Society Socks Review – Sock Subscription With A Purpose

Did you know according to a survey conducted in a few shelters in Denver and Philadelphia,  socks are the least donated piece of clothing even though they are the most demanded one? What if I told you you could donate one pair of socks to the deprived ones for each pair you buy?

Society Socks

Society Socks brings you a subscription box that donates 2 pairs of socks for each box you purchase. Once you subscribe to the service, you will receive a box with 2 pairs of funky and colorful socks with fun patterns that look good and feel good every month.

You also get the luxury to choose the best ones with you as they have separate subscription options for both men and women. 

Keypoints on Society Socks

  • Subscription box of the United States
  • Subscription starts at $18.33/monthly at the lowest
  • Free shipment worldwide from the US

Society Sock Subscription Box Review

What is Society Socks?

Society socks work for a noble social cause, no doubt in that! The mission of the company is to share socks around the globe until no feet stay uncovered.

As mentioned before they donate a pair against each pair purchase, they ensure their donation reaches its destination by partnering with community heroes.

Volunteers across the world come together and distribute these socks to the needy in their respective communities. Because of their well established and dedicated charity partners, they are efficient in identifying and donating socks where it is needed the most. 

How Does Society Socks Work?

Society socks have a very easy to maneuver website so you can avail of the subscription following very simple steps.

How Does It Work

You have the freedom to choose from four different subscription plans or rather- four payment methods for each subscription box, whichever suits you the best. 

The plans are as follows: 

  • The basic plan: If you wish to be billed monthly, then you should go for the basic plan. You will be charged $20/monthly. 
  • Funky sock lover: In this plan, you will be billed every 3 months. You will be charged $60/3 months, which makes each month worth $20. 
  • Sock overhaul: In order to be set for 6 months straight, you can go for this particular plan. You will be charged $110 every 6 months. This makes the subscription cost $18.33/monthly which makes this option cheaper. 
  • For the sock connoisseur: If you love collecting and wearing new socks, this is just the right plan for you. This bills you $220 every 12 months which makes every month $18.33/month, just like the former. 

However, this is for regular subscription boxes. If you are willing to subscribe to the service to give it as a gift, even then you will have to get the luxury to choose from three payment plans.

How Does It Work1

All the plans are exactly the same as before but the only exception here is that they do not offer the monthly payment method for the gift box so you either need to go for the prepay for 3 months, prepay for 6 months or prepay for 12 months. 

What’s More?

Apart from the fact that you will give yourself fresh and cool pairs of socks every month which are trendy and come with fun patterns, it also ensures your utmost comfort, that too by offering you a fair price. 

The socks are made from ultra-soft combed cotton (70%), nylon (28%), and spandex (2%) that will not slip or require frequent fixing. You are not required to tug or pull your socks every now and then. They are made to fit men’s sizes between 7 to 13. 

What’s Special About Society Socks?

Apart from their subscription boxes and ordinary purchases, Society Socks is excelling in making custom socks which is a very unique idea since we see customized t-shirts and mugs but socks? Never! 

Their dedicated team has efficient and expert designers who deal with customers through one-to-one communication. The in-house designers provide the willing party with free mockups and try their best to bring something concrete out of their imaginations. 

They take around 20 business days to make your desired customization after you have placed your order and the shipping time is between 5 to 7 days, depending on your location. However, the catch here is that they have a minimum quantity order bar of 100 pieces. 

Unboxing Society Socks

Enough with the introduction! Let us dive straight into the review of the box that I have received!


Okay, first thing’s first, the socks came in what seems like less of a “box” and more of a pack. The pack has the label “society sock” and cute sock patterns imprinted on it and has a glazy texture.


As soon as I open the pack, I find two pairs of very socks with fun and funky patterns and two leaflets.


The first leaflet I took a glance at was this one. As aforementioned, they take suggestions and customize socks as per your choice as well and this leaflet is relevant to a contest as such. It is an offer about how you can pitch in ideas and design your own sock and if your given idea is chosen by the company they will make socks using YOUR design and distribute it to underprivileged people in different shelters. 

You may ask what I get out of it? They will reward you with 24 pairs of your designed socks as well which you can present to your friends and family. 

To me, this seemed like a very nice gesture and seems worth it.


This is the backside of the same leaflet. They were not only effective in conveying the message regarding the contest on the front page of the flyer but the company made it quite informative by also inserting the address from where you could download the template of the sock and show your creativity.


The second leaflet gives you a brief walk-through about their social cause and how they carry the activities out.


Now, let me get real and talk about the socks that I received. 

The first pair that I will be reviewing first is the greenish one.


This one comes with a very ocean-like underwater theme. It has very adorable orange and white fishes along with some leaves. The color contrast is the perfect balance between bright and dull colors and looks super cute!


Next up, I have the second pair that I have received.


Even though it features an attractive and soothing blue and orange combination, this does not come with a theme. It has small diamond and circle-shaped a lighter shade of blue and orange patterns on a darker shade of blue base and looks pretty decent. 

Things to Know Before Buying the Society Socks 

  • If you wish to make any changes to your subscription address or billing system, all you need to do is go to your subscription portal and through very steps, you can get your job done
  • Unfortunately, you cannot choose the socks that you will receive but if you view it from a different perspective, the box will come off as a surprise. It will keep the excitement intact. 
  • Your first shipment will be made within 5 business days of your order and the subsequent boxes will be shipped between the 5th and 15th of every month. 
  • You will get the luxury to choose the date of your delivery and I fought this feature to be amazing! 
  • The estimated time for shipment for orders within the US is 2-5 business days and for Canada and International orders, the time may extend to 5-7 days and 10-20 business days respectively. 
  • Their return policy lasts 60 days and will be refunded once the eligibility criteria are met, you will be offered the refund. 
  • If you are giving this as a gift to a friend or a family member, they have some gift certificates prepared from which you can choose one which will elevate the value of your gift by a huge margin and give it a personal touch. 
  • In case you want to discontinue your subscription for some months or for good, you are simply required to mail them at and let them know.


If I am to compare the two pairs in terms of design then I would say the blue one is a bit simple whereas the green one is more on the funky and fun side. And if the judgment is based on their quality, I would rate both a 9/10 as they do not require tugging or fixing and are made with comfortable material that will not sweat your feet. 

Even if you ignore the purpose of the subscription box and simply love getting new pieces of clothing every month and want to keep their wardrobe refreshed, this might be an ideal option to go for as they offer you a range of collections starting from simple ones to bold ones, whichever goes the best with your styling sense. 

Moreover, if I emphasize the purpose then yes, you could be the change and you could bring the change just by buying a pair of socks. So, why not go for it?

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