The 18 Best Hair Subscription Boxes

“Hair is everything, Anthony” - we find ourselves nodding, agreeing with Fleabag as she utters these words. For many of us, it’s the difference between a good day and a bad one. It can potentially ruin your day as you catch a glimpse of your uncared-for hair in the mirror while walking into the workplace. But let’s not dwell on that. Time to make some changes. 

Hair subscription boxes deliver just what your hair needs right at your doorstep. Pay attention to yourself and pick a plan that caters. Subscribe and wait for a while. Even when nothing seems to go right, there’s one promise that converts into reality. Every month. And it comes in the best hair subscription boxes.

We have gone through several offerings that have been well-received in the market and reviewed them to help you make the right purchase. From care to curls and dyes, there’s a range of subscription boxes for you to choose from. Read ahead to find out.

Quick Comparison Between The 18 Best Hair Subscription Boxes

Service NameIncludes Price Grade
Prose HairPre-shampoo mask, Shampoo, Conditioner,Varies according to formula A
Curly Queen Kit4-10 hair products and accessories$15 to $49.99 per monthA
Function of BeautyShampoo, conditioner, hair mask, serumVariesA
Treasure TressHair products, serum, styling tools$25 - $40 per boxA
HairBox Monthly Subscription BoxShampoo, conditioner, and other full-sized products$39.99 per boxA
Style Nourish Monthly Hair Nourishing Growth and Haircare BoxConditioner, shampoo, black castor oil, and more$56 per monthA-
Madison Reed Hair Color Subscription BoxHair dye$22 per monthA-
CurlBox Subscription BoxShampoo, conditioner, bar soap $20 per boxA-
Act + Acre Hair Subscription BoxHair mask, stem cell serum, restorative shampoo$22 per monthA
For Hims Hair Subscription BoxRestorative and repairing hair products $44 per box and $5 for medical consultationA-
eSalon Hair ColorsCustomized hair colors$22 per boxB
CurlKit Subscription BoxNourishing hair spray, shampoo, gel, and more$25 per monthB+
How to Be a Redhead Subscription BoxHair products and accessories for redheads Starts from $21.98 per monthB+
Hair Story Subscription BoxNew Wash, and other redefined haircare products$40 per monthB+
Eternally in Amber Subscription BoxHair accessories and styling tools$18 - $40 per monthB
Dr. Squatch Hair Subscription BoxShampoo and conditioner $28 per kitB
Regrowth Club Subscription BoxClinical grade hair regrowth products$40 per monthB-
Cocotique Subscription BoxHair oil, shampoo, accessories$25 per kit B-

1. Prose Hair

Prose Hair

Prose Hair was founded in France and operates in Brooklyn, USA. They are the biggest advocates of personalized hair care for every individual. Their entire business revolves around the belief that mass haircare is designed for the masses, and it might not always give you the best results. That’s why they work very hard on delivering personalized treatments to cater to your specific needs. 

The brand delivers custom hair care products. They believe it’s the only way you can achieve your dream hair. 

The Prose formula is a work in progress and they continuously communicate with their customers for more effective results. They routinely update their formula and seasonally adjust it to match the weather condition in your region. The brand waits for your feedback and tweaks the next order for even better results. 

You can easily get a salon membership to have your very own formula made and delivered straight to your home. They usually deliver within 10 to 15 business days. And if you’re not happy with the outcome, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that will cover your order for 60 days. You can either choose to receive an adjusted formula that will resolve the issues or request a full refund. 

Price: Prose Hair offers free consultation upon subscription to prepare a package of hair care products just for you. The price of the subscription will vary accordingly. The Salon members can enjoy 15% off and free shipping on all their products. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Prose offers a customized formula to cater to your individual needs
  • You can snooze your subscription for 1 to 4 weeks. However, you will not be eligible for the Salon benefits while your orders are snoozed
  • Their packages generally include pre-shampoo scalp mask, shampoo, and conditioner.

Availability: Prose Hair ships only within the United States.

Curly Queen Kit

Maintaining curls is not as easy as it looks. Behind every perfectly defined curl, there are a lot of effort and hair products. If you’re tired of running to the store every other week to get the right hair products for your curls, we have good news for you. 

Curly Queen Kit is one of the best hair subscription boxes, offering from 4 to 10 natural, organic hair products, accessories, tools, and home goods to serve all your needs. The box contains accessories to help you crown your curls and beauty products to make you look like a curly queen. It’s a complete package.  

The subscription plan for Curly Queen Kit is categorized into three tiers. There is a sampler subscription box that will allow you to try out their products for a minimal cost. If they gain your confidence, you can sign up for their monthly subscription box. And receive 3 to 5 products per month. 

There’s another brilliant subscription plan for seasonal users. You can receive from 6 to 10 of their best products every season. This package is shipped in four seasons - summer, fall, winter, and spring. Every Curly Queen Kit is shipped on the 10th of each month. They offer free shipping for the seasonal kits.

From curl hair growth treatment to curl repair treatment, Curly Queen Kit features a wide range of hair care products to help you discover and pick the ones that will keep you looking like an absolute Queen. 

Price: The Sampler pack costs $15 per month. You can also purchase the monthly subscription for $25 per month or the seasonal subscription box for $49.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • They offer products made specifically to care for your curls. You can shop based on specific concerns
  • All the products are made of 100% organic and cruelty-free ingredients 
  • The kits are Curly Girl approved

Availability: The company ships worldwide from the United States.

Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty is an absolute necessity for people who crave custom hair and skincare products. The brand delivers products that are specifically designed to meet your hair concerns. But they couldn’t stop at hair. The Function of Beauty offers fully customized products to care for your head to toe. 

They offer a range of products from shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-treatment, hair mask, hair serum, and whatnot. Not only that but you will also find quality facial serum, cleanser, moisturizer, body lotion, body wash, and so much more. 

All you have to do to enjoy their quality products is signup and take a quiz. Tell them a little about your hair and they will help you find the products that will suit you. You can choose your goals, fragrance, and even the name of your unique formula. The company believes that while there are trillions of possible formulation, there’s only one function for you. So they put in the effort necessary to find the function that works for you. 

Price: The price is set depending on the product you choose and its formulation. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The products are made of clean, science-backed ingredients. Every product is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and always vegan. The formulations are free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates
  • The items are customized in the USA
  • It takes them 7-9 days to formulate and ship your order

Availability: The company ships to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, European Union, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Taiwan.

Treasure Tress

Tresure Tress promises to deliver the latest and greatest hair products to your doorstep. Here, your hunt for the best beauty treats is officially over. Each box will be delivered with full-sized products, for all hair types. Whether you’re caring for your curly or straight hair, the subscription box has something in stock for you. 

There are several hair care boxes for you to choose from. Curl Care essential box is among their most popular hair subscription box, starting at $25 per month. They also offer Palmer’s Pop Up Takeover Box, Sheamoisture Business Class Takeover Box, and more. 

Note that all their products for curly or kinky can also be used on relaxed hair without any hesitation. Each box is designed differently, packed with full-sized hair products, product tasters, new samples, and more styling tools.

Subscription boxes will renew on the 15th of each month. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. 

Price: The Treasure Tress Curl Care Essential Box starts at $25 per month. Palmer Pop Up Takeover Travel Box costs $35 per month. And the Sheamoisutre Business Class Takeover Box charges $40 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • They don’t disclose what’s in the box beforehand. Each box is specifically designed for you 
  • The products are made for both curly and relaxed hair 
  • You can cancel or pause the subscription at any time

Availability: They ship worldwide.

HairBox Monthly Subscription Box

HairBox Monthly Subscription Box delivers professional full-size salon products that are designed to meet your individual needs. Upon signup, you will need to complete an elaborate questionnaire to allow them to establish your hair profile and understand you better. 

The company has several professional stylists who will look into your profile and concerns to handpick authentic salon products that will not only suit your hair but give it the look you crave. 

The HairBox offers its hair products monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. You can choose a subscription box that will cater to your needs. The premium salon services will reach your doorstep for an affordable price. All you have to do is choose your hair box, complete your hair profile and get a package on the next shipment. 

And if you have products from the last shipment left that you want to use up, you can always skip the next shipment simply by signing into your account. 

Price: Each HairBox subscription box costs $39.99 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • From repair to thickening, the company designs each package with full-size products that meet your concerns 
  • Professional stylists look into your hair profile to cater to your needs 
  • Billing plans are offered monthly, every two months, or every three months

Availability: The company ships worldwide. Shipment is free in the continental US. 

6. Style Nourish Monthly Hair Nourishing Growth and Haircare Box

Style Nourish Monthly Hair Nourishing Growth and Haircare Box

From hair growth products and hair maintenance products to accessories that will crown your hair, the Style Nourish Monthly Hair Nourishing Haircare Box is a must-have for hair enthusiasts. The box arrives with a variety of products, to address several concerns at once. 

The haircare subscription box contains from three to four full-sized products in each package. Moreover, there are bonus hair accessories for your benefit. That’s not all, you will also find a complete hair care guide that’s designed to keep your hair and scalp type in mind. If this isn’t a complete package, we don’t know what is! 

The hair products are rich in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil, black castor oil, organic aloe vera, and so much more. All in all, this is a perfect box for people who are looking to promote healthier hair. 

Price: The hair subscription box charges $56 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The box prioritizes nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to repair damages and promote healthy hair
  • The box contains 3-4 full-size products including conditioners, shampoo, hair lotion, castor oil, and more
  • Products are shipped  by the 5th of each month

Availability: Ships to the US, Canada, UK, Australia. International shipment charges $25.

7. Madison Reed Hair Color Subscription Box

Madison Reed Hair Color Subscription Box

Madison Reed Hair Color Subscription Box claims to be the “hair color that breaks the rule”. The internet is full of its praise, so we thought of giving it a try. And honestly, we have to agree with the crowd that applauds the subscription box. It is worth it. 

The company delivers hair colors whenever and wherever you want them. The colors are multi-dimensional with 100% gray coverage, it’s never flat and never dull. Moreover, no harsh ingredients are used in the making of this product. So your hair is in good hands. The products prevent breakage or damage of any sort. 

At an affordable price, you will get an 8-piece color kit, accessories, hair consultation with professionals, discounts, and so much more. 

The Madison Reed also invited you to visit their color bar for a full salon treatment. You can meet professional colorists in person and consult with them to find the right solution for you. If not, you can just take a 30-second quiz to find your perfect color. And if you’re not pleased by their service, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Price: Madison Reed membership starts at $22 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The products are free of parabens, ammonia, PPD, glutens and are Leaping Bunny Certified 
  • They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not pleased  
  • Besides hair products, they offer free consultations with professional hairstylist and colorist

Availability: Madison Reed ships worldwide.

8. CurlBox Subscription Box

CurlBox Subscription Box

As the name suggests, CurlBox is a subscription box for people who want to care for and nourish their curls. The CurlBox is known for its affordability and quality. At a reasonable price, you will receive four or more quality hair products along with samples every month. 

The membership club claims to be an exclusive one. You might have to wait on their waitlist before getting a subscription. Subscribers look forward to the shipment every month as they are designed to cater to your specific needs. The extraordinary products are formulated keeping your concerns in mind. Along the way, the company introduces users to some brilliant up and coming brands, including Luster’s Pink, Pattern Beauty, Aunty Jackies, and so many more.

Price: The boxes start at $20 a month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • They offer hair treatment for nourishing and moisturizing your curls 
  • From hair oil and lotion to conditioner, the company offers products from brilliant brands to care for your curls 
  • The subscriptions are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis

Availability: CurlBox ships to the USA.

9. Act + Acre Hair Subscription Box

Act + Acre Hair Subscription Box

Act + Acre is loved by over 35,000 customers around the world, and they are likely to win you over with their excellent products and efficient service. The company is always ready to bring salvation to your scalp and strands with their restoring formula and essentials system. They put your scalp health first, and it is evident in their formulation. 

The company will add an extra dimension to your hair-wellness journey. Their Cold Processed ritual offers your hair the nourishment it needs. Never again will you simply wash your hair and be done with it. With an effective line of products, they are meant to change your hair care routine forever. 

Price: The subscription boxes start from $22 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The products are available in different sizes and different versions, to access a wider customer base. Everyone can benefit from their product 
  • You can always skip a shipment or cancel the subscription altogether 
  • The products are made of gentle ingredients that are meant to nourish and moisturize your scalp

Availability: They ship only within the US. Shipping costs $5.

10. For Hims Hair Subscription Box

For Hims Hair Subscription Box

Here’s a hair subscription box that’s designed specifically for guys. Men have hair types different from women and need products that are made to cater to their specific needs. For Hims is a hair subscription box that addresses men’s hair concerns and works toward achieving better formulation every day. 

Taking care of yourself should not feel like a drag, and For Hims hair products makes the process so much easier. You can now skip the trip to the drug store or doctor’s office and get free consultation right from home. The products will be delivered to your doorstep every month. 

Whether you’re suffering from allergies, rashes, hair damage, or hair fall, For Hims has a solution for everyone. They offer access to primary care visits if you want prescription hair care products. From minoxidil to thickening gummies, they have a range of products that will treat your hair just the way it deserves. 

Price: The one-time medical consultation costs $5. And the complete hair kit subscription costs $44 per month.  

Highlighted Features: 

  • For Hims offers medical consultation from home before offering you hair product solutions 
  • They offer FDA-approved treatments that will help regain your hair and prevent further damage 
  • They offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee if you’re not pleased by their service 

Availability: ForHims ships within the USA

11. eSalon Hair Colors

eSalon Hair Colors

If you like to dye your hair and change your look every once in a while, then the eSalon Hair Colors subscription box will make an ideal pick for you. The brand offers custom home hair colors that are made by expert colorists who thoroughly analyze your hair profile before doing so. 

The hair color packages are then sent to your doorstep every month. All you have to do is sign up and create your hair profile to help colorists get a clear understanding of what your hair looks like. Experts will then craft your color by factoring in everything from your facial features to hair type. The package will come with a step-by-step personalized instructions to help you get professional coloring at home. 

Price: The eSalon membership starts at $22 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • They offer personalized service. Each hair color kit is unique to you, made by professional colorists according to your hair type 
  • They offer a 100% color happiness guarantee 
  • Their service extends to both men and women of all age and hair type  

Availability: eSalon ships to the USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Canada, and more.

12. CurlKit Subscription Box

CurlKit Subscription Box

CurlKit is a six to nine full-sized and sample-sized hair products for beautiful curly hair at an affordable price. All their products are made of natural and cruelty-free ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals in the making. They are also free of sulfates and other harmful ingredients, truly bringing out the best in your curls. 

The brand is for people who want to nourish their hair and want to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. It’s a one-stop solution for all your hair concerns, featuring a long line of products waiting to be discovered. 

For members, the brand analyzes your hair profile, searches high and low of the best products, and samples them before choosing a set of the best products to send your way. And they do it every month, so you don’t have to go through the hassle every month. Your only job is to subscribe and enjoy the experience and the experts will take care of the rest. 

Price: CurlKit memberships start at $25 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Each package comes with 6-9 products every month from up and coming brands 
  • They feature simple packaging and use up as much of the box as possible 
  • From pomades to conditioners, they feature a long line of hair care products that are made of natural ingredients 

Availability: They ship within the USA

13. How to Be a Redhead Subscription Box

How to Be a Redhead Subscription Box

How to Be a Redhead comes with a simple solution packed in a box full of brilliant products. Each box comes to meet your style and concerns, all at once. Their subscription plan can be categorized into H2Bar box and Deluxe H2Bar Box. 

The H2Bar box is packed with premium products valued at $80 to $200 per box. It ships every month unless you pause or cancel the order. The Deluxe H2Bar box comes with added benefits, with products that are the best of both worlds. Each package is valued at more than $250. And the boxes are sent quarterly. So you can expect four deluxe shipments every month. Shipments are sent out on the 15th of March, June, September, and December. 

Price: The H2Bar Box costs $21.98 per month. You can also choose from the monthly, 3-months, 6-months, or 12-month plan. On the other hand, the Deluxe H2Bar Box costs $62 per quarter and $248 yearly. Shipping is free.   

Highlighted Features:

  • All products in the package are redhead friendly 
  • Their website features how-to videos for all products, offering your full salon treatment right at home 
  • They add new products to the box every month, further enriching the packages

Availability: The products ship within the USA.

14. Hair Story Subscription Box

Hair Story Subscription Box

Hair Story is a hair subscription box that aims to redefine haircare products. They have introduced brilliant alternatives to shampoo and conditioners and welcome users to a post-shampoo hair care era. Interesting, right? 

The brand believes that shampoos are damaging to your hair and toxic to the environment. These claims are backed by huge scientific research. That’s why they are working toward producing cleansing and styling products that are completely free of harm, both for you and the environment. 

New Wash, launched by Hair Story, cleans and moisturizes your hair without the use of any harmful detergents. As a result, your stress-out scalp can breathe peacefully and will no longer overproduce oil and grease. Hair Story also features a Refill Club to encourage reusing of packaging.  

Price: The brand will offer a deal based on your subscription plan. The plans start from $40 per month. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The subscription box comes with a free refillable travel container and refillable shower container with every 20-32 oz purchase 
  • From rich moisture to deep cleaning, there is a New Wash type for every member of Hair Story
  • You can shop by category or ask for a complete subscription box

Availability: They ship to the United States. Shipping is free.

15. Eternally in Amber Subscription Box

Eternally in Amber Subscription Box

Eternally in Amber is a bi-monthly hair accessory subscription box with products hand-crafted by artisans. You can expect a box full of gorgeous hair accessories along with styling tools such as combs, hair claws, barrettes, and more. Everything will be neatly packed in the box with colorful packaging and cute tapes. 

Each package comes with four artisan-made hair accessories to complement your hair. You can save a handful of cash if you prepay for six boxes at a time. Deliveries are made by the 15th of each month. You can expect trendy hair accessories by the end of each month. 

There are three subscription box plans by Eternally in Amber. The Hair Accessories Mail offers four to five accessories including metal or jeweled bobby pins, hair clips, barrettes, elastic hair bands, and more.

The Hair Accessories Box comes with accessories plus styling tools such as decorative scrunchies, clips, ponytail scarves, headbands, and more. 

And lastly, the Deluxe Box accessories from both Hair Accessory Mail and Hair Accessory Box, forming a package that is the best of both worlds. This subscription is available as the pre-paid box only. 

Price: The Hair Accessories Mail costs $18 per box and the Hair Accessories Box Costs $25 per box. The Deluxe Box, on the other hand, charges $40 per box and is available as prepaid only. 

Highlighted Features:

  • There are three subscription plans, each offering a brilliant collection of hairstyle accessories and tools 
  • Shipments are sent out by the 15th of each month 
  • The package with a card that will tell you what’s in the box and their original price, so you will have a clear insight into what you received and its true worth

Availability: They ship within the United States.

16. Dr. Squatch Hair Subscription Box

Dr. Squatch Hair Subscription Box

Dr. Squatch offers a brilliant haircare subscription box that is designed specifically for guys. Men have been settling for two-in-one shampoos and conditioners for too long. Most of those products would contain harsh chemicals. But with Dr. Squatch, those days are gone. 

You can now treat your hair the way it deserves. Each package contains a shampoo and a conditioner. You can choose to receive as many products as you want each quarter. Note that most customers recommend using 2 haircare kits each quarter. You can also choose add-ons from their collection. The most popular add-ons include Pine Tar, Bay Rum, Soap Saver, and more. 

Price: The haircare kit containing shampoo plus conditioner costs $28 per kit. Just a shampoo will cost $17 per bottle. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • You can customize your package by choosing what to include or exclude. Add-ons from their collection can be added for an additional charge
  • The kits are shipped every quarter. You can choose to order as many haircare kits as you’d like each quarter 
  • The hair care products are made of natural ingredients like coconut oil, glycerin, shea butter, avocado oil, and more

Availability: Ships to the USA, Canada, Australia. Shipment is free in the USA.

17. Regrowth Club Subscription Box

Regrowth Club Subscription Box

Hairfall can be an emotionally daunting experience, both for men and women. Regrowth Club Subscription Box understands that and offers clinical-grade hair loss products delivered directly to your home. 

Their unique formulation aims to stimulate your scalp and combats hair loss with restorative healing agents. The scalp treatments are recommended by doctors and dermatologists. The formula also decreases flakes while increasing your hair volume and restoring the original radiance that you lost along the way. The products should be used for at least 3 months, regularly, to see effective results.

Price: Membership starts at $40 per month. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • The hair restoring formula and scalp treatment are backed by scientific research and recommended by doctors 
  • The products remove DHT build-up from the scalp, decrease flakes and improve the volume 
  • The products are developed in collaboration with leading hair-transplant doctors around the world

Availability: They ship worldwide from the US.

18. Cocotique Subscription Box

Cocotique Subscription Box

Cocotique is committed to offering you the best in beauty and self-care. Each box is curated for you, addressing all your concerns. Not just haircare, they also offer beauty products that are made specifically for women of color. However, the products are so rich in ingredients that anyone can benefit from them. 

You can choose from their monthly, bimonthly, half-yearly, and yearly plans. Each box comes with a handful of products to help you look beautiful from head to toe. The boxes contain hair oil, shampoo, moisturizers, accessories, and so much more. They make wholesome kits packed in beautiful boxes.  

Price: The monthly plans start at $25 per kit. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Cocotique offers a complete package containing products that will enhance beauty from head to toe 
  • Each box contains 5-8 full-size and deluxe travel size products 
  • The boxes are fully customizable and curated just for you

Availability: Cocotique ships within the United States.

Final Words 

Hair subscription boxes save you from taking regular trips to the drugstore and delivers hair care products straight to your doorstep. If you’re someone who’d like personalized hair care products, then these subscription boxes will certainly benefit you. The best hair subscription boxes will serve you with a tailored formulation that’s crafted to address your hair concerns and cater to your hair goals. 

Most hair subscription boxes come with very specific purposes. Some will offer you nourishing products while others will offer regrowth treatments. It should be among your top considerations to research what the brand brings to the table and how it benefits you. We have prepared a versatile list, from subscription boxes that offer hair colors and regrowth products to damage repair treatments, accessories, styling tools, and more.

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