Satisfy The Investigator in You With the Best Murder Mystery Boxes

Are you an armchair sleuth looking forward to solving crimes? The murder mystery box can help to satisfy your thirst. The boxes come with all the riddles, clues to provide a detective feeling and help you solve the unsolved cases. Most of the mystery boxes include murders but plots can be different. Some brands include a story from ancient history and some will be a haunted story. It is entirely up to you to choose the plot that will provide the experience of the best murder mystery box.

Depending on how much time you can spend on a mystery box is necessary to determine before subscribing. Usually, the stories are organized with multiple episodes and each episode is delivered every month. Furthermore, each episode is linked with the previous one. So it can be hard to solve for you if you have time to solve the box. The boxes from The Deadbolt Mystery Society provide new stories every month which does not link with the previous stories.

Quick Comparison Between The 8 Best Murder Mystery Box

1. CosyKiller: For the Armchair Sleuth

CosyKiller For the Armchair Sleuth

If you have a geeky teenager at your home who is into detective stories, the mystery box from CosyKiller can fulfill his thirst. The subscription box includes lots of clues, puzzles, diaries, momentos, spices, herbs, etc to make the game thrilling. All the games are 12 months long and you can subscribe monthly or yearly.

Their subscription box is very flexible as you can pay monthly, yearly, or pay as you go. Yearly payment is a one-time payment and they include a free box along with the package. Pay as you go is like playing the game at your pace and you will pay as you receive the box. They also have a Facebook support group to get help if the games get too hard to crack. The solution of the entire game is declared at the end of the year so you will not get spoilers before.       

Highlighted features

  • Mysterious story with instructions to satisfy the defective in you.
  • The plot of the story lasts for 12 months.
  • The box has vintage memorabilia, logical tales, souvenirs, and duplicate story pieces.
  • The box for the teenagers and above.   
  • You can start the game on any month from the beginning without breaking the sequence.

Rate: $36.67 per month. 

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

2. A Killing Affair

A Killing Affair

The murder mystery game from A Killing Affair can be a great option for an armchair sleuth. The game starts like any other Netflix show from season 1 and each season has 5 episodes. After subscribing to their deal you will receive season 1 episode 1. All the hidden messages and clues are supplied to help find the criminal. 

If you get stuck in an episode, they have an interactive website to help you solve the mystery. If you solve the mystery faster you can rush your delivery by contacting them. However, they have only one mystery game so you don’t have a wide option to choose a game. They have a refund option which is valid till 30 days after purchase. You need to pay the shipping expense for returning the game.

Highlighted features

  • The game is based on murder mystery like watching a crime show.
  • The box includes all the evidence, clues, messages required to solve the game.
  • The game has different seasons and each season has 5 episodes.
  • You can play the game at your pace without hurrying.

Rate: $33.33 per month. 

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

3. Sleuth Kings

Sleuth Kings

Sleuth Kings offers 2 different cases to solve with detective Sullivan King. You can solve the case in one sitting with all the clues. You need an internet connection as you are working under a case specialist. One case is rookie detective which requires 1 hour solving and the other is master detective which needs 2 to 3 hours to solve.  

Each case lasts 4 months and each box is automatically sent to your doorstep. You can also try their past mystery games and the games are suitable for all age groups. They ship FPO/APO addresses as long as they are within the US. 

Highlighted features

  • 2 different stories are offered to solve.
  • Puzzles, hints, and other clues are included in the box.
  • The mystery can be solved independently and provides a reward for solving.
  • Internet and email accounts are required to communicate with the detective.

Rate: $29.95 per month. 

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

4. HuntAKiller


If you are good at deciphering codes and solving puzzles, the mystery box from HuntAKiller will be a great game for your leisure. Subscribing to their mystery box will provide you with the first episode of the ongoing season. The game can be played with 6 members and requires 90 minutes to 3 hours to solve the case.

You can subscribe to their monthly, 6 months, or 12 months deal. Subscribing to a 6 months or yearly deal saves a lot of money and offers free shipping across US territories. They ship their games internationally but the shipping price varies with the countries. You change the pace or cancel the game by logging into the account.   

Highlighted features

  • All the materials inside the box are handcrafted to provide a real mysterious experience.
  • The plot gets mysterious with clues and codes every month.
  • Each box has dedicated online forums to help in case you get stuck.
  • The Internet connection is necessary as you will need some clues from online.
  • Children above 12 years are suitable to play the game.

Rate:  $30 per month.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: N/A

5. Dispatch


Dispatch brings 4 different mysterious stories for you to solve. Each story has a different number of episodes. Their shortest series is the cat's eye which is 2 episodes long and their newest series on the run is 7 episodes long. All the boxes include the clues and riddles required to solve the cases and you will get help in case you get stuck.  

The box is a fusion of virtual and real-world and you need access to the internet to solve clues. Each month you will get a new box with all new hints and also you can order the whole game all at once by ordering them from their website.

Highlighted features

  • The mystery box is a combination of the digital and real world.
  • The stories are a blend of murder, romance, and scandal.
  • Dispatch provides 4 different story bases to choose from.
  • A refund is applicable if you don’t like the game.

Rate: $24.99 per month.

Delivering worldwide.

Additional offers: Mystery games for kids of 3 to 5 years old.

6. Mystery Experiences

Mystery Experiences

Mystery Experiences partnered with various bid media companies to provide mysterious games to mystery lovers. They offer monthly, 3 monthly, and 6 monthly deals which automatically renew periodically. The box includes all the elements required to solve the case. Depending on your skill, it will take 2 to 4 hours to solve the entire box.

Each month they send a brand new case. They have the option to cancel the subscription but you need to cancel before 48 hours of the cutoff date. If it’s late, they will charge you as they do not have the option of refund or return.

Highlighted features

  • Each box on month comes with a new murder mystery.
  • The box contains surprising elements like letters, notes, photographs, etc.
  • The game is aligned for the adults.
  • This mystery box is on the top 10 picks chosen by USA Today.

Rate: $35.00 per month.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A.

7. Murder Mystery Box

Murder Mystery Box

Murder Mystery Box will take you to mysterious adventures as their stores are available on various plots. You can have a trial of the subscription boxes by ordering their one-time box but due to its popular demand, you might not always buy it. They also have quarterly and annual subscription deals starting at $26.99.

Each story includes a murder scene so it is better not to play with children. According to your skills, it can take 1 to 2 hours to solve the mystery. They have a free shipping policy but they do not have any refund or return policy.

Highlighted features

  • The stories are not dependent on each other so you can order them randomly.
  • A wide number of mystery boxes to spend your leisure time.
  • Shipping is free.
  • The box is suitable only for adults.

Rate: $29.97 per month.

Delivering to the US.

Additional offers: N/A

8. The Deadbolt Mystery Society

The Deadbolt Mystery Society

Stand alone is also famous for those who have busy schedules and for them the mystery box from The Deadbolt Mystery Society can be useful. No stories are linked with one another and do not require any kind of references from the previous mystery box. The box includes QR codes, puzzles, musical notes, etc to help you find the murderer.

This game is great for family gatherings and children above 13 years are suitable to play the game. They have subscription deals of various duration and they declare the box at the beginning of each month. The subscription renews automatically and you cancel anytime you want.     

Highlighted features

  • Each box includes standing alone mystery cases.
  • The story is very interactive as it needs the internet to solve some clues.
  • Can be played by 4 to 6 people.
  • The mystery box is eligible for 13+ children.        

Rate: $21.67 per month.

Delivering to the US and Canada.

Additional offers: N/A

Things to consider before buying the best murder mystery box

Are you bored with playing board games with your family? The mystery box can be an adventurous game to play with family and friends in gatherings. The mystery can be solved easily if more people help to decipher the riddles.  


Solving the murder mystery is very adventurous. The subscription box includes all the hints, puzzles, riddles, etc to find the murderer. Despite having all the riddles, it can be hard to solve the mystery. And it is necessary to solve the episodes before receiving the next one. The brands have online groups without any spoilers to help to solve the puzzles. Always check for the groups where they provide help in solving mysteries.

Deliver on time

The solution of the mystery box can take 90 minutes to solve for some people where others might need 2 to 3 days. The pace of your solving the mystery depends entirely on your skill. If you are a fast solver, you might want the next boxes delivered as early as possible. Many brands provide the control of delivery on you so that you can pause the subscription box and order them early to keep up with your pace.


People tend to subscribe to 3 months or 6 months subscriptions as it saves a lot of money. However, the game might not be as appealing as you thought. In that case, you will want to cancel and refund the subscription. Most of the brands do not offer a refund for long term subscription deals. The month-to-month subscription deal can easily be canceled and can get a refund as the deal renews every month. To get a refund you will need to cancel the deal before the renewal date.

Age limit

As most of the stories include a murder, it can be gruesome for some children. The boxes contain graphics that can be disturbing for a child. As the parents decide on what should be accessible to their kids, they should decide whether or not the game is applicable for their children. The Deadbolt Mystery Society and HuntAKiller have mentioned that children above 12 years can play the game. We recommend the game should be played under adult supervision.

Member limit

Solving the mystery game with family members is entertaining. Everyone looks for those games which can be played with 4 to 6 people. Most of the games that we mentioned can be played in groups.

Internet connection

The mystery box contains all the maps, cue cards, hints, etc to solve the crime. To add a digital experience, some boxes include QR cards to find the hint. Moreover, you might also need to communicate with the senior detective through email for solving the case. For this, an internet connection and smartphone is necessary to decipher all the codes.


Deciding on a gift for geeky people can be tiring and for them, a murder mystery box can be the best option. As we have mentioned, that the subscription boxes come in a month to month deal can be canceled easily. You can easily give a gift the one monthly subscription to someone to check if they like it or not. As the boxes include lucrative graphics, codes, riddles, people will love to solve the box.

The brands say each of the boxes can be solved in 1 to 2 hours depending on the skills. You receive each box on time if you subscribe to a box with many episodes. It can be annoying to wait long for the next box. To help you with that the brand provides the control of the delivery within you. You can choose the pace of the delivery and can satisfy the inside detective by solving the best murder mystery box.

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