Ozone Sock of the Month Club Reviews – Refresh your Wardrobe Every Month

So, guys we all know socks are little wearables that are a necessity in our wardrobe, and in recent times, they are not just about comfort but help us make a fashion statement as well. So, what if I told you that you could receive a fresh pair EVERY month that is geeky, trendy, and comfortable all at the same time? 

Ozone’s sock of the month club brings you a monthly subscription offer that you can’t refuse! Some sock subscriptions are very specific, i.e. they are either for men or for women. The good thing about this subscription is that they give you the luxury to choose from either of the options, each having cool and crazy designs! 

Key points of Ozone Sock Brand

  • Subscription of the United States 
  • Founded in 2000 
  • Shipment only inside the United States 
  • Shipping is free
  • Ships within the 15th of every month

Ozone Socks: The Company Profile 

The company operates in partnership with family-owned mills in various countries which include Colombia, France, and Japan. They emphasize both fashions as well as comfort so they give their best to offer you quality products. The socks are made from durable and premium quality material. The exciting and crazy styles that the socks feature are perfect for any occasion and are another factor that sets it apart from others. 

Ozone sock of the month club

You have the freedom to choose from their two subscription plans- a six-month plan that costs $75 and a twelve-month plan that costs $150, whichever suits your preferences the best. 

Not enough incentive to sign up? No worries! They send you a fresh pair that you have no seen before AS A GIFT just for signing up. Don’t you think that is amazing? That’s a wholesome welcome I must say. 

Now let’s find out what you will be getting as a subscriber. 

So, if you have subscribed for the 6-month plan then you will receive 7 pairs (6 pairs for each month and the additional one as a welcome gift) and if you go for the 12-month plan then you will receive 13 pairs (12 pairs for each month and one additional one as a welcome gift). 

However, as a subscriber, you are not aware of which socks you will be receiving but I think this has an upside as well. You will get a surprise every month and you know what? Given the range of collections they have, it is highly unlikely that you will be disappointed. Moreover, if you have any requests or preferences you can inform them and they will try to keep that in mind.

Apart from these, if you are a member of the club you will have the upper hand in accessing any big sales or special designs. Not only that but you are already offered a 25% discount on their full prices if you choose the subscription over the separate purchase. Moreover, they allow you to put a customized note/Birthday wish as well! I found this feature very cute. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying an Ozone Sock

  • You have the luxury to cancel your subscription anytime you want. Worried about the refund? No problem, they got you covered. Once you cancel your subscription, you will be refunded for the remaining months. 
  • Bad news. They do not have an auto-renewal system so you are required to manually renew your subscription every month once your order comes to an end. This can be tiresome at times! 
  • Sorry people living outside of the United States, this is not for you! Ozone socks are yet to ship outside the US. Good news for the residents of the US, the shipping is absolutely free! 
  • You can obviously change your shipping address in case required. You are only required to email gus @ozonesocks.com and the rest will be taken care of. 
  • For your convenience and any size query, refer to the following size chart: 

Inside The Package

Enough with the company details, let me take you straight to my first-hand experience of receiving the ozone sock box. Believe me, I will be giving honest reviews and nothing but honest reviews!


This is how my pack looked like when it arrived first in my mail. The “box” is basically a glossy pack (nothing fancy) that is sealed and has a sticker of ozone socks pasted on it. It is a very typical sock pack actually, just like other sock subscription boxes.


These three are the things I found inside the pack- a pair of socks (as promised), a welcome card, and a club member card. Both the cards had the same graphic as their website.


A close shot of the pair that I receive.

I mean can we just take a moment to admire the socks? How stylish is that! It comes with a minimalistic floral print on a BLACK base. The color contrast is amazing and I cannot stress the comfort of the material enough! This sock is the embodiment of the quote “Black is not a color, it’s a lifestyle.”


The artsy socks will not sweat your feet whatsoever as it allows good air circulation. This is indeed a necessary feature for those who are required to wear socks all day long. 


As the saying goes “There is nothing like too many black clothes”, I felt the same receiving this box. The pair that I received was simple yet elegant and sober. And not to forget SUPER COMFORTABLE! It was the type that goes with any outfit I will wear and this change in sock subscription was exactly what I needed. 

In short, I would rate the subscription a 4 out of a scale of 5 (it would get a 0.5 more if it shipped internationally and offered auto-renewal) but I highly recommend that you try this out, be it for yourself or a gift for your friends or family. This will surely uplift your or your loved ones’ sock game!

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