cost: Monthly subscription fee for each box costs is $24.99.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the US on the 22nd of each month.

10. The Mama Bird Box

The Mama Bird Box

Review: The Mama Bird Box is a “modern” monthly subscription box for pregnant and new moms that gives attention to both physical nourishment and relaxation. This company always chooses its products from a varying range of companies. As a result, it introduces new and exciting products to you every single month.

Each mommy to be box contains 4 to 6 items including organic skincare, healthy snacks, accessories, supplements, and more! By taking the necessary vitamins you get to stay healthy and boost your immunity throughout the whole pregnancy. This subscription box can also help you with your post-natal self-care.

Subscription Cost: The boxes under 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months package retail for $34.95, $33.65, and $33.49 respectively.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the US.

Shipping Fee: Inside the US: $5.95 per box, Canada: $13.00, International shipping: $22.00

11. Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes

Review: Advertised as the “#1 pregnancy subscription box”, the Bump Boxes will make your pregnancy a hassle-free experience. They understand the concept of convenience, this is why they do all the market research and product research necessary to bring the safest products to your doorstep every month.

Every product in this box is hand-picked by real-life moms to ensure maximum productivity. Each box is curated with 5 products tailored specially to your needs. Moreover, with this pregnancy box, you are guaranteed to get $60+ worth of products.

Subscription Cost: The month-to-month subscription boxes retail for $49.99 for each box.

Shipment: Ships worldwide from the US.

Shipping Fee: Free shipping inside the US. Sales tax may apply.

12. Ecocentric Mom Boxes

Ecocentric Mom Boxes

Review: The subscription boxes from Ecocentric Mom are probably the most expensive ones out of this whole list, and rightfully so. They are one of the most premium quality pregnancy gift boxes for new moms currently available in the market. If you are willing to splurge some money on this special time of your life, this is the right place to do so.

As the name suggests, the Ecocentric Mom emphasizes their products being organic and small batch homemade products that cannot be found in your local Walmart. Each box contains 3-5 products that are individually valued at a minimum of $35. 

While arranging the boxes, they make sure to put something pampering for the mom( organic skincare, makeup products, etc), something for the bump( bump and baby products), something practical, and something yummy. There is indeed an option for everything in this box!

Subscription Cost: varies on the subscription package ranging from $179.96- $499.96.

Shipment: Ships to the US and Canada.

Shipping Fee: the US: $9.99, Canada: $14.95

Final Remarks

Even though pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life, like all other experiences, it also has its unique struggles such as the ever-changing flow of hormones, financial pressure, and overall having to carry another human being inside for such a long time, etc. Amongst all this, a pregnancy subscription box can help you to lighten some of the burdens, let the hair loose and relax a little. You can also use these boxes to let the pregnant lady in your life how much she means to her. we hope this carefully crafted list of the best pregnancy subscription box will come in handy by saving your time and energy if and when you choose to buy a pregnancy gift basket.
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